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Fan Fiction and Writing Have a story you want to share? Or in the mood to sit back and read one, instead? Then come hang out here!

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Old January 11th, 2011 (5:05 PM).
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Hey PoCo's, Neutrono here with a story to tell! This story is rated PG-13 or PG-14 for blood, minor swearing and violence. The characters are listed below with information from where the story is as of now:
Rouqe: ???
Darius: ???
Zenith: ???
Bill: ???
Cindy: ???
Parker: ???
Jacob F. Donovan: The main character of the story. Details are in the story.
William: A Totodile. He was taken from his rich lifestyle and sent along with the rest of the team. He's the smart one; he's sophisticated, temperate and a bit of a stereotype.
Spark: A Pikachu. He was a "hobo Pokemon;" he was taken off the street to assist William. He's austontatious, unpredictable and profane at times. He has the majority of the vulger-ness in the story.
Cinder: A Charmander. Not much is known about her yet, except that she was sent to accompany William and Spark. She's very smart, but at the same time shy. She has the most backstory explanation in the story.
Alacaz: William, Spark and Cinder's cruel master. He's described to be all-knowing and wise, but not much is known about the REAL character yet.
Mr. and Mrs. Donovan: Simple enough; Jacob's parents. Details are in the story.
Valerie Kingston: Our trusty news anchor. No details will be given.
Zachary Garland: One-time witness. No details will be given.
Arceus: The Pokemon version of "God."

Enjoy the story!

“COME OUT BILL! WE KNOW YOU’RE INSIDE THE BUILDING!” Rouqe was outside waking everything within a 2-block radius up. He was always unhappy when it came to treasonous activity, and in this case, he was steaming. He kept yelling for Bill to come out, but I wouldn’t let Rouqe take him until I was dead. I was desperately boarding up the front door, using anything I could get my hands on, when the door burst open with me in front of the couch. The couch and I went barreling backwards, and we hit the wall with a loud CRASH! I heard a bone, maybe a rib, break on impact. As I saw Rouqe stride with an evil sneer on his face, I could see behind him were his counter-parts, Darius and Zenith. Zenith walked over to me, he knelt down with a dagger at my neck. He leaned in really close, and out of the corner of my eye, I could see Darius holding Bill by the arms while Rouqe kept punching him in the chest. I was mortified; the whole plan for escape was compromised. I wanted to scream, but Zenith moved the dagger closer, threatening my life for my best friend. Rouqe carried Bill’s unconscious, maybe even dead, body on his back. Just before the gang had left, I could see the culprit of this crime. His azure eyes stood out from all the darkness in my field of vision. As Zenith left, Darius walked over to me, raised his foot, and said, “Nighty-night” just before delivering a near-fatal kick to the face. I passed out and thought of everyone else’s safety. Cindy…Parker… It was no use. It’s over…

Chapter 1: The First Encounter
My name is Jacob F. Donovan, but most people simply call me “Jake D.” I’m about 5’ 11”, I have brownish-red hair, am a bit on the chubby side and, really, was just an ordinary teenager. I went to school, I did chores, I did homework, and I listened to my parents whine for me to get a job. It was a big hassle then, and it probably is to most people my age. But, the story I’m about to tell you will change all of that. This is a story about how I became part of a, “one-of-a-kind” battle, so to say. By that, I mean it has never in all of history happened. This is a story about how my life went from “barely holding up” to “plummeting so fast gravity is jealous.” This is the “Worlds Colliding” event…
One week earlier…
I was a normal teen, sitting in my room watching a random commercial for Pokémon Black/White, when a loud noise arose in my backyard. Of course, I thought it was just the wind or something logical, but little did I know that the events occurring back there were FAR beyond explanation. At least, on my accord. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a brilliant flash at my bedroom window. I decided that this was worth checking out because now, I wasn’t just scared, but itching to find out what was going on. I walked out of my room and outside the back door. I have a relatively large yard, about a quarter acre. In the WAY back was a stream leading off to a river. On both sides of the yard was some form of woodland. In the middle of all this, I could see the flash of light dimming. I approached it, in hopes of getting a better look. I looked really close and saw some kind of silver egg inside the light. I got closer when suddenly I was knocked backwards by something hard and...wet. I passed out before I even hit the ground...

