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Old May 9th, 2009 (2:50 PM). Edited May 14th, 2009 by Omega Saikon.
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Pokémon Heart & Soul
by Omega Saikon

I n t r o d u c t i o n ;

Many know of an ancient legend. Millions of years ago, a deadly storm wiped out all but a few Pokémon and legend trainer. The magical tears of those Pokémon and legend trainer rained down on the planet of Earth. All of Earth was restored by the tears of the Pokémon and legendary trainer. Now it is millions of years later, and a new, very different life is about to be created. New legends are about to be born…


The activity of Pokémon trainers throughout the world are blossoming. More and more young folks are aspiring Pokémon Masters or Coordinators of Pokémon. They all have one goal - it is to simply be the best at what they do. It's a national purpose of all Pokémon trainers. Battle Gym Leaders, battle with friends, with strangers, enemies, etc. This is what life is all about, being accompanied by a Pokémon friend.

P l o t ;
Many things have changed in the region of Johto. All of the Gym Leaders had set out on journey throughout all of the other regions and have finally returned with new, stronger Pokémon. Professor Elm has traveled to Kanto to work on a brand new project with Professor Oak, therefor there is a temporary Professor in the lab - Professor Willow. This man has brought in new Pokémon species from all over and has been calling and recruiting members for the opening of the improved Johto League, informing them of this special opportunity.

You are a Pokémon trainer from another region besides Johto and you're one of the recruited members by Professor Willow that have been offered this exclusive chance at the new Johto League. This is the catch - you are only allowed to bring only one of your Pokémon partners from your previous journeys and you will be rewarded with one Pokémon by Professor Willow. This Pokémon may be from any region, all you have to do is state that specific region that you want it to be from and it's type. I, Omega Saikon, will choose which Pokémon it is that Professor Willow will give you.

By the way, this is not just an ordinary journey RolePlay. Trust me, there will be a major plot twist when I feel the time is right. So don't sign up thinking this is just another one of those region-journey RP's that are boring. No - this is far from it. When it's time to post, you will have already arrived in the region of Johto and have just recently received your Pokémon from Professor Willow that I will have already assigned you. The setting - summer time. There is more day than night, and the sun is blazing. Fire Pokémon are strongest this time of year.
R u l e s ;
- Standard PokéCommunity Rules apply. If you haven't read them, click here.
No Godmodding, Bunnying, Powerplaying, etc.
- Show respect to every other member within this thread.
- Be active. As much as I will like you (the member) and your characters, I will not hesitate to boot you from the RP. I'm strict with this.
- Keep this RolePlay around PG-13. Read the thread if you don't know the rules for this.
- No capturing Legendaries! Or even a fully evolved Pokémon that's a beast like Dragonite or Aggron or Rhyperior. You get me?
S i g n - u p ;
Name: (First and Last, middle's optional and nickname in " ")
Age: (Between 16 and 24)
Gender: (Male or Female)
Personality: (How your character acts in every aspect)
Appearance: (Physical features, mention everything there is to know about your character in detail)
History: (Any background information about your character that you feel that your fellow members need to know about him/her)
Pokémon: (Only 1 Pokémon from your former party; you can also include a little summary of your former Pokémon team. I also want personalities of your Pokémon, maybe a little history of it too.)
Pokémon Registration: (Here you mention the region where you want the Pokémon that will be givento be from and I want you to specify the type you want it to be.)
Post Sample: (Can be copied from another RP you were previously in, although make sure it's in spoiler tags)
O t h e r N o t e s ;
In honor of the two new Pokémon games that were announced to be made, Pokémon Heart Gold and Soul Silver, I have decided to create an attempt at an RP that centers around the heart and soul of the Jhoto region. Keep in mind that this is my very first RP made on this forum. I will put forth maximum effort to keep this up and running for as long as it needs to be, but with your help of course!
A c c e p t e d C h a r a c t e r s ;
- Mizu-kun
- iLike2EatPiez
- Silvanarrow
- Vorteld
- Rafey
- White Lancer
- Extric
- Sola84
- xcageboyx
- Got-a-Plan-B
- Dutchesse
- Cirrus
- KillehKiwi
- BrianGabriel
- King
Baccck to RP ;3
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Old May 11th, 2009 (9:44 PM).
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I'd be interested in joining something like this; hopefully we can get a few more people. I don't have time to read up on the rules right now, but I'll read up on them and make a profile.
Old May 12th, 2009 (12:58 PM).
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Awesome, and definitely; I would have thought that a few more people would have looked at this and be interested. I guess not. Guys and gals, you can make post-holder's or reserve a spot. It would make me feel better at least since I know more and more people are looking and I know that they're interested. White Lancer, if you could get somebody to come and participate in this I'd appreciate it. I guess I'm going to go ahead, look and recruit for people.

And I don't need that many people to get an RP going, at a forum I once posted on 3 members in total participated in an RP and made is so far - so far that the same RP was the first and only to this day to ever be a finished one. That's dedication right there.
Baccck to RP ;3
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Old May 12th, 2009 (1:03 PM).
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Save me a spot, I will play, it sounds fun.
Old May 12th, 2009 (1:06 PM).
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Awesome, Mizu-kun - your spot is reserved. ;3
Baccck to RP ;3
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Old May 12th, 2009 (1:18 PM).
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Throw me in the reserve section.

