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Fifth Generation Are Pokémon slaves to humans? Team Plasma thinks so. Travel the Unova region and prove them wrong in Black & White, and then return two years later in Black2 & White2.

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When I woke up this morning, I was still feeling pretty bummed about last night, so I decided to try and take my mind off things - not an easy task, I tell you - by taking a look around Mistralton. It seemed quaint enough, and would have been perfect were it not for the huge-ass airfield down the side of it. Turns out Mistralton is a landing spot for cargo planes. Huh.

I was trying to take a closer look at some of these planes when I got ambushed by a freaky old man who was raving about Klink. What the-- oh. He's Prof. Opinion's father, the one who she was looking for Klink for. He snatched my PokéDex from my bag - sneaky little-- - and did something to it, which he claimed had upgraded it. I can honestly say I had never even switched the thing on before, so I don't know what was different about it, but he skipped off chanting something about different forms?

The woman Juniper Senior was harassing came over and apologised to me, which instantly made me like her and even ignore the fact that her hair was ridiculously silly. She introduced herself as Skyla, the town's Gym Leader, and told me that while she was out flying her cargo plane (!) she had spotted an injured Pokémon and was off to go help it out (!!). Wow! After having to deal with a lazy bum like Clay, she certainly made a welcome change, and that she was willing to go so far for a Pokémon she didn't even own certainly strengthened my affable feelings towards her. She asked me to help and told me she was heading on over to the place she had seen the Pokémon fall, which was the Celestial Tower on route seven. Straight away, I set off after her.

Route seven was... unique, to say the most. It was spotted with balance beams that let you avoid the grass, but forced you to keep moving because they were too narrow to balance properly on. I tried it and fell straight away. It hurt my bottom. I ended up taking my chances with the long grass. We battled a few trainers, and I was so happy to see my team getting stronger with each fight. My happiness only strengthened when my squidgy Tardy, my Solosis, began to glow that magical white and gained a little stubby body and more goopy jelly - a Duosis! The first thing Tardigrade did was launch a hug at me with his stubby little arms! SO CUTE♥ I huggled him to death, nearly, and we continued on our way.

At some point, my Xtranceiver began to ring. I answered it half-heartedly, expecting Cheren or Mood-Killer, or even Prof. Idiot, but it was my mama! She was wondering how I was doing, since she hadn't heard from me in a while, and I told her about my team and about N (she teased me a bit) before wishing me well. It felt good to hear her voice again. It reminded me of Nuvema and I felt a little home-sick, but I remembered that Skyla had asked for my help, so I continued.

Around the foot of the Celestial Tower, which stood ominously in my path, I kept getting ambushed by tree-huggers. I wasn't complaining, though, because that special 'evolution' thing happened again, this time to my dear Fawke, who became a stunningly-beautiful Unfezant! With a happy heart, I reached the tower, and then the truth of what it was came crashing down upon me.

The Celestial Tower was a place where people laid their Pokémon friends to rest. I felt sad, but at the same time, there was this feeling of... peacefulness. I couldn't quite name it at the time, but it made me feel both heavy and light, because even though this was a sad place, it would be a beautiful place to end up in. The decorations for the inside were intricate and architectural, and brought a tear to my eye, for so much thought and care had been put into such a place. Every headstone was lovingly engraved and kept clean, truly cared for. I was so happy that a tower like this existed. It showed that Pokémon were to be cared for as much as humans, both in life and death.

What made me incessantly angry was the fact that people were using such a place to battle. Every floor I reached, I tried to go around and respect every single headstone, for these were the beloved partners of humans, lost to time, and it didn't help that every so often, someone who claimed to care insisted on battling me. I fought with anger against them, and apologised to each headstone that had borne witness to the combat. Needless to say, it took me a long time to reach the top, but I battled every trainer out of spite for what they had come here fore.

At the very top of the tower, Skyla stood. I looked around her for a Pokémon, but she informed me she had already given it a Max Revive and sent it on it's way. I was humbled by the care this woman took, even for a Pokémon that wasn't hers. Max Revives were expensive, but that faded to insignificance in the face of a Pokémon in need. Skyla asked me to ring the bell, to thank the spirits for letting her take care of the Pokémon, and I did so, marvelling in the sound of the metal and joining her in a prayer.

