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-Nocturnal speaking! This is my second fanfic (first about pokemon didn't go too well and I was bored so buh bye first fanfic!) called Spiritual Connection. Please do leave me some feedback or comments or even criticism!

Spiritual Connection

Prologue -

- 20th March, 2010 -

In an ordinary two-storey house in a quiet suburb of Diamante City, in a beautifully decorated room, someone was at rest. A five year old girl, with blond, straight hair to her little fragile shoulders, her emerald eyes which were closed and would shimmer like real gemstones when she opened them. She was lying on a small comfortable bed, decorated and colored in pink, and she was sleeping soundly, with no shouts or cries bothering her and her sweet, innocent dreams. She was the most special child in the neighbourhood, as she was about to meet something that nobody had never seen before, something that could change the world, or destroy it.

What went into the room, was not a person nor a beast. Your guesses weren’t even close. It was a little ghost, grey and half-transparent and half see-through, sixty centimeters in length, ten centimeters in width. On his face, were two large, white oval eyes, blue irises in each of them, but the nose and the ears whee nowhere to be seen. His mouth was a simple curved line when it was shut, with no lips on top or below it whatsoever. Imagine a grey, half-transparent baseball bat, in gas-like form and a ghost-like tail, with the body slightly smaller and thinner without shrinking in width’s length except for the tail part, which gradually makes his body smaller and smaller at the bottom end. The ghost didn’t have any hands or legs, but it can definitely outrun, or out-’fly’ a human. A blue luminous aura was surrounding him, glowing dimly in the dark room. Then add smooth curves to the side to make it non-solid-like. If you can picture that out, then you’re close.

Wriggling in her sleep as though she could sense a presence, as the ghost was about to leave the room, it noticed the girl sitting upright at the bed’s edge with wide-eyed astonishment. What was so special about that? He was a ghost, something people should be afraid of. In the darkness, only a grayish floating object with an eerie blue glow was visible and the room’s temperature seemed to have been drastically reduced with its presence. However, her expression was strange as the spirit read it through her bulging eyes. Her eyes seemed physically fine at first, but observing closer did he spot something wrong. Her left eyes was firstly blind without sight. Following, her right eye was so queer that it caused the ghost to wonder about it. Something seemed to be missing, and the ghost had his doubts, but it was obvious and absolute - She had no fear in her eye.

How could this possibly be? A normal, half-blind girl, not afraid of what adults would be afraid of? This was an absolutely interesting find, yet, so strange and incomprehensible. Then, to make it even more humiliating to the ghost, she spoke, breaking the eerie silence.

“Don’t be afraid.” She spoke softly as she stared into the ghost’s eyes, without a hint of fear in hers. The ghost wanted to snicker, to laugh out loud, to spit at what she had spoken, but somehow, he couldn’t, and he didn’t. Under normal circumstances, shouldn’t the a ghost, suppose that it’s friendly, be the one that would say, “Do not be afraid?” But strangely, what had happened was not like so.

“Who...are you?” The girl questioned in a curious attitude, wriggling out of her little blanket, then, before the ghost could actually do something, she had sat on the edge of the bed, and had pushed her finger through his body. With no surprise there, the finger shot right through. The floating creature couldn’t help but chuckle at her naive actions, and moved away from her little pointer.

“My name is Zetamenthus. Zeta for short with the pronunciation ‘Zaeta’, as I am the seventh among my brothers.” The ghost replied, glaring at the girl which was trying to poke him once again, “I am an extra-terrestrial life force, taken the form of a ghost in order to...blend into you humans. To...cut it short, I am not really a ghost, but an ali-” But then, Zeta came to a halt with his little speech, and hovered around the dark, cramped bedroom. What was he thinking? Surely a girl, with only five years of experience in this world, couldn’t able to understand his explanations. Heck, even his name was exceptionally hard. Telling her his goal would be like teaching a dog how to do a complicated maths equation or to cut it short - Impossible.

“Out of all humans in this town, and she has to be the one.” Zeta murmured, looking at the ceiling, “The most unique girl in the place? I see your point, but supervising her?”

Just then, in the cloudless summer night, a loud bang echoed across the sleeping suburbs, a metallic boom resembling a humongous thunder crash, and Zeta flinched by the reply he had received. His superiors were in a bad mood, apparently. In less than a minute, Zeta could hear murmurs and complains about a sudden explosion, coming from the neighbours above him, from the family of ten across the street, even from cars that were passing by. Startled by the bang, the girl in front of him was now hiding in a blanket, and the lump under the thin sheet was shivering when it was twenty nine degrees Celsius. Hiding a smirk, Zeta hovered closer to the lump and removed the sheet that was covering her, “And I thought you told me no to be afraid.”

Snorting, the girl regained her former confidence, and the ghostly being continued, “I’ve received orders that I have to supervise you, to take care of you, and to observe your actions.”

“But I don’t want you to...” She spoke, panic in her eyes, “What if you’re a monster that wants to eat me when I’m asleep? How long are you going to stay?”

“I’m not a monster, I assure you...” Zeta repelled calmly, “And it depends. Maybe ten years. Where are your parents?”

“My mother’s died...and my dad doesn’t really care about me anyways...” She answered, feeling less tense now that they were having some daily chit-chat, “Maybe you can play with me?”

“Play with you?”

The girl didn’t reply. Instead, she landed her gaze onto a little stuffed animal, a giraffe to be exact, with a little naive smile on her face. Play with her? Surely she doesn’t mean this-

“Yes play with me!” She insisted, grabbing the stuffed toy and shoving it towards her new playmate. Catching it, Zeta was speechless, flabbergasted by her actions. Did this strange creature have life in it? Did it know how to move? Shaking the toy, Zeta wondered what fun would this be if it was only a mere earth creature stuffed by a substance called cotton. But then again. She was five.

“What’d you know. My superior wants me to be an intergalactic babysitter. And to make it worse, I have to protect you at all costs, and nobody else will be able to see me.” he spoke, sighing as he moved the toy, making it seem that the Giraffe was floating in mid air, tilting it around, then he glanced at the little girl, “Well I guess I have no choice. What’s your name?”

“Luna.” She answered softly, and reached for the toy, a large frown on her face, “You don’t move Longneck like that! It’s wrong! Longneck bounces!”

“Longneck?” Zeta tilted his head, then later realized that it was the name of the stuffed animal and stayed silent as she taught him how to play. Ohhhhboy.

Plot and next:

Right now, Luna, the girl, doesn't know what his motives are. A couple of people from his place, a total of seven with Zeta being the last one (hence Zeta, which is number seven) are sent to different planets, to observe the inhabitants there for ten years, then they return with a report. The higher people would read it and would make decisions - either to destroy it (the planet might be a threat), save it, or just leave it alone. Zeta's sent to be with the most special girl in town, and Luna's it, believe it or not. She has a blind eye, but despite that, she has a powerful sense of supernatural beings, for example, a ghost. Zeta's able to find a term, a thing, a being, whatever, that people fear, so he turns into it for the time being, hiding his true form. In Chapter One, Zeta gets discovered and captured when Luna's at the age of eight, and her dad, her only parent, dies in the process, thus, making her an orphan and forcing her to live in the orphanage. At the age of fourteen, the real story starts, as she receives a signal from the long lost Zeta once again. Following his directions, she sets off to save her one and only friend with a strange but unique Spiritual Connection...

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