Paired with the beautiful Pikachu
Old May 12th, 2009 (1:23 PM).
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Done, Got-a-Plan-B, you have been thrown. xP
Baccck to RP ;3
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Old May 12th, 2009 (1:33 PM). Edited May 12th, 2009 by Sola84.
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Can I reserve a spot please? The SU will be up either tomorrow or day after.
Old May 12th, 2009 (2:27 PM).
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I'm signing up right now .
This sounds super good.
Name: Kohana Chiyo (Eternal Little Flower)
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Personality: She feels a strong compassion for Pokemon, and always has a good outlook for life. She doesn't mind battling but prefers playing with her Pokemon. She hates Pokemon Contests though. She believes Pokemon weren't meant to dress up and be something they're not. She lets her Pokemon be themselves. She never gets mad because she knows that life has its good points and bad.

I always liked Bianca's look.

History: She comes from Lilycove City, where she worked in the Cove Lily Motel with her father and her pet Poochyena, Kyojyo (Spirit).

One day, a tall, skinny man with bushy, brown hair and huge, circular glasses came in to the Motel. She quickly bacame good friends with the man. He told her lots of neat happenings in a distant land called Johto. Kyojyo and Kohana were mesmerized by his stories. A Tin Tower. The Whirl Islands. Even a Radio Tower. They had to go there one day...

A couple weeks later, the man was planning on taking the S.S Tidal back to Johto. Kohana knew that if she ever wanted to go to Johto, now was the time. She asked her father if she could start a quest to be a Pokemon Trainer in Johto. Her father was excited by the idea. He told her that Prof. Elm could take her there. Prof. Elm was the friendly man she had been friends with these past few weeks. Prof. Elm happily agreed to take her with him.

Before she left, her father gave huge a Poke Ball. It was Kyojyo's Poke Ball.He had it ready for her whenever she felt it was time to start her quest. Now Kohana could train and battle with Kyojyo.

With one final goodbye, Kohana, Kyojyo and Prof. Elm were off to Johto. To the Tin Tower. To the Whirl Islands. To the Radio Tower. To an exciting quest.

Pokémon: Poochyena (Kyojyo)
Hardy Type
Her pet Pokemon from Cove Lily Motel

Pokémon Registration: Torchic, Hoenn
Post Sample:
Chapter 0: Cruise to Johto!

"How Beautiful."

Kohana stared onto the beautiful skies, filled with passing Swablu, heading towards the ever-so fading Hoenn.

"Ruff Ruff!"

Kohana looked down to see Kyojyo, her lovable Poochyena looking up at her, with a wagging tail. It's soft, red eyes met Kohana's light brown.

"You wanna see the view too? O.K."

Kohana picked up Poochyena and pointed it towards a distant region with huge mountains covering it.

"That's Johto, Kohana."

Kohana looked over and saw it was Prof. Elm, also staring at the land.

"I's as beautiful as you've said, and more, Prof. Elm" Kohana smiled.

"I know it is. I've been to many regions in my time, and none are as stunning as Johto"

Kyojyo started squirming so Kohana put him down. He didn't being held for long periods of time.

"So, Prof. Birch is sending you the starter Pokemon you requested as we speak. It should be at my lab when when reach New Bark Town. We'll need to go through a canal that seperates Johto from Kanto".


"Yes, the first region to be inhabited by Pokemon. It has truly exquisite Pokemon there."

"Maybe I'll go there after I've been through Johto. I want to meet every kind of Pokemon."

Prof. Elm looked back at Kohana.

"That is the dream of all true Trainers."
Old May 12th, 2009 (2:42 PM).
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Hey, can you reserve me a spot please? I'm currently studying for exams, but I'll post an SU on Thursday at the latest. Thanks!
Old May 12th, 2009 (2:44 PM).
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I reserve first since I posted my profile.
Old May 12th, 2009 (2:55 PM). Edited May 13th, 2009 by mizu-kun.
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Name: Felix Stark

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Personality: Felix is pretty crazy. He really just likes to have fun, sometimes it's hard to take him seriously; all he does is joke around. In a situation Felix is uncomfterable situation in he can get really quiet and shy, but he keeps a level head and get through it. Felix's favorite thing to do is to sing his pokemon, he is a terrible singer, and he can't rhyme, but he doesn't care. Felix doesn't get mad either, he thinks getting mad d get you no where, so you will never see him yelling angrily at anybody, or anything. He procrastinates terribly, but he thinks of others before he thinks of himself. He also has a soft spot for cute, cuddly things.

Apperance: Felix has medium length, spikey, brown hair and tan skin. He has bright blue eyes, and some small chin stubble. He wears a blue, button down shirt with orange flowers, he keeps it unbuttoned with no undershirt. He looks like he is always on vacation. His pants are brown, baggy cargo shorts, because his pants are baggy you can see a little bit of his underwear, which have little snowmen on them. For shoes, he just wears a pair of beat up sandles.

History: Felix grew up in Slateport city, in Hoenn. His parents owned a small shop right off the beach, where he spent most of his time. Because Felix spent him time on the beach, he had an amazing love for water pokemon. His mother grew up and trained fire pokemon, while his father trained rock types, He also has a little brother that specializes in grass type pokemon. The first pokemon he got was for his 6th birthday, it was an Eevee. He emidiatly evolved Eevee into a Vaporeon.
His second pokemon was a Magikarp, when Felix was swimming with Vaporeon a little Magikarp swam right up to him from that point on they friends. Felix worked hard and finally evolved Magikarp into a Gyarados, that Christmas his gift was a Chinchou that his father found when fishing. Right before Felix left, his little brother challenged him to a battle when he gets back, so Felix needs to train hard to beat his little brother.

Pokemon: Vaporeon- Felix's Vaporeon has been with him since he was 6 so they have a very strong bond. Vaporeon has a visible tuft of hair below his head dorsal fin. Vaporeon is like Felix because Vaporeon cares more about having fun rather than battling, making them perfect companions.

