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Team name:
Pokéfan Games Inc.

Team Leader:

Current Members:
Triggerhappymonk (Leader)
rohaan66 (Mapper)

Current Game Projects:
Pokémon Anime Adventures
Pokémon DX
Pokémon SD
Pokémon Tin/Steel
Pokémon World Adventures

Current progress made:
Pokémon Anime Adventures (1%)
Pokémon DX (10%)
Pokémon SD (12%)
Pokémon Tin/Steel (10%)
Pokémon World Adventures (1%)

Position(s) needed:
Hoenn Mapper
Sinnho Mapper
Orr Mapper

Canada, Eastern (EST)

Preferred Method of contact:

Additional info:
Mappers will be given the tilesets and must be accurate with the scale of each map

Spriters must send me a copy of there work (All i would need is a couple of trainer sprites)
Pokémon Games I'm Making:

Pokémon Adenture Island
Pokémon Blastiose Blue/Charizard Red/Venasaur Green
Pokémon Pikachu Yellow
Pokémon Ho-Oh Gold/Lugia Silver
Pokémon Suicune Crystal
Pokémon Kyoger Sapphire/Groundon Ruby
Pokémon Rayquaza Emerald
Pokémon Dialga Diamond/Palkia Pearl
Pokémon Giratina Platnuim
Pokemon Reshiram Black/Zekrom White
Pokémon Tin/Steel
May seem like a lot, but i'll get them done. I apologize for any misspelling

Games I Support:

Relevant Advertising!

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Creator Of (Insert Here)
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Team name: New Dawn
Team Leader: Pichuichu
Current Members:
AceDragonite -Plot General ideas
Elarmasecreta - mapping
Habit12 - Plot char design
Llennomm8- Spriting
Thyplhozard - Char design.
Carmaniac - Scripting (taking a break for his game)
If I forgot anyone Vm me please.
Current Game title: Pokemon New Dawn
Current progress made:
Mapping: 10%
Spriting: 20%
Plot: 10%
Music 5%
Position(s) needed:
Spriter (urgent)
Timezone: Canadian Central ( Ontaio)
Preferred Method of contact: Pm or Vm please.
Additional info:
- - - - - - - -

Credit: Invasion For Sig And Avatar.

My Da Account ->here<-
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Team name:Team Elements

Team Leader: Pokeman298

Current Members: Pokeman298(leader), gallade234(Pokemon spriter), Neo-Spriteman(pokemon spriter), Karel_Kazuki(storyboard), gerronix12 (mapper), carmaniac(mapper),Wilcomon(mapper)

Current progress made:The beginning is just about set!

Position(s) neededpriters (Character front and back, fakemon),assistant storyline person,beta tester,scriter, assistant mappers, intro title animator.

PROOF IS NEEDED!!! except for scripters, just find a way of showing me!

Timezone: Does it matter?

Preferred Method of contact: PM me

Additional info:Honestly, you don't need to be afraid, because I wont bite at the least bit! Everything other than spriter (character OW and sprites, fakemon), some1 for the title intro animation, and scripter is optional. If you feel interested in these positions, contact me. The forum for this is
the program for this is rmxp

if you want to see my game, go here:

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Wants to Learn about PKMN Rmxp
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Recruiting a Team Member

Team name:None yet.

Team Leader:Karel_Kazuki

Current Members:Me only

Current Game title project Fame

Current progress made:5% Storyline Completed or First Gym
Mapping 3%
Region Map Created.
First few towns and areas made.
Events will be input soon.
Position(s) needed:

Eventer:1/3(One is Myself but I need someone who can do it better.)
Spriter(OW and Trainer Only) 0/3
Story Writer:1/3(I have the beginning and end planned out.Just need help with the middle.)
Composer:0/1(Not really needed but OT are always good.)
Battle Animation Artist:0/3(If possible.Don't really need it but it would be awesome.)

Timezone:UTC-4 or EST

Preferred Method of contactM here or MSN me at [email protected]
I can also be found on

Additional info:Okay, I wanna get this project started back up.
I have been on hiatus trying to figure out what I want to do with this, quit completely or see where it takes me.I have been given alot of pointers on what to do, Fakemon Deviantart and alot of people giving me advice and lending me help.THis time, I want to gather my own team and we make a great game.I believe that this can be a good game, as with all projects would be, otherwise they wouldnt be thought of.

The basis for this project was going to be Fakemon, but I want to have a run with the 493 thus far(excluding BW Pokemon) just to get the general story out right.If all goes well, then I will try and get a person or two to generate some Fakemon to give it a true original feeling.
The reason I dont want to use fakemon now is that most game that are in the making right now take so long because of the spriting it takes t omake one, backed up by Trainer and OWs.I want to take away that work to produce a game out faster.But enough of that.Just know that this game will be great if you do so happen to join.

