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I recently got the game two days ago (physical retail, not F2P digital), and I'm ripping through it, currently at rank 41 and 336 captured species, and this is easily my favorite Rumble game so far, blowing my second favorite, Super Pokemon Rumble (Rumble Blast in US), out of the park. I love it.

So anyways, to get to the topic on hand. :p

My current best Pokemon is a 1378 power Steady-trait Origin Giratina with Shadow Force and Draco Meteor.
For those of you that don't know, the Steady trait nullifies stat changes, so my Giratina doesn't get the attack drop from Draco Meteor.

My next two, close behind, are a 1371 power Mewtwo (with Mewtwonite Y) and a 1360 power Mewtwo (with Mewtwonite X), both with Psystrike and Drain Punch.
(I took advantage of one of the online visitors that take you do your most recent visited stage in exchange for diamonds)

So what are your top three most used/best/favorite Pokemon in Rumble World?
And if you don't have Rumble World, feel free to answer the question with any Rumble game you have.
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