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Old July 16th, 2011 (10:19 PM). Edited July 16th, 2011 by Ęℓαчиıı.
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Recruiting A Team Member

Team Name: Don't have a name.
Team Leader: Ęℓαчиıı
Current Members: Ęℓαчиıı
Current Game Title: Pokémon: Ironed Heart
Current Progress Made: Game has been restarted. Maps are on hold and graphics are being implemented. | 15%-ish
Position(s) Needed: One or two good mappers so that the progess can be sped up.
Timezone: Eastern Standard Time
Preferred Method of Contact: PM, VM, deviantART
Additional Info: As per usual, please send me an example of your work.


Relevant Advertising!

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Additional Information:
Project Auro is similar to Pokemon games-you capture creatures and build a party with them. However, there will be key differences: there will be new rpg elements, new graphics, and true moral dilemmas that will shape the game. The game setting takes place in a much darker, gruesome time period, where magic exists, and is used to capture wild creatures called Aramons.

Preview of Aramons There will be a high number of creatures that inhabit the world. Each will have different upgradable skills and powers that require coding.

Further Info on Rpg Elements Coders will be tasked with modifying the Pokemon Starter Kit. Creature party members will have upgradable skills and powers. Main Player will have an upgradable power to capture new party members. Just as Pokemon have different types such as Water, Fire, Grass, Project Auro will have its own elemental kinds that diversifies the many different kinds of creatures in the game. These are some of the major coding work that needs to be done.

Further Info on Graphics Project Auro will have completely custom graphics with a unique style. Coders will be tasked with creating or modifying special weather effects scripts if need be.

Further Info on Menus and Battle System Coders will be tasked with modifying the Starter Kit's menu and battle system. They will be tasked with creating or modifying the World Menu(Options, Party, Items/bag, Skills, Save, etc), the Dialogue System(choices), and the Battle Interface(Hp bars, attack options, etc)Below are concepts that show the proposed menu system, dialogue system, and battle interface. All menu modifcations will deal with the placement of the custom graphics.

Understand that you do not have to be experienced in doing everything. If you could do just one of the things listed below I will consider your application. If you can do more than one thing-great! If you have mild or little experience in coding, I might consider your application if you are dedicated to learning the Kit or program on the job.

How to Apply:

  • Full Name:
  • What You Can Do: (What can you do from the coding listed above)
  • Contact(Preferrably Skype/MSN. If not then just name the best way to contact you)
  • Showcase: (Can be collaborations on other projects or videos of past projects, etc)

All graphics, concepts, and designs are copyrighted by Sean Cruz 2011

Old July 16th, 2011 (10:37 PM).
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Recruiting a Team Member
Team name: Amaranth Project
Team Leader:ZeroArmada
Current Members:ZeroArmada
Current Game title:Pokemon Amaranth
Current progress made: 6-7 maps finished, GUI 50-60% complete.
Position(s) needed: Spriters (OWs, trainer sprites, tiles, practially anything and everything that a spriter can do, I need :D)
Timezone: PST (GMT- 8) Your time-zone doesn't matter.
Preferred Method of contact: Initial contact done over PMs please.
Additional info:

Please send some example work.

PC Game Thread: http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=256868

Project Deviantart Profile: http://pkmnamaranth.deviantart.com

Project Website: http://projectamaranth.mygamesonline.org/


Normally at your age the ideal time would be near to start a journey to discover yourself with Pokemon. With an overprotective parent, coupled with the fact that you have never stepped one foot out of Blissleaf Town, the unknown may always remain unknown.

Arguing with your mother has gotten you no where... frustrated and angered, you pout yourself loudly into bed. As you were slumbering into a deeper and deeper sleep, a calm humming sound started emanating near you. Alarmed you quickly adjusting yourself to get alert. Getting steadily out of bed you slowly rise up as the humming get's louder.. louder... and louder. The hair on the back of your head is kissed by a cool breeze, as you see a sheet of white light encasing your window.


