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Old December 6th, 2009 (2:00 PM). Edited December 6th, 2009 by Liacri.
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(OOC: And now, it's time for a lame, short post! I think my creativity short-circuited. o.0)


The syllable startled Audrey from the train of speech that had been forced upon Isabel in the past few minutes, since she had entirely missed the man's throat clearing. She plowed on anyway, going straight into a greeting on the end of her breath. "...and I'm so sick of wearing all this stupid black. It's such an ugly color all by itself, don't you think, Sabey? It needs something else pretty to go with it and oh hi I'm Audrey, what's your name? Did you need something?"

She smiled cheerfully up at the newcomer, one of the few adults in the building. He was wearing a uniform similar to hers, but she didn't take the time to wonder about anything beyond the boring color. He was probably here to see Sabey, but that wasn't going to stop her from asking anyway.

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Old December 8th, 2009 (4:10 PM).
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(OOC: If I accidently use the name "Sylvia" instead of Isabel, it's just because I've been writing with that character through all the month of November... And sorry this is so short, I'm working up to the next plot twist )

Isabel breathed a sigh of relief as her friend let her go. As much as she loved Audrey, Isabel now remembered why exactly she had decided to set out her sleeping bag as far away from hers at night as possible, often to no avail as she tended to move and talk Isabel's ear off anyway. David was still talking with the original Uprising member, who were eagerly hanging on his every word. He seemed to always have a way to make people listen to whatever he said, and even more importantly to make them believe everything he believed. Isabel returned her attention to Audrey, who was still chattering away about one thing or another, not even mentioning anything significantly negative as was her habit.

"Hi," a familiar man's voice said nervously.

Isabel's smile faded as she turned around, eyes flashing toward Fay, who was silently making her way over to her distressed Trainer's side.

"What are you doing here?" Isabel snapped, eyes narrowing. "How did you get here? If you were thinking of trying anything slick, you should probably forget all about it before you get blasted through the wall, regardless of who your son is."
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Old December 14th, 2009 (7:03 PM).
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As he got up, Chris swayed uneasily back and forth, all the blood rushing from his head. It honestly felt as though he had been spinning in a circle for the last 2-3 minutes. Slowly, he reached up and grabbed his hair, hoping it would quell the uneasiness, but immediately regretted the act. Although he hadn’t remembered it, his hair was coated in the atrociousness caused by the Raticate. “Damn Rat…” Chris cursed. Disgusted, he quickly recoiled his hand, flicking it at the ground and removing the grossness with it.

Paul turned to where his dad was stood and began to speak. “What do...” Graham wasn't there, when did he leave Paul thought to himself. Paul turned back to Chris. “What do you think we should do then?”

As a veteran, he probably should’ve taken charge, or at least placed his opinion in, however, the daze Chris was currently in rendered that fantasy irrelevant. He gazed uncertainly around the room, fading fast. It was only then that he noticed the nurse from the Pokémon Center. Currently, she was treating a Snover whose “Branch” had been broken. He only stared as the nurse expertly applied potion and secured the limb using a makeshift split. Another pain suddenly shot thought Chris body, again originating from his shoulder, but giving him all the motivation he needed to go and talk to the nurse.

“I’ll be back in a moment…” Chris muttered to Paul before walking over to the nurse. Sakura marched alongside him; probably deciding now was not the best time to clamber onto Chris’ shoulder. “Hey…” Chris said once he got there, however, the nurse ignored him, instead placing final touches on the Snover.

After a few moments, she released the Pokémon and turned to Chris. “Oh! You poor thing!” For a brief, and yes, very brief moment, Chris thought she was addressing him. However, this was nullified when the nurse rapidly grasped Sakura in her arms. “Covered in blood! We’ll clean you right up!” The Pikachu look just as annoyed and bewildered as her trainer, and soon began to struggle against her grip.

“Uh… Actually, I was hoping you could take a look at me.” Chris spoke up, cautiously removing the Pokémon from the nurse’s grip.

As he did so, the nurse’s expression suddenly turned sour. “You before your Pokémon, right?”

“No.” Chris hissed back at the nurse, insulted by the comment. “Right now, my Pokémon, even the ones who were injured, are safe for now in their Pokeballs. Personally, I’d rather have them treated in a PokeCenter where they would be safe then out here. But they can’t get there if their trainer collapses on the way.”

