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Old August 15th, 2016 (1:39 PM).
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So I had a new question this week. The hype for gen 7 is at a record high something I haven't seen since gen 5 (gen six may have been covered better, but the sheer wonder and amazement by 5's whole new world mentality did a lot for the theories and the possibilities).

So here we are in the fanfiction section writing our own stories that change the rules of pokemon and often have their own new features to them. The question at hand is about keeping up to date with pokemon for your current projects. Do you add things based on upcoming features? Have you already done your speculation and decided to make that your own canon?

I for one have been loving the Alola forms as they seem to be a far better and more reasonable version of those breeding forms that would have thrown every old bit of breeding out the window and left everybody lost. Distant regions have different versions that generally keep the same traits its actually pretty awesome. In my medieval pokemon FF I've worked in a "Southern Ridge" Doduo. Normally I'm not a big fan of the pokemon, but with tiny tweaks I've made it much more stocky and bulky instead of very tall and gangly. Basically I've turned it into a kind of "pack bird" and suddenly a pokemon I wasn't super big on is super awesome to me. Now I've redesigned pokemon plenty (I do a fair bit of spriting. More recolors than designs, but still) with this being a feature in the game I fell validated I suppose. I can make this jump without having to do all of the work to develop it in my own canon. I already have to explain how types work in a more realistic world with energy type auras that are infused into attacks (I explain a lot of the pokemon world using aura), so having one less thing is awesome.

On the other hand I'm not keen on Z-moves for a story telling perspective, so I doubt I'll really put those in. I much prefer pokemon making combo moves (My favorite is dig out a huge place underground, fill with water, earthquake. Instant quicksand/mud pit.)

Final note is adding new pokemon despite not having all the data on them. I for one don't care too much about movesets. My grovyle knows razor leaf and I don't care who says he can't. He has leaf kunai and it's awesome. I already have a mudsdale and plan to be using a vikavolt in a story (I've actually got a pokemon trainer whose type speciality is bug and its rather cool to write as bugs get so underrated in the games and here I can make them at least even with other types.)

Now again I'll ask you about adding new features and pokemon while the games are still in development and how you work with and/or around that.
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Old August 16th, 2016 (1:25 PM).
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We are followers of a big franchise that keeps growing and that, unlike eg.: Final Fantasy, doesn't really put down releases as "finalized" (until the next remake, at least). While I have been on worldbuilding for Pokémon since at least 2011, I have learned some things, about releases, about retcons, about speculation, and about originality.

The big thing, however, is to treat the franchise the same way it is treated publicly by its creators: "always leave room for something else". Remember when Mew was the progenitor of all Pokémon? Except when we apparently had a big llama that was the "Creator". But hey! It turns out a random, mostly "earthly" Mega is superior in power to him. So yeah. And if you look down at the history of Pokémon out-of-universe, it turns out the "first Pokémon" was actually Rhydon

Fortunately language is a loose, wonderful thing and gives you openings for everything.

So, over time, I've sometimes added stuff from new Generations and releases. Obviously, the new Pokémon are a big part of that. Stuff like new items also go in as well, in particular if they complement old ones (the Plates or the X-Stat items for example). When G5 came around I quickly found a place for the Muskedeer Trio / Quartet, or more properly for their species, given their particular movelists and lore. G6's Assault Vests are merely but a random make and model of a much larger market for Pokémon combat. Not much issue.

Of course, some other times official stuff has clashed with what I had going, in particular when it comes to picking a 'mon that has been hidden or unused behind an event suddenly having big stuff going on with it. For example, Zygarde. In my 'verse, Zygarde is much like Rayquaza: a great wyrm, green, powerful, unique, with some heavy myth going on behind them (they are more or less the mythological equivalents to Miðgarðsōrmr and Niðoggr in my setting). So the idea of the Zygarde "cells" and the whole memedoge-to-Perfect Cell / Evangelion-progression definitively did not fit in there. Definitively. So what did I do? I discarded the current canon in that respect (I found it far too boring and... animesque) and instead chose a reinterpretation, where Zygarde is the leader of a group of alike green Pokémon creatures collectively calling themselves The Zygardi. The 'cells were not included and are not part of my setting- they already conflicted with previous fanon I had adapted from an RP I am part of, where Zygarde's world-wide followers and sentries are Dunsparce. Likely will end up doing someting similar with Ash-Greninja, considering its heavy Naruto basis.

Do I pound my chest over that, claiming I can no longer be a One True Scotsman Pokémon fan? No, because, as it turns out, ORAS also made canon the multiverse, meaning not only some things can and do happen in different ways (original RBY had no black Charizard "fourth evo", and Origins!Mewtwo is definitively far more animalistic than M1!Mewtwo), it also means any and all relatively well-established fanon can be in a form of "together-canon". You can pick stuff from other people (I do that with their permission and under their consultation, in particular with the people of the RP I work in) and it leads to creating an even awesomer Pokémon world.

And of course, this is not at all limited to only the mainline games. Stuff from PMD and the TCG have found their way into my canon, Potentially Rumble World and Pokken, too.

The key is, always, have room open for something else.

Looking at the future, Alola is a thing... and so far is promising in that it is taking a concept that was already available somewhere else in the franchise - Pokémon variations, which was seen in the Orange Islands season of the anime as well as the "Delta Species" element of the TCG - and canonizing it into the videogames, the root of the franchise. Other individual elements are less indicating of anything for the moment, but there's still a lot of time to wait and room to see. As for Z-moves, I already have Limit Breaks in my 'verse, though they are per-species or per-specimen rather than Z-moves which seem to be per-type and apparently tied to Zygarde? And admittedly, I like the idea of combo moves before. I fondly remember the various combinations in Chrono Trigger and I think they'll fit awesomely in a Pokémon verse.

But we're still a good time before release, let alone the manga and anime adaptions. So... We'll see, but for the moment, the most enjoyable thing I can do is wink and "I knew it" :p -- Other than that, I keep my tabs open, literally, on various development docs, ready to take notes and see what stuff can be adapted and how. And I always have a couple of people I can ask and cross check ideas with.
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