After she had left, I rang the bell again, and apologised to the spirits for fighting in their house. Then I made my way back to Mistralton. Seeing a landmark like the Celestial Tower strengthened my resolve and fueled my passion for the wellbeing of Pokémon, and feeling inspired, I prepared to battle Skyla, who I looked up to, at the Mistralton Gym!

Meh. It's getting harder to write these things because my memory sucks so I have to make notes as I play.

On a serious note, I truly did get a little teary seeing the Celestial Tower. Call me taking-it-too-seriously, but ever since I was a small child, seeing the Pokémon Tower for the first time, I've felt strong, positive feelings to the places where Pokémon are laid to rest, since it showed how devoted people really were to their partners. It makes me happy that every generation, the graveyard seems to get more and more extravagant, because it shows just how much people care, and how GameFreak recognises this caring as well.

Key Moments:
Tardigrade and Fawke evolving!
Traversing the Celestial Tower♥ :'3
Meeting Skyla!


"You want to look up at the sky and always see the stars." ~ Things You Remember

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Just Beath the E4 and N at this game time:

15:58 hours played

with this team:

Zekrom 50
Celebi 64
Chandelure 61
Deino 40
Excadrill 37
Samurott 61
Currently doings:

Breeding for Shinys in Alpha saphire

my 3DS FC is:
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Dear Diary Part One

Hey! It's me again! Oh man so much happened today, I can't wait to tell you! Well, first things first, I got to meet an oddly colored Oshawott too! Someone I know wanted to give it to me as a gift. Of course I accepted, and now I have a little bright blue Oshawott with a pinkish shell to match my blonde Lillipup!

We ventured onward, initiating many battles with wild Pokemon, and eventually some trainers down the line too! But let me tell you what happened before that. We encountered a gang of strangely dressed people who talked about liberating Pokemon from their trainers, with the name "Team Plasma". What a bunch of weirdos. Why free a Pokemon from it's trainer if it's truly happy there? I don't understand. They cleared out after their speech, the crowd following soon after. From the crowd stood a young man with long green hair who approached me and Cheren. He introduced himself as N, and he said something about what our Pokemon were saying. It was strange, but so interesting! Then suddenly, he challenged me to a battle!

In no time at all my Snivy beat him horribly, and he admitted defeat, walking off saying "I never knew Pokemon would say such things..". What an odd guy. Maybe we'll meet again someday? But, for now, I got some training to do! If I meet N again someday, I don't want to give him a chance to get ahead of me! See you!!


Dear Diary Part Two

After a long trail through the wilderness, battling trainers and wild Pokemon to-and-fro, we made it to Striaton City! From there I searched and searched for the gym leader, eager to get my first badge! When I went inside the Trainer's School, to my surprise, stood Cheren at the black board! Of course he challenged me to a battle, and of course I arose out on the top once again. :D He told me that the gym leader had JUST left the trainer's school! I rushed off to go meet up with him or her, and saw a young man with short green hair standing in front of the gym's entrance.

I soon found out that this is the gym leader! How amazing! He told me to go train in a place called the Dream Yard. I got directions from a town person and ran off towards it. There I battled a few more trainers, and met a docile trainer who gave me a Panpour!! Wow what a gift that is! This should make facing those fire types even easier that the gym leader apparently has. Whoever they were was sure nice. I ran off into the gym, battled all the trainers, and met the trio of gym leaders awaiting my arrival : Chili, Cress, and Cilan. I was to fight the leader named Chili, out of the three of them.

It was plain as day that he fights with fire-types, so I was a little nervous. But I was ready with my new Panpour to take him down! And down he surely went! I got my first badge today! The Trio Badge. <33

I'm still flaming in excitement haha! As I walked out I was met by Fennel, Prof. Juniper's college buddy that she wanted me to meet up with. She gave me the HM Cut, which I taught to my Panpour and gave me the mission to find Munna at the Dream Yard. Off I ran in a hurry! I cut down the tree blocking my path originally and made my way into the Dream Yard, from which Bianca had appeared as well. As we walked up to the front, we met the Pokemon Fennel was looking for! Munna! Then out of nowhere, Team Plasma showed up and tried to seize it for their evil plans! Attacking and hurting it! Grrr, my blood was boiling. No way was I gonna let them hurt that poor Pokemon!

