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Fifth Generation Are Pokémon slaves to humans? Team Plasma thinks so. Travel the Unova region and prove them wrong in Black & White, and then return two years later in Black2 & White2.

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Old March 14th, 2011 (11:35 AM).
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Went to the GTS and i was able to get Snivy by trading a ferroseed and a tepig by trading my Tynamo :) as well i was able to get Gothita and Tirtouga through the gts as well :)

Diamond FC: 0474 3916 8499 <--Register this one unless i say so
Platinum FC: 0474 3825 6962
White FC: 3782 8317 6069
Trade thread: http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=175715
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Not much of a travel Journal post but I love being able to reuse TMs! On to my 3rd Unova badge!
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It's a bit late. Just a bit. But I'll start my Journal of what I've done so far, and what's my party. xD;;
I've beaten the Elite Four recently, and...
They were... surprisingly easy.
Spoilers from now on, I'll put a tag just in case.
N's Castle was really bland. I mean, when you build a freaking castle that huge, who would make every single room the same... except for N's room and the top floor. Seriously. >_>;
On that topic, when I entered N's room, I couldn't help but get chills. I don't know why. It just kinda... felt sad? Like I said, I'm not really sure. The scene where Touya is about to be ganked by the Sages, and then gets rescued by all the Gym Leaders was really epic. Elesa was there as well~ :>

I ended up catching Reshiram with a Pokeball, even though Araragi gave me a Master. Never liked using them. It takes away from the challenge. Anyway, the N fight was pretty fun. His Zekrom didn't put up much of a fight though. xDD;
Seriously, killed it in three shots. On that note, that Chetsis battle. I did not expect that. It was going... alright, I suppose... until he sent out his Hydreigon. I'm sure I'm not the only one complaining about that. I mean, it know Thunderbolt, Surf, Fire Blast and Dragon Pulse. Not to mention it's level 54. Yeah, I'm underlevelled. I lost about 2 times. I've been grinding though, so yeah.

So far, this is my party. A special party, prepared just for the final boss. Which includes Reshiram. Yeah, I'm taking him out after the final boss.

Samurott ( Richter )
Level 52 - Hardy
Aqua Tail / Water Pulse / Hydro Pump / Razor Shell

Level 52 - Naive
DragonBreath / Slash / Extrasensory / Fusion Flare

Sawsbuck ( Chopper )
Level 52 - Quiet
Nature Power / Energy Ball / Double-Edge / Horn Leech

Zebstrika ( Lenoir )
Level 51 - Jolly
Quick Attack / Wild Charge / Flame Charge / Spark

Mienshao ( Mei-Lien )
Level 53 - Mild
Jump Kick / Strength / Drain Punch / Force Palm

Unfezant ( Pidgeon )
Level 51 - Mild
Fly / Razor Wind / Air Slash / Quick Attack
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Well, it's official. B/W is the most unchallenging Pokemon game ever. I have beaten the E4 + N + Ghetsis with an under-levelled team. o_O

The only people I had troubled with was with Grimsley, because I don't have anything that is good against Dark-types, but then I manage to beat this guys (and the E4) without repeating and restarting. I beat them all in one go.

N was, um, meh. The most challenging was his Klinklang. Uh, yeah.

Ghetsis was also quite easy, until, yeah, his Hydreigon shows up. Good thing my Serperior saved the day. I swear, Serperior can beat any Pokemon.

So yeah, that's about it. Going to White forest with an underleveled team. As of currently, my highest leveled Pokemon is my Archeops, which is 49. <.<
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Well, right now I'm looking at five badges and I'm heading in to Chargestone Cave. I'm having trouble deciding on what Pokemon to add to my team and I'm actually thinking of replacing Duosion with something else. There also aren't a lot of flying Pokemon better than Archeops so I'll have to be using him just like I did in my previous file. If I don't get rid of Duosion, I'll probably just end up adding Tynamo to my team if I manage to find one and if I do get rid of Duosion, I'll probably grab myself a Zorua/Zoroark and then add either Tynamo or Klink.

