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Old November 27th, 2014 (01:28 PM).
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We totally made unique Monsters!: *sarcasm*

A House:

Hello pokecommunity,

Let me introduce myself, my name is Prof..... Cameron "Seki" Znojemsky, now let me tell you about the journey you might soon discover!

I know its not a full Pokemon Game, but.... Its a game completely from scratch, and i kinda designed around Pokemon Abilities,Style,Overworld,Battles, but put a Digimon Evolution Tree on it (similar to an eevee evolution, where you use an Item to Evolve ) But it could go wrong and turn into something a bit different.

So let me explain more about the battle mechanics, its a bit like battleships, but the difference is, you can move, so we were Inspired by Pokemon Mechanics and Stats and skill sets.

You start off with 2 Grids, your enemys and your own, you select "Move, Attack or Special", So everyone who has selected Move , moves first, So than if you selected Attack, you need to predict whether the monster will move or will stay in the same position.

Specials do various things, like a Criss Cross (Pictured Above) attacks in a cross Grid, which means that IF the player does not move, he will get hit... (aswell as ones around him).

There is a move called Shockwave which, if they do move, they WILL get hit, by an electric type move.

And another unique skill is dubbed "Flame Thrower" pick a row, and do a devastating fire blast to all in that row.

You can follow us on Twitter, for more!

Efinsi Twitter

We try and update everyday. (including other projects)

OH! and did i say, you will have character Customization.... And the fact that its a MMO?

The whole thing will be online, trade your monsters with other players, exchange items...

FORM GUILDS, and build your own towns with our version of "GYMs" which will be controlled by a Guild Members. And more importantly, fight in guild Wars, more than 10 vs 10 players with 3 monsters (maximum) each, fighting it out.

So once again follow us on Twitter at Efinsi Twitter or just reply here!.

If you have any questions, i will be right here, and if you have any ideas for monsters, we would LOVE to hear them.
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Old December 4th, 2014 (09:13 PM).
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A very unique idea! I will be waiting for it release. May I know what programming language are you using? Just wanna know..

Looking for a few moderators and artists for Milkacrea
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Old 2 Weeks Ago (12:39 PM).
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Nice idea on this haha best of luck!
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Old 2 Weeks Ago (12:54 PM).
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Looks fun! Although I think your battle system needs some more moves, though. Maybe something to change the positioning of the opponent. I assume when you say it's battleships influenced that you can choose where the monsters go right? Do you have a more in depth explanation of the battle system? It looks good and sounds interesting, love to hear how you guys want to tackle this.
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