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Metal & Color Generation Take a walk down memory lane with Red, Blue, and Yellow, the games that started it all! Then revisit the best region ever in the original Johto games, Gold, Silver, and Crystal.

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Old 4 Days Ago (04:34 PM).
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R/B/G/Y are the oldest main series games from the franchise, nearing 20 years of age. Whoa! When was the last time you played through these games? Were you playing through just to replay and enjoy the immersive region of Kanto, for a challenge, or maybe for the first time overall?
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After my Blue game was corrupted around last year, I played through the game via emulation since I was too sentimental to delete the save game off the cartridge, even if it was corrupt. I wanted to play through because it had been a really long time... it was nice to experience it again.

It worked out in the end because I could eventually find a tool to extract my SRAM to my PC and fix the corrupted checksum. My old Venusaur was still there. <3 Though, now I have two Blue saves to juggle around.

I've been playing Pokemon Stadium, but not sure if that counts as playing RBY. I'm using that save at least.
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I'm actually replaying my Blue Version right now. I'm trying to beat RBY and complete the PokéDex in all of them, then I'm going to move onto Gen II, then Gen III, etc... lol. I fear what I've gotten myself into.

Anyway, I'm playing it currently. I just arrived in Celadon City in my game file, so yeah!
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I think the last time I played them was on my Yellow version, in 2009 when I was doing a no Poké Balls run - in other words, only Pokémon you can obtain. That was for another forum.
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I tried replaying my blue version....hmm, maybe 10 years ago or so? Best guess or so, or at least that's the last time I remember trying to replay it. It was more because of a nostalgia thing, I feel as though I'd been playing another pokemon game at the time so I was like "I will pull out my blue version and play that because that was fun to play!"

(Although that didn't last too long, for various reasons. But I did play it a bit! Up to past the first badge, at least.)
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I think the last time I played Blue was five or six years ago. That was when I used my team whose nicknames were the names of Star Wars Republic Commando Squads.
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I believe it was around five years ago that I last played Blue. With all of these new games out, I just couldn't focus on it enough to finish it.

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With emulation pretty much a thing with going old school, i'm currently replaying Blue, the very first version (and pokemon game) that I played but I'm doing a monotype run on it, which somewhat reduces the nostalgia, but I've done my nostalgia casual playthrough of Gen 1 in Yellow. Also, the reason why I downloaded a Blue Rom over read was pretty simple, Blue had better version exclusives for this generation such as Crithax Persian. Also, RB, as the international releases have all of these intriguing bugs and oddities that still has its cult following today. And yes after more than 10 years, I finally got my own missing no, and lvl160 wild pokemon encounter.
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red the beginning of this year or the end of last year and yeah just for a replay

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i'm playing it right now. so far i'm in cinnabar island.
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