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Well, I came up with this idea one afternoon. I know it isn't THAT great, but I like it. I hope you like it too and I hope you can see the real message I was trying to transmite.

I know I have already started a Fic here, I checked the Rules and I don't know if it's anything wrong with posting another story, but that story is in 'checking-grammar-errors stage' and this is a OneShot so... Sorry if I did wrong.

Anyway, the kind Tigrerra has checked this story and has pointed out my grammar errors, so I'd like to give her a big credit

Feel free to comment!

Green Everlasting

“And now the Coordinators have only five minutes to show up all their talent! Julie and Marco are tied in points, so any move can decide the result of this Final!” The announcer was excited about the battle. The crowd was so loud that I had to put down the TV’s volume. I could see the Coordinators’ faces, trembling with nerves and anxiety.

“Bellossom, use Petal Dance!” yelled Marco, a boy with brown eyes, long black hair and green shorts. His expression was tense, as if he knew he was on the edge of either victory or defeat. The Bellossom answered his trainer and began dancing. Suddenly, his flowers shone and a bunch of petals appeared from the tiny Pokémon, who directed his attack to the green bird who was flying around, waiting for the exact moment to attack.

“It’s time Naya! Psywave!” Marco’s opposite was a blond girl with a peaked cup and a blue skirt. Her eyes were determined although Natu’s Psywave wasn’t the strongest, though it was enough to control Bellossom’s attack. The psychic powers stopped the petals that were surrounding the bird. “And now, use Silver Wind!” Natu moved within the petal-ring while a shell-shocked Bellossom tried to reactivate his attack before the confusion took control over him. But it was pointless, because it was Natu and Julie’s time. The Silver Wind shone and diminished the petals. In just a few minutes, Natu was flying in a cloud of shiny dust and pink petals that were falling on the ground. It was enough for winning.

“Oh! Aunt Julie! I can’t believe you did this. Such beautiful moves!” I was so excited and surprised. I couldn’t believe that the pretty and talented girl I just had saw winning the Grand Festival was the same person whom I was taking care of that day. My dear aunt Julie. Too bad she didn’t look as pretty and graceful as on the TV.

“Thanks, my dear. I must say it; it was a terrific year for me. I…” But she couldn’t continue, because she began coughing badly. I had to approach her with a glass of water and tried to help her although we both knew it was pointless. Cancer can be demonic.

“And she did it! Julie did it! That last Silver Wind of Natu ended taking out all Bellossom’s points, and now we have a new Grand Coordinator! And is Julie Clearwater, ladies and gentlemen!” On the TV, the announcer was shaking hands with my aunt, while Natu was fliying around her head full of joy. My aunt’s cough decreased, but I decided it was enough of memories, so I pressed Stop and the tape ended.

“I’m sorry, aunt,” was all I managed to say.

“Don’t be, honey. Anyway, it was my last victory. I would retire from competitions soon after that.” She said quietly; her voice was a murmur I could barely understand, although that small house was quiet and lonely.

“What do you mean with soon after that? How could you retire when you were so talented?” I knew my aunt was dying and I was supposed to watch over her. I knew doctors said I shouldn’t make her talk for a long period, neither expose her to things that might excite her too much, but my surprise was so big, that I didn’t mind. I didn’t mind if all those memories shook my aunt and mad her bad. I was discovering a new Aunt Julie, and she was amazing. Besides, she didn’t look bothered at all.

“2002 was a terrific year for me. I had trained intensely in the summer, and when the competitions began, I was prepared for everything. You probably don’t know, but I created a record.” She told me with proud in her eyes. “Yes, a new record. That year, I won all the competitions I entered in. I didn’t lose a single battle or contest in all that year.” My face was sure of stupid surprise, because my aunt smiled jokingly. “And I was only sixteen. My future was so bright…”

I sensed nostalgia on that sentence, so I asked. “So what happened? If it was so bright, something terrible must have happened, right?”

“Well, yes and no. It wasn’t the saddest thing in the world, but it was simply terrible for me. I began losing.” The murmur of her voice sounded bitter and frustated. I felt sorry for her.

“2003 began and in the first tournament I entered, I lost in the Semi-Finals. It was so shocking for me… Then I entered another tournament and I lost too. I felt so frustrated, so angry. Things turned so complicated in so little time.”

“But, why did you lose so many battles?”

“I just don’t know. I had practiced a lot, I had trained a lot, but sometimes it’s not your time. I learnt that 2002 was my year and no one else’s. But it wasn’t like that in the next year, or the next one. I retired in the fall of 2004. Four persons saw my last battle live. Just four.” My aunt was in the edge of tears, and I feared for her.

“May be it’s time to rest, aunt…” I suggested.

“No, I don’t wanna rest.” She said firmly. “It’s a long time since I remembered those times. I can’t even remember what I did with those trophies. Lucky you found that tape.”

