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Old August 20th, 2010 (3:19 PM). Edited September 13th, 2010 by Legendarian Mistress.
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The Authors’ Profiles

This was approved by the fanfiction moderator, Astinus, and inspired by the numerous versions on Serebii. Within this thread, authors can post their own profiles about writing. That way, it will be much easier for authors to post what stories they have out, and give out writing tips to their reviewers. Also, they could really go technical and post great comments about their story to attract more reviewers. Well, when doing your profile, please include the following as a base. Once you’ve included these, you can add whatever you like.

Name: Your username, but real names can be placed here.

Age: Your current age

Strong Areas: Your strong areas in writing; for example, you could list that you are good in length, plots, and descriptions.

Type of Writing: Your favorite types of writing you like to write; for example, you might like to write Romance, Humour, or Fantasy stories.

Type of Characters: What type of characters do you like to write? List however many type of characters are easy for you to write.

Current Stories: List all of your current stories that are out. Summaries are optional.

[OPTIONAL] Future Stories: List all of your future stories that will come out. Summaries are optional, but recommended.

Writing Tips: Here, give a few useful tips that can help new authors that are inspired. With all of our combined tips, it could really help many people. The tips could even help yourself.

Well, with that said, I’ll set an example by submitting my profile first.


Name: Legendarian Mistress (most of my friends, however, simply call me Kyuu — a shortened variant of my previous username. My real name is Katie).

Age: 25

Strong Areas: A few of my strong areas in writing are definitely plot and Pokémon battles. I love to describe most of what happens, which can leave readers waiting for more. The ability of describing Pokémon is somewhat lacking coming from my clever mind, but I’m doing everything I can to change that. Creating my own world of Zardantor, in Plea for the Reaper, is still challenging and this is because I’ve yet to describe it. I’m keen to develop my plots into something that’ll wow my reviewers, but have had cliff-hangers in the past.

Type of Writing: I am a complete sci-fi/fantasy/supernatural fanatic (but only with things that interest me), since basically all of my writing tends to fall in that category (I’m sure I can safely say Pokémon is sci-fi/fantasy). I would like to develop my skills in the romance department, which I'll hopefully be experimenting with later on. I’m also a lover of Chosen One-based Pokémon action fics and only excellent quality Digimon stories. So prepare yourself for romantic adventures, alternate Digimon timelines, warring shape-shifter organizations and a part human, part legendary freak of nature.

Type of Characters: I love to write about Chosen Ones, since becoming interested in that genre 5 years ago now. I also love to write about shape-shifters, two in particular, who end up getting back together after a frosty reunion. They develop a hardcore relationship with scenes that'll blow your minds, which will leave you wondering why they had to “part” in the first place. Outside of Pokémon, I love to write about Digimon.



“In the world of Zardantor, where it is not so easy to distinguish friend or foe from rogue, how will the newly revived Kina Windclaw survive?”

“Through Gennai, the Digimon Sovereigns choose five new Digi-Destined. Will the combined power of Jonathan, Blair, Sean, Kiri and Luca be enough to stop the evil of Ogudomon?”




“Sobar and the majority of Moonlight Circle have killed themselves rather than submit to service in Argent Unit. Some of the Moonlight cronies are serving time and, on top of that, Kina’s expecting.”

Writing Tips: First of all, and most importantly, always, always check if your spelling is correct. If English isn’t your first language, then double-check as best you can and send it to a beta reader if you have one. It’s vital to have at least 3, in case the first two are offline for extended periods of time. Remember to double space your work, that’s very important as well. Different forums have varying acceptance rates of intense fiction, so give your fic the appropriate rating. Most forums will draw the line at R-rated work, so be sure to keep that in mind.
Credit goes to Sgt Shock for my signature and avatar

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I'll probably expand on this later, but for the time being this should be sufficient. When school finishes in a couple of months and I can get back into writing properly again I'll probably be a bit more active and therefore have more to include in this post.

* * *

Eliminator Jr.


Strong Areas:
I don't know exactly what to include here, but I like to keep my stories as realistic as possible (unless obviously the theme of the story doesn't follow rules of reality). For example in my Pokémon story that I'm in the process of writing in Word, some Pokémon Centers cost money because they don't receive enough funding from the government, trainers can't beat Gym Leaders straight away (if ever), Pokémon cannot be stored in PCs (if this was the case people would be able to copy and paste the data-form of Pokémon and effectively clone them, meaning they could consequently clone people and/or teleport people. If these computers existed, people wouldn't have a need for transport as they'd simply teleport somewhere via a PC, or duplicate themselves to fool police or get jobs done quicker). Okay. Too much example and not enough writing :S

Another strong area is not relying on dialogue to tell the story. But then again, a lot of authors can do this, so it's not really a strong point.

