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Chapter 1: Road to Graduation!

(Click here for the OOC Thread)

Part 0: Prelude

... where am I?

I see you’re finally awake…

What’s going on? Where are my friends? Wha- ahh…

Don’t you remember? We’re at the top of my peak and now you and your friends are trapped here with me.


Yes! Forever! Unless...


... You cooperate…

Part 1: A Celebration of Sorts

“Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Guild recruitment at an all-time high! Get your applications today!”

In the middle of Glade Springs, a Lombre waved newspapers from his stand, passing extra copies to the villagers as they walked past. The village may have been small, but their self-proclaimed mayor had insisted that the citizens stayed informed. Glade Springs had its own dedicated newsstand. Well, that is until they realized the newspaper was more entertaining when it came from Meowth’s Port. There was much more going on in the bustling town of Meowth’s Port when compared to Glade Springs. It didn’t take them long to have something good to read, unlike Glade Springs where it could take a while before the next big thing happened. Meowth’s Port was not too terribly far away and the fee to get a story added into their newspaper wasn’t expensive. It was one of those very advertisements that Filmore, the Lombre, shouted into the early morning. The sun was beginning to shine down on the trees below as the citizens began their morning routines.

“Keep it quiet down there!” a Pignite shouted from his window. “Some a’ us ah tryin’ ta SLEEP!”

“The news never sleeps!” Filmore grinned triumphantly as he puffed out his chest. The Newsstand (which Hue officially named Glade Newsstand until Filmore’s unofficial name--The Daily Bubble--was approved) had been his responsibility since it was created. He was their Chief Editor when Glade Springs had its own paper and was now Head Paperboy for their new system. He was the best - and only - employee of the Newsstand and he’d never let his pride and joy down! “Take a paper, Soren!” Filmore held a fresh newspaper up to the Pignite “It’ll get you outta bed!”

“I’ll burn yer papers to ashes!” Soren threatened, readying an ember in his right hand as he spoke.

“Eep!” Filmore cried out, quickly gathering his stand and moving his business elsewhere. Soren snorted once in victory, before going back to sleep. He was one of the only villagers getting in some extra sleep, however, as the rest of the village getting ready for another day. Jericho, the Bunnelby, resupplied his shop. Francheska hummed a tune while she readied her stand and Felix keyed into his dojo.

Over nearby the Newsstand’s new location, a group of ‘mon had gathered around a Pikachu, the electric rodent holding open a newspaper for the group to read.

“Matilda’s really being serious about this recruitment drive, huh?” One of the readers noted. “Seems like applicants are coming from all over just to join up.”

“You think she’s planning something big?” Another remarked.

“Probably not. Just some fresh blood to keep things from slowing down like they did a few years back.”

“Who knows? It brings more people to our town. More people means more business for me!”

“Speak for yourself,” the first one retorted. “I liked it better when it was quiet… Those ceremonies get noisy...”

“We’ll just have to wait and see what happens,” the Pikachu responded while the group continued to read the article. As the villagers discussed, the guild itself was preparing for one of their big events.

“Alright, recruits, good morning!” At the guild headquarters, Ms. Honey gleefully practiced greeting all of her students. Today was their final exam, the test that would make them full members of the guild. They had been training for weeks to get to this part, studying all the aspect of guild life, rescuing, exploring, and dungeoneering. After this, they would finally get to go to a real mystery dungeon and experience exploring first hand. Just a few weeks ago her students were new recruits from in and outside of Glade Springs and now they were near graduates! The flying Skiploom felt waves of excitement go through her when she imagined her class emerging from Tranquill Forest as graduates. They would be proud, she would be proud, all of Glade Springs would be proud! Soon enough the villagers would gather to witness the celebration. Filmore would make an inspiring story, Maxwell would illustrate an intense scene and Hue…! He and Samuel would declare her students official Explorers with the fanfare of a knighting ceremony.

“Morning, Cindy…” a Munchlax greeted with a long yawn.

“Oo!” Ms. Honey jolted at the sound of Maxwell’s voice. She had been so caught up in her thoughts that she didn’t notice him there. The surprise made her heart race, but when she looked at the young ‘mon next to her he already looked like he was falling asleep. He wasn’t used to being up so early. “When does… the… exa… zzzzzzzz…”

“Now now!” the Skiploom replied, snapping her fingers and jolting the Munchlax awake. “Today is your big day! You can’t sleep now! You have a big job to do! How can you fall asleep?”