A battle was initiated and I won without breaking a sweat. Their leader showed up in some strange kind of illusion and they ran off scared. Out from the shadows approached a bigger form of Munna, and Fennel came up behind us. We found that the Pokemon was named Musharna, and that Fennel was looking for these Pokemon for their Dream Smoke abilities. We went back to her lab with Bianca staying behind, and I found out what the Dream Smoke does, and I received the C-Gear from Fennel! Wow, what an awesome device! I can't wait to use it myself. <3

So, as you can see, a lot happened! I'm already psyched up to go face the second gym leader and get my next badge! That's sure to be a crazy day too!

I better let my Pokemon get some rest now. Until later!


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(Well, since everyone else is going at it)

Dear Journal...

It's only been a few hours since I wrote, but lord knows a lot has happened. Not only have I beat Clay and gotten my badge, but I did a little grinding off in the thunder tunnel. Dwebble, Blitzle, and Tranquil ALL evolved! My team now consists of a Crustle, Zebstrika, Samurott, Unfezent, Gurdurr and Simisear! It's a little scattered, but they haven't failed me yet. Heh, funny how I only expected Dwebble to help me with Elesa, and he ended up getting to be one of my strongest team mates.

In the tunnel I met up with N again. Dudes a little random, never the same team whenever I meet him. I beat him of course, and made it out of the tunnel and into Mistralton City. Apparently these guys like Flying types, I hope Zebstrika is up to the chance...

Well, I'm off to the tower to meet the Gym leader or something of the like. Wonder what it'll be like...
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Finally got my White! (It should've come already on Friday...)
So here's what I've done at the time when I was at the school (played between lessons if someone thinks something other xD):

- Chose male and named myself Late as always
- Picked up Snivy and won both Cheren and Bianca
- Visited Professor Juniper and got Pokédex
- Still missing button to jump over "How to catch a Pokémon" section (you didn't need to watch them in older games)
- Caught Lillipup (Lv4) and Patrat (Lv2)
- Went to Pokécenter
- Heard what Ghetsis had to say and won N's Choroneko (still can't remember it's english name)
- Caught Choroneko and "killed" some trainers
- At the gym, gonna play more soon

As you probably noticed, I caught everything I saw as I'm one of these guys who actually are gonna fill whole Pokédex. That's the meaning of the game for me. Gonna train my Pokémon and put it on PC after it's evolved (others than Snivy). I don't care about Nature, IV, EV or other things like those, as I'm not actually that competitive and can still get through the game with low-leveled (becuase of only evolving my Pokémon and then put them to PC) Pokémon. Gonna think other things after game is completed.

Please feed my Pokémon and warm my eggs.
Thanks for everyone who have clicked these, you've helped me a lot

Anyone has Club Nintendo codes that you don't need? I want those.
If you have one code for me I can trade you my Explorers of Sky code as I can't put it because I have registered already one. (Registered my brother's game and now I can't register mine...) Someone have same thing? PM me.
I know there's nobody who wishes to do this xD
I'm talking about Club Nintendo of Europe.
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I decided to start a new game on Pokemon Black as I didn't really plan out my other team and I kept losing to the E4, I've picked Oshawott this time and have just caught a Lillipup on Route 1.

My team:

Oshawott Lv7
Lillipup Lv3
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I have been raising servine, panpour, and purlloin....
I want them to evolve... especially purlloin... Im currently looking for some good once!!!
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Defeated the 1st gym leader and am heading through route 3 to the next town.

