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Old April 23rd, 2011 (2:39 PM).
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The 12th episode of the Black & White series! Discuss!

Pokémon of the Day

February 25, 2011
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Old April 23rd, 2011 (3:16 PM).
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Here Comes the Squirtle Squad! EP11
Here Comes the Trubbish Squad! BW12
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Old April 23rd, 2011 (3:49 PM). Edited April 24th, 2011 by Palkiacatcher.
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Ash finally got his Poop egg!

Edited for spoiling lol sorry yossarian.

Check my thread out!
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Old April 24th, 2011 (3:39 AM). Edited April 24th, 2011 by yossarian.
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Anyway I thought it was quite a decent episode. Reminiscent of the early Kanto episodes which had strong characters of the day. Even though you could see the ending coming a million miles away it still was nicely done.

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Old April 24th, 2011 (8:50 AM).
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Does anyone else thing Trubbish is a lame Pokemon? Gulpin was fairly lame, but not as much as this one. At least Electrode/Voltorb were kind of interesting. The episode was OK for what it was, the standard meet a new Pokemon & have an adventure with it. I didn't realize Silen was such a whiner.
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Old April 24th, 2011 (11:02 AM).
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Alright episde. It was funny at the start. Now I hate Ash again, like honestly, everything's a joke for him ' I guess it's because he was with people of the same mental capacity as him, he decided to let loose. That's all really. Ash sucks Iris rules xD

I can't wait to see what Team Rocket are up too! :D
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Old April 24th, 2011 (3:00 PM).
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Good episode in my opinion. Had a nice little story.I actually like Trubbish, it's Garbodor that I really hate. I liked Thrubbish in this episode and I thought it was funny how in the end the Grandma of the kindergarten class teacher knew that Thrubbish smell lessened the more friendly it got.

I'll give the episode a 7.5/10.
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Old April 25th, 2011 (12:16 AM).
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I watched it on Youtube with the transcribe audio on. It was much more amusing.

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Old April 25th, 2011 (8:20 AM).
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Okay, that's funny.

Pretty good episode overall, glad to see the addition of the egg.
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Old April 26th, 2011 (1:35 PM).
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Review of BW012: Here Comes The Trubbish Squad


-Geez, the title just rips off EP012, Here Comes The Squirtle Squad! And in this episode, it's not even about a squad of Pokemon (which I had thought it was going to be about: a group of Trubbish)! Something alliterative with "Team Trubbish Trouble!" or something could have been more unique...

-"Enemy sighted! Prepare to attack! Mud bombs ready...and fire!" -Avery
I hope that's mud they're throwing... 0_0

-OMG...I freaking love Iris! She just leapt up gracefully like a ninja with quick reflexes, avoiding getting splattered by the mud bombs! :3
Sucks for Cilan, Ash, and Pikachu to get hit in the face by mud, though...I felt even more sorry for Cilan, because he's dressed more proper and he's just an innocent waiter passing by! >.<
Those kids are some mean little brats; hurling mud at innocent, unsuspecting strangers! >:[ Though Ash and co. should have dodged much sooner... :\
--OH GOSH and their victory cries were annoying to hear!

-Ash, can't you see well enough to RUN AND GET YOUR HAT BACK?!

-It's Glasses!Sandile again!

-I loved that there was a high-tech computer monitor that Daniela was standing next to in the daycare, yet the area looks so rural. Also, Daniela is hot. :3

-WTF are little kids doing going about and exploring junkyards? On the edge of town, no less!

-Trubbish's voice is pretty nice. I can't wait to hear Garbodor's anime voice; hopefully, it's lower-pitched. =D

-"It must like garbage." -Iris
"Yeah, but my hat's not garbage, ya know." -Ash

-"We wanna keep it!" -the kids.
OMG, so annoying!

-LOL; Trubbish's Poison Gas burp ("farting forward") was quite rude! That's going to make Daniela repulsed at it even more!
"Trubbish does not stink!" -Avery and co., again.
LOL; they're adamant about this thing. :x

-LOL...Daniela literally carried away Trubbish like a garbage bag!

-Aww...poor Trubbish. I don't know why Daniela couldn't capture it in a Poke Ball and leave it there...

-The kids hauled all that garbage to school just to make a new pile "home" for Trubbish?

