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Old July 28th, 2010 (9:51 AM). Edited July 29th, 2010 by dragon0fangz.
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about to beat E4. might post video.
Edit: Just beat E4. Videos up!
sorry about the stretch

Final Team for anyone that cares.
Rougela/Jynx lv 58

Lovely Kiss
Probably the MVP. very powerful, could have handled the game by herself. But backup is always good.
(I know i accidently deleted Psychic for Blizzard in the video, but this is what i intended.)

Jugon/Dewgong lv 57

Horn Drill
a good pokemon, but mostly used for surf.

Parshen/Cloyster lv 57

Ice Beam
Toxic/Clamp is very useful against some pokemon. unfortunately, clamp ran out of pp early on.
moved to 649, see you there!

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Old July 28th, 2010 (1:23 PM). Edited July 28th, 2010 by Corp.
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Alright guys I haven't updated in a few, but I beat red. I
Summary of what happenend-
After beating koga i cleared silph tower and cinnabar pokemansion
then GRINDED for like forever
beat 6,7,8 gyms
beat pokemon league.
Beaten Pokemon Red

Team at blue's defeat

Raichu-level 64
Jolteon-level 62
Electabuzz-40(was never used)

Next I'll be heading to pokemon silver
(because in crystal you can't get ampharos, and electric types for like 5 gyms, so changing my gen 2 game to silver)

I will update soon when I get my first electric type(mareep) and beat the 2nd gym.

I got cyndaquil, beat 1st gym, caught two mareep, grinded a bit, beat bellsprout tower with them, beat union cave and slowpoke well, and just owned the 2nd gym and my rival with my two flaffy now.

Flaffy-LVL 20
Flaffy-LVL 19
Pidgey-LVL3-fly hm slave
(Soon to be)Paras-LVL6-10-Cut hm slave
Old July 29th, 2010 (6:49 AM).
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Started Silver. Hacked to get a Sneasel early on. Currently at Violet Gym. will update more.
moved to 649, see you there!
Old July 29th, 2010 (12:16 PM).
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I decided to take this challenge by choosing the steel type , so i began my adventure in a french pokemon silver rom , i'm now beyond the 4th gym so i advanced in this two days , anyways here is the report :

- I started the game and picked cyndaquil as my starter .
- i did the M.Pokemon task and beated the rival .
- I did the bellsprout tower and the gym with ease using my cyndaquil that evolved .
- I got HM FLash .
- i got The myster egg from Elm assistant .
( i know i can get an onix by trading an bellsprout in a house in the city , but i don't like traded pokemon's so early because of the desobeisance problem ; and actually i tested out this before this run but it didn't work very well )
- I passed to the route 32 and captured an onix in the union cave .
- Onix learned the tm37 .
- I did some training to onix in the route 32 .
- I placed Quilava in the pc and entered the union cave with onix and the mystery egg .
- I passed the rock cave with ease but i was beaten by the hiker's machoc outside the cave , first loss for onix , actually first loss at all .
- Onix is lvl 14 now and he learned rock throw , it will be useful agains't bugsy .
- The togepi egg hatched and went to the pc .
- I betead the team rocket grunts in the Slowpoke Well with ease using onix .
- I beated Bugsy and his trainers with ease using onix who is at lvl 19 now .
- I beated the hicker agains't who i lost last time haxxing his machop with onix's Mud-Slap .
- I finally beated the rival in azalea town after so many battles because of onix weakness again'st his croconaw by using a haxxing strategy that involved quilava .
- I got Cut and learned it to Quilava .
- After a lot of headbutting i finally caught a pineco .
- I finnaly arrived in goldenrod city and done the underground battles .
- I beated Withney and her trainers easily with onix lvl 24 ans pineco lvl 16 even if he didn't do anything in this battle.
- I participated and win a bug contest by capturing a female scyther and the reward was a sun stone .
- i captured a magnemite in route 38 .
- I battled the kimono girls .
- I beated Morty using Onix and Scyther.
- Togepi learned Flash.
- I caught a tauros and learned him Surf .
- i Went to mahogany town .
- I captured The red gyarados but i will not use it .
- I did partially the team rocket HQ and i finally found the tm46 thief that Cutter learned , now i can try to steal some metal coat from the wild magnemite's .
- After so many try's i finally found a magnemite with metal coat .
- by using TGB Dual i traded scyther with metal coat and got me a Scizor .
- I won the battle vs the rival in the burned tower .
- I passed the route 38 .
- I arrived in "olivine" where i got the HM strenght that i tought to toros .
- After so many research's i finnaly stoled another metal coat from a wild magnemite .
- I traded my onix with a metal coat using TGB Dual and got a steelix.