“Because I’m tireeeeed…” Maxwell whined. He had been up all the previous night honing his artistic skills, drawing and painting nonstop in preparation for the Guild’s induction ceremony. Sleep has been lost on him, and now he was feeling the effects of his actions. “So… what’s the exam going to be like?”

“Mm-mm,” Ms. Honey replied, shaking her head. “Not until everybody else gets here. Once the apprentices arrive, we’ll be ready to begin!”

Anya Odile // Bae'd to Quest // The Frozen Gate
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Sitting on top of a hill that overlooked a gorgeous field was Caz, a Cacnea, playing away on a grasswhistle. He was playing an energetic song, illustrating his excitement with what was coming. Eyes closed, and with a smile on his face, he finished the song with much gusto. The wind caressed his cheek, the sun gave him a sense of encouragement, its warm glow putting him at peace. Tucking the leaf into his bandana, he said to himself, "Ah... another great day... I'm so pumped! Finally, an explorer!"

He sat there on the hill, content and happy. Well, until his mind was back on Earth. That was when he realized something important. "AAHH!" He yelped, jumped up and dashed off, realizing he was late for probably the most important day of his life. The day he would become a bonafide explorer.

The green blur rushed into Glade Springs, which wasn't too far off from his little retreat, and whizzed past the villagers and almost knocked down at least three of them, had he not gracefully spun out of the way. He weaved, to and fro to avoid knocking down any 'mon in his way.

Thanks to his family of gypsies and performers, he learned a few tricks of his own to use in his everyday life, like his spinning technique.

With the guild HQ just in sight, Caz rushed even harder. He was excitedly chanting out loud, "yeyeyeyeyeye," as he made his way to the class of Ms. Honey, his teacher for the time learning all about becoming an explorer, and his training during that time. He slowed down as he reached the class area, his "ye" getting tired and worn. He used what motivation he had just to run like the wind to not be incredibly tardy. Tardy as he already was, he didn't want to make it worse.

Eventually, he reached his fellow students and Ms. Honey's class. With one last, "ye," he tripped and landed face first in front of Ms. Honey. "Ey, Ms. Honey... I made it, eh. Sorry, I got too into my grasswhistlin', I guess. Heheh...." He hopped back onto his feet and smiled wide, an arm behind his head as he chuckled out loud.

After that, Caz hops over to his proper seat, still with a big smile on his face.
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Ryuka the Riolu had woken up rather early today, finding himself unable to fall back asleep for a little while longer he ultimately decided to get up and walk around the village. During his walk he thought about what was going to happen, for he knew all too well. After training with the guild for some time, Ryuka and a group of other trainees were about to take their final exam, after which, should they pass, they would finally be considered official Explorers. While he was excited to see his training nearly complete, Ryuka felt something else weigh prominently in his mind.

"Today's the day, Grandpa. I'm gonna be a fully trained Explorer soon." Ryuka said out loud even though no one was around. Having been an orphan for as long as he can remember, he was raised by a Xatu, who had taught him many things about the world as he grew up. Even though Ryuka left this Xatu, who he had taken to calling Grandpa after being with him for so long, to join the guild under his recommendation, he couldn't help but miss him. However, training with the guild simply did not allow him the time to go see his grandfather again, so they stayed in touch via letters. Ryuka wondered if he would finally be able to see him again once he graduated...if he graduated. "But...Grandpa, am...I ready?"

As he thought things over, Ryuka eventually passed by a group of gossiping villager. Walking by, he overheard them talking about the guild, which made him think more on the final exam until he decided to go back to the guild whether he was early for the exam or not. "Ready or not, I...I can't doubt myself now. Grandpa wanted me to become an Explorer, and that's what I'm gonna do! The next time we see each other, he'll see me as a real Explorer, and he'll be proud of me!

