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Pokémon Strategies and Movesets Post your team lineups, get your team rated or rate other teams, talk about lineups, talk about moves/movesets, strategies, etc. For general talk about the games, go to the respective Pokémon game forums.

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Old May 25th, 2011 (12:34 PM). Edited May 25th, 2011 by voodoocakes.
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So far I'm thinking Scolipede, Lanturn, Hydreigon, Snorlax, Beheeyem, and Drifblim. Any suggestions to make it better? It seems pretty well rounded so far.
Competitive team, btw :]
The Scolipede would have poison point and Drifblim Aftermath. Idk about anything else though.

Old May 25th, 2011 (04:10 PM).
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Hello voodoocakes,

If this is indeed a competitive team, we'll need to to list some additional info, like movesets/natures/items, otherwise it can't be rated by competitive standards and will have to be moved to the In-Game forum :(

Old May 25th, 2011 (04:20 PM).
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You can find competitive movesets and natures and everything here. It's not completely finished (and not every Pokemon is covered) but it highlights the most useful Pokemon in the game today. Also, another good resource is Smogon's list here: scroll down to about halfway through the OP and there'll be a bunch of spoilers with Gen I, Gen II etc. You can click on those and then the links in there are analyses of Pokemon and their good movesets. If something isn't listed there, then it's really not very good and you probably shouldn't use it on your team if you want to win in the OU metagame. ;o;

Good luck with building your team! :3
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