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Old July 31st, 2014 (03:13 PM).
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Hello, I hope this is the right place to post this.
Recently I have aquired an r4 ds card in order to play pokemon hacks on such as Dreys Volt white and others I can find. I really wanted to know before I purchased the card if Id be able to trade pokemon from this hack to my actual cartridges I own because Volt white has all pokemon availible to catch in it so I want to be able to trade event pokemon such as Arceus. I wasnt able to find any info on the subject but I ordered the card anyway and assumed it would work.
Today after acquiring the x-transceiver in volt white I decided it was time to test communication.
It works. I was able to trade pokemon between the games with out an issue in the unknown room.
So to anyone with the same question I had. Yes. R4 card can communicate with product cards. Even if its a hack surprisingly.
I wanna test a few other thing that Im worried to test. I want to see if dream radar and poke transporter will detect the games on there at all. However I dont know is my r4 card is able to work in a 3ds at all. I also want to test if I can communicate to it with white 2 in the 3ds and r4 card in my dsi still. (I used my friends ds fat to play white 2)
In volt white a few moves and stats are changed. I wanna see what will happen if I have a battle between the games. Cut for instance is a grass move with more power in volt white. Im curious what would happen if I knocked out a geodude or something with it were on white 2 screen cut would be not very effective but on volt white it would be super effective and kill it. I would think if communication didnt cut out it would be like how miscommunication glitches were in red and blue.
However Im worried it could mess up my save data on white 2 though even though I dont think it would happen. :0

Ill use this thread to document my experiments and other people are welcomed to post info they might have about these sorta things. I really cant find a lot of info on this stuff so I think a thread is good to have.
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Old August 1st, 2014 (09:54 AM).
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As long as the communications code or the pokeman data wasn't messed with on the DS hack, there should be no problem whatsoever with communications between said hack and the official games.
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