After giving himself a little pep talk, Ryuka made it to the guild headquarters and found the room where he was supposed to meet up with Ms. Honey the Skiploom. Knowing that he arrived much earlier than he was meant to, a habit he had come to be known for by everyone, Ryuka simply walked in to see Ms. Honey herself along with Maxwell the Munchlax, who appeared to be having trouble staying awake for some reason. "G...good morning, Ms. Honey..." Ryuka said nervously to the Skiploom as he always has.

At some point, Caz the Cacnea had arrived late seemingly in a hurry, even going so far as to trip when he showed up. The abrupt nature of his entrance caused Ryuka to flinch and whimper in response to it.
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Old February 25th, 2016 (9:43 AM).
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Never in the history of Pokémon has any one individual done so much complaining about so little. Unlike.... everyone else taking this exam today, this grumbling Zorua was coming from within the Guild HQ, already wearing scarves - many of them. She was actually quite the seasoned explorer. Sloping her way through the halls, she looked indignant about the whole affair - remedial? She'd been sent back to remedial? Of course, they had a problem about her 'attitude' and how it was a 'problem', but there was nothing wrong with her! She was just better than all these other jokers and they were still trying to hold her down! Whatever, class was nearly finished, she could get back to doing as she did best.

"Dweeb." came her voice from behind Caz, as she approached the class and the face-down Cacnea, before her attention turned to the Riolu across from them, whom she had watched jump into the air in surprise. "Wuss." was his word of the day; fortunately, she seemed to be rather spare on the words as she lazily and uninterestedly chose a spot nowhere near anybody else that was already present and curled up.
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No Rest For The Wobbo, Except Maybe A Little Bit But That Was In A Flashback
In which Wobbo... begins, or something.

Never in the history of Pokémon has any one individual done so little about so much complaining. Wobbo the Wobbuffet still hadn’t done yesterday’s dish washing, still had a mountain of donut packages at the end of his bed that could probably tell an in-depth story of the ‘mon’s teenage years, and most importantly, still hadn’t got out of bed, despite his mother’s multiple-hour-long protests. Thankfully, the wise woman had been savvy enough to begin complaining multiple hours before Wobbo’s emergence was necessary.

The Wobbuffet smiled fondly at the memory of his home. It seemed so far away now, and it was barely half an hour ago. As he spotted the Guild Headquarters creeping into his field of vision, he couldn’t help but wonder how long it would be until he could go back home and rest again. It was a fleeting thought, however, and in spite of the disappointment the Wobbuffet felt at himself he pressed onwards. He couldn’t let all this miraculous work he’d forced himself to do be put to waste.

“You don’t want to let all this work go to waste, do you?” His mother had reminded him of the same thing that morning.

“Not sure,” Wobbo had replied, continuing to snooze. “Might have to. No idea if work on a Guild application is accepted at our local recycling station.”

“Get out of bed, Wobbo,” Wobbo’s mother had said with a sigh, though the woman couldn’t help but smile at her child. She’d known what was coming next. Excuses were arguably her favourite part of the morning routine – it had pretty much become a form of ritualistic game by that point.

“Can’t,” the bed-bound Wobbuffet had assured her as a smirk spread across the side of his face that wasn’t obscured by the duvet. “It’s against my religion. You’re not allowed to oppress a guy’s faith, mum.”

“Oh? What religion is this?”

“Wobboism. Become a convert now and I’ll let you be high-priestess.”

“I don’t think that’s a legitimate religion, Wobbo,” the Wobbuffet’s mother had tried to say gravely. She wasn’t able prevent a small chuckle.

“That sounds like something a heretic would say,” Wobbo shot back.

“In fact,” his mother had continued, ignoring her son. “I get the feeling it’s a religion you just made up this moment as an excuse for not getting out of bed.”

“Eh,” the Wobbuffet shrugged. “All great things’ve gotta start somewhere. Personally, I’m quite a fan of humble beginnings.”

“Even so, I’m not sure the Guild will be too accepting of your new faith, dear.”

“Ah, there’s just no justice in this world,” Wobbo had lamented, rolling over onto his front though his smile never faded. “May the holy donuts smite them for their sins.”

“I’m sure they will, darling. Now get up! Your breakfast is waiting for you downstairs. And for goodness’ sake, clean up that rubbish on your bed!”

“I refuse to disturb the sanctity of Wobboism’s sacred relics,” Wobbo had protested into his pillow.