Before having any time to react, the sheet of light suddenly became volatile, as it torn through the carpet, you try to resist, but the force of the light couldn't be outmatched, forcefully grabbing onto your leg. You frantically try to grab hold of the ripped carpet beneath you, but any effort resulted in a negligible outcome. Your heart is racing, your mind is blank, filled with confusion towards the events that are transpiring. The distance between you and the light is becoming dramatically.. closer.... and closer. You peer through the light and you see a pair of eye's focused right at you... they're not human. Halfway through the sheet of light, you try to struggle and scream you way out but darkness starts spreading through your eyes, as you drop the the ground and faint.

You wake up to find yourself in an unfamiliar area, daunting and full of horror. Here, you begin your journey...

Pokemon Amaranth is a project that has undergone development since the beginning of last month (June 2011). The main focus of this project is to provide thrilling story-telling experience, while not deviating from the standard format that has made Pokemon games successful. Another emphasis in Pokemon Amaranth will be the aesthetics; each map, image, every single bit that is worked on will help make the game visually pleasing. Mapping is being practiced as a conscious effort to effectively capture the environment that Pokemon Amaranth will pride itself on. Our job is a continual practice of revising and mastering maps to capture tension, culture, drama, and emotion that we feel envisions the tone and mood of a dark story.

Pokemon Amaranth will consist of two regions, the Shinkou Region and the "Lost" Region. The premise of Pokemon Amaranth revolves around the idea of alternate dimensions. You are a young kid who lives their life in an isolated and irritating life in Blissleaf Town, located at the far north edge of Shinkou. You know nothing of the world outside Blissleaf. Through a strange and unexplained phenomenon you are taken to an alternate dimension. The area you land is completely horrific, covered in a mull purple mist, barren, rotten, and in ruins. As you wander around you unfortunately encounter members of organization called "Black Dawn". They answer your questions, briefly, before they decide to imprison you. Apparently this world you were taken to has been destroyed by Black Dawn, who have been able to genetically engineer a gas that has been used to biologically corrupt and kill Pokemon. When you were brought here years have passed since the Black Dawn took charge. Most of the remaining Pokemon have built an immunity to the gas..... the rest, extinct. The world is already in a state too late to save, as the ripple effects of the gas have caused society to collapse. Before you are taken away by Black Dawn you are saved at the last minute, as three lights came whirling towards your feet, when the dust cleared Pokeballs were laying on the ground. In the distance, you see those same eyes, ponderously staring in your direction before they disappear in the trees. You managed to fend off Black Dawn for now with the help from the Pokemon you called upon. As you progress through the game you will learn to discover that you were brought to this dimension because Black Dawn is planning to extend their power to other dimensions, including yours, and you need to stop them at all costs.

Old July 18th, 2011 (8:10 PM).
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Team name: D.N.A Inc.
Team Leader: Yagerbomb
Current Members: Yagerbomb
Current Game title: Pokemon D.N.A Version
Current progress made: Planning and preparation is nearly complete
Position(s) needed: Spriter
Timezone: Pacific Time (US&Canada)
Preferred Method of contact: PM
Additional info: None


Team Apple Jack My RP -Star Wars: A Republic Dark Age

RP's I am In:

New World Order as Arro Malthesis
Old July 20th, 2011 (10:26 PM).
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Project: Codename Descent

I’m new here, but I figure I should get the ball rolling

Team Name

Team Descent (Going to Change)

Team Leader


Current Members


Current Game

Pokemon: Codename Descent (Working Title)

Current Progress Made

0% of the game, story in progress

Positions Needed

Scratch Pokémon spriter (Fakemon and adding evil to existing Pokemon ) - front, back and menu icons
Overworld spriter
Trainer spriter
Musician/sound effects (i.e. Pokémon cries)
Character designer
Scripter (To change how battles work, and add extra features)
Map Maker (To help me design maps)


Preferably (UTC -8:00) Pacific Time (U.S. & Canada)

Method of Contact

Facebook (Optional)

Additional Info

I want people who have had a bit of experience. I’m not asking for you to be an expert (Though that would be nice) but I want you to have a general understanding of what you are doing. I’d like to see something you have done previous to this. Since this is a team effort, each of us will have an equal say in how the game turns out.