Type of Writing:
I don't write enough to have a proper style. So far I'm just going to say Pokémon fan fictions and other stories slightly similar to the way Dan Brown's books work. I would like to be able to write a story where the only important thing is the relationships between characters and the everyday events that happen to them - a drama or romance if you want. But I'm not skilled enough to write these without thinking what I've written is stupid or badly written.

Type of Characters:
Again, I don't think I've written enough to have a proper style in this. However I try to make characters as realistic as possible. For example, the main character isn't a fire-tempered girl who gets angry and then suddenly everybody is afraid of her for some reason (ie. if she was in my story she could have a temper but nobody would like her because of it). I try to make each character different, also, because the Pokémon fan fic I'm writing now has a LOT of characters in it.

Current Stories:

In planning stages but prologue has been written.
The isle of Sana has always been a peaceful place, until now... I don't know. Summaries are lame.

Maps and Atlases
Not planned. Updated when I get a burst of motivation.
The story of a boy who is so familiar with death that he becomes it.

Future Stories (ideas):
I have a few ideas but I doubt I'll be writing them any time soon.

Writing Tips:
Write at your own pace. Don't be so over-the-top with editing that writing isn't fun anymore. Take what people say in their constructive criticism into consideration so you can become a better writer.
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Why not, this looks fun.

Name: Giratina ♀. It's better if you just call me Giratina, since everyone seems to despise that little symbol there.

Age: Thirteen, yo.

Strong Areas: I like to tell myself that I am good with characters (as well as keeping canons in character) and plotlines, though I admit from what you've all seen of my stuff so far it doesn't seem that way. I also tend to do well with one-shots for some mysterious reason.

Type of Writing: Most all of my stories attempt to be humorous in some way or another, but none of them (save for an FFNet excusive series called Castle of Comic Torture) are intended to be true comedy stories. Most of them can be called adventure stories - and no, not just journey-fics - and the few original plot ideas I have are fantasy.

Type of Characters: I find it fun to write the creeps, the stoics, the lunatics, and the generally unpleasant. XD I also like to think that I'm good at super-optimistic characters, but meh.

Current Stories: (note: discontinued and hiatus'd stories are not listed)
  • Metal Coat: Metal Coat is a twisty-turny adventure where the three protagonists' only goal is to survive long enough in Sinnoh enough to find a way back to Treasure Town. This is made an awful lot harder due to a few minor setbacks: two of the group members were Pokémon for most of their lives and don't know the first thing about human society, they've got a whole host of angry people and Pokémon after them, and one of them is named Cyrus.
  • Indebted: This is Giratina and the Sky Warrior from the side you've never seen - exactly what happened afterward, and the events that led to Lawrence "Zero" Lund coming into possession of what must be the most embarrassing boss ever. One-shot.
  • Beasts Like Us: The life and times of the Northern Wind, Suicune, including a multitude of people chasing after him and a ten-year plotline finally resolved. One-shot.
  • Wings Have We: Wings Have We is a journeyfic (sorry) and focuses around five Pokémon Trainers who run around the revamped region of Holon (which is no longer a mere island meant for Mew hunting, but an honest to goodness six-Badge region). Meanwhile, funny things are happening around Holon's patch of the sea, and a slightly unusual new Team are making life difficult.
  • Abecedarian: What started as an entirely innocent leg of one young Trainer's journey turns into something much, much bigger - all is not well on the Unown's side of the dimensional wall, and things are threatening to get pretty ugly on our side, too. Guess who's intending to stop them?

[OPTIONAL] Future Stories: Ohhhhh boy. This could take a while, kids.

