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Old 1 Week Ago (8:38 AM).
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I realized recently that I never really use them. I may have used a Bibarel once or twice in a Diamond run but that's probably it. Do you ever save a party slot for an HM Slave, or do you tend to distribute HMs among your entire party? Also, which Pokémon do you most commonly use as slaves?
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Whenever I'm doing a first play through of a game I always make sure to have slot open for an HM slave. It's annoying but necessary. While playing through OR, I have a Azumarill named Riley that I use for my HM slave. It currently has Dive, Waterfall, Strength, and Rock Smash, those are pretty much the only HM's I use anyways. I have Surf on my Gorebyss since that's its Sweeping STAB move, so there's no reason to have it on my HM slave.
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I always use some Zigzagoon or Bidoof as HM and Item pickup slave.
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I haven't really used a HM slave in a while, I usually distribute the HMs throughout my party seeing as some of them can be decent moves. In the case that one of my Pokemon knows a useless HM, I'll just have it forgotten when it gets to the point where I no longer have a use for it.
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I needed to use Bibarel to climb Mt. Coronet in Platinum recently, so yes I do. HMs really bother me so I'm hoping they're a lot more redundant in Sun and Moon.

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Never, except that one time in heartgold when I traded over a lv100 Bibarel which I kept since I didn't have any water types to teach surf too. It also helped me defeat Lance I usually keep the HM's up until the Pokémon league, which I then fly back to the move deleter and re-teach their old moves. It seems like a lot of effort but XY/ORAS was the first time I was able to have a 6 Pokémon team so I wanted to make the best of it

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I use HM Slaves when dealing with weak moves like Rock Smash and Cut, but sometimes I teach the better moves like Surf to my main Pokemon, rather than having to leave one of my best Pokemon in the box to make space for a slave.
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It depends on the playthrough really! Like I really don't like having them but at the same time giving members of my team moves like Cut and Rock Smash really ticks me off. I hate having to take up a slot in my team with one too - it kinda makes me want the idea of no more HM's be a thing. Kinda like in Ash Gray where you get a surfboard to Surf and like an axe to cut. I'd really miss Surf, Waterfall and maybe Strength but that's about it.

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I prefer the term buddies. lol Anyway, I definitely use them. Some HMs don't bother me, like Surf, Fly, Strength, and Waterfall (if this is gen IV and beyond since there's no physical/special split before then) but I tend to just stick them on other Pokemon instead, especially in newer games where there are so many better moves to choose from.

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I've used HM slaves a total of 3 times. One was in AS regular playthrough, where I had a Skarmory as a fly slave, as none of my mons could fly. As seen in JBGD, I had a Sentret cut slave, as somehow all my 1st encounters can't learn cut. I had a normal HM slave for my very first Black 2 nuzrun, but I forgot who it was and it doesn't matter as the run is over.

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Usually, I prefr not to have to use HM moves on the main party. Maybe Waterfall. It depends, one that can use most HM moves is useful, and maybe also a Water-type.
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I rarely use HM slaves, but I only use Surf or Fly and not even bother with Cut or Strength since those are just normal-type HMs and cut just nerfed of Scratch reason for this I use travel HM slave instead of shortcut or puzzle HMs

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Nope, no HM slaves for me. I prefer to structure my team so that I have any HM slots that I need taken care of. The closest I probably came to one was when I used a Swanna in Black 2 for Fly and Surf.
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I'm very guilty of using HM slaves allll the time. I don't really like keeping them in my party though because it feels like such a waste of a slot, so sometimes I've taught Cut to mons on my main team. Ugh.
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HM slave gyarados is my favorite one to use out of them all

I dont know why i just like using him a lot

Though i prefer not keeping them in my team most of this time
Because i want to keep room free for my main team
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I'd very much like to have two more open slots for far more useful members of my party than having HM slaves occupy those spaces.

For a large portion of Platinum, I had to catch an Onix just for Rock Smash. And then I ditched Onix and taught Rock Smash to Floatzel along with Surf and Strength, and I have to teach it Waterfall, too. It's frustrating.

And I have a Noctowl in my team that does absolutely nothing but Fly and Defog. Sigh.

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I use HM slaves, because most HM's are really bad moves. Pokemon that I generally use as HM slaves include Linoone, Bibarel, Tropius, and Psyduck.

The only good HM moves in my opinion are Surf, Fly, and Waterfall. Those moves I can have on my main team members. Especially Surf since I tend to use a special attacking Water type in most games that I play. But sometimes I use a physical Water type, and then I use an HM slave for Surf as well.

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Not really. Every once and awhile I might need a move like Rock Climb or Whirlpool, but other than the random or odd obstacle I don't have much use for them.
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I use HM slaves if there is a need for one.
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I used some in Sinnoh since I hated all the HM requirements in those games. I am excited that Poke Ride in Sun & Moon is the final nail in the coffin for these mostly useless moves.
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Kyogre was my HM slave late in ORAS. It sucked.
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