My Team:
Pignite Lv.33 w/Return,Heat Crash,Flame Charge,Arm Thrust
Semisage Lv.32 w/Dig,Work Up,Bite,Seed Bomb
Palpitoad Lv.32 w/Mud Shot,Super Sonic,Uproar,Muddy Water
Duosion Lv.32 w/Thunder Wave,Psyshock,Future Sight,Recover
Archen Lv.29 w/Acrobatics,Ancient Power,Agility,Quick Guard


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Put up a Cinccino for trade on GTS for a Zoua any level, and in 15 minutes, I got a Zorua.
So now it has added to my team. Now, I'm just training it into a Zoroark before battling N and Elesa.
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I'm trying to do the Pokédex, I only need Deino and the stupidly rare Cryogonal to have all the first evolution Unova Pokémon excluding version exclusives/Pokémon you can't get because of choices.
I will start breeding Tepigs for the GTS, I already have Snivy, I just need Oshawott, Simisear, Simipour, Throh (I know you can get them in Pinwheel Forest but I'm not going to try catching them as they are very rare), Rufflet, Solosis and Archen to finish the goal I set for myself =)
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So my travels in the Unova region have proceeded quite uneventfully. Haven't lost a battle since Lenora and am currently in Twist Mountain. I finally turned my cover fossil into a Tirtouga and by level 40 it proved to me it was ready to evolve. I got the egg from the treasure hunter on route 18 (I think that was it) and it became a Larvesta. Most recently I gave the newborn an exp. share then proceeded to kill someone's Sawk with my Panpour. To my surprise, I only got 700 exp. before I could complain I got a message saying "Blaze (the Larvesta) received 3500(+) exp." It then grew 13 levels.

- My team -
Zero (Snivy) (♂) Lv.45
Mizu (Panpour) (♀) Lv.43
Res (Sigilyph) (♂) Lv.39
Khan (Carracosta) (♂) Lv.40
Blaze (Larvesta) (♂) Lv.14
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So I got the game yesterday -although it'd been waiting for 14 days at the Post office...- and now have my fourth badge ! :D
I wanna finish the game asap ! *-*

My team :

♂ - level 32
♂ - level 28
♀ - level 24
♂ - level 18
♂ - level 17

♀ - level 16

Now I need to train everyone. xD
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After beating the Pokemon League and saving the world, Touya decided to start another Journey. This Journey was to become stronger and bond even more with his Pokemon so he could battle the League once more, with true strength. A man named Looker, visited his home. This man was with the police. Why did he visit, you ask? He had yearned to give Touya the magnificent, the spectacular, Super Rod.
And to tell him to find the 6 Sages.
Touya found two of them. Got free TMs. Yay!

Along the way, on Route 15, some scientists helped him obtain Pokemon that a friend of his wanted to send. His friend's name was Soul. As Touya journeys on... he enters the strange and ominous city of Black. And now, this is the end of the cheesy narration.

Swanna ( Elene )
Level 56 - Mild
Roost / Fly / Hurricane / Brave Bird

Samurott ( Richter )
Level 56 - Hardy
Aqua Tail / Water Pulse / Hydro Pump / Surf

Ninetales ( Kitsune )
Level 82 - Careful
Payback / Flamethrower / Quick Attack / Will-O-Wisp

Sawsbuck ( Chopper )
Level 59 - Quiet
Nature Power / Energy Ball / Double-Edge / Horn Leech

Mienshao ( Mei-Lien )
Level 60 - Mild
Hi Jump Kick / Strength / Drain Punch / Force Palm

Eevee ( Kuro )
Level 33 - Quiet
Bite / Quick Attack / Helping Hand / Sand-Attack
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Today, I ended up capturing Kyurem and Thundurus. I still had the Master Ball so I used it in Thundurus. I caught Kyurem on my first Dusk Ball.... oh well, beginner's luck. I also caught some Pokemon in the White Forest. I battled Cynthia and man, she's hard to beat! I barely beat her (but I sort of cheated because I used the Volcarona you catch in the Relic Castle).

<--------My Team-------->
-Samurott Lv. 66
-Mienshao Lv. 66
-Haxorus Lv. 67
-Elektross Lv. 65
-Chandelure Lv. 66
-Reuniclus Lv. 65
White - 4728 - 1625 - 7561
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I'm currently training all the pokemon I have captured so far to level 26 at least
I also can't seem to beat the 7th gym leader...came close though...
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My name is Terra and my journey starts with a very skilled Oshawott, so far Osha-kun has been a very careful and skillful pokemon.