My Team

Lillipup Lv13
Oshawott Lv15
11th Doctor: He's the one that broke the promise, he's my secret

John Hurt:What I did, I did without choice

11th Doctor: I know

John Hurt: in the name of peace and sanity

11th Doctor: But not in the name of the Doctor

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Originally Posted by RYOUKI View Post
Okay, here's what happened:

-Challenge the Castelia City Gym, but they were specializing in Bug-types, I decided to catch a Darumaka.
-Darumaka pwned Arti.
-Wandered forever in the desert just to take Archen.
-Archen kinda sucks right now. After he hits the yellow line, he's pretty much useless.
-Went to uh, Nimbasa City.
-Elesa is tough.
-Er, no. Elesa's Emolga is tough. Her Zebstrika went down in, I dunno, 2-3 moves?
-To beat Elesa's Emolga, decided to catch a Sandile.
-It worked! Her Emolga kept abusing Aerial Ace, so I decided to torment.
-The battle was long, she kept healing her FIRST Emolga. Rock Tomb only has 10 PP, you know?
-Sandile went down, but it's speed was down because of the effect of Rock Tomb, so Archen Ancient Powered her.
-Second Emolga got Ancient Powered too. Yeah, I dunno why it's suddenly not annoying and weak.
-Elesa's real Pokemon was Emolga. Zebstika was weeeeeak.
-Off to Driftveil City.
-I thought Clay's name was... Clayton?

Pokemon team so far:
Servine, Solosis, Archen, Panpour, (Darumaka), (Sandile).

Pokemon in the parenthesis, I don't plan on using.
The last update I has was when reaching Driftveil City? Seriously?

Okay, so well, beaten Clayton and boy, was he weak. But his Gym is so cool, just confusing. I kept going up and down, up and down.

Well, anyways, after I beated Clayton I went and got to Chargestone Cave. That was so cool. Floating rocks, wtf! Anyways, met Prof. Juniper and Bianca, lah-dee-dah, got 3 ninjas to escort me to N, and, yeah, I don't know why but I can't pay attention to what N was saying, but beaten the crap out of him, so went to Mistralton City and first thing on my mind was find a Litwick. Litwicks are so cool. 8D Anyways, going to the top of Celestial Tower.

Highlights of my day: Arceos evolving, and Litwick. 8D
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Finally it was time to face the trainer who had earned so much respect from me; Skyla! I found her gym to be at the back of the airstrip, meaning I had to make my way past some huge planes. My bike made the trip a little shorter. I had stocked up well at the Pokémon Center so I was ready to take her on!

I was shocked to find the method of transport in the gym to be giant cannons. I had faced open elevators, a track-changing rollercoaster, riddles hidden in books and all manner of other tricks, but to physically shoot myself across the room?! Surely this couldn't be safe?! This was only confirmed when at one point, I ended up hitting the wall and nearly knocking myself out. I had to sit down for a minute or two to stop the dizziness and only then was ready to challenge Skyla.

For all I respected her and all I had been prepared for, she was disappointingly easy to beat. Two of her Pokémon went down in a single hit and the third only took a little longer. I was a little crestfallen that a battle I had been looking forwards to so much had been so short, but I accepted my Jet Badge with pride, for I had now earned six badges in four days!

Happy with my progress, I bade Skyla a goodbye as she directed me through Twist Mountain, where she had heard Team Plasma were up to no good. This made me feel a little happier as I thought of the chance N would be there, and motivated me to traverse the mountain at once. I wasn't expecting him to be waiting for me outside the gym.

Did I mention how pretty he was? Fwah♥

He looked a little sad, and I asked him why. He said he was sad that Pokémon were used for combat, as it meant they had to hurt one another. He had grown up with Pokémon, and didn't want to see them in pain. I said that was true, but sometimes the pain is needed because in the end, we are stronger for it. N seemed a little happier about that and asked to speak to one of my Pokémon. I was confused until he explained that due to his childhood with Pokémon, he could understand them well. He picked out my Duosis, Tardigrade, since it was the newest addition to my team, and learned from Tardy that I was from Nuvema Town and that Prof. Idiot had sent me out to fill the PokéDex, which I had done a terrible job with as I was unwilling to store Pokémon in a PC. This made him really happy, and me too, as it was what I had tried to tell him at the end of Chargestone Cave but had been unable to around the present company.

N decided my Pokémon were happy enough, and briefly explained what was going to happen. The man from before, Ghetsis, he was trying to find two stone, the Dark Stone and the Light Stone, which were said to be the remains of the ancient Dragons from the legends. I remembered that legend; it was said that at the touch of the Hero, the Dragon would re-awaken and help the Hero realise his dream.