  • Don't Stop The Future is an unpublished story about the rather misguided teenager Marzel "Lugia" Blackwood. Due to a sporatic bout of good or bad luck (depending on how you look at it), he found a 'Shiny Celebi' knocked out in the middle of the road... of course, whether it can be called a Celebi at all is under debate. Soon after he is forced into a quest to find the rest of these strangely-colored Legendaries - test subjects of Mew and imperfections in Arceus' radiant world - before the latter kills them.
  • Genericana is a work still in the early stages of development, about two International Police agents who are sent on a mission to find out what's going on with some unusual occurrences and wind up being sucked into an alternate universe inhabited only by Eevee - some normal, and others with unusual fur colors and designs that set them apart and make them the subject of much ridicule by the normal Eevee. Given fluffy new bodies and a way to resolve the interdimensional conflict they were sent to investigate, it's now up to the two radically different agents to make things right.
  • Double-Time is the story of Rocco, who (after an incident involving Jirachi's Key and his wandering fingers) ends up in the PMD world as a male Lopunny. He soon eats one of eleven magic fruits, which gives him the power of the Rock-type and the catchy title of "Iwa-mi". He is quickly assigned to a mentor in the form of a cute little fox-Jirachi named Superfantasy, and flung into combat with the forces of the corrupted Aku-mi (dark-type) - a Typhlosion known only as the Typhon. It may sound ridiculous, and it is - the entire thing is a big, glorious parody of magical girl shows in the Sailor Moon vein.
  • Yield: Live Wires is a semi-sequel to Beasts Like Us, this time taking us into Raikou's neck of the woods as he has fun with parents, psychotic scientists, and his own inner desire to blow stuff up.
  • Fellow Travelers is an observation on the otherworldly Dusk Project, a clan of Dusknoir and their prevolutions tasked by Arceus to keep the peace across the dimensions. Specifically, it concerns Zu Gyo, a Dusknoir and Dusk Project agent who was suddenly presented with the unfortunate truth: his species are capable of being fantastic traitors.
Writing Tips: I'm always so bad at these... XD Ah well. If you are using canon (or "official") characters like Ash or Morty, remember to keep them acting like their canonical selves. Watch their episodes, read some of their quotes on Bulbapedia, and stalk a few YouTube walkthroughs of the games they're on (or just play them yourself). In addition, think hard about your plotlines - you don't want to be halfway through a story before you realize that no, there's absolutely no plausible reason why Giovanni, Maxie, Archie, Cyrus, and Baron Phobos will decide that they should form a super-team to take over the world. And once you do get your stuff up, remember that a grand majority of reviewers are there to help. Read their opinions closely, try to understand their point of view, and whatever you do, do not throw a temper tantrum.
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Name: Sgt Shock (a.k.a SS, Shock, and Beast)

Age: 19

Strong Areas: Plotlines and character development are probably two strongest area. I love to describe something down to the small details and character interactions are what you can find frequently my story. I cannot say that I’m the best grammar, but I’m working pretty hard to improve that. Though I may not be the best of the writers here, I continue to push myself to get deeper into my characters.

Type of Writing: I write a little bit of everything. Fantasy, Sci-fi, Romance, Action, and Supernatural (only Japanese mythology) are some of the things that I like working on. For me, I like creating a world beyond the normal ideas idea of a certain thing especially when it come to creating a fan fiction. I tend to use a lot of research to assure I stay in line with the fandom of the chosen fiction. I want to make the world feel as realistic as possible to allow the readers to connect with my idea.

Type of Characters: I love writing so many different characters. I tend to take many of those characters and mold them into something that I enjoy. The personality that I like to write the most is the rude, gruff, intimidating characters because they are the opposite of me. I don’t do the typical protagonist; heroics just aren’t my thing. Depth is what I search for and what I strive to be when I’m doing one. You can expect an expansive back story (sprinkled throughout the story) of all of main characters. That’s how I write them.

Current Stories:
[Scars on the Storm’s Surface]
[Currently 4 chapters]
Darkness looms on the distance of the world. Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Almia, and Fiore aren’t as glamorous as it may seem. Crime is on the rise and lives have been change. How far will revenge take them? What is the power of the P.E.T?

[Crest of Royals]
[Currently 2 chapters]
Two continents, eight races, and one war: a guild known as the Lost Forge plans to wield a fallen continent together. A fallen and forbidden half-orc joins their ranks. Is he the killer of the human’s king or a man that sees the truth?

[Brave Sun]
[Currently 16 chapters]
The Blood Tree; a hierarchy of power amongst the anthromorphic animals, power was always a problem. With the Dimming, the Light-Borns have been reduced to nothing more than an afterthought. A ship and its crew are creating rebellion against the Dark-Borns to restore order. Do they have what it takes?

[Restless Rancor]
[Currently 3 chapters]
WoW fan fiction. You don’t want to know if you aren’t interested in the game. Just say that the main character is an undead rogue that is really awesome out for revenge.

[Born by Fate]
[Japanese Mythology/Action]
[Prologue Unfinished]
Garn is the an all-powerful Earth Oni. I don't know where I'm going to go with this but all I know is Garn uses his sheath and his sword to fight. He's a blacksmith and he is traveling somewhere I haven't disclosed. Really hazy about this one.