Pokemon Registration: A Shinoh water pokemon please!

Post Sample: 1) Lets have some fun!

"Here we are on a ship going to this new place called Hojto, i think thats what its called!"

Felix said peerong over the balcony on a big ship, watching all the wild water pokemon swim.


Vaporeon said happily.

"We are going to be here for a while lets go have some fun, how about it?"

Felix said while running to the food bar.


Felix yelled look at all the food, he looked over at Vaporeon but he was already chowing down.

After about an hour half the bar was eaten, Felix was finishing up a cheese wheel when he looked over at Vaporeon

"Hey Vaporeon, I have to go to the little trainers room..."

Felix and Vaporeon ran off to the bathroom.

~20 minutes later~

Felix and Vaporeon walk out of the bathroom.

"I made some room, lets go get some dessert!"

Felix said happily looking down at Vaporeon.


Vaporeon chirped and jumped with excitement.

They started to run back to the bar, but about half way there they ran into a really big man. The man turned around, he was blistering mad.

"What do you want pibsqueak!"

The man billowed.

"Nothing, nothing"

Felix nervously muddered.

"How 'boat a battle?"

The big man yelled.

"Lets not and say we did, how about it?"

Felix said while backing away.

The big man pulled out a pokeball.


A little Azurill popped out of the pokeball

"Thats it"

Felix said pointing at the small pokemon.

"Azurill...Take Down now!"

The Azurill lunged at Vaporeon. Vaporeon flew back and hit the railing of the boat.

"Holy cow! are you alright?"

Felix exclaimed.

Vaporeon got up with a wobble.

"Vaporeon Bite!"

Felix yelled. The Vaporeon jumped in the air, and did a little flip for show, then landed on top of the Azurill and bit it on the tail.

The Azurill yelped and fell to the ground.

"No!!! Azurill!!!"

The big man screamed.

"Awesome!!! you did great Vaporeon!"

Felix said excited.

The big man came up behined Felix and grabbed him.

~ to be continued~
Old May 12th, 2009 (3:03 PM).
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I would love a spot in this
Old May 12th, 2009 (3:10 PM).
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Could I reserve a spot? Kinda hard to type on my Wii. xP

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Old May 12th, 2009 (3:50 PM).
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I'm hoping there's still a spot left for me to reserve :p
Old May 12th, 2009 (3:56 PM).
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I'd like a reserve. I'll post the sign up sometime either late tonight or early afternoon tomorrow. =]

Old May 12th, 2009 (4:14 PM).
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reserve me s'il vous plait?

Find me on:

Storenvy :: DeviantART :: Tumblr :: Twitter
Old May 12th, 2009 (4:58 PM).
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Okay I reserved all those spots for people who asked for one. Let me make a note that just because I let you reserve a spot, it does not mean that you will be accepted into this RP. Just remember that.

WisherWisherWish - Elaborate on your personality, please. That can't explain how your character is in every way. It's too vague for my taste. And your history is completely messed up. Professor Elm is far away back in Kanto working on a seperate project with Professor Oak, and there is a new, temporary person running the lab. Did you not read the plot in it's entirety? Oh, and you cannot choose your Pokémon like you said, "Torchic, Hoenn." You state what type you want your Pokémon to be (Grass, Fire, Water, etc.) and the region you do not want it to be from. Okay, you revise your character profile and lengthen it a bit, fix your flaws, but for now you're Pending.

Mizu-kun - Alright alright, I'll take that. It's a decent profile, could use a little more depthening (if that word even exists... >>')Your post sample needs help... it lacks interest. Spice it up a bit, give it some detail, otherwise, you are Accepted. Your gift Pokémon will beeee - Mantyke. Hope you like your new Pokémon! :]
Baccck to RP ;3
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Old May 12th, 2009 (5:25 PM).
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I was waiting for a GS-DS-inspired Roleplay to pop up… Looks like fun. =D

Name: Terri Pix
Age: 16
Gender: Female

Personality: Though clever and thoughtful, Terri tends to be a bit playful and naïve. She uses a lot of sarcasm, and sometimes talks in a rather high-pitched (and often annoying) voice just for the sake of doing so. Oftentimes she’ll seem optimistic and peppy. This is, half the time, just part of her sarcastic attitude though. What’s going on in her mind is usually a lot more depressing and pessimistic than what’s coming out of her mouth. Even mentally, however, she has a playful tone. Terri is also very outgoing, and views generally everybody as a potential new friend. This, combined with her aforementioned cheerfulness, can get on some peoples’ nerves, as not everyone likes listening to an obnoxious little chatterbox blabber on about pointless nonsense.

Some people have suggested that Terri may have some sort of ADD. She herself would disagree with this, though she does often have trouble paying close attention to something for more than, say, fifteen minutes. Despite this, however, she’s very observant, and is quick to notice something strange about a situation or setting. A slight problem with this is that Terri’s quick to jump to conclusions about her observations. She can go from noticing a slightly-open door in a room to suspecting that a thief could have walked silently by and stolen something from the said room. These assumptions are of course often wrong, and can sometimes earn her a few strange looks should she decide to voice them.

Her thoughtfulness usually comes in when she gets to battling. Terri comes up with zany strategies on the spot, and will try them out without hesitation. This, of course, can lead to her defeat in the (somewhat common) occasion that something goes wrong, but it has also earned her some surprising victories.

Terri views her Pokémon more like partners or friends than battlers. In fact, she values them just as much as she’d value any human friend. As far as she’s concerned there’s no real difference in intelligence or superiority between humans and Pokémon. Because of this she usually just lets her Pokémon companions do as they please, even in battle.