Cilan didn't even stand a chance against my well trained ninja pokemon but after saving Munna Osha-kun evolved into Dewott and learned Shell Blade.

Lately Dewott's been getting cocky with his new attack because of all the 1-hit K.Os but at least he is still careful with his moves. Dewott only wants to protect his friends (pansear,Blitzen,Pidove,Munna,lillpup,and Minezune)

My team currently:
Dewott lvl 18
Pansear lvl 11 (support)
FC: 0834-2504-9654
FS: Dark: Nuzleaf, Sneasel & Absol
Metsuda Method: Ralts(120+), Marill (6), Gastly (106), Zangoose (280), Gallade (3), Greninja (526)
, Manetric (585), Braviary (43), Green Goblin (33)
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Quote originally posted by Quicksand.:

Update number three. While traveling through the Desert and battling trainers, i came to realize that many of my Pokemon have horrendous natures. Oh well. lol. Im gonna write about the team i had when i beat Elesa (<3), not the team im currently leveling up. Route Five, here i come. :D

Notable Events:

-Skyarrow Bridge is so annoying. i had to run across that thing so many times. i dont even know why. >:/
-AWW. Nurse Joy wished me a happy birthday. <3
-I went through all of that just for a dumb berry!? :O stupid clown. >.>
-Pidove evolved. :D
-Venipede evolved. :DD
-Burghs sprite is a little too flamboyant. lol.
-Obtained third badge. :)
-Caught a Dwebble. <3
-That hiker in the Desert Resort with the Tranquill was hard. >:/
-Tympole finally evolved.
-After much frustration, caught a Sigilyph. :DD (I wasted so many balls on that thing. :x It doesnt even have a good nature.)
-Caught a Yamask.
-Caught a Gothita. Not sure if i really want to train it. lol.
-Captured a Trubbish. :DDD <33333
-LOL @ random hermit lady in the forest.
-During Ns battle, his Sigilyph knocked out half of my team. :O
-In the Nimbasa gym, the Emolgas use Double Team hax. :/
-ELESA IS BEAUTIFUL. No wonder shes a model. <33
-Got the fourth badge. ;)

Current Team:

| lv 25 | Moxie
Assurance | Bite | Sand Tomb | Mud-Slap
Mud-Slap is sort of a helpful attack, while Assurance and Sand Tomb could be better. Seening Moxie everytime after she kills an enemy gets annoying after a while.

| lv 26 | Sturdy
Sand-Attack | Bug Bite | Faint Attack | Smack Down
Smack Down has such a cool animation. lol. I love this guy. Hes so cute. I searched forever for him in the outer part of the Desert Resort.

| lv 25 | Overgrow
Growth | Leech Seed | Tackle | Leaf Tornado
Leech Seed and Big Root were definately made for eachother. lol.

| lv 25 | Swift Swim
Aqua Ring | Supersonic | BubbleBeam | Mud Shot
Hes one of my strongest. Not much else to say.

| lv 24 | Illuminate
Confuse Ray | Hypnosis | Crunch | Super Fang
Lots of people give him a bad rep, but hes much better than youd think. ;) Illuminate is such an annoying ability. I cant be bothered to have him lead anymore. lol.

| lv 21 | Stench
Toxic Spikes | DoubleSlap | Acid Spray | Sludge
I havnt used much of this guy. I had him holding the Exp. Share in the Nimbasa gym. Hes so cute. DGAF WHAT YOU SAY. HES ADORABLE.

Heres update number four, expressing my travels from the Driftveil Drawbridge to right before entering the Driftveil City Gym. I traveled up through Route Six, stopping at that one cave (Chargestone i believe), and then went through the Cold Storage. My team is constantly switching because im only training the ones that will hopefully give me the benefit in gym battles. Im using this playthrough to get a feel of all the Pokemon i like design-wise, then guaging on overall usability. In future playthroughs, ill be sure to only use those with beneficial natures. BTW, Trubbish is still adorable. <3

Notable Events:

-Decided against using Gothita. Boxed her permanently.
-Reached Driftveil City.
-Captured a Foongus in Route Six. :D His nature sucks though, so not sure ill be using him after the gym battle.
-Raised everyones level to twenty-five, except for my Dwebble, who has been level twenty-six since the Nimbasa Gym.
-Biked back to Nimbasa to get more Fresh Water.
-Rode the Ferris Wheel with some weird girl. lol.
-Realized i didnt have to bike to Nimbasa, because there is a vending machine right outside the Cold Storage.
-Caught Vanillite with a Heal Ball. Not sure why. Not like i was ever going to use those balls anyways. lol.
-Traveled through the Cold Storage.
-Now on my way to the Driftveil Gym.