Mind you I do need proof of work.At least one Picture of your area will do,Im not really picky unless it completely suck to me.Oh, and they have to be in 4th Gen.I like to see the expertise.
Yes,I am Karel Kazuki or Kareru.
Im an all around guy who does everything,from play sports to trying to learn to design games.

I am a university student, currently studying C# and looking for any practice pertaining to building my skills.I'm also a concept designer and storyline designer.

contact me here or at [email protected].

Screw Banners.I support all that is made.But Join these Forums!
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Recruiting a Team Member
Team name:Rock. Game Dev.
Team Leader:Rockeymon
Current Members:Rockeymon(leader/designer)
Ryan Heck(Python Scripter)
Current Game titleokemon Kanto 3D
Current progress made:1%
Position(s) needed:
Designers ie. 3D model makers house makers and such
Scripters (python)
Timezone:-3:30 UTC (I beleive I am not positive)
Preferred Method of contactming or Add me on a messenger @ [email protected]
Additional info: As alot of you have seen the game is prommising we just need the team to make it
PalPad Info:
Name: Soul
FC: 5242 9096 3237
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Recruiting a Team Member
Team name: Sparkle
Team Leader: rescuecp
Current Members:
Current Game title: Pokémon Sparkle
Current progress made: -
Position(s) needed: Scripter, Spriter, Mapper, Musicer, Eventer, animation graphic editor, battle system editor. (I think that's what It is called, LOL.)
Timezone: Eastern Time
Preferred Method of contact: Pokecommunity PM's!
Additional info: Made with RPG MAKER XP. I need people, please!
My Skype Name is: Mystogan.Scarlet15

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Team name: Mango´s Revenge
Team Leader: Tomatoman
Current Members: Tomatoman
Current Game title: Elemon Dusk
Current progress made:
Mapping: 5%
Spriting: 20%
Plot: 100%
Music 5%
Position(s) needed:
Spriter (urgent)
Scripter (Urgent)
Timezone: Eastern Standard Time, NY
Preferred Method of contact: Pm plz.
Additional info:
Working on Elemon Dusk! Just working on maps and events on RMXP. Demo will be out soon!

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Team name: Sapience
Team Leader: Seven
Current Members*: Mirby(Pokemon Consultant)
Current Game title: Pending
Current progress made: See Official Thread Here:

Attention: All job positions require you to be at least the age of 16 unless stated otherwise. You must also have some form of communication through a common Instant Messenger service (e.g. MSN, Yahoo!, Google Talk etc.).

Position(s) needed:

General Pokemon Recolor Artist.
Your job as our Pokemon Recolor Artist will be leading all voluntary Pokemon Recolor contributions from the public and making your own contributions. The primary purpose of this position is to oversee the Regional Pokemon Variation portion of the said project (see official thread for more details).
Proficient with picture software (e.g. GIMP or PaintShop). Socially comfortable to communicate regularly with various persons through instant messaging (primarily required for public contributions).

Pixel Artist Counsel.
Your job as Pixel Artist Counsel can be concisely described as Pixel Art Reviewer. You will offer your counsel and opinion on all recolors and pixel art that are being finished for the said project, offering your suggestion as to how to improve the works presented and other general advice.

Excellent communicative abilities. Experience in pixel art and pixel art forms. Ability to perceive relative flaws and resolve said flaws relating to art proportion and public perception of the said art (i.e. you must be able to actually see a flaw that somebody inexperienced wouldn't spot, and then offer advice on how to fix that flaw).

Public Relations.
Your job will be communicating to the public about the said project through the use of forum threads, and perhaps some other form of media in the far future.

Excellent grammar and spelling capabilities.

Notice: The above job positions may be changed and edited in this post according to the project needs. The job listings you see now are the current positions available. If you believe you have a skill that you would like to contribute to the said project please send Seven Dragons a PM. If you are interested in this project as a beta tester there is no age requirement. If you believe you would like to help out with this project but for various reasons (e.g. real life issues like family, work etc.) cannot be relied on for a responsible position you can apply for any position as a 'temp agent'. If this is true please put "Temp Agent" in your application request. If you apply as a temp agent you will be looked to for casual advice and support but will not be relied on for any important portions of the project.

Thank You!