N wanted to be that hero. He wanted the Dragon to help him separate humans and Pokémon. That was still his dream; I hadn't been able to change his mind. D:

He seemed to realise how I felt because he said that he wants to be the hero because then he can change the world without force. No one would get hurt and it would be worth it in the end, but it would be sad for people like me, as I would be separated from my friends. I noticed him stutter over that part, and at once an understanding formed between the two of us. We had the same motive, to an extent. We had the same idea. It was N who was taking it further, though, and in that instant, he seemed to realise how far he might be going.

Before I could argue anything else, he left without a trace, and even though I ran as fast and as far as I could, he was already gone. How does he do that?!

I had a lot to think about as I headed in the direction of Twist Mountain.

Grargh. Getting further and further away from what actually happens here. Maybe I should adapt this into a fanfic or something when I'm done recording it here.

Key Moments:
Beating Skyla in 5 hits. She's blooming easy. Shouldn't have been the sixth leader when she's that easy to beat.
Meeting N again, and coming to an understanding of sorts. At least I know what he's up to now.

Next up: Twist Mountain!

"You want to look up at the sky and always see the stars." ~ Things You Remember
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Dear Diary

Today was amazing! I got my second badge from the gym leader named Lenora in Necrene City! Gosh her gym's puzzle was hard to get through. I gotta say, Team Plasma is starting to become annoying. They say their cause is good but they are stealing unwilling Pokemon from trainers! They aren't even so much as asking the Pokemon if they want to leave! How horrible can you be? Good thing me, Bianca, and Cheren are always where they are to help out the trainers and Pokemon they hurt!

Something else marvelous happened too! Enveloped by a bright white light in mid-battle against Plasma goons, both my Oshawott and my Lillipup evolved!! I now have a beautiful and powerful Dewott and a gold and silver Herdier! Thanks to them, the battle against Lenora was a cake walk!

But I gotta run cause Lenora's museum is in trouble! Team Plasma again no doubt.

I'll get back to documenting my journey later! See ya!!

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I'm going though Dragon spiral tower at the moment - I found it funny when the building shaked and then reshiram cried and then a funky text box came up and it said "Burn, baby, burn." I lol'd since it seemed like Reshiram said that... :P
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Ok, so after alot of thought and consideration, I traded my team of Level 50's over to my Japanese version of Pokémon White (so that they were stored) and started again!
I've just beaten the first Gym and I've got a pretty steady team of

Herdier (M) Level 16
Oshawott (M) Level 16
Pidove (F) Level 17
Drilbur (F) Level 10 OR Woobat (F) Level 12 - Someone help me decide whos better in the long run I know Excadril has much higher Attack but I prefere Swoobat so... yeah
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Clocked 23 hours and I'm currently going through Chargestone Cave and remembering how much I dislike caves! (need to stock repels clearly). Got 5 badges now and still loving it.
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Just defeated Lenora and obtained the Basic Badge (2nd badge), going to get rid of the Plasma grunts that have entered the museum.

My team;

Dewott Lv19
Herdier Lv19
Drilbur Lv18
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Time for a minor update [:


Dear Journal,

I can't believe it! I entered a battle with Victini, weakened it, and after many failed attempts; I caught it. I nicknamed him Victor and left the lighthouse, encountering Professor Juniper and some policeman leaving with captured Team Plasma grunts. After that, I returned to Castelia City and challenged the Battle Company. Victor defeated every single trainer there!

After that, I walked all over Desert Resort, and i'm pretty sure I defeated every trainer there. A woman also gave me a Cover Fossil!

I then went to the amusement park, where N showed up. He took me onto the ferris wheel, before telling me he was king of Team Plasma. That came as a bit of a shock, though at the same time not surprising. We battled and he failed miserably.

I then went to Route 16, Lostlorn Forest, and Route 5. I defeated every trainer I could and my pokemon grew a lot stronger, along with capturing a few new pokemon. Now we're going to train some more and then challenge Elesa to a battle.