Appearance: One could generally sum up Terri in one word: Small. Seriously; she looks more like she’s twelve than sixteen, and to some even that might be a bit of a stretch. She’s not even five feet tall (alright… so maybe 4’10” is close enough), and she’s skinny to the point that you’d think she may be anorexic, if not for her pathetic height. Terri lacks pretty much any physical strength thanks to her size. She’s never really thought much of her obvious scrawniness, though… As she’d put it, “Being short isn’t a crime.”

Her straight, dark-brown hair is just above shoulder-length, and when it’s warmer outside she keeps it in a ponytail. Her bright blue eyes still have a good deal of child-like innocence to them, further adding to the common assumption that she’s under the age of thirteen. She has simple silver earrings on each ear, and a face that’s similar in proportion to her body.

Terri can usually be seen wearing plain short-sleeved shirts and various colors of jeans. I really do mean ‘various colors’ when it comes to the jeans… She’s somehow come to own and wear jeans that are blue, green, black, purple, white, and even red. This sort of reflects her random, peppy cheerful attitude in a way. Terri owns exactly one jacket, and it’s a pretty thick one. She keeps it in her bag most of the time, and only wears it when it’s absolutely freezing outside.

History: Terri was actually born in Hoenn’s Battle Frontier. Her parents had both been training Pokémon and battling pretty much all their lives, and managed to buy a small home on the island of the Battle Frontier with money they’d won at a tournament. It was a place they enjoyed living, considering how much they loved Pokémon battles. This is probably why they were a bit surprised when their daughter didn’t seem very interested in battling. Sure, Terri loved Pokémon, and battles were interesting to her, but she never really got into the idea of actually training them herself. When she was ten years old, rather than going off on a journey across the nearby region of Hoenn she spent her time wandering around the wilderness of the island. It was during this time she met her first real partner, a Smeargle she called ‘Samantha’.

Terri did eventually leave home to become a “trainer” with her single Pokémon (when she was twelve), but her travels in Hoenn were less centered on battles and more around simply befriending Pokémon. When she returned to the Battle Frontier two years later, she brought a lot back with her: five new additions to her team, stories and souvenirs from all the places she’d visited, a vague photograph she’d taken of what she insisted was a Legendary Pokémon… But, to her parents’ slight dismay, not a single Gym Badge. Oh, Terri had gone all across the region of Hoenn, from Littleroot to Sootopolis to Evergrande. However, it wasn’t until she returned home that she really started battling.

Now that she’d seen a whole region firsthand and watched several battles, Terri finally decided to explore what most everyone her age was so excited about. Luckily she was at one of the best places to do that. She started small, battling the wild Pokémon of the island to get her inexperienced team ready (though she used Potions and other medicines to heal all the Pokémon she fought). Then she took on a few of the other trainers who had gathered. After that, once she had a good amount of confidence, she started battling the Frontier Brains.

While Terri managed to beat quite a few trainers at the Battle Frontier, she didn’t win a single battle against any of the ‘Brains. Of course, this didn’t really bother her; the Frontier Brains were supposed to be the best at what they did, and she definitely wasn’t the only person who couldn’t manage to best them. By the time she had truly grown to enjoy battling, Terri was nearly sixteen. For her sixteenth birthday her parents gave her a letter from a certain Johto professor and a pass for a ride on the SS Anne. She couldn’t have asked for anything more.

This will, actually, be Terri’s first actual journey as a battling trainer. This time she actually plans to collect a Gym Badge or eight along the way.


Pokémon: Smeargle. Female; nicknamed “Samantha”, though Terri often calls her “Sam”.

Samantha’s a very calm, easygoing Pokémon. Thanks to her species, she’s particularly creative and into art. In fact, Terri’s caught Sam making graffiti on public walls on several occasions. Sam’ doesn’t really care what others think, and isn’t afraid to speak her opinions. She’s also picked up a little bit of Terri’s sarcasm.

A couple odd quirks about Sam’: for one, she can write, provided she has pencil and paper (though she much prefers to use her tail and a large wall for such purposes). When ten-year-old Terri had first befriended Sam’ she was determined to teach her new Pokémon some strange things, including reading, writing, math, and using a computer. Reading and writing were the only two that eventually turned out successful, and Sam’s vocabulary still isn’t that well-developed. The other odd quirk is that Sam’ is ambidextrous; she can use both her left and right hands (or paws?) to write (or paint, for that matter).

Sam’ was Terri’s first Pokémon, found near a cave in an unpopulated area of the Battle Frontier’s island. They were both young and naïve when their friendship began; Terri managed to befriend Samantha simply by offering her a bit of food. Now they’re close companions.

As far as battling goes, Sam’s Sketch has allowed her to learn several moves, though she and Terri’s favorites tend to be the trickier, more defensive ones like Double Team and Toxic. Sam knows how to use very few powerful offense-moves, and she’d rather not make use of most of them.

Pokémon Registration: Hmm… A Johto Pokémon, to keep things realistic, but I really don’t care what type it is. You can stick her with anything. x3

Post Sample: From dream’s_epilogue’s Twin Horizons
A barely-teenaged girl sat slowly up with a yawn, stretching her arms as she did so. She was always up early, and today was no exception. After all, she had training to get to. Though she was barely awake she knew that one addition to her prized collection of badges remained… She’d have to get going as soon as possible—

“Wait…” Serafina muttered, blinking a few times to make sure she was seeing properly.

