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Old December 15th, 2010 (8:45 PM). Edited December 16th, 2010 by IronMan1994.
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I've been thinking about undertaking a fairly large project. A kind of conversion from "The World Ends With You" to the pokemon system. Neku and his partner (there may be unintentional spoilers from here on, be careful if you're planning on playing the game and haven't yet) will be your party- they will take the place of your pokemon. You can't obtain extra party members. You can't "Catch" noise, but if every things works as I planned, neku will be able to temporarily use pins to summon noise throughout the game, hopefully adding variety to the game. I've discussed things with a friend, and here are some ideas we pitched up to adapt the characters.

-Each Character has unique TMs. For Neku it's pins, Not sure what Shiki will have yet. Beat will have playing cards... and we're working on like a microsd thing for Joshua.

-Pins are gonna work almost exactly like normal tms do, but here's the catch- they're the only way to teach Neku moves. Ideally, when Neku erases a move for a new pin, he'll get a pin of the erased move. For example, Neku wants to equip the Sexy Cool pin, but has 4 pins equipped already. He un-equips Wonder Magnum, and gets a Wonder Magnum Pin put back into his inventory
-Playing Cards will allow Beat to have an amazing moveset. In comparison, you won't find an equal in any irl pokemon. This is to make up for the fact that you will pick Beat's moves blindly, if things work out correctly. Now, playing cards will have names when you receive them, and when you teach them to Beat. The moment you enter a battle, Bat's moveset will have 4 moves. [♥][♦][♣][♦]. Each of them will be determined, at the beginning of the battle, to be a move from Beat's learned movesot. You don't know what is what until you test each out. This randomizes each battle, so if (ATTACK) is [♥] in one battle, it's entirely possible it will be [♦] in the next.
-All of Shiki's attacks will involve Mr. Mew and because of this, I'm not sure if Shiki will get a TM-style moveset yet. I might just have it so Mr. Mew learns moves as he levels, so as to not alienate people who are already completely familiar with classic style pokemon.
Joshua will have an adaptive move thing... a lot of his attacks won't do direct damage, or won't be powerhouse attacks. They will however, make your team more powerful, or cripple your opponent's team. Some of his moves may even screw with Neku's moves and abilities. He'll have a regular TM setup, they just won't be called TMs.
Double Battles are pretty much the only battling you're doing in-game. Really. If I can set it up right, the cpu will control the partner all the time, unless you press a button during nekus attacks to toggle the CPU-off setting. Hopefully you'd be able to make it so cpu always attacks or never attacks in the options menu.

Clothing will probably not be implemented.

Pokemon are being removed and replaced by Noise. Noise will have wild item drops, ideally. Pokemon sprites will be edited to make new, noise sprites- to keep the general feel of pokemon.

I really need ideas here, how things should be converted, if this system sounds like it will work, etc. I'm going to see if I can use essentials for this- the biggest problem will be Overworld sprites.

Thank you for reading, and suggest away.

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