The game itself is a dark game. Not horror dark, but it falls into the suspense section. What need from people on the team is to be able to create a dark atmosphere. There will be no happy Pokemon in the game. No cute Pokemon. If that’s what your good at, then I’m sorry but this game is not for you.

Although it looks like I can’t do anything, I can Map and have a general knowledge of scripting. I just feel that things go faster when you have help, haha. I’m nowhere near great, but it’s a learning experience for not just me, but everyone on the team. I hope to make some great friends :D

That’s about it. If you have any questions about the game itself, just send me a PM. I look forward to working with you great people, and wish you all the best!

This game is being made in RPG Maker XP (Unless something better comes up XD)


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Hi to all, i need a team to create a new game of pkm. if some one is interested plz contact me! tnx

in my pkm game the objectives are:
- Do battle in "real time"
- Use the pkm possonoa 6 or 8 moves
- To choose the region early in the game where playing (Kant, sinnonh, Unima, etc.)
- To choose their own avatar game

Old July 24th, 2011 (3:07 AM).
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Looking to recruit

Hello there, I am the project leader of Pokémon Forever Lost, and today I'm posting this in need of some help. The game is developed primarily by myself, but I get help from some dedicated team members. And today, that is exactly what I need. Forever Lost is in the need of some talented developers to help us! Below, you will find what we need.
  • Team Leader:Abnegation
  • Current Members: Abnegation, Scarf, Hourglasshero, lllWaysToEpica
  • Current progress made: 70% to first demo
  • Timezone: GMT+0
  • Preferred Method of contact: MSN
  • Game Maker Engine: RMXP
  • Positions Available/Needed:
Scripter: We are looking for a scripter to fill in the gaps in some parts of poccil's starter kit. We also need some menus, but mainly what we need is for someone to do a couple small jobs in Forever Lost to tune up the engine and how the game runs.

Trainer Spriter: We also need someone who is skillful in scratching trainer sprites to help us out.

Mapper: We need a very skilled mapper to help us out here too. They would need to be experienced and have a lot of creativity when creating areas.

Tile Spriter: We also need a skilled tile spriter able to make buildings in the style that the game uses.

PM if interested


Thanks guys!



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Old July 24th, 2011 (1:53 PM).
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I'm an intermediate programmer from Lithuania, and I've decided to make an online pokemon game, like there used to be pokemoncrater, pokemonbattlearena, or pokemonindigo. I have a few great ideas, I haven't seen on other games, but making everything on my own is a very hard job.
So I'm recruiting people for my project. Applicants must have knowledge in PHP/HTML at least, and be motivated.

The game will include:
Maps/walking/pokemon searching in maps;
Trainer teams;
Trade center;
Pokemons with stats/evs/ivs and other stuff.
Attacks with power/accuracy/effects/effectiveness.

These are just basic things, later more features like live battles, story mode, quests will appear.

Anyone willing to join me, can always contact me via skype: vincaslt

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Monster Game Developer

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Free Browser Based Pokemon Style Monster Game : http://www.monstermmorpg.com
Currently Available Monsters : http://www.monstermmorpg.com/MonsterDex
Our World Map Preview : http://monstermmorpg.deviantart.com/art/Pokemon-Monster-MMORPG-Map-244048098?q=gallery%3Amonstermmorpg&qo=0

click to see full size

  • Team Leader: Me - I am the only coder , developer and owner
  • Current Members: http://miyavis.deviantart.com , http://garbagekeeper.deviantart.com
  • Current progress made: 100% , Alpha Period
  • Timezone: GMT+2 But I am Online At USA Times Too
  • Preferred Method of contact: Live Messenger , Skype , Yahoo Messenger
  • Game Maker Engine: No Engine Purely Coding With C#, ASP.net, Jquery, Javascript, HTML, CSS
  • Positions Available/Needed: Trainer Spriter
  • Rewards : I can make you donator here, buy you premium on DA or send your paypal account money

Alright I need trainer spriters. I need spriters who can draw overworld trainer sprites or trainer spriter avatar size.