"Hey...wake up...come on..."

I could heard voices. Distant voices. Distant...rather inhuman voices. But, I couldn’t get up. I didn't have the strength to wake up...

"This isn't good...we need S..rk over here...HEY C.ND..! WHERE'S S..RK?"

The voices were getting louder, and I could feel myself getting stronger. I was sure about hearing fragments of names, but to no avail. I still lie motionless...


Suddenly, I was jolted awake by something. I felt as if I drank a mix of Volt and Red Bull. I shot up, shook your head and went to thank the people who revived me. But again, I had no idea about what was in store for me.
I saw a Charmander, Totodile and a Pikachu looking at you in sheer relief. "O thank Arceus!" The Totodile said. "You’re alive! I do apologize for hitting you with my Hydro Pump. It was an honest mistake and..." The Pikachu butted in saying, "Your welcome." "Please excuse Spark." The Totodile interrupted again. "He can be a little...overly proud of his work at times, especially with something like you. So, let me introduce ourselves. I'm the leader, William. This is Cinder." He pointed to the Charmander, who was obviously scared to see you. "And this is Spark." He put his hand on the Pikachu's shoulder. "And, what's your name?" I didn’t know how to react. All I did was stand there in utter disbelief. Pokémon in the real world? And speaking fluent English? I couldn't take it all in at once and I passed out again. I remember before I slipped into unconsciousness, I heard the Totodile named William say, "Here we go again."

Chapter 2: The Story
After passing out for a second time, I woke up on your bed. “Phew. This was all just a dream.” After shaking your head, thinking at all the things that happened, I wiped the wetness from my head, and felt a slight bump around my forehead. “Huh. Must be sweat.” Suddenly, I heard a familiar, raspy, but clear voice. “It’s not sweat, it’s just water.” I looked from my bed and saw the Totodile William walk in with Cinder behind him. Again, I just sat there, still completely dumbfounded. “Uhh…where’s Spark?” Since I knew this was probably real, I should probably ask a question they can answer. “Oh,” William said with a sigh. “He’s outside, fiddling with the machine that got us here. You see…” I immediately intervened, without thinking. “Hold on! There’s a machine in my backyard that’s a portal to YOUR WORLD!?” William shook his head in a yes/no kind of fashion. “I wouldn’t call it a portal, because it’s a one-way passage. It’s more of a…” I didn’t wait for the Totodile to finish what he was saying; I wanted to see this thing for myself. I bolted up from my bed and past the two. Before I got outside, a small, clawed hand grabbed my Jeans leg. “Wait!” It sounded like a timid, feminine voice coming from behind you. I turned around and saw Cinder pulling my leg. “I…I didn’t really get to tell you who I was.” I put every out of your mind because I was intrigued. I knew I couldn’t pass this up, considering I didn’t know what was going on.
“You see,” Cinder began, “we come from a distant dimension simply titled Pokémension. It’s a dimension entirely populated by Pokémon. About two days ago, in your time, an important announcement went out in our town Evonau reporting an important discovery made by our leader Alacaz. He was going to send three people to test some new machine that our Magnezone teams had constructed. That’s how we all met. Personally, I thought it was a bad match. Me, a timid little Charmander, William, a smart, sophisticated, upper-class Totodile, and Spark, a stuck-up, jerky Pikachu. Alacaz said it was ‘fated’ or something. I didn’t believe him, but I couldn’t question the word of our leader. Anyway, we were put into the machine and sent off. We were all scared that we wouldn’t know where we going. We thought we would never get home. It was about sixteen hours of sitting in what we thought was a makeshift metal tomb, when we finally landed in your dimension. During that time, we decided to form a small team. We named ourselves ‘Team Premier’ because we were the first of a new outlook of the universe. Well, that and Spark thought it sounded cool. It wasn’t long before we realized that the door was apparently welded shut. Spark got angry, started swearing and then unleashed a Thunderbolt and an Iron Tail on the door. He only hurt himself in that attempt. I tried to use Flamethrower on the door. It was almost off, but I didn’t have the energy to finish the job. William went ahead and used Hydro Pump to knock the door down. That was when we accidentally knocked you unconscious. After you fainted again, we carried you to your room.” Cinder finished her story, and I was moved by it. They were practically kids themselves, sent out to fulfill the unquestionable will of their master. Sympathy welled in my body for Cinder. A could even feel a single tear rolled down my cheek as I looked into Cinder’s red cinnamon eyes. At that point, I didn’t know what to say. After a long silence, I told her that I felt sorry for the course of events that led to this. “Thank you for listening.” Cinder smiled and walked away. After she left the room, I heard a loud, manly yell coming from the backyard. I brought myself back to the reason I got up and continued outside.
“YOU WORTHLESS PILE OF SNORLAX CRAP!” I could hear Spark’s ranting before I even got out the door. As I approached the machine, which now on closer examination, looked like a chrome Faberge egg, Spark exploded with a Thunderbolt. He set the course to the mechanism; it impacted, but didn’t do anything. I then proceeded to tap Spark on the shoulder. He quickly turned around expecting one of his team members, but was surprised to see me up and around. “Oh. You’re up already?” I scratched the back of your head. “Yeah. Your screaming got me up.” Spark chuckled, which kind of sounded like it was made by a muscle-bound war hero from a cheesy war movie. “Well, I came out here to see if I could get this piece of junk working. I got a little energy going, but not enough. The only other option is the solar battery, but that could take weeks in your time!” Spark sighed; we all knew what was coming. “Guess will have to crash here until this thing charges.” Now, I was really tense. Three Pokémon staying in my house for the next month? What would my parents say? They wouldn’t believe me; they’d think it was a hoax. Even if I could convince my parents who they were, what would they say? “Okay Jake. I’ll run to the store tomorrow and get Oran berries and Pokémon food for them.” Absolutely not. “I guess it sounds like a plan.” I expected Spark to either get back to work with a little “Thanks.” But, on the contrary, he jumped in the air, flailing his arms, thinking he was a Pidgiot. “OH YEAH! I’ll get everything out of the pod.” I stood there thinking, “What,” as Spark pull out some backpacks. They looked like they could fit on my arm, and ONLY my arm. He carried them inside as I stood there, stupefied in my backyard with a big, unexplainable, cross-dimensional portal. How does something like this happen to a 15-year old?