“Hmm…” The nurse pondered, staring at Chris and the Pikachu he held in his arms. After a few seconds, she gestured for him to sit down. “Just to let you know, I’m only certified to treat Pokémon.”

“I’m not too different.” Chris muttered, trying to push a smile through the pain as he sat down. “A lot of people say I look like a Machoke. But I like to think I’m more muscular than that.”

While the nurse, much to Chris’ dismay, cut off his favorite sweatshirt (Although at this point, it didn’t matter as much because it was so covered in blood.) Sakura leaned onto Chris, perhaps trying to comfort him.

“You ever hear the rumor that Pokémon rub off on their trainer?” The nurse asked, obviously attempting to make conversation in an attempt to take Chris’ mind off the treatment.

“No, why?”

“Well, A few weeks ago, some young boy came into the center with a Furret, and I swear, those two looked exactly alike. And then you and that Pikachu there are-”

Chris tuned out of the nurses rant about halfway through, instead wondering if his Pokémon had done so to him. Personal reflection wasn’t really something he did, but looking back, he shared a lot of qualities with his Pokémon, although, the thought of being as spacious as Psy gave him chills. A sharp pain in his shoulder brought him back to reality. He winced, closing his eyes. “

Whoops!” The nurse exclaimed, but only receiving a scowl from Chris. “Really, humans aren’t that much different from some Pokémon. Now… Should we give you some painkillers?” She searched through the medical bag besides her. “Hm… All I have are some for Tauros-strength, and low strength” Groaning, Chris snatched the low strength anesthetic out of her hand and swallowed it. “God. This better not screw me up.”


“Almost… done!” Chris cringed as the nurse finished up, waking up the Pikachu he was cradling in his lap. The nurse had given him the complete treatment, cleaning out the wound and wrapping up his shoulder as well as bandaging his ribs.

“You know it’s freezing out there… right?” Chris asked, holding up the remains of his once favorite sweatshirt.

“Oh yeah!” Frantically looking around, her eyes ultimately fell onto a large collared jacket. “Here you go!”She threw the jacket at Chris.

Holding it up in front of him, Chris inspected the clothing. Even though it seemed to be a size to big, it was rather nice. The jacket was a royal blue with a gold embroidered collar. Black buttons laced the inside of the coat and it was fitted with two large pockets on each side. Although Chris did not question where it had come from, he did notice two bullet holes on the right side, square on the chest. However, there was strangely no blood.

“Thanks a million.” Chris got up and swung the jacket on, not bothering to button it up. He honestly felt a ton better. For once in this battle, things were looking up. “I really appreciate it, that is, if that medicine you gave me doesn’t mess me up at all.”

“It shouldn’t.” She smiled and shrugged. “But no problem.” With a friendly wave, Chris walked away from the nurse as the Pikachu climbed onto his good shoulder.

“Sorry ‘bout that.” Chris apologized as he returned to Paul. “Now, let’s think of-“

Chris was stopped when he saw Ashi and a few other members of the Uprising jumping back into the hole they used to enter the building.

“Or she can think of one for us.” He sighed, a little disappointed in missing his chance, and walking to the hole. Taking one last look around the room, Chris noticed Isabel and Audrey were still there. However, a strange man stood across from them. "Is! Audrey! Let's go!" he shouted waving his hurt arm, only to retract it back moments later. Obviously, things were not looking as up as he thought.

(OOC: Gah... Long post... You're welcome Mira.)
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Old December 14th, 2009 (11:02 PM).
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((OOC: This is a pretty long filler. Hi, yes, I seem to have finally lived up my promise of posting something... It's basically all nothing much really.))

Under any other circumstance, Burr would have taken the chance to experiment with scuttling and sliding on ice. But Sar was unconscious and really badly wounded, so he disregarded even the chill of the surface beneath him. Besides, the blood and grime acted as an insulator of sorts, strangely enough. His nose was so desensitized to his smell that he didn't notice how much other people and Pokemon were avoiding him due to it. Or, in fact, that he left a trail of the gruesome stuff behind as he tried to keep up with Sar's body.

Tock, undersized wings tiring, sought rest on the shoulder of the person with a familiar air as Sar. Ashi. She gave a worried hoot and didn't even consider the possibility that some people might not welcome a strange, blood-spattered Hoothoot suddenly using them as a roosting place. This person was different to Sar, but she was close enough. Tock needed some reassurance, and somehow she took it in the fact that the person taking charge was in some ways like Sar.