Future Stories

[Worth Searching For][Working on title]
One Piece Fan Fiction, don’t know what I’m going to do with it. Main characters are the Fishmen Naruk (a narwhale) and Shar-Long (a Hammerhead Shark) working for the Marines. They are in search for Nico Robin—but more importantly, the truth behind her bounty.

Writing Tips: Proofread. That is the big thing that you have to keep in mind. Search for what you aren’t satisfied with and don’t be afraid to rewrite anything. Be as descriptive as possible without drawing it out too much. Let your personality shine through your character and have fun doing your various ideas. Try not to fall for whims and incorporate everything you come up with in one story. I know I have.

"To me, jumping out into the rainy sky on a mad night is nothing more than a bit of fun to go with a drink." -Kinzo
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Name: Haruka of Hoenn, Mrs. Lovett, and more...

Age: grr

Strong Areas: Characters and plot. I like to do my plot in layers, and I'm pretty good at turning the tables.

Type of Writing: Humor and Horror... two sides of the spectrum. I can write both simultaneously, depending on what I'm feeling like. One day I might want to write a horror story, and another day I might want to write a real calm, down-to-earth story. That's a very effective method for me, and it keeps me interested in what I'm writing.

Type of Characters: Honestly, I write anything. I like experimenting with different types of characters, even the 'average Joes', because those can be a lot of fun too. Basically, I write whatever the story calls for.

Current Stories:

[ROOTS // Professorfic]
Michael Rowan transforms himself from a good-for-nothing slacker to Pokemon professor.

... and a few one-shots along the way.

Future Stories:

[Deeds of Darkness - Rewrite three!]
Yes ladies and gentlemen, the accursed title will return like never before. This time, I've given it a total revamp and I'm taking it to the next level. The past two rewrites ended up failures (I have no idea why I still keep the link in my sig), so now I'm going to write it over one step at a time to make it truly a great story. I never meant to do the rewrite, but the reason I find myself typing this now is because I read over the files a few months ago and fell in love with it again... :3 So now I'm gonna try to make it the amazing story it was meant to be. It'll take a long while, so don't expect to see the dreaded topic anytime soon. I have to finish Roots first, after all.

The end.

Writing Tips: I don't think I have anything worthwhile to say... I'm not even sure how I improved myself :/ I guess writing grows on you. You make a few mistakes, and you learn from them with time. Just don't be afraid to try something new. Just because something's never been done before doesn't mean you can't be the first one to do it.
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Name: Elite Overlord LeSabre (and we will not go into my previous username. That identity is dead.)

Age: 84

Strong Areas: Grammar. I'm semi-good at description and dialogue, though I'd hardly say I'm the best at either. I'm also skilled at inserting real world references into my stories.

Type of Writing: Based in reality. Both my main chaptered journey fic and my upcoming project are heavily influenced by the real world, with cars, businesses, and locations that are actual. I've also done a few parodies.

Type of Characters: I prefer writing about female protagonists because they're surprisingly hard to come by in Pokemon fanfiction. I enjoy giving my characters unique interests and hobbies that differ from most other characters out there.

Current Stories:
[Lurking in the Shadows][On Hold indefinitely][15 chapters on PC, 55 chapters total]
[Journey/Adventure/Automotive/Hospitality and Tourism/Mathematics]
The first story featuring my original trainer, Lisa. Join her as she goes on a journey across a new land with her Pokemon, all the while staying at all manner of hotel chains and confusing most everybody with her mad mathematical skills. Oh, and there's the whole badge collecting thing and thwarting evil. PM me if you want the whole story... 15 chapters are posted on PC and that will probably be it.

[At the Beginning][Completed][One-Shot]
Song fic based on the song of the same title from the 'Anastasia' soundtrack. Lisa reflects on her journey o far, what she's accomplished and the friends she's made.

[The Po-Ke Cen-Ter!][Completed][One-shot]
Parody of the Village People's 'YMCA,' and an ad that appeared in my main fic.

"They're ready and waiting for you to enjoy. You can get to know a Nurse Joy."

[Pokemon Celebrity #1][Completed][One-Shot]
Parody of the Saturday Night Live skit, where Lisa, Meowth, and Mars (fail to) answer trivia correctly while host Professor Oak gets increasingly annoyed and suicidal.

