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Forum Games It's time to save yourself from the everyday trials and tribulations of your vigorous post day. Welcome to Forum Games, where the only posts are frantic fun and hilarious hijinks.

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Old November 27th, 2010 (08:02 PM). Edited March 10th, 2014 by Netto Azure.
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Forum Games Rules

Character Limits and the Four Word Rule

This no longer applies to Forum Games. We encourage new games to be created based on this new freedom.

The Revival Rule

Please refrain from posting in threads that haven't been posted in during the last 30 days.

If a thread is too old, make a new one. Constant revival [five times or more] will be infracted with 2 points that will last for two weeks.

No Chat Threads:

There is already the Daily Chit-Chat thread in Other Chat for random discussions. Exception would be the three counting threads: DLTMSA, TCTI, and TBGCT.

No More Than Three Active Counting Games At a Time:

Most counting games eventually become chat threads with numbers, of which there are already too many. So, there needs to be a cap on how many counting threads can exist at once. Only when one of the active threads not get a post in 30 days can another counting thread be made.

Rating Games

Just a short note: Don't bypass. In rating games like "Rate the Signature of the User Above" put the rating out of ten, and then a short constructive critiscism.


Your pic is too blurry and it ruins it.

Also, don't go around and post things like "I already rated yours before, [insert same rating here].". If you already have rated the user's Signature/Avatar/Theme/etc. before, just wait for someone else to post!

Members posting in Forum Games are prohibited from rating the same member consecutively twice, and rating others consecutively 5 times.*

*The quantity allotted may change at the discression of Staff Members.

Guessing Games

When creating a guessing game, please put thought into them.
Games like "Guess how old I am", are pointless, as they will come to an end pretty quickly, and will be closed.
If you feel the urge to create a guessing game, please think of something that won't end after 10 posts.

Duplicates & Thread Monopolies

As with the revival rule; don't make threads that already exist and are still active.
Before creating games please search for existing and active threads.

Members posting in Forum Games are prohibited from replying to the same person in this Forum Games thread more than 5 times consecutively*:

- The Gender Game

*The quantity allotted and thread the rule is enforced may change at the discression of Staff Members.

No Going Off-Topic (Now reworded):

(This rule is already here, but I'd like to reword it a bit).

This may be the Forum Games section, but the threads have specific topics that need to be adhered to as well. If there are comments you'd like to make about another person's post, use Visitor Messages on that member's profile or the Post Comment feature of that same post. If it's absolutely necessary that you need to make a post in the thread, then include something relevant to the game. Take this The One Above exchange, for example:
Quote originally posted by Jack:
^ (Jill) has an avatar from a TV show, but I don't know which TV show specifically.
Quote originally posted by Jill:
^ has an avatar that features Blaziken.

My avatar is from The Colbert Report, by the way.

Copy+Paste (The One Above)

You cannot copy and paste posts. By that, I mean you can't copy + paste "^ is the poster above this post" or whatever the new thing is. The idea of The One Above is to get to know other members or give some information about them, not just repeat yourself over and over.
The games in OT are here for you to make friends and get to know each other better; not for you to just post in. Plus, you're not gaining anything from just posting mindlessly.


Have some common sense. Abide by all the normal PokeCommunity rules.
Remember if you see any posts that break rules, report them! Please do not mini-mod.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me or another member of the higher-staff and we'll be happy to help you.

Remember to have a good time and enjoy yourself! Thank you guys. :D

Originally written by Kylie-chan.
Edited by Franceschi & Netto Azure
CSS by BinaryPeaches


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November 21, 2014 / Staff Collab 2014

Old January 7th, 2011 (05:48 PM). Edited March 15th, 2014 by donavannj.
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Looking for a game? Want to see what games we have here? Have an idea for a game, but you don't know if it's already available? You've come to the right place. Here's a list of all the active games that are currently in Other Trivia. Please, refer to this before making a new game~

For a description of a specific game, please hover their title.

All games should have links, but not descriptions. Just be sure to check the first page (and check it anyways!) for any games that does not have a description. Also, please note that sometimes this Index it outdated (because I'm lazy) so doublecheck the last post's date before posting. If any of these threads do happen to be out of date, PM/VM me (Sora), Netto Azure, or donavannj and we'll update this as soon as possible. Thanks!

Also note that if one is outdated, someone may have already made a new version and the thread has just not been updated, so please double check the forum before making a new version, just in case. :)

Counting/Chatting threads

(Want to simply count and chat with others in Other Trivia? These places are the way to go. However, these are the only ones allowed, and no more can be made.)

Rating Threads

(Want something rated? Want to help someone out by rating something on theirs? Here are all the games available for your rating urges! Just be sure to politely add comments about your rating.)

Above Threads

Where the next poster comments the poster above according to thread rules
^ Above updated as of March 11th, 2014. Below not yet updated.

Action/Reaction & Question Threads

(You post a response to the post above and say something for the next poster to react/answer to)

List Games

(List/Post something that is thread relevant)

Miscellaneous Games

(Games that currently do not have a place in any of the other Categories)
Thank you Stand Alone for helping out with organizing the Index

Threads previously in the index that do not currently exist:
Rate the Profile Above You
Liar Liar[*]They're never gonna say that!![*]What do the two above have in common[*]Dare

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