The cozy room she’d fallen asleep in had evaporated into… well, she wasn’t rightly sure what kind of a place this was. Everything was gray and smoggy as if it had been coated in a layer of ash. Judging by the look of the place, possibly the ash of cremated bodies… Ruins of buildings hinted toward the former presence of a town or city. Smoky forbidding clouds seemed to tell more of past fires than future rain. There was a stale smell in the air. It reminded Sera of the morgue she’d been unfortunate enough to visit on one occasion, after the death of her grandmother. She wrinkled her nose. It was the smell of death.

“This ain’t the Pokémon Center…”

She heard a loud noise; yelling of some sort. A hand instinctively flashed down to her belt, snagging a metallic orb and lifting it within a matter of milliseconds. The dark green-and-black Pokeball shuddered, as if its contents had noticed her sudden reaction. Figuring she might need someone to confirm that she wasn’t insane, Sera pressed her index finger against the red button on the Dusk Ball. The resulting burst wasn’t really a flash of light as much as it was a flash of dark. What little of the gray light that hung glumly over the landscape was around the ball ended up ‘absorbed’ by blackness, and after a quick moment a shape materialized from the eerie display. It was gracefully bent over, elegant ears twitching and red eyes flicking back and forth. The Pokémon quietly muttered a swear word that would go best unmentioned between clenched teeth.

-… The hell?- he added with not-so-typical uncertainty, considering it was Jasper who was speaking.

“I know, right?” his trainer replied, “Before you ask, I don’t have any idea where we are, either. Sorry to disappoint ya’.”

-No, not ‘dat. I was talkin’ ‘bout the Raichu.-


Jasper pointed a fluffy paw in the direction of something Sera hadn’t expected to see: other life, in the form of a Raichu, an Eevee, and a boy around her age. They weren’t exactly close enough to overhear all they were talking about or to see their expressions, but they were pretty close by. It was then Sera also noticed that there were others... All laying about on the hill, most of them unconscious.

“… Oh. And?” she asked her Pokémon, wondering what he meant.

-Bloody hell, ya' didn’t hear the stupid rodent screamin' his lungs off? I swear, I could hear the damn noise from inside my Pokeball, for Arceus’ sake!-

That’s what the yelling must’ve been… Sera thought silently. She then grinned, despite her unexpected situation. “So, you’re upset that some other trainer’s Pokémon was screaming like a maniac, but you aren’t the least bit bothered by the fact that you’re… well, wherever the heck this place is?”

Jasper responded with a scowl. -Yeah… Well, dat too. Did Alex finally manage to light the world on fire or somethin'?-

Sera was about to laugh and come up with some sort of witty reply when she came to a sickening realization. She reached for her Pokeball-belt with about as much shock as she had before. Jaspy… Earnest… Theo… Aw, crap. She had three Pokémon back at the Center… Wherever that was now. That meant she was stuck here with her irate Lopunny, her overly-feminine Roselia, and her dumb-as-a-brick Bastiodon. Of course, she wouldn’t have been much better off with her suicidal Luxio, human-hating Sneasel, or the aforementioned Alex (a pyromaniac Lumineon). Sera happened to have some pretty strange Pokémon, which made her ability to communicate perfectly with them a bit awkward at times. Hopefully the few she did have with her would be helpful in this equally-strange setting.

“… Maybe we should talk to the guy with the Raichu?” she suggested. They’d need all the cooperation they could get if they hoped to figure out where the heck they were.

-Are you kidding?- hissed Jasper, -I think my ears are still bleeding…-

Sera grinned, taking that as a yes. It wasn’t as if one could get a positive response out of Jasper.

“Hey,” she called, awkwardly rushing over to the other trainer and his Pokémon, “I don’t suppose ya’ know what’s goin’ on any more than we do…?” Jasper grunted in dismay, cursing under his breath as he followed Sera.
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Here's my SU! I had a little extra time tonight, so I wanted to get this up as soon as possible. This is my first RP, so please let me know if I need to make corrections.

Name: Eri Kiryakov

Age: 19

Gender: Female
Personality: Eri is a quiet, serious-minded individual. She speaks only when necessary and faces problems strategically, pushing emotions aside in favor of logic. As a result, she is very good at working under pressure and high-stress situations.

When first meeting someone, she comes off as having a cold disposition, mainly because she prefers to be alone. She also prefers to face problems alone instead of working with others. The main reason for this comes from the fact that she suffered from poor health as a child due to the cold climate in her hometown of Snowpoint City. She stayed at home until her health improved, and by the time she started going to public school, she was so used to watching out for herself that she saw having lots of friends as unnecessary. She also has a strong sense of pride and dignity from years of taking martial arts to improve her physical condition and stay healthy, so her biggest fear is showing weakness to anyone.

The only people Eri truly cares for are her family, and she trusts them enough to let down her barriers and be open with them. Pyrix, a Ninetales that is the family pokemon, is her closest friend. She has the potential to be a loyal friend, if only she would let down the emotional barriers guarding her heart.

Appearance: Eri is 5’9” with an athletic build and has shoulder-length, dark brown hair that she usually keeps in a ponytail. When it’s not in a ponytail, her hair is slightly wavy. Her eyes are jade green. Being from Snowpoint City, she normally wears heavy winter clothes. Her usual cold-weather attire is a dark green sweater, black wool winter coat that reaches down to mid-thigh, dark wash blue jeans, and snow boots. However, since it’s summer in Johto, she had to switch to lighter clothes. Now her outfit is a dark green, sleeveless button down shirt with a black, wide leather belt cinched under the bust. Her pants are black and come down to the knee, and her shoes are lighter-weight hiking boots for traveling. She also carries a black leather jacket in case of chilly nights or colder weather.