[Scammer's Wonderland][Completed][One-Shot]
Parody of the Christmas song, 'Winter Wonderland featuring the heartwarming topic of... corporate and investment fraud!

"Later on, we'll conspire, to commit fraud by wire."

Future Stories

[Untitled as of yet]
[Mystery/Forensic Investigation]
A short chaptered fic following Lisa and a few colleagues as they uncover the mystery behind one of Hearthome City's most prominent citizens. Expect plenty of car-chase action and don't expect it to be more than eight chapters.

[Small Writing Contest Entry]
Will be updated once I post it

Writing Tips: DON'T PLAGIARIZE! I had a problem with this with a certain someone, and it really affected my desire to write. Your story should be your own work, not something you blatantly copied and tried to pass off as your own.

GRAMMAR CHECK! This one should be obvious, but you want your final project to be as polished as it can be. Those extra few minutes checking your story over can be well worth it.

Finally, enjoy what you're writing. Take the comments of reviewers into consideration (unless they're just being rude and insulting), but always remember that this is your fic, not theirs. Make those suggested changes if you truly feel they will make your fic better, but at the same time don't sacrifice your enjoyment and your vision of what you want your story to be just to impress others.

Elite Overlord LeSabre™
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* Leaf Green LP
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Name:Well, just look above you.


Strong Areas: I must admit, I'm better at poetry than writing. And with writing things like the Proffesorfic, I'm hopeless. But humorous writing- I'm great ^__^
Type of Writing: I do like writing humorous stories. But I kinda add my style, ya know. You would know what I mean if you took a look at, say, Switchey-Switchey. I'm also active in the poetry section, if that counts.

Type of Characters: Usually my characters are exaggerated versions of people I already know.

Current Stories: Switchey-Switchey
Switchey-Switchey is a story where two girls travel through a dreamworld- without knowing it.
Future Stories: Switchey Switchey-3
The sequel to Switchey Switchey 2!
Writing Tips: Even the most humorous story can teach a lesson. Try to implement these in your story. It's also good to have hidden jokes for slightly older or younger people.
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Gogogo lazy copyandpaste from SPPF!

Short but meh, maybe I'll edit someday.

Name: Bobandbill. B&B, b&b or bnb for short, I suppose.

Age: 18, last time I checked...

Types Of Writing: Primarily that of the comedy genre, with some parody scattered in here and there as well. I do mess around with a few other styles or moods though, but not that much in fics, I suppose. I find comedy to be be most fun genre for me to write, and I like to try to entertain others as well with my efforts.

For reading though I quite like anything (or near to that anyways) really, as long as it holds my interest, is well-written, and all that jazz.

Strong Areas: Once again - comedy. I like to attempt to turn even the most dull thing into something funny. Dialogue as well, I suppose - I have a fair bit of writing concerning that aspect.

Type Of Characters: Varying. I do have a soft spot for the downright dumb characters though. Comic ones as well. These tend to transfer to my 'Pokemon' in my stories as well.

Current Stories: I present:

The Retelling of Pokemon Colosseum (TRoPC)


This here is my lightly-written, comedy retake on the game Pokemon Colosseum. Involves a bit of parody of the game, and it's also my attempt to explain the unexplained events and plot-holes within the game - it's a fic that takes on the likes of Shadow Pokemon and Miror B's afro. It's going slowly but surely - 17 chapters (as of tomorrow ;p) and a prologue written in thus far.

Unfortunately Blue


This is a one-shot I did for a Tragedy contest a couple of years back on sppf (placed somewhere in the middle) - just a story involving a Houndour who is growing up. With a twist of sorts, of course - but you'll have to read to find out. ;p A Pokemon POV story as well.

Future Stories: MY IDEAS NONE FOR YOU. ;p But too many to list. I have a lot of plot bunnies, and a lot of procastination to go with them. And a lack of time. =(

Writing Tips: Proofreading for the win. Take constructive crit on board. Be patient, and don't rush your fic writing. Read other fics as well, and see how other people do it (there's something to be learnt from both the good and not-as-good writiers, so to speak). Reviews are also awesome to give - when you consider how much you'd like a nice, big, in-depth review, think that a good chunk of other writers want the very same. ;p And take enjoyment from your writing - keep it fun.
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Opportunity to indulge in my shamelessly egotistical side? Okay! (Insert a chorus of screams here.)

Valentinez Alkalinella Xifax Sicidabohertz Gombigobilla Blue Stradivari Talentrent Pierre Andri Charton-Haymoss Ivanovici Baldeus George Doitzel Kaiser III.
But my friends and the ladies call me Jax.