And here is my current team :
(Sorry i can't post photos becaus i don't have enough posts in the forum)
Cutter/Scizor (F) Lv 28
Attacks :
- Quick Attack
- False Swipe
- Fury Cutter
- Thief

Rocky/Steelix (F) Lv 30
Attacks :
- Headbutt
- Screech
- Mud-Slap
- Rock Throw

Sparky/Magnemite Lv 27
Attacks :
- Thunder Wave
- Thundershock
- Supersonic
- Sonicboom

Explouder/Pineco Lv 25 (M)
Attacks :
- Headbutt
- Sweet Scent
- Selfdestruct
- Take Down

I also made some videos for the important battles like vs the gym leaders and vs the rival , but i need some time with my crapy connexion to upload them
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Old July 30th, 2010 (7:19 AM).
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dragon0fangz: No hacking. Catch it legit or trade-in.

No longer doing Monotype Challenges
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Old July 30th, 2010 (8:17 PM).
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I haven't updated recently so.
update #3:

-went to celadon
-beat TR's hidden base

not much to report

My Team:

Lv 37

Lv 35
-quick attack
-thunder bolt

Lv 33
-sand attack
-quick attack
-double kick

on Leaf Green
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Old July 30th, 2010 (8:31 PM).
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hey i know its a stupid question, but im sure all of us wants to know. Will you be continuing this into Isshu when it comes out? Japan or USA, and maybe optional, and definitely spoiler tagged.
moved to 649, see you there!
Old July 30th, 2010 (10:26 PM). Edited July 31st, 2010 by nialchos.
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Big update x_x I had gone to visit family and was away from the internet so I couldn't update or upload any more vids. This is what I've got;
- Defeated Whitney ->
- Defeated Morty ->
- Defeated Chuck ->
- Got the Secret Potion
- Defeated Jasmine ->
- Got the Red Gyarados
- Thwarted Team Rocket's plans
- Defeated Pryce ->
- Thwarted Team Rocket and saved the Radio Tower
- Defeated Clair and retrieved the Dragon Fang ->
- Defeated Will
- Defeated Koga
- Defeated Bruno
- Defeated Karen
- Defeated Lance

My Team is currently;

Lv. 45
-Iron Tail
-Thunder Punch
-Fire Punch

Lv. 43

Lv. 44
-Confuse Ray

I think since the Kanto Gym Leaders will be rather easy, I'm not going to bother recording it to save time. That's it for today!

EDIT: Just Beat the 8 gyms in Kanto and will be training for my battle with Red. The Team Now;

Lv. 53
-Iron Tail
-Thunder Punch
-Fire Punch

Lv. 50

Lv. 53
-Confuse Ray
-Take Down

EDIT #2:
I tried my luck with Red and I managed to beat him just barely. x_x Lanturn proved to be most useful in the challenge so I think he may return to my team in Hoenn. I want to upload the videos in order somewhat so instead of posting a video link I'll post screenshots for now since I just found the screencapture function on the VBA;

The Team;

-I'll continue the challenge in Sapphire Version.

Old July 31st, 2010 (12:03 PM).
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kanto gyms...

Lt.Surge, destroyed him with boulder.
Sabrina, took her out with everyone.
Erika, Jet did all the work.
Janine, Jet, again.
Skipped rock tunnel.
Misty, down with Philips.
Brock, Scythes metal claw.
Blaine, difficult, used everyone but scythe, boulder finished it
Blue, gave me problems... I thought i would lose alot to blaine, but blues arcanine is faster than all of my pokemon.. I decided to make him use all of his flame thrower pp, with wasted 15 revives.. So now i have to go fight the E4 a few times to get money.. I'll update next when i beat red

My Current Team...


Level 53

-Steel Wing


Level 50

-Rapid Spin
-Take Down


Level 57

-Iron Tail
-Dragon Breath
-Rock Throw


Level 56

-Quick Attack
-Metal Claw
-Swords Dance


Level 56

-Tri Attack
-Thunder Shock
-Thunder Wave
-Zap Cannon
Old July 31st, 2010 (4:42 PM).
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Hoenn Update;

-Started with Mudkip
-Beat Mau
-Beat Roxanne
-Caught Electrike
-Beat Team Aqua grunts
-Beat Brawly
-Beat May
-Beat Wally
-Beat Wattson
-Beat Archie
-Beat Flannery
-Beat Norman

The team now looks like this;
Lv. 34
-Quick Attack

HM Slave(s): Marshtomp (Surf, Strength, Rock Smash)
Old August 2nd, 2010 (10:29 AM).
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I'll just give a brief run down on the past week or so:
-BOULDER evolved twice
-Beat Morty
-Caught a Female Corsola named CORAL
-Received a Female Shuckle named SHUCKIE from a trainer on Cianwood
-Beat Chuck
-Beat Jasmine
-Defeated the Red Gyarados
-Stopped the machine causing Magikarp to evolve
-Beat Pryce
-Liberated the Radio Tower
-Beat Clair
-Caught a Male Rhyhorn named PERIOR
-PERIOR evolved
-Got to the Elite Four
-Training against them to defeat them, yet made it to Karen's Last Pokémon before MIMIC was brought down