Chapter 3: The Preparations
After about three hours of pushing the pod into a secret, but sunlit, area, I walked back into my house only to see Spark sitting on my couch watching SPIKE TV. He was watching some countdown for “Best Police Escape Crashes” when suddenly, he burst into laughter. I walked over to him and asked, “What are you watching?” “I have no idea” Spark said, wiping a tear of joy from his eye. “I couldn’t turn this thing on, so I shocked it on.” I was going to get mad, until I realized that that cross-dimension thing I hid was probably their only technology. “When the power was on, this started playing. Whatever these ‘cars’ are, they sure are fun to watch explode.” Great. I thought to myself, my hand in my face. I’ve got a Pikachu with an explosion addiction now. I need to be sure he doesn’t touch the oven… “So, anyway,” Spark said with a little chuckle, “can you explain a little but more about this place? I’m so used to a cave, an opening for a window, and a straw bed.” I felt some sympathy for the little guy. After all, I was the one who said he and his friends could stay. For the next 2 hours, I showed Spark everything I possibly could. I told him that they were going to have to bunk with me until I could find a better place for them. I showed him the kitchen and that he can’t mess with anything in here. I showed Spark the basement, and it blew his mind. A flat-screen, an open area in the back, a bed AND a doorway out. I could see Spark drooling now and thought, he’s really hyped up about all this. He doesn’t seem as jerky as Cinder explained. Maybe it’s because I was on his good side. Spark begged to let him and the rest of the team stay down here. I agreed, but on one condition; when my parents are home, don’t go upstairs. Then, I asked Spark about food and other necessities. “That’s no problem. Old Alacaz planned for situations like this. We’re packed with two week’s worth of food and a lot of berry seeds. When I was in the back, the soil was more than perfect for planting berries there. After our provisions run out, we’ll live on the berries we grow.” I asked if that was even possible. “Absolutely.” He said to me. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to get Will and Cinder. Spark ran up the stairs yelling, “HEY GUYS, CHECK OUT OUR NEW DIGS!” I was beginning to worry if TV will affect Spark and his already intolerable language. A few seconds after Spark proclaimed the news through the house, William came down and inspected the area. “Yes, I like it. It’s a nice, steady temperature, there’s a door in case we need it, there’s a bed for the three of us…” William and Spark went on and on about our great it was in my basement, when Cinder emerged from behind them. She walked throughout the room, and then proceeded to light a roll of paper towels from the back room on fire. “WOAH!” I was surprised to see Cinder do that in front of everybody. “I can’t sleep in a bed. With my tail, I’d probably burn down your house in my sleep.” She made a point. But still, I felt bad that Spark and William got the bed. “I don’t mind, really. This is what we Charmanders are most comfortable to.” I took her word for it; I wasn’t ready to get into an argument with a lizard that could give me 3rd degree burns. When everybody was situated, I heard a voice upstairs. “Jake! We’re home!” My spine stiffened and my legs liquefied. “And Jake, who was that exactly?” I simply said in a whisper in William’s ear, “My parents.”