Physically 23. Mentally... let's not answer that question.

* Characters. For canon characters, I love to do my research and show it off – as in, I never use a canon character if I don't have some kind of grasp on their personality based on the way I've seen them act in the source material. (I loathe character rape. The characters are so much more interesting if you're not lazy about them.) For original characters, I find it a fun challenge to create someone who's believable and recognizable as an individual. You know, an entire cast of people who act differently compared to one another, complete with their own quirks and thought processes. I've been told I'm decent at it.
* Plots. I'm not the most original person ever, but I like to think I've been able to come up with stuff that's new and different and, most of all, apt to screw with readers' expectations.
* Descriptions. Years of reffing in a couple of anime-style battling leagues and reading lots of twisted webcomics have convinced me that the best way to tell a story is by immersing a reader in a story. As in, you can practically smell that carcass the prologue just dropped on you. (Did we ever mention the fact that Jax is slightly sadistic when it comes to description to evoke certain pleasant emotions in her audience? No? Now you know.)

If you can name it, I've has probably written it with some degree of (in)decency. I'm most interested in science-fiction and fantasy, however, because I have an overactive and somewhat sadistic imagination, and those seem to be the genres that let me do whatever the crap I want and blame it on science and magic. (Or, you know, it's because of the entire bit about how I like to do my research and show it off.)

O hai thar! But seriously, I use whatever characters a story calls for, and I'm willing to experiment. Some of the characters are pretty stereotypical; some aren't. There's nothing I won't try to write at least once. However, as the link implies, my favorite type of main character to work with is the geek, the ordinary (compared to, say, Ash Ketchum), and the meek who happen to be forced into the role of reluctant hero (and who don't necessarily do a good job at filling that role once they realize what they're being forced to do, either). I've always felt that there's more interesting conflicts if the hero just wasn't born to be a hero and just isn't designed to be one.

That and it's hilarious, in my view.

(Note: FFNet and dA exclusives are not listed here. If you want them, you can peek at my FFNet profile and my dA profile.)

Anima Ex Machina (Arc I: Codename Adam)
(Pokémon | science-fiction/suspense | multi-chapter | in progress | rated R for violence, mind rape, and gratuitous abuse of tropes)
Mild-mannered researcher Bill McKenzie is recruited by the government to study an extraterrestrial Pokémon. But then the subject fused to him, transformed him into a mutant with superhuman powers, and triggered a series of events that resulted in the two of them being forced to defend humanity against an alien invasion (when they're not busy trying to figure out how to share a body). And you thought your day at the office sucked.

More One-Shots Than I Care To List
Full list here or in my thread history. Sorry. I'm that lazy.

Anima Ex Machina (Arc II: full title to be decided)
(Pokémon | science-fiction/suspense | multi-chapter)
To avoid giving away too many spoilers, the first book will be resolving only one half of a pretty major problem Bill's encountering. This arc is dedicated to resolving the other half. (And hopefully my brain will behave and avoid producing a third arc.)

A Midsummer Knight's Dream
(Original | science-fiction/suspense | multi-chapter)
In the far future, an isolated city-state has endured almost fifty years of civil war between two nearly identical political factions. Out of nowhere, an organization appears, the Midsummer Knights, a group forced into a dangerous treasure hunt with the prize being whatever one's heart desires. The game promises to stop the war by tearing the city apart, but what it didn't count on was an aimless artist who, frankly, doesn't even know what she's doing there. (Rewrite of an older fic. Still debating on whether or not I'll post it here, but hey.)

Besides the usual proofread, listen to the people giving you constructive criticism, do your research, think things through, that sort of thing, there's only two real tips I can offer:

1. Don't be afraid to post your work. A writing community is made for people to exchange tips and ideas, so the worst that could happen is we give you a bad review. Most likely, though, you'll learn from your mistakes and slowly get better.

2. Although your fic is your work, remember to write with an audience at least partially in mind. That way, you can force yourself to convey ideas as clearly as possible, and you avoid giving yourself a "God's gift to writing" complex.
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Name: Arif Omer Vebhi Erdogan.
Age: 12.
Strong Areas: Rhyming, Also books with destinys and fighting and slight humour.
Type of Writing: Books with people with destinys or a quest (Percy Jackson)
Type of Characters: Three, Leader / Follower / Idiot humour)
Current Stories: Goblin slayer.
[OPTIONAL] Future Stories: Sequal.
Writing Tips: However hard it seems it isn't..

