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Old 1 Day Ago (11:15 AM).
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oh yeah!
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Welcome to the normal type fan club!

Love the simplicity of the normal type? Think they're just so dang cute? Look no further- here's the gathering place for fans of the plain yet endearing normal type!

1. Be nice! There is no excuse to be rude.
2. Try and stay active. Feel free to post your own discussion topics!
3. Apply for the group with the form listed below.
4. Only discuss normal types here.


Partner Pokemon:
What's so great about normal types?:
Answer the current topic

Current Topic: (Changes Weekly)
If you were a normal type gym leader, what would your dream team look like?

Member list:
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Old 19 Hours Ago (01:06 AM).
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Name: Precious~Dark
Partner Pokemon: Furret
What's so great about normal types?: They can learn a lot of HM moves... no just kidding. They are very lovable and have some very nice designs, I tend to use a normal type pokemon a lot on my team.
Answer the current topic
If you were a normal type gym leader, what would your dream team look like?

Good Question. I tried to pick Primary Normal-type Pokemon : )
~ Furret
~ Cinccino
~ Skitty
~ Lopunny
~ Teddiursa
~ Eevee
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Old 2 Hours Ago (06:18 PM).
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I liekz Dedez :D
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Name: Dedenne1
Partner Pokemon: Eevee
What's so great about normal types?: Ummm they only have one weakness haha. But other than that theyre extremely cute have great designs and they can learn a lot of different moves outside their type!
Answer the current topic:
If you were a normal type gym leader, what would your dream team look like?
Hmm. Good question a monotype team well for competitive id use:
Cincinno (cause its got that great HA)
Snorlax (cause you know its snorlax)
M-Lopunny (need a fighting type)
Heliolisk (cause theres no other normal and electric)
Blissey (cause you need that wall to annoy people)
Pyroar (need a fire type i guess)

Issue: Missing a water type but i will not sink to using bibarel lol

Oh and milk some things to consider for the OP:
List of (sprites) normal type pokemon so people know what partners are available and they dont have to go to another site to see the list.
List of past topics once you have one.
Otherwise great nice OP!
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Remember NovEnder
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Name: Astinus
Partner Pokemon: Meowth!
What's so great about normal types?: Their versatility. Normal Pokemon can learn a variety of different types of moves, which can lead to surprises in battle.

If you were a normal type gym leader, what would your dream team look like?
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