Chapter 4: The Reinforcements
I started to freak out now. “Oh man. I cannot show you to parents ! You all need to hide!” Spark strode over to me a patted my leg. “Relax, Jake old buddy. I’ll just go up there and explain the situation. I’m sure they’ll be totally cool about it.” Like I said before, I wasn’t ready to get into an argument with any of these guys; one of them already knocked me out cold and gave me a bruise on my head. Then, I began to worry again. How would I explain a big, purple bump in the center of my forehead? I pulled my hair down to cover it; unfortunately, it just looked like a mess. “Alright, stand aside. I’ve got to go have a little chat with Mr. Donovan.” So there was Spark’s hubris. I thought to myself. Before Spark got to the stairs the door creaked open. I swiftly pulled Spark away from the door so he wouldn’t be seen. I quickly ushered them all into a closet, (except for Cinder; she hid in the back room away from things that were really flammable.) I ran upstairs to my parents, unbeknownst to them about the day I had.
My father, Mr. Donovan, was a rather muscular man. He would be downstairs lifting weights in the back room, or using an exercise bike. His hair was starting to gray, but there was still a lot of his dark almond-brown hair left. Mrs. Donovan was the complete opposite, however. She had jet-black hair, and was about as skinny as a pole. Her off-emerald eyes mixed with her fairly tanned skin made a potent contrast. My dad, with his bluish-gray eyes, looked at me, and with his clear, powerful voice, told me, “You seem rather tense. Did everything go fine at school today?” But, today was some kind of holiday for another religion that I didn’t know. So, everybody was off today. “I had off today, remember?” “Oh, right.” Mr. Donovan said, with a little smile on his face. “Oh, my honey! Your forehead!” Apparently, what happened was in the process of running upstairs after hiding the team, my hair parted to the side, curtaining the bruise on my face like a show was about to start. They were worried all right, but my mom already knew about the day off, show she probably thought I conked myself because I left the fridge door open or something like that. “How did you get that?” Mrs. Donovan said to me. “I, uh…I tr-tripped over the…rug. Yeah, that’s right. I tripped over a fold in the rug!” “Are you sure? This sounds like some kind of lie, Jake.” Of course it was a lie, I thought. You’re really not the sharpest tool in the shed… “Oh, that must hurt! I’ll get you an ice pack.” Mom ran off; she was over-protective of me, and sometimes it was annoying, but I didn’t mind that much. “Look,” my dad stopped me, “I know you’re hiding something from me. I can see it in your eyes; I can hear you stumbling on what you’re saying ‘happened.’” He was giving me ‘air-quotes,’ acting like I was too stupid to understand what he was actually saying. You see, my dad was a therapist; he could read a person like a children’s book just through their facial expressions. Give him a person with any kind of emotion, and he’ll be able to figure out not only the problem, but the story behind it, without having to say a word in between. “I’ve got my eyes on you.” And he gave me that weird “eyes on you” signal you do with two fingers. As he walked out, my mom ran back in with a plastic baggie full of ice cubes. She shoved it onto my forehead. Not only did the force of the hit hurt, but just the shock of how cold they were all of a sudden made me just barely stifle a scream. I told my mom that I would be downstairs watching TV. As soon as she stopped touching my forehead, I sped downstairs shut the door, and walked over to the closet where Spark and William were waiting. I open the door, only to get 5 winter coats thrown on me. I fell to the ground, and upon removal of the coats, found Spark standing on a shelf in the closet, laughing it up. William walked out and started picking up the coats. He didn’t say anything, but I wasn’t mad at them. In a sense, how could I? They’re three of the only Pokémon in possibly light-years, who were sent against their will to test a machine for their leader. In short, I wanted to see this Alacaz guy for myself. But, I knew I couldn’t. I sighed and turned on the TV. Spark saw me press the “Power” button and said “Ohhhhh. That’s how you get the screen on. I just kept surging it with electricity until it would turn on.” I put the news on and head an interesting story playing. I turned up the volume.