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Name: Rucario (Real Name - Kevin)

Age: 19

Strong Areas: I have none, but I sure know how to make them really long. So I guess length?

Type of Writing: I don't really know. I don't have a specific type of writing. I switch a lot.

Type of Characters: People that have problems that everyone can relate to. Insane people, people in debt, things like that.

Current Stories: Pokemon Journeys. I used to have Kanto Journeys, but canceled it. I'm working on a new story that isn't related to Pokemon.

[OPTIONAL] Future Stories: I'm working on a few, but I still need to name them.

Writing Tips: Find a writer that can inspire you enough to make you write your own stories. It's easy to write stories when you have inspiration.

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Name: 2Blue4U/ Kindle Burns

Age: 20

Strong Areas: Best with plot development, concept planning... a good writer to be sure, but way too much of a perfectionist to implement all of my ideas effectively.

Type of Writing: Mostly modern fantasy/ science-fiction, though I'll write drama, horror... really, whatever inspiration real life happens to give me.

Type of Characters: I write awkward well. I also write dysfunctional, heroic, and comic.
I can't honestly pinpoint specific brands of characters. Character development is something I enjoy quite a bit. I try to let them breathe on the page.

Current Stories: Badforce- You Too Can Triforce- fan-fiction of sorts. I create a completely original world, with completely original characters (well, as original as I could be... we all fit our influences into our stories somehow.) The main character, Jerry Carter, is an awkward boy.
I can't spoil much. This is the first part of a planned twenty-something part series with an overarching plot that is slightly developed in each part. It will put Jerry in an original interpretation of the Zelda universe, with Zelda themes and characters throughout. The whole thing is planned for 400-800 pages, and I hope to have it done by the end of the year, though this project has been something that I've been building upon and developing since some time in 2009. (I've rewritten the first chapter goodness knows how many times, and since I got off my laziness two days ago, that's all I have, outside of a fair amount more planning.)

Future Stories: Novels (that aren't mere side-projects,) Badforce Part Two: Digitize Me, Cap'N, Badforce Parts Three through Thirty.

Writing Tips: Discipline yourself. Keep your project in your head at all times. Only write if you're sure it's how you want to spend your time, because time is just as valuable as people claim it to be.
Learning the English language is essential. You're not just telling a story. In today's day and age, being your own editor saves a ton of money, since a lot of publishers will only accept your story as is.
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Name: SeleneHime / Moonlight-Zelda

Age: 16

Strong Areas: My strong areas definitely fall among these three categories - Description, characterization, and the 'ability' to pull initial plot lines out of thin air. (It does take me longer to make it thorough enough for a decent length story, through.) Its usually habit for me to paint the scenery, and all too easy to step into most of my character's shoes. I also dabble in poetry.

Type of Writing: Fantasy is my most dominate genre, though varying subtypes apply to various stories. (Dark, Adventure, Epic, Mythpunk?, etc.) I also tend to include romance in my stories, although its hardly the driving force. My variations on my fantasy works ranges from new twists on old archetypes, to what others have said is entirely original for its subgenre.

I've also recently started dabbling in original Science-Fiction, though its mostly character driven rather than by technology (Soft Sci-Fi?). And to go with that train of thought, I've also had a few passing ideas of Steampunk archetypes, though they have yet to be developed or even put to use.

Overall, though, my fanfiction categories fall under both genres to keep it simple. (Pokemon would count as Fantasy/Science-Fiction to me, at least.)

Type of Characters: Really, the only characters it is hard for me to write are the happy-go-lucky ones that don't have a care in the world. I need a character with substance; a goal, and a challenge/trial for them. From there on out, they seem to develop themselves. My most notable characters come from rather dark situations, though.

Current Stories: This'll be rather long, bear with me. Note that the summaries of the stories to be probably aren't the greatest, but they're having to exclude important plot points in order not to spoil anything.

- Collections -
Poetry & Songs: As the title plainly states, it is of the poetic sense. Generally threads with my work over the past three years, though the selection varies greatly from poem to poem.

Oneshot Galleria: Again, simple title. Fan and original oneshots are collected there, but are few in number as opposed to the sprawling stories that pop up for me. [Upcoming Oneshots: "Soul Stealer" & "Illusions" - The latter a complete rewrite of my first oneshot from six years ago.]

Freewriting & Fragments:
Random idea snippets, or fragments that will later be included in a story.

Drabbles: 100 words or less for each piece, though mine sometimes go over that small limit.

Skits: Script-type character interaction. While usually plot related, some are just for the fun of it.