Current Team(Number after name=position in party):

Returning Members:
-ROCKY-2-♂-Lv.44-Earthquake/Slam/Iron Tail/Rock Throw-101/63/162/46/60/82
-PERIOR-6-♂-Lv.42-Stop/Fury Attack/Tail Whip/Horn Drill-146/133/123/48/48/56

New Members:
-MIMIC-3-♂-Lv.45-Rock Slide/Mimic/Strength/Faint Attack-140/115/132/47/79/45
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I'd like to take part using normal types, I'll begin in blue.
Old August 3rd, 2010 (8:39 AM).
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Updating a bit, I'm not happy about the next part of the game e_e

-Defeated Saturn at Lake Valor[Video]
-Defeated Mars at Lake Verity[Video]

[email protected] Claw

Lv 50
-Razor Leaf

[email protected] Share(soon to be Rose Incense)

Lv 46
-Petal Dance
-Leech Seed
-Stun Spore
Grass Type Maniac

Current Challenges:
Ultimate Monotype Grass-Black
Ultimate Monotype Challenge Bug-Paused between Hoenn and Sinnoh
Favorite Challenge-Pearl
Old August 3rd, 2010 (10:50 AM).
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Part of me questions the reasoning of having the quick claw on Torterra, but then the rest of me remembers that going first is often the difference between winning and losing.

No longer doing Monotype Challenges
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Old August 3rd, 2010 (11:10 AM). Edited August 3rd, 2010 by johnathondrag.
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I'll try BUG. Cause I've never used bug types much, this should be... different.
Now to finish my Nuzlocke Challenge...
Current challenges:

Completed Challenges:
UMC Fire
R/S/E Water.

Monotypes completed: 4
My goal is to complete EVERY monotype. Wish me luck?
Old August 4th, 2010 (1:02 AM).
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OH MY after 6 months i decided to continue with fire red there is a big update

two rock slides from kangaskan

one hyper fang from raticate

took a few shock waves from wiglituff he only uses dragon rage

only two surf with snorlax to took down

dodrio aerial ace defeated him


body slam from snorlax

dizzy punch from kanghaskhan

Aerial ace from dodrio

he uses calm mind and i used dizzy punch and killed


rock slide killed

another dead from rock slide

that guy killed dodrio and snorlax but tauros surf took god care of him

buff i was very luck because his fire blast miss a lot and my surf was very powerfull


-hyper fang
-super fang
-iron tail

-water pulse
-shock wave
-body slam

-aerial ace
-steel wing
-try attack

-rock slide
-brick breack
-dizzy punch

-fire blast

-rock tomb
-body slam

pd sorry for my poor english but i am from spain
PD2:The images didnt work so i will edit later
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Old August 4th, 2010 (2:41 AM).
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Okay, here's the deal...I figured I'd get a start on my challenge, y'know maybe the first 2 gyms....6 hours later I've finished Blue. I'm thinking I'll try to put 1-2 gym's worth of update per day. Starting now.

I started with Squirtle, because it'd make a good HM slave, not because it'd leave my rival with a grass type, that'd just be cheap...anyway I intentionally lost the rival battle at the beginning. After going to Viridian City and collecting/delivering Oak's Parcel I went out and caught myself a Rattata and Pidgey (I'll start nicknaming things in Gen II, promise) and dumped the turtle in a computer.
10 metapods later I was ready to fight my rival seriously for the first time, Rattata took down his Pidgey no probs, although Pidgey struggled a bit against Bulbasaur, I forgot Gust was normal type in Gen I. With the rival soundly thrashed I continued onwards, towards Pewter City, and the first gym battle of my journey.

Leader Battle: Brock
Rattata Lv.10 Tackle, Tail Whip, Quick Attack
Pidgey Lv.10 Gust, Sand Attack

I thought long and hard about how I was going to handle Brock, after all, every attack my 'mons learned was not very effective against his rock types. So I decided, instead of focusing on dealing massive damage to him, I'd focus on preventing him from hitting me, I felt kinda cheap for doing it but I had Pidgey open the fight with sand attack until his Geodude's accuracy hit its minimum, Pidgey then used gust repeatedly until Geodude fainted. Pidgey leveled up. I continued this tactic vs Onix, although I did try to change things up. After Onix's accuracy dropped I switched Rattata in and tail whipped it until it's defenses were shot to hell, unfortunately it's accuracy was still good enough to hit Rattata with Bide, causing it to faint. Pidgey went back out and finished it off. Pidgey leveled up again.