“Hello, America! This is Valerie Kingston coming to you live from our top story tonight. A supposedly alien spacecraft has landed in the parking lot of the LAX airport. Luckily, nobody was injured, but…” The camera panned to the craft, and to our surprise, it looked like the pod that William, Cinder and Spark used. I turned up the volume again to get good details. “…the door was mysteriously opened. I’m here with a witness, Zachary Garland, who was just arriving for a flight. “I was driving by, when suddenly, BOOM, it just appeared there. I swerved out of the way, parked the car and hauled *** out. I didn’t give a **** what was back there, I just ran for the airport.” Thank God for censorship. I thought. “There’s one more thing.” The witness said, “I turned around, and I saw this dinosaur thing getting out. I’m really not sure what to make out of this. It was like a big, green, spiky thing that just strode out, looked around, and then smashed some dude’s Pontiac with his fists.” Valerie knew this was good, or she thought the guy was totally insane. Either way, she asked, “Did you see anything else?” “Yeah.” Zach said. “I saw another huge dinosaur thing come out of the pod, but this thing looked like it just came out of the ground. It was all brown and it had a horn on its head. Oh, and it had these REALLY big arms. Like, they extended past his shoulders and made spikes. After that, I just ran inside.” “Well, that’s it on this end. I’m Valerie Kingston, Channel 7 News…” I turned off the TV and looked at William. “Dinosaurs coming out of silver alien pods? Wow. That sounded weirder than it is.” “I don’t blame you.” William said, just as baffled. “This has me puzzled too. Wait a minute…” William got up and paced back and forth. “Hmm…green and spiky…all brown with a horn…dinosaur-like appearance…” William continued to pace for about ten minutes until he lit up like Spark was when he tried fixing the pod. “That’s it! I remember who they are!” I sat forward in anticipation.
“They are an evil gang of strong Pokémon named Team Grounder. In fact, they began an underground cult called the ‘Grounder’s Uprising.’ They believe in the return of Groudon, an ancient Pokémon who was believed to have created all land masses. Their goal is to resurrect Groudon from the volcano he was condemned to for eternity and ultimately dry every corner of the world. Me being a Water Pokémon, I objected. This began a war called ‘The War Against Land.’ This was a massive war between the Water types and the Rock/Ground types. Obviously, we won, and Grounder’s Uprising was thought to have dissipated. But now, I see they have come back for me. The only thing is: how did they get a pod, how could they trace us to your planet and how did they know we were here in the first place?” William was obviously confused, and so was I. Finally, Spark got up and announced, “Well, I’m packing in early! See you all in the morning.” Cinder nodded to us and left to the back room. William stood there, scared out of his wits. “This could be bad. If they find me, then they won’t hesitate to kill you, Spark and Cinder. Not to mention me, but they’d probably drag my death out. Maybe by assaulting me with rocks or beating me into the ground until I’m nothing but a Ditto-shaped pulp on the ground, or maybe…” I had to intervene; I’ve listened to enough stories in one night, and I didn’t need to listen to a horror story. At least not one like this. “William, I get it. But don’t worry about it. We’ll make sure they don’t find us. I swear.” William sighed, a put a webbed hand on his forehead. “Arceus, help us.” I went upstairs into my room and immediately went to sleep.
10 minutes earlier…
“Boss, I found the target’s location. He’s with a human not too far from LAX. Orders?” A small, black creature says into a phone. “Leave him until tomorrow.” A deep, masculine and demanding voice answered back to the shady creature. “But sir, he’s right outside the target’s location. I could jump in and cut them all into little meat chunks. Just say the word and…” “No.” The voice retorted, monotonously. “Leave him until tomorrow.” He repeated in a stricter manner. “Uh, fine. But tomorrow when we get them, I get to make sushi out of the human, deal?” The air outside held an eerie tone, as the little dark creature awaited a response. “Do to him what you wish.” The voice ceased; he hung up. Just as the inside lights went out, the creature let out a sinister little chuckle which then turned into a full-out, raspy cackle into the moonlight. He ran away, waiting for the day he could turn Jake Donovan into a California roll.