Current Team:

| lv 26
Ingrain | Bide | Faint Attack | Mega Drain
Foongus has the second highest HP on my team, only to be beaten by Palpitoad, which has 79 HP. His attacks arnt all that snazzy, but he stays alive longer due to me giving him the Big Root that my Servine was holding. Ingrain can be a pain because I cant switch him out, and his health seems to run low a lot. He probably wont be seeing much use after this gym battle. I just wanted one because theyre so cute. :D Btw, i love his ability, Effect Spore. <3

| lv 23
Mist | Taunt | Avalanche | Icy Wind
I cant really understand why everybody hates this evolutionary line so much. They are so adorable. lol. I have her holding the Exp. Share, so hopefully, shell be able to kick butt by the time I reach the gym leader. I don’t really use Mist or Taunt, but I suppose I could use Taunt, then Avalanche to double the damage done to opponents. She was caught in a Heal Ball because I felt like Heal Balls and Vanillites go hand in hand. haha.

| lv 26
Growth | Leech Seed | Tackle | Leaf Tornado
Servine is bro. Not much else to add. haha.

| lv 26
Iron Defense | Screech | Bug Bite | Poison Tail
Quick Claw certainly does come in handy with this gal.

| lv 26
Assurance | Bite | Sand Tomb | Mud-Slap
The only attack she ever really uses is Bite. Not sure if I want to continue her training.

| lv 26
Aqua Ring | Supersonic | BubbleBeam | Mud Shot
Bro status = off the charts. :)
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After leaving Nimbasa City for Route. 5, Cheren forced me to stop where I am and battle him seeing as we both have the Bolt Badge from Elesa. Using Voltz (Emolga), Paddle (Simipour) and Scorch (Litwick) I easily defeated him. Just after him asking himself why on earth does he keep losing to me, Elesa shown up taking us both to meet a cool looking dude by the name of Alder who introduced himself as Unova's Champion. Cheren ofcourse got all excited as his dream was to become just that, Alder then asked Cheren and I to battle two youngsters who were clearly under the age of ten, so they shouldn't have been allowed to own a Herdier each...
After their defeat Elesa lowered the Driftveil Drawbridge for us to head on our journey with the time of day you could see the sun setting in the sky which to me looked nice. After running over I learned that the same bridge has the nick name The Charizard Bridge which is good to see older generations have not been forgotten in Unova, well Charizard hasn't anyway.
Upon arriving at Driftveil City, Clay the towns gym leader asked for both Cheren and myself to help search for Team Plasma who had recently ran by. Healing up at the Poke Center I heard of Driftveil's romantic who went by the name Charles, I found him riding his motorcycle within the city and he offered me a battle, this battle was a three on three battle involving Smuggy (Servine), Paddle and Aero (Rufflet).
After beating him I headed south towards the Cold Storage battling all the trainers around there giving Reckless my Axew some experience becuase I can't wait for him to evolve in Fraxure. Cheren asked me as I stood outside the Cold Storage, if I thought Team Plasma could be hidden inside and that we should both hurry. I battled some workers within the storage area giving my Pokemon some extra experience and finally reached the end, inside were eight Team Plasma grunts and Zinzolin one of the Seven Sage's of Team Plasma. Cheren and I each defeated four of the grunts only for Clay to arrived with his workers to take them all away, after thanking me he was ready for a gym battle.
Once I had healed up my Pokemon I ran to Driftveil City Pokemon Gym to find Ghetsis of Team Plasma convincing Clay to release the members of Team Plasma. After defeating everyone within Clay's gym I finally challenged the leader, Clay himself using only two of my Pokemon; Smuggy and Paddle, with Smuggy's Leaf Blade and Paddle's Scald I quickly took out Clay's team, which ofcourse resulted in me recieving the official Quake Badge.