“And your Pokémon?” I asked suddenly. “You know, when you retired, what did they do?” I didn’t expect her to act like she acted. Her face froze in a mixture of pain and guilt like I never saw before (and I think I’ll never see again).

“I… don’t know where they are.” She said, her voice sounding louder than before. “I just don’t remember!” And she began crying, which later led to a new cough attack. It took me a while to make my aunt calm again.

“I don’t remember! Oh my God! I just don’t remember where my Pokemon are! It’s so sad!” My aunt was regretfully whimpering. I didn’t know what to do, what to say. It was such a sad and awkward situation.

“But, Aunt Julie…” I tried. “You passed through hard times the last few years, so it’s normal if you don’t remember some things. Why don’t you tell me a bit about the last thing you remember? Memories can emerge if you relax…”

My aunt seemed calmer. I took that as a good sign, and she began talking. “I only had three Pokemon of my own. They were all my friends once.” Her tone was sad, like she wasn’t telling me something.

But I wouldn’t give up so easily, not after knowing my aunt was a Grand Festival Champion. “Only three? But how did you…?”

“I never needed more. As I told you, my dear, I had only one year of success. In that year, I made it all with just my three loyal friends. Lucci, Kiara and Naya. Oh, I miss them so much.”

And that sad tone on her voice again…

“Lucci, Kiara and Naya… You mean Azumarill, Ponyta and Natu?”

“Yes, my dear, yes. I never liked to call them just by the species name, so I gave them original names.” I was running out of questions, but soon my aunt kept talking by herself. I didn’t realize I was probable forcing her too much. “The year of my success, we were a solid team. We were always together, always supporting each other. We were friends. But then…” My aunt sight. “Then, I began losing, and the team was never the same. You must know, I have always been an exigent person, a strict one. And when I lost control of myself, I hurt my team. I hurt them without regrets.” Silence was horrible. Outside, noises of kids playing with his Pokemon friends; inside, only a sad silence I couldn’t break.

I couldn’t say if it was five minutes or five years, but we remained a moment in silence that seemed eternal for me. I wanted to know more, but I was afraid all that deep and passionate feelings made my aunt bad. I was afraid of realizing my aunt wasn’t such a great hero as I first thought too. I saw my aunt was tearing, so I gave her a tissue.

“Thanks,” she said, cutting that thick silence. “You know, you actually met Kiara.” Told me relaxed. “You remember that Ponyta your mum gave you when you were nine?”

I remembered. It was such a beautiful Pokemon. My first Pokemon friend. A gorgeous horse, with soft hair and flaming powers. “Wow,” was all I could say.

“I decided to give it to your mum when I knew my retirement was close, so she could give it to you. I thought you two could be good friends.”

“We were, thank you aunt. Sorry she’s dead now.” A chill ran over my neck.

“She was already old when your mum gave it to you, so you shouldn’t feel sorry. Kiara had a great life.”

“And what happened to the other ones?” I asked her.

“I gave them to a friend of mine.”

“But why? Didn’t you tell me you were friends once?”

“We were friends. But after my golden times, the relationship wasn’t the same. I remember the last competition. I wasn’t myself. I yelled at Naya as if she was some burglar trying to steal my success. I can tell you now, all those winnings only made me selfish and more competitive. I can tell you now I have now what I deserve. After that tournament, I felt so angry with Naya and Lucci, that I went to my friend’s house, in Carmin, and left them there. I know Lucci has paired with a female Azumarill and that he returned to the wild, my friend told me. But Naya, she was the one I treated worst, and she was my first Pokemon, I hurt her feelings, and I broke our friendship forever.”

I had no words, my aunt was so cruel… “You have the right to be mad at me, but I was young and selfish at that moment. I didn’t even say goodbye to them! The last time I spent with my Pokemon, I yelled at them! I’m a horrible person! We have a mental connection, Naya and I. We could talk with telepathy, you know. But still, I was selfish and I yelled at her.” She began crying again, and I cried too, without knowing what to say.

Night was dark and cold, so I made a nice soup for my aunt. “Here you go! I hope you enjoy it! Mum taught me how to do it.”

“Thanks, honey.” We began with the soup but suddenly I was interrupted by the sound of a spoon falling on the floor. I looked at my aunt and saw her fighting with one of those cough attacks of hers. She grabbed me firmly and while I was helping I heard her voice whispering, begging. “Please, I want to see Naya one more time.” I will never forget her eyes begging me.

And what could I do? What? If my dear aunt was dying alone, I being her only companion. I sensed her regret, her guilt for the bad treatment of her friends. I knew it was all she wanted: meet her old friend one more time, before… Before death took her. But it was complicated. Ten years had passed since she left Naya with her friend in Carmin. Damn! She could have been more specific! And yes, my aunt was so young. At first, I didn’t understand how a young lady could suffer such a terrible fate; then I knew: it was her karma.