Chapter 5: The Nightmare
That night, I had a terrible nightmare. I was in a dark forest clearing. There was a new moon out, and it made it really difficult to see. I stood there, panicking, and I thought to myself, OK. Just stay calm. All you have to do is find a way out. Easy. Of course, it wasn’t as easy as it sounded. I turned around and start running. It felt like I was running for hours with no progress. I stopped to take a break, when I heard an airy voice creep into my ears.
“Jacob Donovan. You cannot escape me.”
At that point, I was really scared. I jumped up and took off in the direction I was going. I didn’t bother to turn around, lest I be killed. So, I just kept running, but the voice was still there.
“You cannot escape my powers.”
I looked up into the air and yelled, “Leave me alone!”
“You cannot escape my grasp.”
I started to interrogate with it while I ran. “Who are you?!”
“You cannot escape my trap.”
This was where I started getting mad. “WHAT ARE YOU!?!?”
“I am your fears. I am your predator. I am your keeper. I am your evil. I am your anguish. I am your despair. And…”
Just as the mysterious voice was going to finish, I came into another clearing and encountered him. I couldn’t see any part of it except for his eyes. They were as deep as an ocean, but filled with evil. Now, his voice was clear and loud; it was defiantly male.
“I am you demise.”

I was filled with rage at this point. I looked over and picked up a branch, using it as a weapon. I charged him, roaring. As I swung to deal a blow to the head, inches away from his face, it stopped in its tracks. I was shocked to see it stop moving; I took my hands away and it was suspended in mid-air. The being in front laughed maniacally with his golden voice. “Now, it’s my turn, human.” Using the floating branch, he hit me across the face and knocked me down. I heard my nose break, but I didn’t care. It threw the branch away and, somehow, knocked the wind out of me without touching me. I faltered and fell again, but was picked up. I found myself levitating about a foot off the ground. But, the amazement didn’t last long. I was then whisked sideways and slammed into a tree. I screamed in agony as some of my ribs cracked along with my left leg. Apparently, the being I was against had telekinesis, making this a terrible advantage to it. I was then pulled the other way and about thirty feet later, was slammed against another tree. I screamed again, feeling more bones snap and blood trickle down the side of my face. Whatever that psychotic freak was, it continued torturing me for about five more minutes, and then placed me on the ground in front of him. At this point, my clothes were torn, my ribs were powder, my entire left leg was destroyed, my right foot was demolished, my arms were beyond repair and my face was covered in dirt, blood, sweat and bits of bark. I was on the ground, coughing up blood, gasping for a breath. I looked up with all the strength I could muster, and saw the black form of my psychic executioner. “Now, it’s your turn. Come on, now; hit me with your best shot.”I tried to lift my arm to punch him or grab him or something, but all I got was a surge of pain. I surrendered to him; I waited whatever he had in store for me. “Are you familiar with the Grounder’s Uprising?” He asked me, using his telekinetic powers to prop me up. “Um…no, I’m not.” “LIAR!” He screamed physically and mentally, and then sent a shock down my spine. I screamed and cried in agony, but I saw in his deep cerulean eyes that he didn’t care. “I can read your mind. I already know the answer. Typical humans; try to hide the truth under a web of lies. I know you know about the Grounder’s Uprising. Where did you learn of it?” I knew I had to answer this thing now; another shock could be fatal. “I...heard it from a friend.” “WHAT friend?” It asked, sounding extremely frustrated. “A…” I coughed more blood to the side, beginning to feel woozy. “…Pokémon named William.” He immediately dropped me to the ground. I landed with a hard THUD. The being looked down at me and said, “I think now is the time to shed light on the situation.” With that, I saw him raise a fist, and in that fist was a medallion and chain. It was made of a rusty metal of some sort, and on in was a hexagon of what appeared to be bloodstone. In the middle, looked like a ruby brooch; a big, circular cut ruby that glowed and showed a bright red aurora.