History: Eri was born to parents Ivan and Lenora and raised in Snowpoint City. She has two younger siblings, a sister named Myka and a brother named Anton. She suffered from poor health, such as frequent colds and bouts of flu, as a child because of the cold climate, but her parents were hesitant to move because their family had lived in Snowpoint City for three generations. She rarely left the house, and her mother tutored her in lessons. Pyrix, a Ninetales that had been with the family since Eri’s great-grandfather, took on the role of a surrogate nursemaid and slept in Eri’s bed every night to keep her warm. Eri and Pyrix developed a close bond during those years, and soon the two were hardly ever seen apart. As she grew older and stronger, Eri’s health improved, and she began taking martial arts to increase her physical stamina. She also started going to school in Snowpoint City. However, Eri did not let her classmates get too close to her because she knew her poor health could return at any time, and she didn’t want to risk them seeing any signs of weakness. The only individuals she trusted completely were her family and Pyrix.

Not long after graduating high school, Eri’s health started to decline again, much to her dismay. As a result, she began making plans to leave Snowpoint City and move somewhere warmer. She heard from Candice, the gym leader, about Professor Willow’s offer in Johto, as well as the warmer climate, and decided to head there and start a trainer journey. As she was bidding her family farewell, her father presented her with an old pokeball with a scratch on the top, Pyrix’s pokeball. The whole family knew how close Eri and Pyrix had become over the years and thought it would be best if Pyrix traveled with her.

And so Eri departed from Snowpoint City for Johto with the goal of becoming stronger physically and improving her skills as a trainer. Her family and Pyrix hope, however, that Eri will learn to let other people into her heart and grow stronger emotionally.

Pokemon: Pyrix, a female Ninetales
Pyrix was originally owned by Eri’s great-grandfather, who raised her from a Vulpix. After he died, Pyrix continued to serve and protect his son, who became Eri’s grandfather, and then his son, who was Eri’s father. Since Ninetales can live for many centuries, Pyrix is still technically young, but she has gained much wisdom over the years and is devoted to the Kiryakov family. She has a nurturing, compassionate personality and prefers not to battle if possible. However, she will fight if one of her family members is threatened. She is especially protective of Eri, since she watched over her so much as a child, and obeys her commands without fail. Eri normally lets her walk outside of her pokeball.

Pokemon Registration: Kanto, Fire

Post Sample: (This is actually my first RP, so I had to write this from scratch.)

Eri shouldered her backpack and took one last look around the small bedroom that had been her home for nineteen years. ‘I wish I could say I’m sorry to leave, but, quite frankly, I couldn’t be happier to get out of here,’ she thought privately.

Without a backwards glance, Eri strode resolutely out the door and closed it with a satisfied click. Not surprisingly, Pyrix was sitting in the hallway, almost as if waiting for her. “Nine?” she asked, cocking her head to one side.

Eri’s expression softened, and she spared a small smile for the friend who had been by her side her entire life. “You’re right, Pyrix, I am glad to be leaving,” she said. Over the years, Eri had grown so accustomed to Pyrix’s mannerisms that she could usually tell what the fox pokemon was trying to say.

Pyrix’s expression turned sorrowful, and she lowered her head mournfully. “Nine…”

“Oh no! I didn’t mean it like that! Of course I’ll miss you,” Eri quickly amended, kneeling down in front of the pokemon. She wrapped her arms around Pyrix’s neck in a hug. “I don’t think I’ll ever find another friend as good as you.” She pulled away to look Pyrix in the eye. “Make sure to watch over Myka and Anton for me, okay?”

“Nine!” Pyrix chirped, wagging her tail happily.

Pyrix accompanied Eri down the stairs to the foyer, where her parents and siblings were waiting to bid her farewell. Anton, her seven-year old brother, ran up to her and wrapped his arms around her waist in a bear hug. “Do you really have to leave, Big Sis?” he asked, his bottom lip quivering as he bravely tried to keep from crying.

“Yeah, I’m afraid so, Anton. But I promise to come back and visit,” Eri replied, patting him on the head.

Anton perked up almost immediately. “Okay! Then it’s a promise!”

Ivan, Eri’s father, spoke next. “Before you leave, Eri, there’s something we all want you to have.” Curious, Eri watched as her father pulled something unseen out of his coat pocket and placed it in her outstretched palm. Eri’s eyes widened, and her breath caught in her throat as she recognized the object. An old, battered pokeball with a single large scratch on top…

“Father…this is…” Eri stammered, lost for words.

“We think it’s best if Pyrix traveled with you,” Lenora, Eri’s mother, explained. “We may not see you again for a long time, but at least we’ll know that you and Pyrix are together.”

“I…don’t know what to say. Thank you…” Eri replied in amazement. Smiling slightly, she turned to the pokemon that was sitting at her feet. “Well, what do you think, Pyrix? You want to come with me?”

“Nine!” Pyrix exclaimed happily, rubbing her head affectionately against Eri’s leg.

“Then it’s settled.” Eri held the pokeball out in front of her. “Pyrix, return!” A red light shot out from the pokeball and engulfed Pyrix, recalling her. Eri attached the pokeball to her belt. After hugging her family and bidding them farewell, Eri stated, “Well, I’m off now.”

A chilly, snow-laden breeze blew past Eri as she stepped outside, and she shivered as she pulled her scarf tighter around her neck. ‘Johto, huh? Should be interesting. At the very least, it will be warmer than this place. I don’t regret my decision to leave.’
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Reserve, please?
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Uhg... tired... incomplete... reservation, please? I'll try to make the profile tomarrow....]

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Yeaaahhh! Sign-Up, I choose YOU!

