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Old June 13th, 2014 (6:18 AM).
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This tutorial is on porting the wave memory sounds. These can be ported from almost every GBA game (I think ).

If you don't know, the wave memory sounds look like this (from sappy):
This tutorial was made for people that want to port music from a game to another (a GBA game ofc).
Let's say I want to port a Wave Memory from Ruby to FireRed, so that's what I should do:

1. Go to the song you want to port it's wave memory sound from, and open the voicetable in "Edit Voice Table".

In my song, the wave memory sound is instrument number 81. You can check his number in the down-left of the track:

So if its 81, you open instrument number 81 in the voice table editor in sappy:

Remember the ATK, DEC, SUS, REL and the "Note off with noise" option of the wave and open the ROM with a hex editor. In the hex editor, go to Address1 offset of the wave memory. In my wave memory, It's offset 0x045540C.

Copy all the blocks from the wave sound offset to the wave memory sound offset+10, so if the wave memory sound is in offset 0x045540C, I am going to copy all the blocks from 0x045540C to 0x045541C.

After you copied the blocks, you should get something like this:
FF FF FE 86 43 03 46 8E FF FF FE 86 43 03 46 8E
Now, open your ROM (not the one you wanted to port the wave memory sound from) in a hex editor, and find a free space. The free space should be at least 10 bytes. Paste-overwrite there the blocks you copies earlier. Remember the offset you pasted the bytes to, close your hex editor and open your rom with sappy. Go to the track you want in sappy and go to an unused instrument in the voicetable editor (instrument number 6, for example).

Change it's output device to "Wave Memory" and paste there 0x0[the offset you put the wave memory bytes in your ROM] and insert the ATK, DEC, SUS, REL and the "Note off with noise" option of the wave that I told you remember before.

Now, change the wave memory track in the song you want to port's MIDI/S file to the new instrument slot you used for the wave memory.

Assemble the song in sappy and test. If you did all the steps, you should hear the wave memory sound!

Ten Sho Sho Ten Sho
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