-"Sheesh! You know, you're a littler kid than they are." -Iris
DARN IT! Thought we would get away with not hearing that catchphrase this ep. >.<

-"Trubbish Squad Super Secret Base"? LAME!

-I'd just like to say again: THANK YOU FOR LEAVING THE KANJI INTACT, TPCi! :cer_boogie:

-LOL...Ash got splat with mud in the face - again.

-How the eff did those kids manage to set up a "fan assault" like that? And Ash gets trapped?

-Oh gosh, now this is just degrading Ash and Pikachu - sprayed by Water Gun? From KIDS?! I wish Pikachu would just Thunderbolt Trubbish and/or them to get this incident over with. Also, LOL at the girl with the dark red hair on the right side who fired a water gun at Ash. Did you see her strange facial expression? - she looked somewhat scared/nervous, yet she didn't alter her facial expression to "mad" when she fired on Ash. XD (she's the little girl with a heart on her cardboard armor chestplate).

-Grr; I hate how Avery is just wearing Ash's hat. Probably got lice/dandruff in it and everything. :x Been a long time since I've seen Ash sans cap, though.

-OMG Avery - idiot! You don't just go forcefully yanking the tails of Pokemon/animals!

-Gah - the fakeout by Pikachu was a bit amusing, but I kinda wish it had followed through with the Thunderbolt on those brats.

-LOL at Pikachu Thunderbolting Ash, then just hopping out of his hands with a happy facial expression. XD Too cute.

-ROFL @ Cuteness FAIL by Trubbish! It is a bit cute though, but Pikachu is way cuter.

-"Trubbish doesn't stink one bit!" -The kids
*room clouds with Trubbish's rancid stench after it burps*
*Ash, Pikachu, and kids struggle to hold breathes*
"TRUBBISH STINKS!" -Ash; quite blatantly. XD
*Ash and kids run for their lives; Avery stays w/Trubbish*
"Man, that is potent." -Ash

Woo! Possibly the ep's funniest moment. :cer_laugh:

-WHOA! I thought the digging Glasses!Sandile was actually Team Rocket. XD

-Stone Edge looked much better during the Diamond and Pearl arc. Now it just looks like any old rock attack despite the CGI, primarily Rock Throw/Slide. I even thought the attack was Stealth Rock at first glance.

-Toxic Spikes looks awesome, but the projectiles that landed on the ground weren't even freaking spikes/caltrops! Well, the attack is made slightly more believable if the poison seeps into the ground rather than manifesting as spikes.

-Aww...I don't even understand why Glasses!Sandile bothered attacking...I thought it was friends with Ash and Pikachu?

-LOL, Ash committed "treason" against Daniela and co.

-Geez; Daniela's being quite rude. Won't even hear the children out on what they have to say. >:[

-Oh, like a Deerling's going to do anything. XD Poison trumps Grass, Daniela!

-Ash is making a stand for the kids! 0_o

-That Tackle by Deerling was so avoidable by Pikachu.

-How the eff does Deerling reroute its path with a gallop in mid-air?

-Whoa..."sacrificial" moment by Daniela. :0

-Good going, Trubbish! Though the place officially looks like a dump now! XD

-Aww; everyone's apologizing!

-Yay! Trubbish can stay! That was so not expected.[/sarcasm]

-Pidove is doing something! But where's Oshawott? (Nvm; I saw him. )

-I really hope Ash visits all of these Characters-of-the-Day that he says goodbye to sometime... I wonder how he's even going to play with the kids again, as Kanto is quite far away from Unova...unless he revisits before departing from Unova?

3/5 for the episode. Felt a little bit short, and the teacher prolonged stubbornness a bit too much - only when Trubbish helped out with Sludge Bomb was it able to influence Daniela to reconsider... At least Glasses!Sandile managed to cameo...for essentially no reason. -.-

Originally Posted by Bluerang1 View Post
Now I hate Ash again, like honestly, everything's a joke for him ' I guess it's because he was with people of the same mental capacity as him, he decided to let loose.
LOL...I hope he becomes more serious...eventually.

Originally Posted by Fithboy View Post
I watched it on Youtube with the transcribe audio on. It was much more amusing.
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Old April 30th, 2011 (5:36 AM).
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It was...OK. Better than what I had initially thought from the Japanese version. I liked Iris's ninja skills at the start and how cute Ash is playing with the kiddies. The old lady just wanted a plot >___>
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