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Old October 25th, 2015 (8:56 AM). Edited November 15th, 2015 by Blastedoise.
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Hello there today i present you Pokemon Galactica.

Straight from the rules in this order:

"Show what you're using to make your game"
I am using the Pokemon Essentials GS Kit by Comboy to make this game

"An introduction to your project"
Well, some time ago i though about making a GSC styled Fangame for Pokemon since Gen 2 has been my favourite Gen since i played all 3 of them. First it started out to be a hack based on Pokemon Ruby, but later on i decided to devel it Pokemon Essentials. After i found out there even is a Kit for it i started using it and started to re-learn all the stuff i gotta do.

"The plot and back-story of the game"
"Welcome to Johto . Our Major is proud to welcome you into our Homeland we hope you enjoy it being here"

This Story has nothing to do with the original Pokemon G/S/C games!
You and you're mother, traveled via boat to the Johto Region. You're new home, is New Bark Town where you also get ur first pokemon from Professor Elm.
Meanwhile, Team Rocket also appeared on Johto and has other plans this time then stealing pokemon. What they search, are the legendary dogs, of Johto.
The legendary dogs of johto, have lived for a long time and they also responsible for the weather, and day/night cycle. If they disappear from the region, bad things will happen.
But, who is this strange mysterious guy? He wants to be the best trainer in Johto and he's ur own rival?
And what more does Johto hide? It's time for you to find out those secrets!

"A list of features"
All of the features which Comboy put into his kit aka:
- Modified resolution and graphic coordinates for GBC visual accuracy.
- "Day-Morning-Night" tile swap system, according to the time in the computer.
- More than 300 battle moves animations (Repeated for some of them).
- A complete source of graphics and some music/sound effects from the original Gen 2 games, and even "devamped" front and back Pokémon fan sprites from Treecko to Genesect, including their alternate forms.
Credit goes to COMBOY for all of this stuff

"Progress report"
So far about 0.5% has been done, yeah it's still early in devolpement.

"Screenshots/videos of game-play"


COMBOY for the Pokemon Essentials GS Kit

NICKtendo DS
Mighty Jetters
Alpha Six
The devamped Sprites for the Kit and to make this have the Pokemon from the other Generations also


was created by:

Poccil (Peter O.)

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Old November 15th, 2015 (10:22 AM).
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"...Too bad, though. ...It's all over now. ♪ ...The submarine has been upgraded."
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Something i quickly wanted to share out.


I intend to remake the Johto towns, routes etc like they appeared originaly. Route 29 alone took me 2 hours due the size and the problem about the wrong placements so i had to delete and re-work on it.
As you can see in the first post i already redone New Bark Town and made Cherrygrove also already.

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