Ten years. Ten long years. It took almost an entire day to find out who my aunt’s friend was. “Mr Baker, Seafront Street 22.” I had his direction but it was late so I had to go to the Pokemon Centre and sleep there. It would be a tough day tomorrow…

“Excuse me, are you Mr. Baker?” A mid-age man opened the door and stared at me. Green eyes and brown, short hair. He had a soft beard and he was still wearing pyjamas, but I didn’t mind. I was there for my aunt. “Yes, that’s me. Who are you?”

“I see, so you’re telling me Julie is dying.” The new seemed to do a deep impact on that man. “It’s so sad, I wish I could be there. But it’s impossible. My work.” He looked really sorry, so I believed him. We were drinking a cup of coffee on Mr. Baker’s messy kitchen.

I told him about my aunt, but not about her wish. “You see, there’s something more I would like to tell you, mister.”

He looked at me with interest.

“She told me, she wanted to see someone one more time before she die. She told me she wanted to see Naya.”

Mr. Baker’s face was serious and a bit furious. “Naya won’t want to see her. She is resting.”


“No. Please tell your aunt I wish her the best, but Naya won’t be able to see her anymore. She made her choice long ago.”

“No!” I yelled. I wouldn’t give up so easily. “Listen! She’s feeling badly not for her sickness, but her past actions. So please let me at least see Naya. Please! I won’t give up so easily!”

And it seemed my wish came true. In that moment, a tiny green bird entered the room. But not flying, but walking slowly. Naya was staring at me with those deep and mystic eyes. I understood why she meant so much to my aunt.

“Naya! It’s a pleasure to see you. I hope you can understand me…”

“She can,” Mr. Baker told me. “She can use telepathy, so she will understand you for sure. Anyway, I doubt she will talk to you. She only talks to me.”

I wanted to give that stupid man a punch on her face, but I was in his house anyway. So I walked to Naya and took her with my hands. She was tiny and soft. Her green feathers glowing like emeralds. A beautiful Pokemon for Contests, I thought.

“Naya, my aunt is sick. She told me she wanted to…” Natu interrupted me. She spread her wings and made a funny move.

“She’s saying she already know that. She was hearing us all the time, as I feared.” Mr. Baker seemed bothered but resigned.

“So, will you come with me or not? Please, I beg you!” Natu turned over and tried to fly to Mr. Baker. But she failed and I had to catch her before she crash to the floor.

“She can’t fly anymore. A wild Meowth attacked her some months ago and one of her wings is broken without healing.” I felt sorry for her. Somehow, Naya remembered my aunt, lying hopeless in her bed.

“Please, I know you’re mad at her. But she’s dying, and she wants to apologize with you. She looks so bad.” The bird wasn’t looking at me, and I was getting nervous. I had to convince Naya.

“She says your aunt didn’t mind about the other Pokemon. She only remembers Naya because she’s dying. And I think its right.”

“Sometimes… Sometimes it takes an extreme situation to realize you’re doing or you did something wrong, to regret about some past actions. It’s better if we realize that without a sickness that is killing us. But my aunt isn’t perfect. In fact, I can tell you both she wasn’t the best person in all these ten years. But she regrets it, she truly regrets it and she truly needs some compassion from the one she loves more before she dies. Other way, she’ll be lost forever in darkness. Please, I beg you to come with me.” Natu looked at me again and saw my tears. I felt so sad about all this…

I was back in my aunt’s house. The day was ending. It was a nice but cold sunset. I entered her room; she was sleeping. I went to the bed and sat down next to her. But I made noises and soon she woke up. “Oh, darling! I was waiting for you! I was sleeping and dreaming with Naya. I hope you have brought her with you.” She stared at me, and I didn’t know what to do. All of a sudden, something began to shine on the window next to the bed, and my aunt turned over to see what was.

Her face filled with joy and peace when she saw the emerald bird through the window, using Flash to glow as a star.

“Oh my God! It’s you! You came!” I opened the window and Naya entered. I put the bird next to my aunt on the bed. She was smiling.

“Thank you. Thank you from all my heart,” she said.

“You’re welcome, Aunt Julie.”

Naya and my aunt stayed in the bed, using their old telepathy, I guessed. I went out of the room to prepare myself a cup of coffee. I must’ve been out for an hour, I think. When I entered again, I saw my aunt saying goodbye to Natu. “I love you, dear friend. I’m sorry.” I managed to hear, and I knew then my aunt’s spirit had gone forever. Naya stayed next to her body still warm. I felt so surprised. I never thought a friendship could be so strong. Beyond time, beyond anger, beyond space. But now I know: a friendship can last forever.

The End.

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Considering I checked this one-shot over, I don't really have much to comment on, except to say that it is certainly an emotional piece of excellent work. Good work, Feathing.
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