*Member names will not be shown without explicit approval from said member(s)

** Editor's note: We understand that it is impossible to require a perfect volunteer for an unpaid project, so there is leniency in what is expected. It is important to note that we do desire persons applying to be interested in the project so that their participation does not feel forced. If you would like a demo of our work before you apply for any job please PM Seven Dragons. All PMs for a demo will be answered as soon as possible.
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Team Name: Sapphire Game Productions

Projects: Poket Monsters: Lunar Version, InuYasha: Scattered Jewel, Dragon Ball: Story

Team Leader: Rukiri(me)

- Omegas 7: Event Coder
- Rukiri: Pixel Artist, Level Designer
- Tyson: Event Coder
- Saphron: Pixel Artist

What we need is a few more level designers and a few event coders, we don't use RPG Maker. We use Express Game Maker. The coding and interface is close to the same as RMXP so it should be easy for event coders to transfer any rmxp code over.

As for level designers you'll be able to create any type of map at any tile size you wish and you have unlimited layers to work with.
Mother of god... it's almost been 12 years since I joined this community!!
Damn, time sure does fly ^O^
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Free Agent looking for work
Area looking for work:
Webmaster, Storyline writer, trainer/character creator
Timezone: ----
Preferred method of contact: PM
Additional Info: I'm experienced webmaster for I'll create a site for your game, and advertisements and banners, etc.
If not that, I would like to write a storyline and create/profile characters for your game. Please PM for more info. Thanks!!
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In a parallel world to the Pokémon universe we're familiar with, Pokémon are rapidly starting to become a threat to society. The urbanisation of cities, and travelling across the region of Kanto becomes difficult when unknown numbers of monsters with seemingly magical powers hinders progress. In order to get by, the century-old practice of Soul Forging has been revitalised, allowing humans to convert the souls of Pokémon into tools, weapons, and other items; more effective than tools made from ordinary materials. While expensive, Pokéquipment has taken the entire world by storm, commercialised as a way humans can live free without fear of monsters.

But it's not so cut-and-dry. Soul-infused weapons are a prime target for the millitia, the government, and underground organisations. The High Councils across the regions of the country have tried their best to keep things in the balance, but something always slips through the cracks. On the other hand, individuals who find the extraction of souls cruel and abhorrent are becoming increasingly more vocal, and try to look for other methods to balance humans and Pokémon. But what happens when these philosophical differences collide?

At the same time, there's trouble brewing in Johto. Rooted firmly around a feudal political practice, the region refuses to adopt the govermental system of the High Council, and is starting to barricade itself from the rest of the country; not taking kindly to interlopers. If someone doesn't intervene and create a solution, there might be a civil war on their hands. Maybe the Kanto High Council can be mobilised to assist?

We follow the journeys of Blue - a charismatic thief from Pallet Town - and Gold, a hot-headed bodyguard drafted in from Johto; as their misson to do some research for Philosopher Samuel Oak gradually turns into an adventure embroiled in the wonders of Pokémon, a quest for peace, and the mysterious-yet-influential Guild Rokka.
Will they restore political peace to Kanto? Who's outlook on society is the one true answer? Only time will tell.


Pokémon Spirit Chronicles is a game we've been working on for over a year and a half now. It's grown and taken shape quite a bit since its beginning, and we plan to make it the best game we possibly can.

One of the pictures that inspired us, drawn by Nishihara Isao.

The idea for this game came from a series of pictures drawn by a Japanese artist, Nishihara Isao. Ostensibly, it was his concept for a Pokémon MMO. When our group found it, we began brainstorming a game where things would be...a bit different from your average Pokémon game.

The Game

Pokémon Spirit Chronicles takes place before the creation of the Pokéball, and before the advent of most technology used in the normal Pokémon games. It's a much harsher, less friendly world than the one many are used to. When a parent tells their kid to stay out of the tall grass, they really mean it. Pokémon are not the calm beasts gamers are used to.

For individual people, the main way of keeping themselves safe from wild Pokémon while they travel is through the usage of Pokéquipment, weapons and armor forged with the captured soul of a Pokemon. These spirit-infused items gain experience and learn new moves through battle, and with up to 6 equippable by one person at once, the level of customization you have available is practically limitless.

An example of an Onix-forged Greatsword and Armor.

Tentacruel equipment.

Butterfree, Beedrill, Kabutops and Omastar equipment.
An example of Zapdos, Moltres, and Articuno's weapons and armor(doesn't display correctly on the page).

Conversations in the game will be held in a format similar to Disgaea, with portraits of the characters with various expressions appearing on the screen while text scrolls below. Above is an example of one of Blue's portraits.


Lavender Town

Viridian Forest

Welcome to the World of Pokemon

While I can't reveal _everything_, I can answer questions and post more stuff for you.