It had been a nice morning. With any luck, the nice trend would continue. Wobbo strolled up to the Guild HQ’s class area, his hands firmly situated in the pockets of his puffy black duffel coat. With the added bulk to his upper body, the Wobbuffet’s proportions were nearing Drifblim territory, though this didn’t appear to faze him in the slightest. Wobbo removed one arm from his pocket to give his classmates and instructors a lazy salute as he approached.

“Mornin’, folks,” He greeted casually. The wobbly ‘mon waltzed his way over to a seat and promptly rested his back against it, being somewhat unable to sit as he was. Whatever this exam was, he was determined to be ready for it. Or rather, he was determined to be ready to perform at the bare minimum standard required to succeed.
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Chapter 1: Road to Graduation!

Part 1.1: Enter Matilda the Dutiful Scolipede!

As the students arrived, the ceremony’s scene was nearing completion. Behind Ms. Honey, two ‘mon set up a stage. They slowly placed sturdy wooden panels together before covering over it with a decorated sheet. They walked away only to grab two strong poles and set them up beside the stage. The outdoor classroom was becoming more and more busy as time went on. Helpers setting up tables and chairs and townspeople slowly gathered together to see the big event. Some ‘mon walked (or rushed) into the nearby entrance to Tranquill Forest and overhead a Flygon with two other ‘mon flew overhead and into the Forest. With this much going on the small open field behind the Guild would be full with people.

Ms. Honey beamed with more and more pride as her students came in. Even the ones that fell on their face or weren’t as social as the others. Her excitement grew even further when she saw some graduated members come out and speak to the soon-to-be-Explorers. It reminded her of her own final exam and the great memories of her first exploration.

“Good luck on your exam, guys!” Xavier, a young Pachirisu yelled to the students. He was so excited he held his small paws to his face and tiny shocks of electricity came off his cheeks. Ms. Honey recognized the ‘mon as a recent graduate from the Mirage Guild, their sister guild, over in Meowth’s Port. She had gone down to the Port to watch their graduation and now the little ones were returning the favor. To think they had come all this way just to see fellow Explorer’s graduate! “Me and my whole team came down to watch you guys! You guys are gonna do awesome!” Soon enough an Emolga came gliding down to land next to the excited Pachirisu.

“Calm down before you scare them off!” She scolded him before giving a swift cuff behind his ears. Those two must have been apart of the same team though Ms. Honey didn’t quite recognize her. “Good luck to you guys,” she said in a much more calm manner to the students. “What did you bring for the mission?” Ms. Honey smiled at talking students before turning her attention elsewhere. It was then she saw a tall Scolipede emerging from the guild.

LVL 65 | Swarm | Assistant to the Guild Master
Self-Curer, Sure-Hit Attacker, Type-Advantage Master
Likes: Organization, Teamwork, Justice
Dislikes: Rule Breakers, People wasting her time

The Scolipede walked towards the class, greeting spectators as she walked by. She was probably coming out after discussing the ceremony with her father. Matilda was a productive young woman and knew how to keep town events running smoothly and on time. Well, as much as she could. Their mayor had a tendency to make things fall behind schedule.

"Glad to see you actually got out of bed this morning, Wobbo." Matilda grinned slightly at the Wobbuffet, the Scolipede quite used to his antics at this point - or his lack thereof. "Good morning, apprentices. Glad to see you're all ready to begin."

The Scolipede stood next to Ms. Honey, analyzing the apprentices intently as they arrived one by one. She saw promise in a lot of them, even if they themselves weren't aware of it. She was confident they would pass this exam. "We'll begin in a few more minutes, once everyone arrives. Are there any questions before then?"

Anya Odile // Bae'd to Quest // The Frozen Gate
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"What did you bring for the mission?"


You may not be full explorers yet, but that doesn't mean you'll be walking into this dungeon unprepared! For every dungeon each player is allowed to carry a limited number of items. Students of the Explorer's Guild are only given bags that can hold up to five items. A bit of a bummer, but don't fret! Team members are allowed to share items between each other so you already have more items than you think! If you have great teamwork, you'll always have something handy you can use in a dungeon!

But what items do we use now?

