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Challenges Play your Pokémon games in fresh new ways! Anything from The Monotype Challenge, to the popular Nuzlocke, and even all kinds of themes based on your favorite franchises!
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Challenge Forum Rules

Hello, and welcome to the Challenge Forum! Here you can post any kind of challenges for any pokémon game. Beating them in under 15 hours? Beating them using only a specific type? Catching only 5 pokémon during the adventure? This is the right place for these, and any other ideas you have!

But, of course, there are some rules you must follow:

All Pokécommunity Rules apply.
So no breaking the character limit, no doubleposting, no going offtopic, etc. I'm sure you all know these already, but if you don't, please check them here.

All threads are under moderator approval.
When you post a thread, it won't appear right away. Instead, you'll have to wait for a moderator to check and make sure it follows all the area rules. Usually, your thread should take a day or so to be approved. If it hasn't appeared by then, check this thread to see if you were unapproved. If you're not listed there or your thread isn't up, you may contact the moderator.

trolls and adbots: this is the worst area to post threads in. I will delete them. And I will make fun of you for being dumb. Publicly.

The thread title must specify the game/s included in the challenge.
Since most challenges can be applied to several games, you must make it clear when writing the thread title. We offer a prefix list for the most common sets of games (R/B/Y, G/S/C, R/S/E, FR/LG, D/P/Pt, HG/SS), but if your challenge only uses a certain game ("only for Red"), you must add it manually when writing the title ("Red Monotype Challenge").

Likewise, we have added a generic "Spinoff" prefix for the remaining games (Colosseum, Pinball, Ranger, XD, Trading Card Game, Stadium, etc). The "hack" prefix is for any challenge for a specific hack, or for hacks only. There's another rule regarding hack challenges.

Remember that the important part is making the name of the game quite clear for all the people checking the board, so it can be seen at a simple glance.

Duplicates aren't allowed.
If there already is a "G/S/C six pokémon only" run, you may not start another one. A thread can be restarted when the previous one has expired according to our rules, meaning, after two months has passed from the last post in said thread. Alternatively, if all the challengers finish their runs, the thread can be restarted to let other people try it.

If you have a thread similar to another challenge with just a minor difference, it does not warrant its own thread. What you can do is contact the person that owns the challenge thread and ask for them to edit in optional rules, which would be the small differences that you have, so that your challenge can be done by others if they so choose.

Thread creators must take part in their own challenges.
This is mainly to prevent people from starting ridiculously convoluted or hard challenges "because somebody might try it". If you start one, you must join it as well. If you have a good idea for a challenge but you can't join it for some reason, you may post it on the Challenge Ideas thread, so anybody who wants to try it can start their own thread. This is the most commonly broken rule guys, so let's try to fix that!

Don't post saying you can't enter or to compliment the challenge.
This is mainly to prevent spam. If you're already in the challenge and for some reason have to give up on it, then that's fine to post about. However, if you post something like "Wow this looks cool!" or "I would enter this if my GBC still worked", then you will be infracted for spam. It's unnecessary info.

Do not post Action Replay/Gameshark codes in the challenge thread.
I know there are some challenges that revolve around using an AR code or something of the like, but please refrain from posting them, since it goes against the main GPGD rules, which can be read here.

Hack Challenges are allowed.
Self-explanatory. However, with threads that cover all official games (official monotype thread, nuzlocke, etc.) it does not cover hacks. The hack and official game challenges should stay separated, unless otherwise stated by challenge rules if it is seen fit by the moderator. (ie. pick up and play challenge could include both hacks and official games, however the official monotype may not) Please note: Do not give out the ROMs for the hacks. Automatic infraction for this offense. Also, when posting a challenge for a hack, please use the "hack" prefix, like you would use a prefix for any other game.

No video/YouTube challenges.
There should be no challenge that revolves around having to film all or any part of your challenge. This isn't a Let's Play, and filming it doesn't add anything extra to it to make it a challenge. If you want to film part of your challenge, that's fine, but please do not create a challenge that revolves around doing so. And for those that do film certain parts and want to post it, please use spoiler tags and refrain from making it an advertisement for your channel, similar to the rules of the Let's Play section.

Do not assign anything if you're not participating.
If there is a certain challenge that someone must assign a team/types/etc for, please do not post and assign anything to another challenger unless you are participating. If you are going to participate, but not at that particular time, please refrain from doing so also, because you might change your mind at some point, then obviously that'd be in violation of the first part of this rule.

Challenge discussion is allowed and encouraged!
You are allowed to discuss the challenge within its thread, as well as ask questions, help, and/or get advice. Just as long as it is for that specific challenge.

The double posting clause.
If you need to update, please do NOT double post. Edit your last update with your new update. Also, do not get someone else in the challenge to spam just so you don't double post.

However, if you are the only currently active player in a challenge, the thread hasn't been posted in for two weeks and you are the last poster, you may double post to update so that it doesn't fall into inactivity. You may also double post if you are the thread owner and you are double posting to add progress after the first post (so this would only be allowed for the second post in the thread). Editing the first post with your update would look ugly, which is why this is another acceptable double post.

Do NOT use the event prefix.
Events are held by the moderator of the section, not members, unless given permission well in advance (at least two weeks).

Do not post in threads over two months old.
I've decided that challenges need a little extra room to grow, and that's where this rule comes in. In this forum, a two month old thread is considered dead, so if it's older than two months, please don't post in it. If it's still a month old, you are in the clear and can still post to join or update a challenge. This only applies to Challenges, not the rest of GPGD!

Regarding challenge credit...
If a challenge is revived and the rules differ slightly than the original thread's, but you have challengers that completed it the original way, they can still get credit for it. Although it was completed differently, it was still done, and it would be a pain to have to redo a certain challenge just because the new thread for it changed things slightly. However, if they wish to do another challenge in the new thread, they must abide by the new rules for that challenge. To avoid any confusion this might cause however, it would be wise to use the same rules when reviving a challenge that has fallen off the board. It prevents situations like this and keeps the challenge consistent.

Challenge owners may remove you from the challenge.
If you are causing a stir in a challenge thread whether by being rude to other players, not following the rules of the challenge, or talking back rudely to the owner of the thread, the thread owner has the right to remove you from the challenger list and blacklist you from the challenge. If things get out of hand with the unruly member, they'll have me to deal with. They will not be allowed to participate in that challenge until there is either a new thread for that challenge or the owner of the thread decides you can come back to it.

Original rules by Went. Additional rules, edits, and exceptions by Alli. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact the moderator, Azazel.

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