Name: Anthony "Ant" Highgate
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Personality: Childish is a good word to describe Anthony. His mind had some problems throwing off the child within during the years of puberty, and it shows. He'll often balance on the edges of pavements, walk around with leaps and bounds, and do things that those around him would feel very embarrasing (and indeed his friends pretend not to know him when he improvises a dance to a song he likes). Nevertheless, Anothony's mind is floating betweeen child and adult mode in many fields.

He generally acts kindly to people: Often smiling, quite the guy to crack a joke once in a while, and always willing to lend a hand to other. He is generous and loyal towards his friends, as one of his greatest fears is being all alone. His childish and eccentric behavior often makes others stay away from him, and Anthony knows it. When he makes new friends, he clings on to them to the desperate point. In addition, he has a strong sense of justice and does not like to see wrongdoings take place. When he thinks he has offended someone he always feels terribly guilty about it, and if he does not reconsile in some way, it will haunt him for moths and even years. He has a tendency to shudder violently if a particularly unwanted memory touches his mind. But he is far from perfect: Anthony does not apply the same rules of morality to everyone he meet.

Anthony has a bad habit of taking to likings and dislikings with his first impression of people. He can be very staunch on it if he has decided to like/dislike someone, and he often does so in spite of the persons attitude towards him and others. His temper also flares up almost childishly fast at insults, and he tends to bear grugdes towards people for small things, most frequently that they are better than him in some way. He is an envious guy. But he manges to hide it pretty well, and usually keeps it to think out stupid schemes of revenge that he never sets in motion.

Anthony has an odd form for charisma. His impression of many people is that they look up to him, perhaps because he is very knowlegdeable- in some fields, that is. Like snakes. And psychic Pokémon. And he is not stupid at all, he works hard, he is in fact quite intelligent- but he lacks in common sense. His memory is not too sharp when it comes to remembering things he should do, while it can be crystal clear when it comes to reciting books, for example. He loves music His social intelligence is rather low, and when it comes to reading people he is an analphabet. Make no mistake- he wants friends. More than anything else. But his above average ego and eccentric behaviour often gets in the way.

Anthony stands almost six feet tall, but that is hard to see as he almost never stands straight. His build is nothing to brag of; Anthony is very thin. His arms are long, and his elbow joints are bulit so that his arm always straigthens while resting on something. He has a large chest that seems a bit out of place, he has gained it by playing brass instruments for nine years. His legs are oddly shaped, with pretty powerful thighs and frail legs. His hands have very visible knuckles and is always fiddling with something. His fingers are thin and of average length, with poorly cut finernails. His feet is the most average things on his body.

Sitting on top of his pretty long neck, his head is covered with neck-long, wavy hair the color of milk chocolate. His face is neither round nor thin, and the skin is very flexible, making Anthony an expert at faces. The most glaring feature of his face is its non-symmetry. The left side of his hawk-nose has an eye like a full-moon, while the left side has a sunken, almond one. They are brown and green. Anthony has thick bown eyebrows, one linear and one like a wave. His face has few pimples, but fairly low shaving skill gives him some minor facial hair. He has a slight overbite.

Anthony dresses in comfortable clothes. He wears blue or purple sweaters, plum is his favourite colour. Under his sweater he wears short-sleeved shirts, preferably snow-white or lime green. In rough weather he wears a blue jacket with wavecrest motifes.
On his legs he wears jeans or trousers, brown or coal black. He has a taste for socks with bright colours, often with intricate patterns.He has a pair of well-used, cream-white soft shoes that he uses in almost all kinds of weather. In rain, however, a pair of green boots often does the job. He uses white and blue gloves and a black, battered fedora hat he got from his parents at his 15th birthday. He keeps his stuff in a plum-colored backpack.

History: Anthony was raised in a large home in Verdanturf town. He lived in a large house with a large garden, and he had two dogs as well as two sisters. As such, it was akways much to do, and he was always busy doing something. He also had a father who tried to push his meanings into his son. He did not succeed, but he did make his son a bit weak-willed. Anthony wanted friends, but he made few at school. he was often teased by the other kids and got a bit recluse.

After finishing school he wanted to undertake a trainers journey, as he'd seen so many of his friend reveling with joy when in company with their Pokémon. His parents took a long time to persuade, but they eventually let him go and gave him his first Pokémon as well: A Yanma. Anthony was overjoyed and made close friends with it as they ventured out to the journey of their life.

However, when he just had gotten his second gym badge in Dewford, he realised that something was wrong ith his Yamna. It loved him and was willing to do almost anything for its trainer, but what it really wanted was to be free. At first, Anthony was not willing to part with his friend, but after two days he gave in, and after a long, sad goodbye he released the Yanma. He has never comed over this particular loss, but he quickly got himself a new partner; this time a Meditite. He is determined to learn from it's calm nature. Eventually he got back home for his 15th birthday and recieved his beloved fedora hat as the welcome home gift. But he didn't stay for long. He had grown restless, and his parents knew it as well. One day he larned of the opening of the new Jotho league and immediately wanted to participate. He packed his trunk and sat off without a word to his parents.

Pokémon: Melvin the male Meditite. Anthony stumbled over it in the caves near Dewford while lamenting the loss of his Yanma. He was facinated by it's tranquillity and decided that he could do good learning something fom it. When it initially avoided him, he decided to catch it. It was a rather simple task, as it was too absorbed in its meditation when Anthony's Pokéball came flying.

At first it was offended by this rash intrusion, but now they have built a strong relationship. They regard each others as teachers, Anthony as a student of tranquility, Melvin as a student of power. Melvin is calm and loyal, but likes to win a bit too much.

Pokémon Registration: A Hoenn water type, pretty please.