Our blog has more artwork, along with some more of the music we've made. If you'd like to apply to join our project (as we're always looking for talented people), you can fill out an application on our forums.

Recently, we've let a number of our staff go due to not keeping up with the project and such, so we could really use more people in pretty much every aspect.
Can you write? We could use you.
Can you draw? We could use you.
Can you compose? We could use you.
Can you program? We could REALLY use you.
So if you think you'd make a good addition to the project team, feel free to submit an application.

One last picture to wrap things up:

The main party of the game. From left to right; Platina, Sapphire, Gold, and Blue.
Project head and lead composer for Victory Road Productions, working on Pokemon Spirit Chronicles.

We have a team dedicated to seeing our project become a real, high-quality game, but we're always on the lookout for more help in every department. Please take a look at our blog ( and our forums ( and if you're willing to help, please PM me or, even better, take a look on the forums and submit a volunteer form.
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I have no team. I have done everything so far by myself. I'm looking for a scripter and a tiler.
Projects: Pocket Monsters(Not the same one as RM2K)
Project Stats:
*About 1 year in the making
*60% Maps
Preffered form of contact: PM

Here is some screenshots.
Attached Images
File Type: jpg Battle.jpg‎ (56.5 KB, 29 views) (Save to Dropbox)
File Type: jpg Celedon City.jpg‎ (141.7 KB, 19 views) (Save to Dropbox)
File Type: jpg Cinnabar Island.jpg‎ (47.2 KB, 19 views) (Save to Dropbox)
Hi, and good bye, and then hi again.
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Send a message via Skype™ to Vociferocity
Recruiting a Team Member

Team name:
there...isn't one yet! the team is only one person so far, sooo it's not like it needed a name;;

Team Leader:

Current Members:
just me~

Current Game title:
~Pokemon Dracaena~

Current progress made:
maps: almost complete. the few I haven't done yet require custom tiles and are only used later in the game.
new features: getting close to done! all the basic stuff is there, but I have some extra stuff I want to do.
plot: about a third of the way done (or a quarter, depending on how you look at it;;)

Position(s) needed:
spriter! (overworlds, tiles and trainers - you can apply for just one of those or as a combination, I don't care.)

er, also I suppose if anyone out there is a ~super music composer~, that would be awesome too!

GMT +10

Preferred Method of contact:
PM/email/AIM are all good - I'd prefer it if you didn't use VM.

Additional info:
* this game is pretty short, and so I'm positive I'll be able to finish it. also, I definitely won't just randomly up and leave, so there's no chance of all your hard work going to waste.
* I might not have a thread, but uhh I do actually have a demo at the moment! so yeah, once you join I'll be able to send you that along with the rest of the plot outline and info and stuff
* please send me some samples of your work when you apply!
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Looking for team
Area looking for work:
Mapper / Eventer
Timezone: +12
Preferred method of contact: email - [email protected]
Additional Info: I've been mapping and eventing for quite sometime, now i'm working full time I don't have enough time for my own projects so am looking for something to contribute to after work and in my two days off. Anyone interested in some extra work email me.
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hey yawl

I'm recruiting a team for a non hack pokemon game made with Game Maker

game name: Pokemon Kamikaze


Positions available:

gml scripter

spriter or ripper idk

and a story line writer

im doing every thing right now and i don't care how much experience you have just as long as i can depend on you.
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need scripter badly. pm me with a sample of your work.
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Team Members wanted for Pokemon Acanthite.

Recruiting a Team Member
Team name: Point Five
Team Leader: Fangking Omega
Current Members: List available on site
Current Game title: Pokemon Acanthite Version
Current progress made: Very close to releasing a demo, however need assistance to progress further
Position(s) needed: Designers (Pokemon, items, people, etc), Artists & PROGRAMMERS
Timezone: +10 AEST
Preferred Method of contact: PM or MSN for Fangking; [email protected]
Additional info: A strong project, held together by a very focused leader (Fangking Omega) whom delegates with clear direction to the rest of the team. We all together are striving for improvement and must exhibit a product for all our hard work.
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Come and join us now at Pokemon And The New Journey Of Ash!

The game is now at the show case.
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Team Name: AM (Short for Aquamarine)

Team Leader: Me, incognito322

Current Members: no one besides me...

Current Game Title: Pokemon Aquamarine Version

Current Progress Made: Little besides custom tilesets and some spruced-up interface images, and a few maps that have yet to be revised.