To keep the RP moving along there will be no visiting Jericho's shop (and believe me he is disappointed). Until then, you guys can pick what you want to bring on the mission from the final exam's list of approved items!

The list is as follows:


Pecha Scarf


Cheri Berry
Chesto Berry
Oran Berry
Pecha Berry
Rawst Berry
Sitrus Berry


Heal Seed
Hunger Seed


Cacnea Spike
Corsola Twig



Choose wisely and good luck on your exam young explorers!

Anya Odile // Bae'd to Quest // The Frozen Gate
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Machlah ambled into the guild headquarters, fashionably late as per usual, humming an old tune it remembered from way back when he had just been created. Its eyes roved over the room and its processors whirred quietly, taking stock of the trainees that had gathered in the room so far. "Hmm, who do we have here? Looks like Wobbo actually got out of bed this time, that's good... Ah, looks like Maxwell's here today. Ryuka, as well. Hopefully the poor 'mon doesn't end up having some sort of nervous breakdown, it'd really be a shame... Who else, who else... Ah, Caz! Good, good, I like Caz. And... Oh. Izola. Great. Well, I'll just try and not interact with her at all. Who knows, maybe during graduation I can take her down a peg. Thus cheered, Machlah strolled into the room, still humming. "G'morning, Ms. Honey, Matilda. Apologies for my lateness today, but I was distracted for a few moments by some beautiful grasswhistling! I stopped to listen for a while, and by the time they had finished whistling, I was quite late. Again, I'm very sorry."
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Matthew and Palmer : The Reluctant Rescuer Roommates.

The morning light stretched across the streets of the small village. There were plenty of mon up and about already, and one of the inhabitants was already busy with his morning workout session. He barely had enough money brought over from the circus to rent out a room, and busy ins said room lifting a few weights he brought along with him. With a few grunts and gasps the Machop worked the steel barbell up and over his head. If it wasn't for his innate strength the task would have been brutally difficult and probably impossible for a mon his size.

Today was the test, and he was getting as prepared for it. He wasn't quite sure what would be on it, but he hoped that most of it would consist of physical challenges. If he could at least pass the physical challenges and do AMAZING on them, then he figured that would be enough to warrant him being accepted into the guild. It was why he was pushing himself now, just to make sure that he was in the right mental state to do his best out there. He raised the barbell up and over his head, bending his knees just a bit so he could keep it up. He was going to beat his record of a minute this time! Then, it would be off the to the test!

“Ok let’s see…” humed the Aipom as he took inventory of his Bag of Many Things. This was his way of getting into the zone. Nothing soothed poor Palmer’s nerves more than a relaxing session of possession counting.

“Apples, check. Combat seeds, check. Keys, check...”
He continued in this way for several more minutes before the insufferable grunts and groans of his roommate wore on his patience.

“Could you please keep it down over there Mat? I’m trying to count here! You and I both know it’s bad news if I have a miscount on my effects. You wouldn’t want what happened with that Ursaring to happen again would you?”

Matthew continued to hold the barbell over his head. He closed his eyes and grunted again, “I’m practicing too.” He huffed out. “You’re just going to have to deal with it.” Yeah, that was his roommate. Not the most likeable mon, but he had to do. Matthew didn’t have enough coins on his person to rent out the room by himself, and he found himself needed some help. So of course, Palmer chipped in.

Matthew personally thought that the Aipom had done it just to ensure he was around to drive him insane. Matthew would likewise find small ways to tick him off as well. And so, the fighter continued to hold up the barbell as he strained his muscles. He might as well enjoy irritating his roommate juuuust a bit this morning.

“Too bad for you” Palmer thought to himself as he reduced his count of Sleep seeds by one. After he had wrapped up his morning ritual the crafty Aipom went to work on his latest scheme. He went to the kitchenette and set to prepare his noisy roommate something that would keep him quiet him up a bit. Making a drink of water, apples, bananas, Orange Gummi powder, and a single Sleep Seed.

“Alright I’m all set to go. I made you one of those silly drinks you like to drink after you’re done working out. It’ll be waiting for you on the counter. I guess I’ll meet you at the academy later?”

