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Old November 19th, 2015 (6:39 PM).
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Pokemon DEW and EMBER are my first ever rpg maker projects in development.
This is just a glimpse of the title screen, by @Luka S.J modified by me.
Also credits to @Kleinstudio for pokemon essentials bw v3_1_1
and @Maruno + @Poccil + @Flameguru for pokemon essentials.

My Idea:
So there's some team (haven't chosen a name) that is looking for ways in which Pokemon can become stronger.
They introduce this claim that the Pokeball device limits a pokemon's power and potential, that in nature, pokemon have no limits.
The reason we don't find any of these pokemon with no power limit in the wild, is that pokemon don't naturally seek power. Although some very few pokemon have tried hard enough to communicate with people.
The problem is that this team alters the balance in nature when releasing specific pokemon.
Chaos becomes present in the wild, and eventually in trainers and their pokemon.
Trainer's pokemon may envy those who have exceeded their limit and are more likely to ignore commands, and hate you for their loss.
And trainers who release their pokemon to get stronger, usually can't find and reunite with them, while those pokemon terrorize the weaker ones.
Trainers rebel the work of this team and try to restore the balance of pokemon, and their power over their own. But the fighting only leads to more chaos.
Finally, all the chaos awakens a force that has slumbered for decades... and this time, the world isn't so lucky.

I am currently working on the title screen for DEW version
I am so far, on the second gym area but have not yet made the gym layout for either gyms
I mean for this game to hold challenges such as the team's pokemon having competitive moves, stats, items, etc. and horde trainer battles with normal level pokemon. (Not like oras where everything dies with one surf)
I am going to try to change the game mechanics so that when you release your pokemon, they can be found again and will be stronger. But I don't know what i will do to make them stronger yet.
The pokemon ignorance is only temporary and will only last through a couple of events.
In this game, the outcomes of events, will affect a lot of other outcomes in the game. For example, if you lose to a boss, an extra/different event might occur from if you would have won. But it will most likely allow you to rematch the boss, but in a different battle format. (To make things interesting)
These are simply ideas that i may possibly include in the game so they may be changed/removed if i can think of any flaws or if people don't like some of it.
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