Positions Needed
-fakemon spriter (PM me your work)
-eventer; must be fairly good at events
-scripter; would love to have one, it's more for the extra sparkle in the GUI and stuff
-trainer spriter; some help with my trainers... =]
-overworld spriter; must be good at this

I'm capable of doing all of the above, besides scripting, but alone I'm not making progress. I need people that I can rely on, so you've got to be dependable, otherwise you won't make the team.

Time Zone: Central Time Zone (US)

Preferred Method of Contact
: PM, VM
I'll give you my MSN if you prefer that, but only if you're on the team.

Additional Info
: I need people that can create quality work in the above positions. Staff members will get the option of having a game cameo. I'm also looking for people that are more mature in the head, and will take this project seriously.

I wouldn't just put myself out there with nothing to show. Here's a small cutout of a few of the areas you'll visit (beta):

Thank you for taking a moment to look at this. I hope this piques your interest.


A new journey awaits!
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Recruiting a Team Member
Team name: Team Metallic
Team Leader: Legendary Arceus
Current Members: me, Rashoumon
Current Game title: Pokemon Metallic Version
Current progress made: Not that far
Position(s) needed:
2 Spriters
Scripter (ungent)
Timezone: Eastern Time (USA)
Preferred Method of contact: [email protected]
Additional info: none
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Originally Posted by ashthebest10 View Post
I have no team. I have done everything so far by myself. I'm looking for a scripter and a tiler.
Projects: Pocket Monsters(Not the same one as RM2K)
Project Stats:
*About 1 year in the making
*60% Maps
Preffered form of contact: PM

Here is some screenshots.
I can do tiles, I just need them. I'll PM you.

Play Kick Gary Oak!

Sydian's and IceFireLighting's Anime Challenge:
Gary Oak's Sinnoh Adventures

Wartortle: Lv. 28: Tackle, Water Pulse, Water Gun, Bite
Elekid: Lv. 21: Shock Wave, Swift, Thundershock, Low Kick
Eevee: Lv. 17: Tail Whip, Tackle, Helping Hand, Sand-Attack
Growlithe: Lv.25: Bite, Flame Wheel, Ember, Reversal
Graveler: Tackle, Magnitude, Rock Smash, Rock Throw
Old September 24th, 2010 (11:28 PM). Edited November 11th, 2010 by IceGod64.
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Ice God64
Alan Smith
Zachary Hinchlife

Story: 22.3%
Game maps: 10%
Coding/scripts: 22.4%
Music: 22.2%

Position(s) needed:

If you have 3D modeling experience, you can help out, too!
So, if you fit any of the needed positions above, and live on the East Coast, please send a message to Skype User MacaroniMakingMaster and show me what you can do. I appreciate any and all help!

Note: Skype and a functional microphone/Speakers are preferred.

Just to show that I do in fact have something:

There are some script-related changes to the game as well. I will go more indepth explaining what once I get some coders.

Old September 27th, 2010 (2:04 AM).
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Hey IceGod..u say u need writers for the storyline? I'd be intrested in helping out with this if you will take me Hit me up on here or msn: [email protected] look forward to hearing from you

Every beginning has an end and every end has a are we just going round in an infinite loop?

Waiting for Pokemon X and Y to come out now can't wait :D

Pokemon X and Y forums! Discus!!

Team Fennekin :D
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Position Needed: OW spriters / very advanced mappers / tilers
Contact: PM myself, from there you can get my MSN.
Thread: Here
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Proof of work needed
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This game is being made for my friends, a homage to a two year old roleplay we have on Invisionfree. This game combines Disney with Pokemon, two of the biggest fandoms ever. Master Yensid features as the good professor here. (From Fantasia, for those who do not know. Yensid is Disney spelled backwards, fun fact!) Maleficent has been using Pokemon to help in taking over the kingdoms of Fantasia. You, the player, must travel from land to land (the cities are the lands themselves. so each city features a different Disney film) such as Wonderland, Agrabah, Atlantica, Halloweentown, etc. As you journey to each land you uncover clues of Maleficent's plot... and train your pokemon for the inevitable fight against the Mistress of Evil herself.

Intro completed. Script in the works. Mapping for first two 'lands' complete. Disney gym leader/NPC sprites in the works.

I realize how hard it is to grab a full team for a game. Really, I'd be happy with simply finding someone willing to guide me when I have problems come up in RPG Maker. I've played with it a bit in the past, but have forgotten much of what I learned. I WANT to learn, so someone to "tutor" and guide me would be simply fabulous. But if there ARE people willing to team up with me to help further than this, I would be immensely grateful!

I'm in the US Eastern!

PM me here, or drop me an email at [email protected]!

Unfortunately, Pokemon: DisneyDreams has died. But Disney discussion lives on at Mouse Ears!!!
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