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Old June 13th, 2009 (08:26 PM).
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The following are characters names with a quick description. I'm thinking about making a fan-fic with the characters. I just want opinions on the characters.

Major Characters
Gray - An ordinary kid with no actual purpose in life and is treated as such by everyone.
Navy - The son and heir to a Gym Leader who banished him from his home for being too weak for fathers expectations.
Violet - A talented trainer that misuses her talents is now bound by an unusual duty.

Secondary Character
Brass - A Johto trainer that befriends Gray after being inspired by him.
Maroon - Friend of Gray's a few years back. Trying to escape his past of bad misfortune.
Jade - A Hoenn Trainer that is a pokemon prodigy that sets out to find a particular one that can challenge her mind in battle.

Main Villian - A man set out to capture Cresselia to get rid of Darkrai permanently. He belives Darkrai to be the sin of the world and looks to purify humanity and pokemon.
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Old June 14th, 2009 (11:12 PM).
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in MY opinion you can make ANY character work depending on how you write them out.

in any case, i noticed that in PokeSpe (correct me if i'm wrong) only the dex holders are named after the game versions, therefore since i'm guessing the three major characters will be dex-holders, and the minor characters won't, i'd recommend giving them 'normal' names

for the sake of contrinuity with the canon

BTW, when i first read it, i for some reason combined the two first names in my head, and thought that your main char's name was GRAVY

haha, funny stuff :D

anyways, i'll be looking forward for the fic, pm me if you do post it iight?
Old June 14th, 2009 (11:33 PM).
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Here's my views on 'em.

Gray: So... He's just a nobody that everyone ignores? Plus, he has no purpose? That seems like it would be a challenge to write well, seeing as most of the action would have to be from a spectating position with him. Unless he changes within the story it sounds like he wouldn't be that interesting to read about. You could do this well, I suppose, if you have some neat looks into what Gray's thinking at the time. All in all though, it seems like he wouldn't do much. Being average is one thing, but having no purpose... Meh.

Navy: This character provides some good options for flashbacks and other emotional stuffs, so I'm liking that. I can think of two approaches with this. It would be fun to read if he was sorta like a person who is trying to get stronger, and is such ready for a challenge at all times and tries to regain his father's respect. As sort of an opposite, you could possibly write him as someone who is somewhat of a 'weakling' character who needs to be protected, but has his moments. I have a soft spot for those types of characters, and I think it would provides some interesting thought proccesses. This character seems to have several ways of being written, and each has different perks that would make for a good read.

Violet: Your summary of this character is very vague, and seems to go more into the relm of foreshadowing. Anti-heroes or people who have difficult personallities can be pulled off well to either give the reader a very interesting character, some laughs at certain dialogue exchanges, or both. This 'unusual duty' could really help make this character even more interesting to read about, even though her [short] summary was intreging(sp?) enough.

Brass: How could someone be inspired by Gray?! Does he want to just blend in and be unnoticed for the rest of his life or something? Either that or he's inspired to help Gray become more of a human, which seems pretty promissing.

Maroon: Like Navy, this has some good flashback potential. Also, introducing new characters from his past that could hinder his progress is a neat idea. Just try not to make him too emo because of this bad misfortune that he had to endure.

Jade: This character sounds like she'd be fun to read about. Try not to make her too uber powerful, though. Maybe some emotional difficulties outside of battle?

Evil Person Of Fear And Evil Doom: I actually think that this person is correct in wanting to destroy darkrai, unless if your're going with the movies portrayal of darkrai, which was made of fail.
Old June 15th, 2009 (04:19 PM).
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The overall theme that I've chosen for my fanfic is "Proving people wrong" which is why Gray and Navy are so flawed.

I say Gray has no purpose, but we all know that's pretty much an Oxymoron if he's a main character. He's trying to prove people wrong and actually become a good trainer but a lot of things stand in his way such as, no one wanting to battle him, learning each pokemon's attack (due to Gray not knowing many attacks.), and other things.

As for Navy, I was going with the first option route; him trying to get stronger to regain his fathers repsect. Also goes into the "Proving everybody wrong" theme.

Violet, I was originally going to give her Jade's "Pokemon Prodigy" description, but then I thought it'd be better if she rivaled with Jade instead. After using her pokemon and talents to gain plenty of things. (Betting on Pokemon battles, rigging them, Find the pokemon in the pokeball, etc.) she battles Jade and realizes that she is going nowhere with what she is doing. The "unusual duty" will have to wait for later to be told in the story. She holds a great deal in the development of Gray and Navy.

Brass is a character who comes from Johto and represents Johto whenever he can. He tries to help Gray with his faults after battling him.

I'm still trying to flesh out Maroon a bit more.

Jade will have a conflict outside of battle, I just don't know what yet.

For the main villian, I tried to go with the anti-villian approach. The guy that wants to be claimed a hero but by dire results to be as such. And no, I'm not going with the pansy Darkrai from the movie. I'm going with the chaotic, hellish one without being hell himself.
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Old June 17th, 2009 (04:39 PM).
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It's one thing to create a character and another thing to write them out. You can pretty much make any character come out well so long as you write them in an interesting, relateable way.
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Old July 11th, 2009 (02:57 AM).
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The characters are interesting, but it really depends on how you portray their role in the story. Everything sounds good though, so even if this is a late post I'm wishing you the best of luck!
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