- Fannovels & Fanfiction -
Pokemon: Chronicles of Erana
[Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Adventure with Romance. Original Base. PG13 for reader safety on later themes.]
{Summary subject to change.}
For Cecilia Thomas, her journey with Mana only starts out smooth. An odd group intent on cleansing the world has been popping up every so often in various media, but so far hasn't caused any true trouble. At least until now. Why the sudden change? But Fallen Mystica continues to dig deeper. Blood is spilled.

Fire Emblem: Scourge of Yggdra
[Fantasy-Adventure with Romance. Original Base. PG15 for the brutality of war.]
The time of demons had long passed, by nearly four centuries. And yet, their stain was left on the continent in the form of evertos. Regarded by full blooded humans as impure, a pending disaster. But perhaps that discrimination was taken too far. A once peaceful nation has taken the continent by storm, slaughtering its closest allies and any who opposed its new rule. Some say that the Arch was reopened. Others that the King Laurus has lost his mind. But just how many tattered remains will be willing to pick up their arms? Or further still, survive betrayal?

- Original -
[Dark Fantasy with some romance. Novel. M17.]
An escaped slave with a thirst for revenge. A millennia old vampire, Sealed in time by his creator. What they have in common? The reigning Prince seeking naught but a river of red from them. She for accidentally releasing Gabriel's Seal, the impudent mage begrudgingly allowing him to live. He for the death sentence five centuries ago, and now for defending Serenity. All the while, the last remaining continent slowly succumbing to the venomous mist.

(Not the greatest summary, but meh. I'm not that great them anyway. This novel answers the question of a vampire's power, and potential relationship to humans. In this case ... Humanity being enslaved, or what is left of it. Mages in particular capturing a vampire's interest, but an interest in survival. The former having discovered a simpler way to kill those of vamparic origins through magic, the excess life energy that runs through their veins. But now they are a dying breed - Regularly fed from or killed on the spot, harvesting the magical essence from them, in sense.

Trien is the last human controlled settlement. A settlement that Serenity managed to reach two years ago, after nearly killing her Master, the Noble Lawrence. The prologue is set five hundred years before chapter one, whilst the latter begins with her trial hunt.

Prince [Generally 1000 years of age or older.]
Noble [500 years or older.]
Commoner [Average vampire.]
Mage [Humans or vampires both, of capability.]

Vampires are also quite different in this case. Due to magical tampering some 3000 years ago, the first was created entirely on accident. Thus, their traits are also different.)

Dragon Heart
[Fantasy/Dark Fantasy. Subgenres undecided. PG15.]

[OPTIONAL] Future Stories: Not going to fill in the plot lines of these because (A) I'm not good at summaries, and (B) all of these aside from Rising Darkness are subject to change when I get back to them.

- Fannovel & Fanfiction -
Pokemon: Rising Darkness
[Fantasy/Sci-Fi. PG15.]

Pokemon: Dragon Knight
[Fantasy. Possibly PG13.]

Legend of Zelda: Crescent Light Chronicles
[Fantasy-Adventure, Romance, etc. PG13/PG15 for later themes.]
In dire need of rewriting/replotting ...

Legend of Zelda: Dark Waters
[Fantasy-Adventure, Romance, etc. PG13/PG15.]
An AU idea of CLC, working off of mostly OCs as well.

Final Fantasy: TBD (Title to Be Decided)
[Fantasy-Adventure, Romance, etc. Original Base. PG13.]

Sailor Moon: Celestial Shadows
[Fantasy, Romance, etc. Original Base. PG13.]

Sailor Moon: TBD (Title to Be Decided) - Working Title: Supernova
[Fantasy, Romance, etc. Original Base. PG13.]

- Original -
Shades of Gray
[Fantasy. PG13?]

Leaute: The High One
[Fantasy. PG13?]

Writing Tips: The best advice I could give would relate to scenery and characterization. You'll want to paint the scene as if you were there. Sensory descriptions; what they feel, see, hear, etc. The trick is to find a happy-medium, so you're not overloading like Tolkien. And with characters, to really make them real, you need to step into their shoes. How are they feeling? What is their trial or challenge? Do they take to it well, or not? I could go on for quite some time about characters, but I'll cut it short here. (Maybe I should finish that character guide ... Hmm.)
The Thinking Writer's Guide to Pokemon Fanfiction Account
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Don't bump threads that are over a month old. If they're buried in the archive, they are due to lack of interest, and should remain buried.

Thread closed.

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