Post Sample:

Aaron sat under the large oak in the woods, busy writing on his new article. This one was going to be a real good one, he felt. It was definitely a relevant theme and it suited him just perfectly. His pen raced over the notebook as he began to add his finishing touches. Ingrid Tower, his rival at the paper, had got her hands on some good news as well, and her writing skills was nothing to be mocked. If Aaron did not do his best on this article, he could end up second to her. Unbearable. He had to do his very best, he thought as he stroked the Pokèball in his pocket. He wished he could have called Randall out, be he needed all the concentration and silence he could get. His parents had a party at home, so he could not work in his room. Still, he didn't feel quite well in the woods either right now. It was late autumn and a little chilly. He pulled his coat tighter around him before bowing over the notebook once again....

A rustle in the leaves. Someone was coming. Aaron sighed. They couldn't have chosen a worse time, really. It was probably Dean, one of his better friends. Aaron looked up with an irritated look. "Honestly, Dean, I told you..." It wasn't Dean. It was a young, tough girl dressed in a moss-green skirt, a red blazer and a confident face. She smiled and said with a voice that reeked with self-confidence "Are you Aaron Wight?" Aaron was a bit taken aback with the fact that the stranger knew his name. he nodded and said "Indeed, that is me. I am a little busy now, so..." The girl cut him off. "I'm Ina, an up-and-coming trainer. I want a respectable amount of victories under my belt before I challenge my next gym. Got it?" Aaron was beginning to fell a little irritated. Not only did she rudely interrupt him, but she also wanted a battle when she could see that he was busy. "Why me?" he asked flatly. "There is plenty of other trainers about who are more ready to battle than I". The girl smirked. "They said you'd be a pushover, that you only had one Pokèmon. You must have missed something, eh? Isn't the point of being a trainer to have a team?" Aaron was shocked at these insults, and his cheeks reddened. He couldn't simply refuse to battle now, could he? On the other hand, it would take precious time from the article... it was time to find out what kind of pride was most important to him. A look at the girl's smirking face helped him make his decision. "Ok then" he hissed. "I'll prove your sources wrong!"

She led him to a clearing riddled with rocks, and they took their places on the far ends. "Five minutes time limit, one Pokèmon each?" Aaron asked in a business-like tone, though his face was scarlet. "Fine with me" the girl smiled "A short, tough battle then. Just my style! Einstein, take the field!" she cried. The ball soared through the air and released a tough-looking Geodude". "Ok then, " Aaron said, "Randall, get ready to rumble!" He could feel his anger lighten a little as the Shuppet got energy from it. The girl smirked again. "They said you had a Shuppet. All right. Let's use Rock Throw, Einstein!" The rocks streaked through the air and took Aaron completely by surprise. The clean hit sent Randall flying backwards, and Aaron let slip a cry. Then he bit his lips together and called "Use Night Shade, Randall!" The ghost straightened up and fired a red beam towards Geodude. The girl, however, did not care. "Dodge and use another Rock Throw!" she cried, and the Geodude rolled to the side with an amazing speed before sending a new volley of rocks flying. "Duck, Randall, and show him your Spite!" Aaron called. Randall dived forwards and evaded the rocks. Aaron almost shared the spite as it's eyes glowed blue and Geodude winced in discomfort from the attack. The girl's face twitched in annoyance, and Aaron seized the moment by commanding a Will O`Wisp attack. Randalls eyes glowed blue again as orbs of blue fire was fired towards Geodude. "Block it with Mud Sport!" the girl called, and the Geodude whipped up a cloud of mud which blocked the trails of ghostly fire. "Now Magnitude him out!". Shuppet was almost knocked senseless by the shockwaves, the girl had been lucky with the attack. But he still hung on, to Aaron's relief. He was beginning to get stressed. As he opened his mouth, the girl called another order. "Defense Curl", she said one second before Aaron's cry of "Shadow Sneak, Randall!" The shadow attack struck home, but failed to harm the curled up Geodude. Aaron was amazed at the girl's skills, and he could see that her confidence just grew. "Lets finish him off! Rock Throw, Einstein!" she cried with a voice of triumph". But the Geodude seemed to hesitate; she had forgotten the Spite attack. Aaron smiled. "Shadow Sneak!" he called. Randall charged towards the rock Pokèmon, coated in blackness. "You are tougher than him! Tackle!" the girl called, and Einstein charged to meet Randall. To late the girl understood her mistake. The brunt of Einstein's Tackle was voided by the Shuppet's immunity, but the Geodude took the full force of Shadow Sneak. It slammed into the ground, it's eyes spirals.

The girl screamed and rushed to her senseless Pokèmon. Aaron runned forward and hugged Randall. "You were just fantastic. We did it! Now take a good rest", he said and recalled it. The girl recalled Einstein as well and looked reluctantly at the grinning Aaron. "I guess you were better than I thought" she said curtly before striding off without another word. Aaron chuckled and returned to his sitting place under he tree. He could still make a good article...

Credit for the awesome banner goes to Jordan !

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EXCUSE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
YOU HAVEN'T EVEN PUT ME UNDER THE RESERVATION LIST WHEN I WAS WAY BEFORE SOME OF THESE GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Originally Posted by WisherWisherWish View Post
EXCUSE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
YOU HAVEN'T EVEN PUT ME UNDER THE RESERVATION LIST WHEN I WAS WAY BEFORE SOME OF THESE GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You posted your SU so you do not need a reservation, a reservation is only if the spots are limited and the people reserved need time to post up their SU's it doesn't guarentee a spot in the rp it just gives them a chance to put up their SU.

I wouldn't use caps and ! like that again as it's rude and doesn't do yourself any favours.
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