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Old December 2nd, 2014 (03:53 PM).
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How confident are you in your writing? Why? How long have you been that confident, or not? How confident do you think a writer should be in their work? How long have you had that opinion?

Of course confidence in our writing is important, but can you have too much?
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Old December 2nd, 2014 (10:54 PM).
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I'm confident that I can convey my scenes the way I want them to, but I'm not so confident in using the perfect words to do that. I think I'm pretty average as far as my current writing is, but I hope to be up to a professional level someday. Now that would be pretty cool.

Can people have too much confidence in their writing? Yes, definitely. I've seen plenty of replies to criticism that is nothing but the writer defending their piece, and how the critique doesn't apply simply because the story is perfect as it is. That, or the author spouting off about how any critique of their work is a flame, because how dare anyone say anything negative about your story. It's a little pet peeve of mine, because why put your work out there for people to critique if you're so confident that it's absolutely perfect in every way, shape, and form?
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Old December 3rd, 2014 (10:40 AM).
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Boss Salamence
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I would describe myself as an ok writer. I'm not good but I'm not bad. However, I have very little to no confidence but I try anyway.
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Old December 6th, 2014 (06:28 PM).
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I guess I'm pretty neutral. There are some days when I feel like I'm terrible at writing though. It causes me to give up too easily. I get writer's block so badly. D:
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Old 3 Weeks Ago (01:36 AM).
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Quote originally posted by Kyoe:
How confident are you in your writing? Why? How long have you been that confident, or not? How confident do you think a writer should be in their work? How long have you had that opinion?
I think it's good enough, though I always try to improve by learning new words and such. I think my style is pretty solidified by now ... my main goal is to try writing new genres, since I usually just focus on romance/fantasy.

I'd love to write some horror some day. I've done a couple pieces, but yeah...not really my thing. I think I could be good at it, however.

I've always been fairly confident in my writing, even when I was terrible LOL I think a writer (or any artist) needs a fair amount of confidence in order to keep going... otherwise they might stop because they think their work is "bad" -- what matters more than confidence, though, is having fun with it no matter what .. being able to appreciate the work you did

I think too much confidence can lead to problems... as there is a fine line between confidence and arrogance

I met another writer in high school who was like this, and she just alienated everyone else in our journalism class by being so full of herself. while she may have been talented, treating our classmates like that was pretty childish IMO.

we were equals in terms of skill, but I preferred to help people learn to write better whereas she would constantly toot her own horn. (ugh)

It's pretty difficult to make writer friends as a lot of them come off as arrogant, self-absorbed jerks... >.<

uh, anyway... im done now haha.

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Old 3 Weeks Ago (04:41 PM).
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I'm confident in my ability to put my thoughts on paper in an orderly fashion, so that my readers have no problem keeping up with me.
I'm also confident enough not to be shy about loving to write, and I've shared many works through various means among acquaintances, friends and family.
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Old 3 Weeks Ago (12:46 AM).
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I'm confident in of my writing in dutch, for Short stories, or poems, but I know my English isn't topnotch. I'm fluent in reading it, and speaking is natural, but I know my writing is a little wonky. I just don't have the natural grip on the grammar, and even though I know loads of words, I have a hard time just recalling them on the spot.
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Old 3 Weeks Ago (06:48 PM).
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I'm pretty confident, I enjoy reading my own work and I've been writing fanfics/stories ever since I was a little girl, even thought of a journalism major and almost published a book. Stories that I have written years ago and I come back to I really like and wish I would have finished. I used to write for my friends a long time ago too, and they always told me it was really good and they really enjoyed it.

But I guess I just don't have the confidence to post my fics online when it comes to it these days, especially if it contains real life people. It's hard keeping them in character and I find I have to reread those over and over again to get it just right. I also kind of suck when it comes to the romance department since I haven't experienced it first hand. I have to pick up and learn from other people's writing when it comes to that but I have greatly improved, especially on those naughty scenes. I also hate the pressure of keeping it updated and people whining for an update. This is mostly why I only write for myself so I can go at my own pace without feeling rushed.
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