The sprites has to be custom made. I don't use any official nintendo stuff. Please contact me via PM

The quality i need for overworld trainers is shown below image :

Trainer sprite portraits i need quality (either of them is fine so you can use either style - the images are just shown for example i don't own the images below):

F2P Pokemon Style Monster MMORPG Developer
Looking for volunteer artists. The contributes will be fully credited at this respected game which may greatly help them in the future. Our credits page : MonsterMMORPG Credits

Basically if you are able to draw and want to get your place, just send me a PM. I have skype, live msn, yahoo msn.
MonsterMMORPG DeviantArt Group DeviantArt Page

Old July 26th, 2011 (6:56 AM).
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Pokemon: Lost Legends
Game information

Looking for Help
For Pokemon: Lost Legends

Pokemon: Lost Legends started in early 2009 as a ROM hack known as Pokemon: Dissension. Dissension moved to the RMXP development soon after and has recently gone under a large revamp in which the title has been changed to Pokemon: Lost Legends.

Pokemon: Lost Legends aims to bring the player to a new level of exploration and training in the world of Pokemon through the use of a much more RPG oriented play style.

Pokemon: Lost Legends is looking for talented individuals who would like to work on a fan game with a committed team behind it. This project has been in the works for some time, and has no intention of ending soon. So join us, and lets make something wonderful!

The Official Pokemon: Lost Legends Thread *Link*

Positions Open

Pokemon: Lost Legends is looking for talented individuals in the following areas:

Scripting: RGSS Knowledge is required.
Composing: Looking for a dedicated composer with a flare of creativity.
Spriting / Pixel Artist: Working with trainer sprites is required.


Those interested may contact me via PM here on The Pokecommunity or by MSN, my handle can be found in my profile or at the top of my post.

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Team Name: The Shining Orbs
Current Users: KingSnivy, Minezumi
Current progress made: 5% Not Ready ):
Timezone: GMT
Preferred Method of contact: PM or Send a note to My DeviantART
Game Maker Engine: RPG Maker XP
Positions Available/Needed: Tiler

winter is here.
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Old August 5th, 2011 (2:45 PM).
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Recruiting a Team Member

Team name:
- Pokémon: Untold Tales - Development (I don't really have a team name).

Team Leader:
- Raimo.

Current Members:
- Raimo: Programmer

Current Game title:
Pokémon: Untold Tales

Current progress made:
I currently only have the intro done, which can be found here on my youtube channel named: RSDGamingClan.

Position(s) needed:
Spriter/Pixel artist: I currently need a spriter/pixel artist which can make turfs, tiles, houses, clothes, human bases. All this on a 32x32 format.

GMT+1, Brussels, Belgium.

Preferred Method of contact:
E-mail: [email protected]
MSN: [email protected]

Additional info:
All this is being programmed with Dreammaker, in the Dreammaker language, which is part of the BYOND engine. After the game is finished, it will be used as a game and will be hosted on a 24/7 server. Again, the game can be used with Dreamseeker, which also part of the BYOND engine, and is used to play the games on the BYOND site. The server is going to be displayed on the 'hub', which is basicly a small site where the live server is going to be displayed and you can add a description of the game to. People can access the game to play it through that hub. I can't offer any sort of monetary reward, the only thing I can give you is your well deserved credit on the hub with a link towards your Pokecommunity account, or any link which directs to anything.

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Team name:

Team Leader:

Current Members:

Current Game title:
Pokemon Battle Revolution Version

Current progress made:
Graphics and special events-%0

Position(s) needed
Scripter , maper , spriter etc..