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HOLY CRAP. Just beat Lenora's Watchdog (lvl 20) with my Lvl 14 Purrloin using Sand-attack and Growl to great effect and whittling him down with Scratch!!! Had to use a super potion once.

Purr grew to lvl 16. (Thought it'd be more though. O_o I mean, it wasn't sharing the exp--it was my last conscious pokemon, it was SIX levels less than that pokemon, AND it was a gym leader's pokemon so you'd think the exp would be crazy but it wasn't. :()

Hooo but I'm actually lucky that the Watchdog didn't have Keen Eye like my Patrat. O_O I would've been SCREWED if it did.
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Man I can't believe my luck. Right after starting a new file and building a pretty good team in the process, my cousin ended up mixing his White up with mine and instead of pressing start at the main menu to check if it's his game, he ends up deleting my games file and by the time I put in what I though was my White it had already been deleted. So for the third time in the past three days I had to start over. Oh well...here's(for the third time) my first update.

-After planning my team out ahead of time this time I decided to give Oshawott another go
-Went to Route 1 and caught a Lilipup and a Patrat so I could beat Cheren and Bianca for most Pokemon caught
-Listened to Ghetsis blab on about liberating Pokemon and beat N
-Boxed Patrat and Lilipup and went on to Route 2 using on my now Lv.9 Oshawott
-Got to Striaton City and beat Cheren in the Pokemon School with only Oshawott
-Headed to the Dreamyard where I got Pansear who will actually become a part of my team
-Beat the gym trainers with only Pansear so it could level up once and then I went on to easily beat Cilan
-Battled a few Audino to get Oshawott on Lv.15 and Pansear on Lv.14
-Before heading to the southern part of Route 3, my Oshawott evolved into Dewott
-Before I went into Nacrene City, I caught a few more Pokemon(Blitzle,Rogenrola, and Pidove) to fill up my Pokedex and I put Lilipup in the darecare just because
-Beat N again and went off to train my two Pokemon on the outskirts of the Pinwheel Forest
-After grinding it out for quite some time I managed to get Pansear to Lv.22 so it could learn Flame Burst for the gym battle against Lenora(Dewott was at Lv.21 at this point)
-Flame Burst managed to 2HKO Lenora's Herdia and Dewott's Razor Shell 2HKO'd her Watchog which gave me an easy victory at a challenging gym
-Right now I'm in the Pinwheel Forest trying to get the Dragon Skull back from Team Plasma and even though before I started this file I thought I had my team planned, I'm actually still putting though into it

Team at this point:
Dewott Lv.22 w/Tackle,Razor Shell,Water Gun,Focus Energy
Pansear Lv.22 w/Rock Smash,Work Up,Bite,Flame Burst

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Dear Journal,

I finally decided to evolve my pwetty Zorua, at Lv. 48. :3 It's been pretty awsome as a Zoroark so far, though we did lose in a triple battle in white forest using my Emboar and Meinshao too.
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Entry 5
- Entered Driftveil city.
- Chased Team Plasma in Cold Storage
- I defeated team Plasma and went to the gym
- Defeated the leader and got the badge
- Battled and beat Bianca
- Entered Chargestone cave
- Found the exit and versed N
- Games runs out =_=;
- Reverse N and beat him gain
-Evolved Archen into Archeops <3
Medusa. Lv 34. Leaf Tornado, Slam, Leaf Blade, Leech Seed
Petunia. Lv 34. Psybeam, Future Sight, Moonlight, Hypnosis
Lily. Lv 34. Magical Leaf, Synthesis, Giga Drain, Sleep Powder.

Kaori. Lv 37. Ancient Power, Acrobat, Pluck, Fly.
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Final update of the main adventure!
-Got through Victory Road
-Defeated Elite 4 Shauntal
-Defeated Elite 4 dark type guy.....
-Defeated Elite 4 Caitlin
-Defeated Elite 4 fighting type guy.....
-Watched the Epic Cutscene :-)
-Traversed N's Castle
-Got to Zekrom, realising I had only two Repeat balls to catch it with.... *facepalm*
-Somehow managed to catch Zekrom in ONE repeat ball after a few resets. No critical capture either
-Defeated N, after losing once (was unprepared for Reshiram)
-Defeated Ghetsis (Scrafty's Moxie for the win!)

