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Old August 1st, 2008 (11:52 PM).
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A room in one of Team Rocket's expansive underground hideouts was dark and quiet. A rustling could be heard in the corner. An elderly man in a white lab coat, showing signs of hair loss, fiddled away with samples of Pokémon DNA and the various machines surrounding him. In a hallway a floor below lay many cells containing average everyday trainers, taken away from random towns in broad daylight or at midnight, or maybe in the wilderness, accompanied by their Pokémon partners. Either way, they were removed from any chance at Pokémon training or coordinating, knowing much too well about Team Rocket's selfish attempts at conquering Earth. Yet, there was nothing they could do, except wondering about why they deserved such a fate.

"Hm... Success..." the old man said, a yellow tapir-like creature beside him giving a dull, emotionless "Drowzee."

Taking several needles, with some sort of substance inside of them, he and the Drowzee exited their own private room and walked past the average brain-dead Rocket Grunt guarding his room from intruders. They weren't of importance to him, neither were the executives and more grunts patrolling the halls. What he was interested, were the captives at the lowest level of the base, located under Eternia Forest's maze-like clusters of trees.

Eventually reaching the cells containing the captives, he had the guards patrolling the area turn away from his Drowzee, not wanting them to fall under it's hypnotic spell. Commanding it to use Hypnosis, the Drowzee chanted out it's name for what seemed like a hour (although in reality it was only ten minutes), the people who even faced the general direction as it fell into a trance, under the order of the Psychic-type and it's master only. Pleased with his Pokémon's work, he patted it on the head and one syringe for each person, began to inject the sleeping victims with the substance, a grin beginning to grow on the elderly scientist's face.

By the time he was done, the first victims had fur popping out of their skin, and seemed to have grown or lost a limb. He had left, leaving the inferior grunts to deal with those who were once-human. They shown signs of becoming... Pokémon... Just what was happening?


When you woke up... You felt different. After moving around, extremely fatigued, you may of turned around, feeling something on you. Maybe you thought you were levitating, or you randomly found yourself burning up or freezing. Whatever it was, you were curious and inspected your body. Fur, wings, a tail, and more may of been found... You could of lost parts of your body, or your body itself. Alongside that, your memory before Team Rocket's arrival in your life been fading ever so slowly, as all you can remember is your name, your age, and that these people are called Team Rocket... Maybe it's in what you been fed?

Occasionally, the Rockets bring you and others above the surface and put you through tough training resulting in punishment if you fail, in an attempt to strengthen you for their own needs. Your old past was replaced by their lies, and you have gotten to know the others in the shared room you sleep in.

Eventually, they reveal their true motives, you overhearing discussions between various grunts about missions being given out by their superiors. They have been using you all along, faking any emotion about you, even though you knew it. Just all the more reason to flee, and you eagerly want to do so, too... And you may get your wish, soon enough... You're unnatural though, so will you search for a cure, a way to revert back to your human self? Or will you cope with your Pokémon form, even if you doubt that other Pokémon will trust you right away?

Ask questions and discuss about the RP "Unnatural", located here: http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=145396

Credit to Vivaa for the theme.

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Old August 2nd, 2008 (3:35 AM).
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Thanks much for accepting me, Saanaito-kun! -dance- I'll do my best to not disappoint you!
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Old August 2nd, 2008 (3:06 PM).
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Thanks for skipping me?


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Old August 2nd, 2008 (11:13 PM).
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Same. I know it doesn't meet my typical standard, but I was very very burnt that day. Give me a break.
Old August 5th, 2008 (6:48 AM).
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I'm glad I was accepted and thank you for giving me a chance. I hope I do very well in this because I really like the plot.
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Getting things together for a possible story.
Old August 5th, 2008 (10:22 AM).
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when the sky is bright
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-sigh- Well, I just learned that none of my relatives in Pennsylvania have wi-fi...so I might be inactive for a week. If the plot gets too far ahead for me to participate, I'll just drop out so as not to be an inconvenience.
My fanfiction: Rune of Water

Little sister of Bay
Twin of SailorShadow
Devoted underling of Midnight Jasper
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