“This is the ‘Soul of Mt. Ember.’ You see human, after the Water Pokémon were triumphant in the ‘War Against Land,’ supposedly, Groudon was furious at this and caused every mountain in the land to erupt. Even dormant mountains erupted, even though that’s scientifically impossible. It looked like the end of all Pokémon until, because of reasons unknown, they all stopped erupting. Afterwards, Water, Psychic and Ice types got together and moved the magma outward. The combined power of Psychics can do anything, human. Don’t underestimate that. Anyway, after that was finished, Mt. Ember was reported to have been showing more activity. My team and I left to Mt. Ember to see what was happening. Luckily, some local Dragonites were willing to give us a ride and an aerial view to Mt. Ember. We looked down and I swear to Arceus that Groudon was down there looking up at me. I thought I could see through the thick lava and see his gilded eyes burning into mine. After about five minutes. The magma lowered, and so did we. We descended into the broiling volcano’s caldera. That was where I found this.”
He dangled the medallion for effect. “But wait.” I intervened. “Wasn’t Groudon in the Cave of Origins or something? In Sootopolis City?” “Cave of Origins? Sootopolis City?” The being inquired. “I’ve never heard of such places. If you’re referring to the cave on Sootoplia, which is an island surrounded by rock, then you’re wrong. That’s the Sootoplian Tunnel. Anyway, back to the subject at hand.” He dangled the medallion at eye-level again. “So, now you see human? This medallion might possibly be our key to contacting Groudon. All I need you to do is tell me where you are.” “That’s great.” I said flatly. “But, I’m not interested in treasure hunts for things that are out of my dimension.” My mind was screaming at me that I was too arrogant. “Fair enough. If you do not want to provide me the information I want, then I’m sure the search party I sent will provide me with information. Goodbye, Jacob Donovan, forever.” Just then I felt my beaten body becoming tightened by invisible binds. I could feel tears from my eyes falling down my face and mixing with the blood. Just as I was about to meet my doom, I looked into his cobalt-like eyes one more time. The only thing that I could see in his eyes was hate. And then I saw no more…
Darkness. Darkness everywhere. That was all that was left. Suddenly, flashes of pictures showed up on the screen. I could see Spark strapped to a table, chastising a doctor for some reason, then I saw Cinder in a testing facility, shooting fireballs at ice targets, then I saw William. William was standing on a ledge, overlooking the sea. Behind him was a volcano, silently billowing out smoke. It looked like a serene image; one to ease my pains from before. Suddenly, I saw a Ryperior grab him from behind. He carried him under his arm while William thrashed around, trying to break free. Unfortunately, his struggling did nothing, and then the Ryperior threw William into the burning pits of the volcano. As I saw him tumble down, something emerged from the magma. I immediately recognized it as Groudon. It looked like it was easily over a hundred feet tall. Its body was big as a football field is wide, and it has nothing but red with black lines interlocking throughout its body. Its underbelly was a brownish-red color, and it had gilded eyes about half my size. I saw it open its cavernous mouth, revealing rows upon rows of razor-sharp teeth. William screamed as he stared into the face of his annihilator. He fell into Groudon’s mouth, nothing more than a feeble sacrifice to the Ryperior’s satanic deity. “NOOO!!!” I screamed; I felt helpless just standing there watching. "DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!" I sceamed and screamed until I felt my lungs burst. Then, everything went black again. But, that was because my eyes were shut.
This was a just a dream? I thought to myself. But how? It seemed so real. Immediately, I got up and snuck downstairs to see the team still sleeping. The only light was Cinder’s tail in the other room. The door to Spark and William’s room was closed, so I didn’t bother to look inside. I checked a clock that was mounted on the wall. It read 3:15 A.M. Jeez! I should get back to sleep! Even though I didn’t have school, I was going to get up bright and early to discuss a plan for how my roommates are going to live without getting caught. And I just might bring up this nightmare I had and see if there’s more I can uncover...

To be continued...
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