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Pokémon Gaming Central For topics that aren't necessarily restricted to one game, Pokémon Gaming Central ranges from comparing and contrasting the differences in the gaming generations to discussing the gaming franchise as a whole.
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Old 2 Days Ago (6:05 PM).
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PokéCommunity Daily looking to hear about your experiences of Pokémon!

Big fan of Pokémon games? Perhaps you were more of a spinoff fan. You love all the games equally. You compared them to the anime. A combination or none of these! You should have great memories to share!

What we'd like for you to do is share a recount for PokéCommunity Daily — perhap a significant memory, woe, or silvers of those — on the last 20 years of Pokémon, with focus to any Pokémon games. Any recounts you post, no matter how short or long, may be contributed to PokéCommunity Daily in an upcoming article series. So tell us your memories about the Pokémon franchise!

This is the place to post if the recount you'd like to post is primarily the games, but feel free to mention any other Pokémon experience (anime, TCG, etc.) in your post.
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Old 2 Days Ago (10:27 PM).
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I'll kick this off with my first experience with Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team.

This was the first PMD game I had ever played and I had never tried anything like this before. It was such a strange thing to try for me as I was so accustomed to the main series Pokémon games. But I really liked it, thankfully! It was a nice break from the main series games and gave me a new perspective of playing as a Pokémon rather than a human. I've played all of the games since then as they're all so great.
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Old 2 Days Ago (10:37 PM).
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Actually, same as Ben-
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team left an immensely profound impact on me. I will never forget the roller coaster of emotions that series put me on. Playing it for the first time was so fun, interesting and NEW to me, asides from Pokemon Stadium I hadn't played a spin-off game before. From the very beginning during the personality test I genuinely had so much fun.
I'll never forget staying up way past my bedtime in 9th grade playing it because I just HAD to know what happened next. I'll never forget how hard I cried at the end of the game when I disappeared in front of my partner, or how harder I cried when I came back. I'll never forget the hundreds of hours I poured into this game that has such positive memories for me. Blue Rescue Team is easily one of my favorite games of all time.

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Old 2 Days Ago (12:44 AM).
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The opening of Colosseum. Seeing Wes blow up Team Snagem's HQ was the moment I fell in love with Orre. Followed by the incredible battle music against Rider Willy, then meeting the hillariously awesome (yet Epically Failing) Miror B. Johto may be my first love, but my second is Orre.

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Spin-offs most certainly put a new spin on the franchise. The likes of Pokemon Colosseum and Mystery Dungeon introduced a new element of gameplay that differed from the main games, these happen to be my favourites of the spin off games. I think having an equal balance of mainstream games and spin-off games is beneficial for the franchise to prevent it from feeling repetitive and/or outdated.

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PMD Darkness/Time/Sky are the only games that made me cry, literally. The story is so good I’ll go as far and say it's better than the main series.
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