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Old August 7th, 2010 (10:48 AM).
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I would like a male charmander, charmeleon, or charizard I don't care what level. I know a Male charmander, charmeleon, or Charizard is a little to much. But I have some cool pokemon to offer like

LUGIA!!! lv 45

caught from the whirl islands strait from soul silver
so you know what it's like

Crobat lv 37

Since crobat evolves by friendship it's pretty hard to get and it knows mean look so it's really good for catching roaming pokemon

onix lv 14 or 8
alakazam lv 17
staravia lv 19
sudowodo lv 20
prinplup lv 19
kangaskhan lv 8
kenya the spearow lv 20
DITTO lv 10
Grotle lv 22
2 nidoran male
togetic lv 25
or magmar lv 35

If you would like any of these pokemon and you just happen to have a Char Evo then vm or pm me
I'M BACK!!!!!!!!

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Old August 7th, 2010 (1:06 PM).
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I have a charmamder. Go ahead and have it. Post on my tread. page 4.
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Old August 7th, 2010 (3:21 PM).
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Use the Quick Trade Thread next time around.

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