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Old 2 Days Ago (8:00 AM).
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Should someone archive all the old hacks that are abandoned by their owners or better yet archive every hack that fulfilled some sort of requirement?

I believe archiving them is the best way to promote those hacks or any hack in general. And I think it's what is missing in this part of the forum although i think it's understandable that it wouldn't be that easy because of two things:
1. Hacks cannot be promoted by other people w/o the permission of the original hacker.
2. It would require an absurd amount of time to archive them all.

I'm still hoping something like this would happen but ehh.. I'd be fine if this suggestion won't be considered. Heck I just want to hear the opinions of you guys. What do you think about this idea?
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Old 1 Day Ago (5:42 PM).
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Maybe we could have a new subsection called "Archives" or something, where hacks which are abandoned or haven't received any new comments for a number of months will be placed there, locked.

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Old 1 Day Ago (6:19 PM).
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I don't think it's a bad idea. It would certainly help clean up Progressing Hacks quite a bit, and we wouldn't have people just randomly reviving threads as they would hopefully realize that it is in a section for dead projects... At the same time it would be nice to see a list compiled of hacks that have releases as there are a number of nice hacks from years past that had good demos that people don't know about.
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Old 1 Day Ago (11:10 PM).
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This would be a great idea. The thing is, the people that are new to playing hacks only know about like, light platinum, dark rising, all those hacks. I personally dislike these hacks, as while they might be completed, they are not that fun to play (in my opinion).

An archives section would help get these people into playing different hacks. There are lots of hacks out there, and if we gathered them all, these hacks could get more attention.
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Old 1 Day Ago (8:19 AM).
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I like destinedjagold idea although if some hacks are locked new people like me< lol will not be able to access them or either if other people who play via hacks found something new or a suggestion will not be able to comment so i think it would be great if there is a separate folder with title that matches great like Old Hacks or Archives (both sound good i think ) and after if someone want to write something there or likes it let her/him comment or if they found something to help us as a community to grow!
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