The Raichu, nameless and despondent, kept near the front as well. Gloomily, he wondered where Matsu and Kiji were. They were the only ones that he'd really come in contact with apart from Josh, Sar and their Pokemon. Due to exhaustion and weariness, the other Pokemon snapped at him and everybody else ignored him. He wondered what would have happened to him if Matsu had never rescued him from PXS. Would he have been beaten? Killed? Or would he still be plodding along, following their orders and outside looking for the remaining members of the Uprising? Either way, he was still 'the Raichu'. He was still... just him.

Burr looked up worriedly as Sar started to toss in her fever-induced sleep.


"Look, Rosa," the woman said softly, pointing to a garland of roses. "That's what you're name means. Isn't it beautiful, Rosa?"

The woman's long blonde hair flowed down her back and hid her face from view. For some reason, Sar felt she had to see her face. With her six-year-old hands, she reached up and tried to brush the woman's hair behind her ear. It passed through. The woman made a tutting noise and started to walk away, fading with every step.

"Mama?" she called. Where was she going? Why was she leaving her?

"Nobody loves you. Your mother hates you! That's why she left! She never wants to see you again! It's all your fault!" It was her father, standing over her. "You good-for-nothing child! She left you, not me!"

Sar was in her room, crying. It was fine. He was gone again. He wouldn't yell at her for making a noise if he was gone. A small, purple rat-like creature placed a paw on her arm and looked up worriedly. She smiled and wiped her tears away.

School was the most idiotic invention in the world. She saw a girl start walking towards her when another student grabbed her arm. "Don't talk to her. She's a freak. A loser." None of the students cared that she heard their comments. She was good at pretending she didn't care, either.

She'd been stupid again. While he was gone, she'd rashly decided to dye her hair vivid blue just to annoy him. Of course he'd yell at her; that was the whole point. Why then, did she still feel so hurt? This man was only related to her by blood. If she could choose, she'd never set eyes on him again. But... he was her father.

"What will the neighbours say? You failure! You can't do anything right!"

What will the neighbours say? At least she wasn't the one selling illegal arms. What would the neighbours say if he got arrested?

She couldn't believe what she'd read on the signs. They were... exterminating Pokemon? The government was actively trying to get rid of the only thing that kept her sane instead of arresting the bastard that was slowly poisoning the lives of everybody around them? Idiots!

She was packing. She had to leave before he found her and the Pokemon. There was a loud bang as the door to their house was flung open. She tried to pack faster as he rushed up the stairs and did the same to her bedroom door. He entered wildly, waving one of his guns around.

"Where are they? We get a reward for turning them in, you know!" he boomed. She protested that she didn't know what he was talking about. He shot a warning shot out the window. "Where?" he repeated.

She couldn't help but let her eyes flicker in the direction of their cellar. He grinned triumphantly.

"Don't move or I'll hand them in dead," he threatened before disappearing downstairs. She let out a breath and quickly finished off her packing. Her father, like everybody else, was an idiot. She checked the Pokeballs in her bag and quickly climbed out her window onto a branch of a tree next to her house. She'd sneaked out plenty of times like this.

Then she heard the angry roar. Her father had found out. She ran. Luckily for her, his bullets completely missed their marks. The bastard shot at her! Maybe one of their neighbours would ring the police about the gunshots and he would be found out. But she doubted it. He could weasel his way out of anything. But at least Tock and Burr were still alive. That was all that mattered.
Old December 15th, 2009 (2:51 PM).
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Ashi felt the cold brush against her skin; it felt soothing on her grazes and cuts. She had always liked the cold. When she had left the remnants of the gym, Mount Coronet had blown away her rage and left her heart as cold as the snow on the mountain and now she preferred the cold. It reminded her of the old days, the ones she hated to look back on now, the ones that had forced her to start extensively training on the cold mountains in Sinnoh. It all seemed so long ago. She hated those days, but she missed them at the same time.

Her trail of thought was broken when a pair of talons squeezed into her shoulder. She looked to her left and saw the small Hoothoot that had followed that girl that Josh was hanging around with. Was it Sarah? No... Sar? She attempted a smile at the Hoothoot but could only get some kind of strange smirky scowl. The Hoothoot smelled a little, in fact, everybody did, but Ashi didn't mind. A small whimper forced Ashi to turn her head around and she saw Sar shake in her sleep. There wasn't much Ashi could do but try to keep her fever under control. Her Raticate followed behind with a worried look on it's face, covered in blood itself. She reached into Josh's bag and pulled out two potions.