My current team:

Pidove "Valiant"

Calm nature
Met on 3/6/2011 on Route 3, at Lv8.
Strongly Defiant.
Held Item: Amulet Coin
Ability: Super Luck
Moves: Detect, Air Cutter, Roost, Quick Attack

Munna "Dream"

Quirky nature
Met on 3/6/2011 at the Dreamyard, at Lv10.
Quick Tempered.
Held Item: Quick Claw.
Ability: Synchronize
Moves: Psybeam, Moonlight, Zen Headbutt, Yawn


Modest nature
Met on 3/6/2011 on Route 3, at Lv10.
Strong Willed.
Held Item: King's Rock
Ability: Lightningrod
Moves: Quick Attack, Thunder Wave, Flame Charge, Shock Wave

Panpour "Monagua"

Lax nature
Met on 3/6/2011 at the Dreamyard, at Lv10.
Somewhat Vain.
Held Item: Eviolite
Ability: Gluttony
Moves: Fury Swipes, Bite, Lick, Scald

Victini "Victor"

Naive nature
Met on 3/7/2011 at Liberty Garden, at Lv15.
Quick to flee.
Held Item: Scope Lens
Ability: Victory Star
Moves: Confusion, Incinerate, Quick Attack, Headbutt


Naughty nature
Met on 3/6/2011 in Nuvema Town, at Lv5.
Very finicky.
Held Item: Miracle Seed
Ability: Overgrow
Moves: Tackle, Growth, Mega Drain, Leaf Tornado
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But all dreams come to an end,
Just whispers on the wind
Sing with me one last time, for light's sacrifice,
Endless dawn came but not without a price,
Lost in the waves there glimmers, a pale blue stone.
I think of you, all alone
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Didn't update that much, did I? D: Anyways, I defeated the Elite Four, captured Reshiram, defeated N and Ghestis, updated to National Dex mode, found the Seven Sages of Team Plasma, and caught Tornadus... I'm about to battle Cynthia or challenge the Elite Four again... I'm not sure.
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Departing from Mistralton City, I headed in the direction of Twist Mountain. At the base of the stairway, who should turn up for a completely random and pointless battle but Cheren? I easily beat him up and he turned all angsty from not being strong enough, but it just proved that what N had told me was true. I was about to turn away and leave him when Stalker of the Century, Alder, jumped down from a cliff face (WTF?) and told him to lighten up, then gave us both HM Surf and left. Uh... what? Cheren stormed off into the mountain and left me be. How pointless.

As soon as I stepped through the doorway, Cheren was waiting for me - oh please, not again, Cheren - and so was Big Chief Lazy Bum, Clay. What was he doing here? Turns out he had heard about Team Plasma being here, too, and was checking it out but hadn't found anything, so it was up to two children to do the work for him. He really is lazy. ._.

Twist Mountain was tough. I wasn't used to the rocky terrain and the internal maze meant I made slow progress. There were plenty of trainers hidden behind rocks and stuff, jumping out and shouting a heart-attack inducing slogan at me before sicking their Pokémon on me. Damn. These guys need to find a better hobby.

If you can't tell by now, at this point I was getting tired. I had travelled so far today already, and although the mountain posed a challenge, I didn't want to spend a second night in Mistralton since I had already seen everything it had to offer. I was ready to sleep as it was, so perhaps taking on the challenge so late was a mistake. One good thing came about, however; during a tough battle with a trainer's Sawk, my dear Tempo shone brightly and stretched out, becoming an elegant and majestic Serperior! He was beautiful! I gave him a huge hug and we beat the poop out of that Sawk.

Right at the end of the tunnels, as I was ready to collapse from exhaustion, I saw a couple of Team Plasma goons. I wasn't ready to battle them, but thankfully, Cheren had done it for me. Wow. He actually beat up some bad guys instead of stopping me from doing so, like everyone else seems to. Then he pointed out how hypocritical they were and told them to release their Pokémon. I was about to chime in when one of them mentioned they'd found what they were looking for for their lord N.

waitwhat. They found one of the special Stones? They had already moved on and started talking about taking the world over by force - which completely contradicted what N had said about not wanting to use force. I tried to get more information but they fled and I was too tired to go after them. And as soon as I left the cave, who should be there but Prof. Idiot Senior. I politely pointed out that a couple of bad guys had JUST run this way and why couldn't he have stopped them, but he just said something about a tower and a dragon and disappeared. Good job, Professor. I can see why you're seen as an intellectual.