GMT +5

Preferred Method of contact:
~ e-mail [email protected]
~ Pm me

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Recruiting A Team Member

Team Name: CooCooCachu? (haha, we don't have one)
Team Leader: Myself and a buddy of mine
Current Members: Myself (scripting/storyline/writing), buddy (mapping/writing), another buddy (writing/playtesting) and my nephew is playtesting (I say buddy because they aren't on these forums yet)
Current Game Title: Pokemon Titanium (made with RPGXP)
Current Progress Made: Hmm, hard to say. Our mapper is good to go, story is planned up for a bit, events are being coded. But we need some stuff to really hit things running. I'd say the first town is almost done except for like...events. Hopefully a demo of the first town will be done soon.
Position(s) Needed: A good spriter, a scripter/event writer (I'm new at this and I learn best by seeing stuff, so I'd like to learn, but also to help with the complicated ideas). If the two people wish, they could even have imput on the storyline (that'll be explained upon accepting the person in). We could also use someone to make an animated gif for the title screen and maybe some other graphics as well (Promotion or game pics)
Preferred Method of Contact: PM, AIM (TwistedArachnid) just make sure you say 'PokeCommunity' in the first IM so I don't think it's a bot trying to get me to webcam haha
Timezone: I'm Eastern (PA), my two buddies are in Kansas
Additional Info: As per usual, please send me an example of your work We'll deliberate and let you know Despite being new to the forums, we're definitely dedicated to finishing this. We've both wanted to make a game for awhile now, and finally found the means to do so.

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Send a message via AIM to assasinn

Team name: The Creeps
Team Leader: None other than myself
Current Members: I am the only person currently in this group. I am a mapper, and inexperienced scripter and spriter.
Current Game title: Pokemon Polar Version
Current progress made: Little to none, which is why I need a team
Position(s) needed: I'll gladly accept anyone who can contribute something.
Timezone: I live in the Pacific timezone, but I can be adaptable almost all of next week.
Preferred Method of contact: Just PM me, I'll be sure to check my messages.
Additional info I need people with some experience that I can depend on. Other than that, I haven't much more information to really give.

Team name: The Creeps
Team Leader: None other than myself
Current Members: I am the only person currently in this group. I am a mapper, and inexperienced scripter and spriter.
Current Game title: Pokemon Polar Version
Current progress made: Little to none, which is why I need a team
Position(s) needed: I'll gladly accept anyone who can contribute something.
Timezone: I live in the Pacific timezone, but I can be adaptable almost all of next week.
Preferred Method of contact: Just PM me, I'll be sure to check my messages.
Additional info I need people with some experience that I can depend on. Other than that, I haven't much more information to really give.

For some reason I have a habit of visiting the RP discussions...
Well anyways, PLEASE READ THIS! You or someone you know has probably had this problem of Infinite Zubat Syndrome. IZS is mostly encountered at caves at nights. IZS is a much bigger problem for those who cannot afford repels. Symptoms include rage, super rage, diarrhea, and random FFUUUUUUs. If you care then please help spread awareness of this plague
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Recruiting A Team Member

Team Name: Not really one
Team Leader: I guess that would be me
Current Members: Myself (Programmer), two buddies (Tileset, Spriting, Mapping, Storywriting)
Current Game Title: None yet (I would be glad to have a creative teammember thinking of a name)

Engine used: C# with XNA

Current Progress Made: The Mapeditor is useable (Choose tileset, map in layer1/2/3, replace tiles, save/load maps, etc.) and the gamestate-management ingame is done, I guess
Position(s) Needed: an advanced programmer in C#, maybe a little knowledge of socket programming or - if not - XNA, a creative guy for the graphics like titlescreen, login, HUD or battlebacks, storywriter, mapper (always needed)
Preferred Method of Contact: PM, I can add you to Skype, MSN or ICQ afterwards
Timezone: UTC +1:00 (Germany), shouldn't be a problem, though
Additional Info: If possible send me an example of your work, in case of programmers you can send me a code snipped regarding either XNA or socket programming. Although I would be glad for any help, at the moment I'm responsible for client, server and mapeditor all at the same time

We hope to hear from you soon!

Old August 23rd, 2011 (5:59 PM).
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Free Agent looking for work
Area looking for work: Story writer
Timezone: Eastern Standard, -5hr
Preferred method of contact: pm,vm,email([email protected])
Examples of work: N/A
Additional Info: I have had tons of experience, i wish i could show you an example of my work but i recently had a huge thunder storm and all my work was destroyed when the power went out.