"Lone, get me some more ice for the girl," She said to her Glaceon, who was still constructing the path of ice. She turned back to the Raticate and the Hoothoot, feeling a little bad she had completely forgotten to heal them. Lone threw her a block of ice and Ashi held it at Sar's head, switching her worried gaze between Sar and Josh.

"Do you need this?" She shook the potions in her hand at the Hoothoot and the Raticate.
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(OOC: No phrase really sums this post up as well as: DUN DUN DUUUUN!... So... yeah... Poor post... sorry...)

"Is! Audrey! Let's go!"

Isabel looked back and saw Chris standing by the trapdoor where several Uprising members had already disappeared. Isabel turned back to Graham and scowled.

"Just don't do anything against us for your precious PXS. I don't know what side you're on anymore, and I don't think that you're sure either. I suggest that you leave, because I doubt that you're wanted on either side anymore," Isabel said sharply before turning back to her friend. "Let's get out of here, Audrey."

Isabel began walking back toward the trapdoor. David still stood near the center of the gym and he and the old Uprising members that were still gathered around him were now picking up their weapons and items and preparing to head down into the tunnel as well.

"I-I'm so glad that you're alright," Isabel said to David with a shy smile, silently kicking herself for acting like such a little girl.

"It's just like before, right? The team's back together, now," he said with a grin, placing a firm hand on her shoulder. "It's pretty amazing, actually, how you managed to preserve the Uprising."

"Well... we should probably get going," Isabel muttered, looking back toward the trapdoor to hide an unbidden blush.

"Go ahead, Is. We'll be right behind you."

Isabel nodded and continued toward the tunnel, pausing for a moment before turning and and pulling David into a sudden embrace.

"I really did miss you," Isabel whispered, closing her eyes and enjoying actually feeling him here again, safe.

"I missed you, too," he said in a softer voice, hugging back somewhat awkwardly before stiffening up. Isabel heard the low growl of several of her Eeveelutions nearby.

Isabel pulled away, confused for a moment until she felt the ground shudder under her feet. The blood drained from her face when she heard the shatter of ice in the tunnel and watched as the floor of the gym was slowly torn open, revealing a huge Dugtrio who didn't look very happy. Isabel fumbled with the PokeBall Brad had given her, pressing the button to release a Lapras.

"Hit it with whatever you've got!" Isabel shouted. The Lapras released a torrent of water at the Pokemon, though a pounding on the doors started yet another nightmare. Isabel felt a force strike her, knocking her over and sliding her a good distance across the floor behind a row of machines. Dazed, Isabel attempted to sit up, only to feel the slight pressure of Umi's paw on her chest.


Isabel heard shouts and the blast of the doors being knocked out of place and landing on the floor with a huge crash. Isabel shot up and looked over the top of her barrier, dread meeting her in a crashing wave as a troop of PXS members stormed in, shouting and guns at the ready and pointed at the Uprising members who still stood at the center of the gym. Shocked, they attempted to fire at them and retreat, but a few of them only managed one or two shots before PXS began firing. It all happened surprisingly fast, regardless of what people said about the whole "time slowing down" thing. It was merely seconds before every one of her reunited teammates lay on the floor, covering the floor in a dark red that continued to spread. Isabel felt as though her heart would stop right there, not being able to comprehend what had just happened. She found David's face, eyes still open and glazed over with sudden death, the cause a shot just below his temple and in the side of his neck. Just beside him lay another form, purple and equally still. Fay had been shot in the side multiple times. Isabel stared in disbelief as the shooting continued, this time aimed at the rampaging Dugtrio. It wasn't until she received a ginger nip on the hand did she snap back to attention. Umi, Lum, Flareon, Jay and Eve were now around her, carefully out of reach of the gunfire. Isabel carefully fixed her mind on one goal: escape. She pushed all other thoughts and emotions away, reverting to instinct as she slowly army-crawled toward the trapdoor. Isabel slid inside, nearly falling straight down into it as she numbly tried to climb down the ladder. There were familiar faces here. The ones part of the new Uprising. The Uprising now. Isabel caught sight of Audrey, relieved to see her there, but now sensing her emotions threatening to grab ahold of her. Isabel looked away and bit her lip, addressing several Uprising members and the Nurse.

