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Art & Design For digital, traditional, design, photography and mixed media art, Pokémon-related or not. Showcase or discuss anything related to the visual arts here.

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Old July 1st, 2013 (8:08 AM). Edited July 1st, 2013 by DjAbsoul547.
DjAbsoul547 DjAbsoul547 is offline
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I am making a fakemon rom and need help from you guys here i will post some sprites and i need you to give them evolutions or i will ask some of you to make a pokemon just for the game.

1. You may post your own sprite but i already have the starters
2. any kind of sprite as in new pokemarts trainers buildings and things like that
3. Be creative no stealing other posts i will not take stolen sprites please do your best you may have other peoples sprites IF ONLY IF they give you permission


Request #1 I need lots of fakemon sprites of any type at these rarity rates

1 Most. Normal, Fly, Ground, Grass, Bug
2 Medium. Psychic, Fire, Water, Rock, Steel, Dark, Fight, Ice, Electric,Ghost
3 Harder. Dragon NEW TYPES Light, Rainbow, and Tech

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Old July 2nd, 2013 (11:26 AM).
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joeyhugg joeyhugg is offline
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I just happen to have this:

It's Shelgon and Pinsir. Free to use by you. I don't know how many will sign up for this, however. Maybe ask for permission to use some of the sprites from the Pokemon Fusion game?
Old July 3rd, 2013 (12:55 AM).
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Pixel Art/Pixel Projects is not a place for ROM Hackers or fan-game creators to request for Pixel Art. Firstly, projects should go by me through PM before being able to post otherwise they will be closed regardless of their quality (unless it's going really well). Secondly, projects shouldn't be beneficial to the project creator like this one, it should be a community project to have fun and have pixel artists come together.

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