Old August 28th, 2011 (2:07 PM).
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Programmer for Pokemon Eternity
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Send a message via AIM to Spira Send a message via Skype™ to Spira

Title: Pokemon Eternity (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=182690) Old thread. A few videos included.

Here is a video of our early alpha, if interested:


Type: Real time battles, MMO, Created using Python.

Current Active Members: Myself (Coder/Current Leader), Kami-Shi (Coder), Plutomaniacx (Spriter/Mapper)

: ~75%.

Positions Needed: GUI Spriter.

We are trying to make a GUI similar to HGSS, so must be able to design a GUI similar to Pokemon. This includes things that aren't in the original game such as a buddy list.

Quest/Story Writer.

All of us do a few quests on the side apart from our main jobs in the project, but I need someone dedicated to writing quests, side quests, and story. You must be well versed in the English language.

Music Creator
Whether it's gathering existing Pokemon sounds and music or creating some specifically for the game, we need you. If you can create music or remix existing songs, let me know.

Other minor positions: Feel free to message me if you think you have something to contribute.

For any position, at least provide a few examples so I know you can accomplish something..

Timezone: US or EU times are fine.

Contact me through PM if interested and we can discuss in MSN or AIM further.

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Team Name: None Yet
Team Leader: PokéLegend
Game Name: Pokémon Berlitz
Current Progress: Haven't started yet, still gathering resources.
Positions Needed: Spriter (that can sprite OW as well), Scripter, and some one to make a logo. Please send an example of your work. Someone who can resize tiles would be helpful, too. Thank You
My Position: Eventer/ Mapper. ( Mostly mapping, but I can event too)
Desired Method of Contact: PM, VM
Other: Don't hesitate to ask me if you think you can contribute something useful or find good resources. I'm not a newb in RPGXP, but I don't know everything. A Mentor would be appreciated
Timezone: GMT-5

Old August 30th, 2011 (2:04 PM).
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Fiesta is Pokemon Fangame made with RMXP. The main focus of the game is to collect money in order to pay off the huge debt your late father has left you. Challenging trainers and winning at tournaments are good ways to make a living. But, the money you'll make battling won't be enough to pay off your inherited debt.

Luckily, there are more ways to line your pockets. Start working as a fieldworker for the local Professor and take on jobs or quests as a Ranger, Explorer or Collector.* Travel through the vast landscape of the Verdura region together with both your human, and your Pokemon friends.

Positions Needed:
Artists/spriters; This game features more characters then most Pokemon games, we're looking for people to turn our ideas into something into something we can uctually use in-game.
Scripters; There are several new features which can't be added by eventing alone. Seasoned scripters should be able to tell us which features are easily implemented and which are impossible. Preferably scripters skilled when it comes down to: Abilities,Move effects and Items.
Writers; More characters means more text, we need writers who are able to write dialogues that really reflect their personalities.

People with skills not mentioned here are more then welcome to apply too.

You can also apply even if you don't have any game-making experience at all! As long as you're creative and curious, we are willing to give you a shot.

How to apply
Simple, send me a PM, or add me on MSN: marciano-schmid at hotmail.com
Timezones aren't important, but mine's GMT +1 (Central Europe)

Current team members
elarmasecreta, Niknaks.

If there are any questions, please PM me.
Thank you for reading!

*The Class system is originally from the discontinued Project Freedom.
NikNaks has given me permission to implement it into this project.

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Spriter/artist looking for a game to work on.

I am 27 year old and my name is Jasmine. I've been spriting for four years now. I can do 2-3 sprites a weak may faster depending the level of complexity. I also can draw and paint promotional art for projects.




Old September 15th, 2011 (1:10 AM).
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Looking for a Fakemon pixel artist to design three unique starters..
P.M if interested

Old September 17th, 2011 (10:16 AM).
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Fakemon spriter here, if any body needs one...Call PM me I will require concept art though.

Old September 17th, 2011 (2:39 PM).
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Looking for someone who can make tiles, and sprite fakemon.
Pm me.


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