"We have to get out of here now. We can't stop at the Pokemon Center. We have to keep going and get to the south as soon as possibly," Isabel said evenly, making her way through the shattered ice that littered the now Duglet/Dugtrio-less tunnel without pausing for an instant, just making it around the corner before she completely lost it. A sob broke from Isabel's throat and it all went from there. She braced one hand on the cold dirt wall and covered her face with the other, attempting to stifle the sobs that were now uncontrollably racking her body. Tears soaked her face as emotions and memories and jumbled thoughts struck her all at once, overwhelming her. Everything they had gained had been lost in one moment, and now they had to try and keep going, and Isabel wasn't sure if that was possible for her to do any longer.
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"Is! Audrey! Let's go!"

Audrey turned to see Chris, gesturing toward them to follow him down a trapdoor, where most of the others had to be. Except for her friends, of course, and she was positive they would follow along to wherever it was they were going. She would let the others lead and not worry too much about it. Clearly, they had to get going while they still could.

Sabey's snappish comments to the man in the black PXS uniform made little sense to Audrey; she assumed something unpleasant had happened there beforehand, when she had still been imprisoned. "Let's get out of here, Audrey."

"All right," Audrey said cheerfully in a quick attempt to break the heavy mood. She skipped across the room toward Chris to follow him down the ladder. When only her head remained at floor level, a crash echoed, she almost lost her balance, and the first gunshot went off.

Within seconds, it was over. Numbly, Audrey let go of the ladder and fell the last few feet onto the icy tunnel floor. In the space of a moment, she'd lost everything. She still had her Pokémon and a few members of the old Uprising that she knew by name, but the rest was gone. Practically everything that she had held dear in recent weeks and months... shattered. A moment of relief washed over her as "Sabey" nearly fell on top of her, but it was quickly gone.

Audrey wanted to scream. She held it back, for once realizing how stupid something she might do could be, but she could not stop the tears. Silently, she cried until she could barely understand what Isabel was saying through the grief. She forced herself to her feet and followed automatically, holding back, holding back, holding back...

Impossible. Quiet tears quickly became brokenhearted sobs. Gone. They were gone. They could not come back. Gone. Through a watery haze, she managed to see Sabey, crying as much as she was. The pain was building with every passing second. Helplessly, Audrey did the only thing she could think to do and wordlessly embraced her friend. What could she do when the very thing that held her together... had died?
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Ashi's head snapped around as she heard gunshots echo from the other end of the tunnel. There was trouble coming and Isabel and Audrey hadn't caught up yet. Her heart started to race as others in the tunnel turned around to see what happened, although they were underground and the gunshots came from above, at the gym. What could they do now? They had no options left but to run, and the PXS were closing in. Only thing she could do was hurry. The exit was near, she could see the pothole about 100 or so metres away.. But that wasn't good enough.

"Lone, we have to be fast. Ice the roof, now!" Ashi pointed at the roof as she pulled all of her PokéBalls off and released all of her Pokémon. She really hoped her plan would work. Lone looked at her with worried eyes as she realised what she was trying to do. She joined her fellow Pokémon to help, they needed as much power as possible.

"Okay, listen up!" Ashi yelled to the group that had been following her. "We're gonna bust out of here before we get killed. The PXS know where we are and we need to get out of here, and fast. I need everyone to release every Pokémon capable of battle. Don't worry, we're not fighting. See up on the roof? Everyone aim an attack at the roof and get out of the way when it collapses. Ready?"

The group started releasing Pokémon. Several had cuts, scrapes and bruises, but still wanted to put in the power. She could tell several people were hesitant in her plan. She didn't blame them; she was too.

"Okay, here we go! Everybody ready? On three. One. Two. THREE!" At three Pokémon launched their strongest attacks at the roof. The roof exploded, a giant hole now where the ice had been. It wouldn't stay like that for long, as Ashi feared the tunnel might collapse.

"OKAY! Now let's get OUT OF HERE!" Bird Pokémon flew up, trainers scampered out, returning their Pokémon as they ran in the opposite direction. The attack had surprised the PXS as they fell over of the shock of the explosion. But Ashi didn't have time to see what they did next. She jumped onto Invisi, holding Sar tight, and told them to fly up, returning all of her other Pokémon. Alex followed and together they escaped Frosty Gorge, with bullets whizzing past them as the flew off towards the clouded sun. She watched the other Uprising members escape. They would all be fine. Ashi had taken the liberty in throwing up several potions as the Pokémon fired, spraying their contents onto every Pokémon when the roof exploded.

"To Johto," Ashi yelled at Alex and Invisi. "We're going home."
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