I headed east towards Mt. Moon, easily defeating all the trainers who challenged me. I entered a tunnel which lead through to the next city, immediately after entering I turned to the left and found a TM, it contained water gun, a strange move to put in a tm I thought...nonetheless it was better than nothing in a cave full of geodudes, so I taught it to Rattata, several trainer battles later Pidgey or should I say Pidgeotto had evolved and Rattata had learned Hyper Fang. A lucky critical hit from a Raticate belonging to a member of Team Rocket took Pidgeotto down, but fortunately, Rattata was easily strong enough to get through the rest of the cave.

Upon arriving in Cerulean City I healed up in the local pokemon center and headed north, there was something I needed to take care of before I challenged the gym here. After a brief battle with my rival, Rattata once again showing his awesomeness, I found myself confronted with a challenge, the "Nugget Bridge" trainers, they were easily enough to dispatch, and Rattata even evolved part way through the challenge, great! At the end of the bridge I recieved my reward, and was told I should join Team Rocket, one one-sided fight later I continued on my way, several trainer battles later I arrived at a small house, I entered and found a strange pokemon, after a brief moment of shock I discovered this pokemon was in fact a researcher who screwed up a teleportation experiment. After sorting out his problem I recieved a ticket for the SS Aqua in Vermillion City.

More later, although I might just summarize, less effort.
Old August 4th, 2010 (3:52 PM).
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Hey guys It's been a while but I will be continuing my mono challenge soon. Life and family reunions have held me... sorry couldn't get a straight face. Anyway I have been busy with other games like heart gold, Enchanted arms, Final fantasy 13 and many more. So I may start tomorrow or maybe another day. But here is my progress so far. I have no badges and I have received Chimchar. I talked with Mom and got my pokeballs from Dawn.
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Sowwy Zammy that I havent been paticipating in my challenges... With the room switching and new comp and all =/
Now I would like to start from a clean table! MAH TYPE SHALL BE PSYCHIC AND THE GAME SHALL BE YELLOW!

-I started
-Named myslef NIKO (Mah name) and the rival GARY
-Got peekachew
-Pounded Gary to the ground
-Got to Viridian without a SINGLE fight due to my awesome psychic skills!
-Delivered the parcel
-Got to Pewter
-Beat Brock easily with the Tail Whip Growl combo
-Got to Cerulean and died... Had to start from Mt. Moon's Pokécenter T_T

-Tried to capture Abras. but failed miserably due to them teleporting T_T
-Bought 40 pokéballs and thought that this is it.
-Captured an Abra with the first ball -.-
-Named it Abba and trained it to lvl 16
-Abba evolved
-Gave it a Rare Candy
-Boxed the super awesome Peekachew
-About to face Misty


Abba, the lvl 17 Kadabra <_<
-Confusion xD

Just have to show my Peekachew! Srsly!

Lvl 27 Pikachu
Tail Whip
This thing was one hitting everything that was not named Geodude or Onix
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I'll be starting my challenge (a bit late ) with Red YELLOW, and I'll be using......fighting types
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After saving Bill from his own stupidity I encountered a member of Team Rocket hiding out in someone's backyard, after I defeated him he gave me a TM because...well, I don't know why but I'm not complaining. I taught the new move Dig to Raticate and headed south to get my next team member, Meowth.

I headed back to Cerulean, and entered the gym. Meowth got a couple of levels from the trainers and then...

Leader Battle: Misty
Raticate Lv.22 Water Gun, Tail Whip, Dig, Hyper Fang
Pidgeotto Lv.20 Gust, Sand Attack, Quick Attack, Whirlwind
Meowth Lv.12 Scratch, Growl, Bite

Meowth started off but switched out immediately for EXP, Pidgeotto switched in and spammed Quick Attack to take Staryu down. Starmie defeated Pidgeotto with one BubbleBeam, enter Raticate. As with every other trainer so far, Misty no likey da Hyper Fang.

I headed south to Vermillion City and the SS Aqua, trainers were beaten, inconvenient crits were had, rivals' Raticates were murdered for their inferiority, and HMs were acquired. I defeated the trainers at the gym and trained Meowth up to Lv.24 before taking on the leader.

Leader Battle: Lt. Surge
Raticate Lv.24 Water Gun, Tail Whip, Dig, Hyper Fang
Pidgeotto Lv.24 Gust, Sand Attack, Quick Attack, Whirlwind
Meowth Lv.24 Scratch, Screech, Bite, Pay Day
Bellsprout Lv.10 Cutslave

Pidgeotto took Voltorb down with Quick Attack spam, got a couple of Sand Attacks off on Pikachu before being ThunderShocked out...Raticate Dig swept the electric mice...

Next time! Rock Tunnel and Celadon City.
Old August 5th, 2010 (7:38 AM).
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Well, it's been a long run, but this thread will soon be scheduled for closure.

I hope to see all of you over in the new thread! :D
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And there is said new thread. Rhymes.


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