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Beginner’s Lounge Where all good (and bad) ideas start. This is the Beginner’s Lounge, where if you need a helping hand or want to develop your small ideas, you bring it here. We won't bite.

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Old August 4th, 2009 (1:30 PM). Edited September 13th, 2009 by Sunnybeam.
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(Big thanks to Sophidius for concept help!)

Hack Info

PS:TCH will be a hack of Emerald Version. It will lack the Pokedex or Pokegear, and take place on a subregion of Hoenn called Siantra Island. Pokemon from generations I through IV will make appearances.


Welcome to the Association for Pokemon Ecology, kid! As a newbie, you'll probably be delegated some of the more menial tasks, like raising the Pokemon whose evolutions we're observing - but getting a chance to set foot on Siantra Island is well worth it, wouldn't you say?


It doesn't take long to all go wrong. They bring back that dragon Pokemon, then just...disappear. You were only away for about five minutes. So why is the camp deserted?

And what's this funny medallion?

Questions everywhere. Why were you attacked by Bug Pokemon? Can you trust the talking Nidoking (okay, scratch that, he's too nice not to trust - but can you RELY on him?) That Dratini is your buddy's partner, right? So why is he your enemy? What's going on in the Temple of Storms? What does Tyranitar have against you?

That Nidoking wants stories? Well, he's got himself one heck of a tale right here.

A New Pokemon Story

Being the only human on an island full of Pokemon, you find yourself without the tools necessary to capture Pokemon...i.e., Pokeballs. Luckily, your eccentric Nidoking friend will be able to help with that. Archimedes Thornback, while not a battling Pokemon himself, will accompany you as a translator and fellow scientist as you strive to find your teammates. By completing sidequests, you can unlock scenarios where he finds you a new recruit to your Pokemon team! The more effort you put into finding these Pokemon, the rarer and more powerful they will be, and the easier your journey becomes.

PS:TCR will be a game based on decision-making and exploration - searching around early in the game will pay off later on. Bad endings are rare, but they may happen...say, if you fail to appease a vicious Pokemon king...

This hack will deviate from the traditional Pokemon game style - the open-ended plot with room for independent interpretation - to create a more complete and linear Pokemon Story.


- Eevee will be your partner on this quest! But...what's this strange evolution...?
- Countless hidden quests - search around and reap the rewards!
- Recruit the available Pokemon after earning their admiration...
-...or hunt down the secret recruits for the ultimate team!
- Explore Siantra, a tropical island filled with mysteries!
- Two new Pokemon, one of which is obtainable! Battle beside Draconeon!


As I took up this hack to practice for Project Kailou, I will be handling all aspects of the project myself. Ideas and advice are appreciated, but it is not likely that I will invite anyone to work on PS:TCR with me.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I really hope that this gets off the ground, that it will be an enjoyable hack to play, and that the more linear "Pokemon Story" style of plot and gameplay goes over well.


Yes, this is still in progress, I have not abandoned The Crimson River. Unfortunately, I'm having a hellish time with tilesets, and the start of school has left me with minimal time to work at learning tile editing. I cannot guarantee anything related to deadlines, but I CAN guarantee that this project will never be abandoned.
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Old August 5th, 2009 (2:48 AM).
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Nice Idea . Would love to see it in a hack .

Hey guys, I am back!
But NO more ROM Hacking for me.
Nor any CSS.
I am now primarily a writer.

Stuck in your hack? Developed a writer's block? Get cool story ideas from me!
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