Something he said stuck out, though. He mentioned that the tower north of the city just ahead, Icirrus City, was known as Dragonspire Tower. It reminded me of what N had said before... about the legend of a Dragon who helped the mythical Hero seek the truth, and created the region of Unova. When the region was complete, the Dragon fell into a deep slumber in Dragonspire Tower, and left the Light Stone as it's earthly remains, awaiting the touch of the Hero to awaken it and to seek the truth once more.

The name of the Dragon was Reshiram. And if Team Plasma were telling the truth, and they'd found the Light Stone, that meant N was going to take the place of the Hero and use the Dragon slumbering in Dragonspire Tower to create his dream of a separated world.

N... I really hope you know just what you're doing...

Thus, Twist Mountain is over and next up, challenging Brycen and possibly heading to Dragonspire Tower.

I'm scareded D:

Key Moments:
Receiving 'Surf'
Tempo evolving into a Serperior (SO PRETTY♥)
Reached Icirrus City
Learned exactly what N was intending...

"You want to look up at the sky and always see the stars." ~ Things You Remember
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Serperior and Tranquill evolved in Celestial Tower.
Spent around 5 minutes looking for a Litwick with flame body.
Beat Skyla (She was also extremely easy.)
Decided to explore route 18 instead of Twist Mountain.
Obtained an egg which hatched into Larvesta.
Caught a few pokémon.

Currently in Twist Mountain.

Current team
Serperior lv.39
Unfezant lv.35
Tirtouga lv.35
Scolipede lv.35
Zoroark lv.35
Scraggy lv.35
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I defeated N in Nimbasa City. I went into the Gym unprepared and got my butt kicked. Now I'm on Route 5 training my Pokemon against the trainers there.

My party is:

None of them are very effective against the Nimbasa gym. I think I might need to do some more Pokemon catching.
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OMG I just caught a pansear!!!!!!!
me muy happy!!
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A lot bigger update this time.
-Decided to stop training Patrat, Lilipup, Purrloin and Munna
-moved on to the next route (3?)
-fought all the trainers
-Caught Blitzkrieg the Blitzle (Blitzkrieg is a german word for lightning war)
-Beat up Team Plasma
-Caught Rockenroll the Roggenrola, Cheery the Woobat, and Excaburrow the Drilbur (would've named it Excaburro, but then I realized what Burro meant in Spanish)
-Fought through some more trainers
-Got to the City with the normal type gym (I can't remember these names!!!)
-Caught Constro the Timbur and Brawn the Throh
-Discovered I could grind really fast by fighting Audinos
-Grinded everything to level 17 (20 for my fighting types)
-Evolved Tsunamurai the Oshawott into Dewott
-Completely annhialated the Normal type gym.
-Witnessed team Plasma stealing a Pokemon Skull from a fossil

Current Party
Tsunamurai the Dewott, lv. 18
Rockenroll the Roggenrola, lv. 17
Cheery the Woobat, lv. 18
Blitzkrieg the Blitzle, lv. 18
Constro the Timbur, lv. 20
Brawn the Throh, lv. 20
In progress

Hoenn, 1 Badge
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Originally Posted by Quicksand. View Post
So at around ten am, I forced my lazy butt out of bed and into my grandmas car so she could take me to gamestop and I could finally obtain the game ive been waiting for for what seems like years even though it was only around six months and even though I was home by eleven, I wasn’t able to play the game until a few hours ago. (run-on sentence for the win?) I currently have around two and a half hours clocked in, and im on route three.

Notable Events:

-Chose male protagonist.
-Chose Snivy. <3
-Decided against giving nicknames to my Pokemon, hoping this method will familiarize me with the American names.
-Lost one of the first battles to Cheren. Doh. >.<
-Feels bad for Bianca. :/
-Route 1 was a breeze.
-Not sure why, but I love Accumula Town. <3
-Caught a Purrloin and a Patrat on route 2.
-Got my first badge. :D
-I saw my first shaking patch in the Dreamyard, but got intercepted by a wild Pokemon. :(
-Lmao @ little preschooler wanting his Pansage to hyper beam. x)
-Lmao @ fact that you can climb on a slide, but you cant sit on chairs or lay in beds anymore.
-Caught Pidove.