Now for the aftergame...
-Met looker
-Found out that Ghetsis escaped, and that the 7 sages are still out there
-Crossed Marvelous Bridge
-Had my first Rotation battle
-Used Poketransfer to import everything I wanted from Platinum and SS (gonna restart those)
-Caught some other past generation pokemon in white forest.

I'll post my team a little later, I don't have my game in front of me right now.
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Caught a Trubbish and named it after my brother, he was so excited to be garbage!

Expolred underwater ruins, still don't know the full nature of the place. Relics of an ancient pokemon legend are found there.

DuckRodger, my Ducklet, is an exelent HM slave. Surf, Fly, and Dive. I love that little blue duck. (http://www.dilbertcelart.com/dale/p4a.jpg)
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We all live in a...
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Here's what my team is like right after beating Alder for the first time.
Samurott | Lvl. 57 | Male | Hasty | Mystic Water |
Hydro Cannon / Ice Beam / Double Team / Dragon Tail
Red Ranger | Lvl. 68 | Male | Bold | BrightPowder |
X-Scissor / Iron Head / Brick Break / Night Slash
Gigalith | Lvl. 61 | Male | Sassy | Silk Scarf |
Explosion / Stone Edge / Earthquake / Protect

Sigilyph | Lvl. 66 | Female | Mild | Rocky Helmet |
Fly / Cosmic Power / Hypnosis / Psychic
Eelektross | Lvl. 64 | Female | Timid | No Item |
Acrobatics / Acid Spray / Flash Cannon / Thunderbolt
Chandelure | Lvl. 65 | Male | Careful | Quick Claw |
Shadow Ball / Will-O-Wisp / Flamethrower / Energy Ball
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Remember NovEnder
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I had plenty of time to play while catching up on my television shows. So update away!

Finished getting through the Desert Resort on my way to the Relic Castle. My team was getting beat up pretty bad from the constant battles, and my supplies were beginning to run out. Fortunately, after grabbing the Plume Fossil, it was a quick dart out of the desert and onto Nimbasa City.

In Nimbasa City, I checked out the Musicals to see what the deal was. While dressing up my Pokemon was fun (Ender looked so fabulous in his grass skirt), I do wish the Musical had more to do. But still, it was a fun break before fretting over the Gym Leader. I heard Elesa was a difficult one, so I did some training in Lostlorn Forest to raise my team a bit (mainly focusing on Pantsu, who joined the team). All that worrying was for nothing though, since Angel the newly-evolved Krokorok took on the Gym by himself, earning me a new Bolt Badge.

Now the team's in Driftveil City, aiming to take down Team Plasma at the Cold Storage. A Vanillite named Coldstone is ready to join the brigade.

Pantsu the Scraggy - level 29
Andrew the Dewott @Rocky Helmet - level 28
Valentine the Swoobat @Amulet Coin - level 30
Angel the Krokorok @BlackGlasses - level 32
Ender the Servine - level 28
Aquila the Tranquill - level 21
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Cheren showed my a nice place to train 2 pokes at once and Demi-kun thought it'd be great to train with Pansear even though he wasn't part of my dream team. There was no way I would say no to Demi-kun so we began to train. still sitting with 1 badge and Demi-kun is getting pump for Lenora.

I also heard rumors of a Pansage nearby, time to investigate.
Demiwott lvl 21
Pansear lvl 14 (The Support)
FC: 0834-2504-9654
FS: Dark: Nuzleaf, Sneasel & Absol
Metsuda Method: Ralts(120+), Marill (6), Gastly (106), Zangoose (280), Gallade (3), Greninja (526)
, Manetric (585), Braviary (43), Green Goblin (33)
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Just arrived at the Pokémon league It's very odd-looking :L I was like AMG NO POKÉMON CENTRE! then I saw the little building to the left... I almost went into where the E4 was...thinking the Pokémon Centre was in there xD[Yes, I know, I'm an idiot and didnt read what the little man was saying xD]

I need to grind some more I think, I have a:

Swanna, Druddigon,Serperior,Zebstrika,Lampent, Krookodile all in the high level 40's

In progress
Water Monotype Challenge: Pokémon Diamond

"Only three things are infinite, the universe, human stupidity...and the number of Zubats in Dark Cave"

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