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Old April 10th, 2011 (2:22 AM). Edited August 29th, 2011 by wyndamn.
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Redirecting this;

As we all know the pokemon metagame normally tends to have different usage unbalaced levels that we usually call ¨tiers¨ and even with them only few people actually bother to use some pokemon like pachirisu but pokemon like unown are left forgotten. As we all know Nintendo fixed poorly or unused pokemon, but however they didn´t fix all of them leaving a bitter taste to millions of players and their favorite mons.

So why not modify ¨Those¨ pokemon in order to reach a more balance gameplay? making them competitive for fun or at least for a a hack rom purpose in the future. The Idea here is to give one or two permanent new useful roles to most sucky pokemon making them viable enough to tie with OU pokemon performances or at least giving them the potential to play in it and also making new roles for some already good pokemon or even making them a bit better aswell. This will cause a major Tier reduction since there will be more balance and of course not forgetting to give each pokemon their own individuality. But this is too much work for just one person and i´ll be needing help to complete this.

Next i´ll place some information you must read to contribute and then my initial list.

Before Contributing

- You can only propose a max of two new abilities per pokemon.

- You can only suggest up to four new moves per pokemon and only one of those four moves can be an old platinum/or 3rd gen tutor move.

- You must include in your post how they will learn each move; Egg, Lvl or TM (this is assuming a future B/W Hackroom but also works to stop some undesireable twisted egg move combinations and so on)

- When suggesting a new or old move as an egg/level up move make sure that the pokemon doesnt learn another attacks in that level and that the pokemon is in the same egg group as another pokemon who learns that attack, for this you can consult and online pokedex (again possible hack room purposes)

- Give mainly obvious and logical moves/abilities to every pokemon for example Octillery has no arms therefore you cant use elemental punches or the ability Iron Fist on it. (pokedex info, manga and real animal related species can help on this subject, in other words use logic)

- Limit or prevent the suggestion of possible broken combinations. For example; proposing huge power or pure power on a pokemon that has more than 230 max atk or wonderguard spiritomb with magic coat and so on.

- Argument the reasons of each new moves or abilities for your desired pokemon right away. In other words make sure everything you suggest is viable on the selected pokemon to ease the process and if you may even post the new moveset and evs for how will it play.

- Keep in mind that since this is for a competitive modified pokemon many of the current metagame rules will apply, such as not overpassing the evs or ivs limit, sleep clause etc.

-This is project is mainly for Pokemon B/W but some changes may be useful for older gens hacks too.

To begin things off i will leave a list of the inital ones i thought about for you to discuss and aprove or not the changes and since its a list i will not emphasize on the arguments on them right away because it will be too long, so figure it out on your own and then talk about it or simply ask why X pokemon has X move/ability so we can discuss it.

Initial Fix-A-Pokemon List;

Arbok//Dragon Dance (Egg not compatible with sucker punch)
Ariados & Spinarak/Prankster
Bisharp & Pawniard/Weak Armor
Butterfree// Windstorm (Lvl 54), Focus Blast (TM 52),
Crawdaunt// Agility (Egg not compatible with dragon dance)
Delcatty & Skitty/Prankster
Delibird/Huge Power/ Encore (egg), snatch (egg) (both not compatible with quick attack)
Dodrio & Doduo/Quickfeet/Extreme speed (Lvl 65), Sky Uppercut(Lvl 57), Fake Out (Lvl 25)
Drifblin & Drifloon//Wish (Egg not compatible with baton pass)
Gothitelle, Gothorita & Gothita//Perish Song (level 21)
Houndoom// Work Up (TM83)
Kakuna// Toxic (TM06), Protect (TM17), Rest (TM44)
Kingler & Krabby/Weak Armor
kyurem/Snow warning
Lickylicky//Recover (Egg not compatible with curse)
Lumineon & Finneon//Quiver Dance (Lvl 62)
Magnezone/ Levitate
Mawile//Shift Gear (Lvl 61)
Nidoqueen/Multiscale/ Sleep Talk (Egg)
Noctowl & Hoot Hoot/Prankster/ Glare (Lvl 15)
Pachirisu/No Guard/Zap Cannon (Egg)
Raikou// Extreme Speed (Lvl 60), Volt Tackle (Lvl 88), Howl (Lvl 53)
Sharpedo & Carvanha// Fake Out (Lvl 23), Work Up (TM83), Final Gambith (Egg not compatible with Hydro Pump)
Slaking// Volt Switch (Egg), Role Play (Egg) (Role play not compatible with curse )
Snorlax/Poison Heal/ Drain Punch (Egg not compatible with Sleep talk)
Steelix & Onix/Solid Rock/ Seismic Toss
Torterra/ Thick Fat

As you can see this initial list still lacks some moves or abilitys for some of the pokemon in it, but there are many pokemons that are fixed just by simply giving them a new ability/move or several, so you can suggest anything that´s this pokes are still lacking and start talking, analizing and contributing, when we get good sets i´ll add them to the list once they´re done !

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If Gothitelle had Perish Song it could possibly be Uber because of Shadow Tag.
Bad idea :\
Old April 14th, 2011 (9:44 PM).
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Just dont cheat. Although its good for checking out teams and gets analysis up quicker, PO and Smogon Servers online playable download teams have ruined this game because you can go through teams itd take you days/weeks to train right and breed and get in a few hours..
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My Trade Thread
Old April 15th, 2011 (1:50 AM). Edited April 15th, 2011 by wyndamn.
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Fireworks i have used gothitelle with that move and mirror coat+protect+t wave and on paper may sound like uberish but actually this way she can be a pain in the ass sometimes because it would work kinda like magnezone does but is also very couterable in fact. She works like this; kill some special mons with mirror coat after she goes out and trap it and paralizing a switch in pokemon in case what you fight has volt change, shed shell or red card and then if she survives can suicide on walls or weak attacking stuff, but she can be easily shut down by taunters, physical attackers, stat boosters, u-turners, baton passers and obviously zoroark can be nasty for her xD and plus aside from leftovers she doesnt have any recovery and a slow speed stat which makes her fairly couterable by many things

Also gothorita with eviolite stone is good for this role as it has more def and spd but give ups on leftovers recovery so its almost as vulnerable but can shut down at least a physical attacker if it may, so in conclusion they are not broken with that just try her against some friends.

and jle1076 i already play on those servers and even more not to mention on my ds too i play fair and square etc. but i also happen to like hack battles cuz they are fun and different. Plus i wanna see real balanced pokemon game in where all pokemon are OU and Uber material to give all those unused mons good roles abilites etc to tie up with OU performances so every pokemon can be played without exceptions like luvdisc,farfetchd etc. giving new roles to old ones to give them more options or making better other pokes to get a really balanced meta where you can spect any pokemon at any time, and also cuz i may use this sometime later to make my own hack room.

So anyway just contribute with a good mon idea like i just did with slacking which makes him usable but not broken and also competitive enough for anyone to use cuz it can be countered in many ways, i didnt give him u-turn cuz that really would be uberish from a scarf mon with 460 u-turning (almost like genesect) and role play also makes up for him and its prevo. So you could suggest new ideas like i did or even new move combos not seen yet in the game.
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