Current Team:

Snivy | lv 14 | Overgrow
tackle | growth | vine whip | wrap
I am DEFINITELY keeping him on my team. Hes just so cute. :D im unsure if wrap is a worthy move though. :/

Patrat | lv 13 | Run Away
tackle | leer | bite | sand-attack
I heard bad things about this guy, so I was kind of iffy on whether I should have caught him or not. Im not sure if im going to keep him throughout my play-through. Only time can tell.

Purrloin | lv 12 | Limber
scratch | fury swipes | assist | sand-attack
Basically the same thing as Patrat, except she doesn’t have STAB, unless shes lucky and assists bite. Also, I cant tell whats worse: scratch or fury swipes. >.<

Pidove | lv 10 | Super Luck
gust | growl | leer
Hes the newest member of my team. I havnt even tried him out. :o


After a couple days of training my team and running around the south-east side of Unova, ive come to you all with another update. :D

Notable Events:

-After running around Route Three, I ran into my first Aiduno. :D It felt good to finally murder one of those pink creatures ive heard so much about. >:)
-Caught a Tympole.
-Running around in the area right before Pinwheel Forest, I almost died in a wild double battle. D:
-It was then that I realized I had a major weakness to fighting type moves. :/
-During the battle with N before the gym battle, my Snivy evolved. :D
-Obtained second badge. :)
-Traveled all the way back to Nuvema Town to search for hidden items using the Dowsing Machine.
-Caught a Venipede in Pinwheel Forest.
- Purrloin Evolved. :D
-WTF. There are cars? :O
-Whhyyyyy is this bridge soooo loooonnnggggggg.

Current Team:

| lv 20 | Overgrow
Growth | Leech Seed | Tackle | Leaf Tornado
For some reason he wasn’t hitting as hard as I liked, but since his evolution, hes doing just fine. Hes holding the Miracle Seed I obtained from some girl in Nacrene City.

| lv 19 | Run Away
Leer | Hypnosis | Crunch | Tackle
I know Tackle gets STAB, but I cant tell whether it or Crunch does more. He evolves super soon. Too bad he has a sucky ability.

| lv 20 | Limber
Assist | Sand-Attack | Fury Swipes | Thief
As a Purrloin, I was really thinking about dropping her from my team. Even with STAB Thief, she barely did any damage. But recently, shes had lots of luck with Assist, getting moves such as Crunch, Round, and Roost. I havnt tested her out as a Liepard yet, but her stats look really good compared to my other team members.

| lv 19 | Super Luck
Roost | Work Up | Quick Attack | Air Cutter
Air Cutter plus Super Luck equals win. And if for some reason he does get low on HP, Roost takes care of the job.

| lv 19 | Swift Swim
Supersonic | Bubblebeam | Mud Shot | Round
This guy is my main Special Attacker. Plus, he isnt weak to Fighting, which like half my team is. Too bad he has a not-so-good ability.

| lv 19 | Swarm
Protect | Screech | Poison Tail | Pursuit
The newest member of my team. I havnt tried out Poison Tail yet, but im hoping its much better than the weak Poison Sting he was using before. I don’t use Protect, and rarely do I use Pursuit. Contemplating whether I should exchange it for Rock Smash.
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Well got my english copy of White today. I picked Oshawott and it managed to get to level 16 before getting my first badge and I got that Pansear to use leer a few times to make the Pansage's defense low, easy win. Right now I am in route 4 with three badges and my pokemon include:
Dewott Lv.28
Zebstrika Lv.27
Sandile Lv.21 (recently caught)
Darumaka Lv.22 (recently caught)

I believe in Jesus Christ my Savior. If you do too, and aren't scared to admit it, then copy and paste this in your signature.
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Going through the desert, just caught my Scraggy (Careful Nature). Picked up my first Casteliacone earlier. =P

Dewott: Lv. 27
Swoobat: Lv. 24
Whirlipede: Lv. 24
Scraggy: Lv. 22

Edit: Playtime is 8:41.
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