Matthew let out a final grunt and lowered his barbell slowly, before finally placing it down on the ground. The fighter huffed a bit and smirked over at the monkey. “Yeah, like I would take any food from you.” He put his hands on his hips, “You’ve played enough tricks on me, monkey boy. That one time you ‘misplaced’ my barbell? How about the time I grabbed the doorknob and got paint all over my hand? I’ll just grab something on the way there, no way am I letting you prank me today!” He puffed out his chest, “I’m going to stand out during the test, just you see! I’m going to ace everything!”

“Whatever you say, chief. I can’t help if it if you don’t want your workout to be complete. Smell ya later loser”

Palmer grabbed his bag and headed out on his way to the academy. He was slightly miffed that Matthew had seen through his prank so quickly. Who knows, maybe he’ll find an empty glass when he gets home. For now, however, he needed to focus on the important thing, not being late to the graduation ceremony. The Aipom deftly navigated the crowds gathering near the guild headquarters and arrived in time to get a nice seat.

“Where to sit…” he thought to himself. “There’s the blue ball of insecurity over there, the sloppy blue blob there, the green blur here, and the red and black she-devil over in fetal position… What quality seating options.”

Truley the seating arrangements were lackluster at best.
“And here I thought I’d beat the crowd. Oh well, guess I’ll just have to deal with it.”

Matthew made his way along as well, managing to pick up an apple on the way to the ceremony. He found himself rushing soon as he saw the crowd gathered. His eyes scanned the seats and he found a close by one right next to the Wobbuffet of the hour. He crossed his arms, still a bit miffed about Palmer’s earlier rudeness. Bah, whatever, he would just have to ace this exam and hold that over his head.
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>> Lvl. 13 -- Infiltrator
>> Screech/Supersonic/Tackle/Leech Life/Gust/Bite
Kyd eagerly groomed the fur on his chest, anxious about the day ahead of him. He wanted to look good on his (hopefully) first day as an official Explorer. His father would have slapped him on the back and his mother would have cheered him on enthusiastically -- if they weren't already on their own adventure. That was their job, of course, and Kyd wanted nothing more than to follow in their footsteps. He imagined the scene quickly, whispering an unheard thank-you to his hypothetically encouraging parents and moved on. He had already prepared lunch and dinner for his siblings (all eight of them!) and said goodbye to each and every one of them. Most of them smiled back, or encouraged him while some of the older siblings grumbled something about sleep and leaving them alone. Kyd didn't stress about attitude; today was a very important day to him, and he wasn't about to let tired angst get him down. With a smile and a wave, he closed the door behind him and took off.

It wasn't a short glide to Guild HQ as Kyd lived on the outer skirts of Glade Springs, but it always had been a relaxing one. Green trees towering above, colourful flowers beneath him -- the weather at this time of year was always splendid. He couldn't dawdle though, Kyd thought as he felt himself becoming too distracted by the scenery. Today was not a day he wanted to be late. He picked up the pace, letting out a cheery 'hello!' to any that passed by him.

Guild Headquarters came into view and Kyd almost gasped -- he was late! And of all days to be! He was usually such a punctual 'mon, but apparently he shouldn't have spent so much time preparing for his siblings, and a little more time on himself! It didn't matter that much, he didn't have time to worry about that. It wasn't like they hadn't started anyway. He flew in, bounding up to his higher-ups in the more polite way possible.

"Sorry, Ms. Honey! I apologise for my tardiness," he said simply, not adding an excuse. It was better to just apologise than baffle with what could have happened. "I hope I didn't keep anyone waiting."

He turned around and took his seat where there was a spare, taking a head count on who had shown up. Caz the Cacnea, Ryuka the Riolu, Zoe the Zorua, Wobbo the Wobuffet, Maclah the Golett, Palmer the Aipom and Matthew the Machop. At least Kyd wasn't the last! He waited patiently, beaming, nodding and waving at any who turned to him, excited for what was going to happen today.
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After some amount of deliberation on the subject of seating arrangements, Palmer decided to sit with his pal Caz.

Now the story of how these two met and became friends is rather interesting. It all started when Matthew and Palmer decided to go to a caravan of desert gypsies that arrived in town, who were performing for the townsfolk that night. The same caravan that Caz was a part of. Now in true Palmer fashion, he ditched his roommate (who was completely enamored with the spectacle of the carnival) to do something more productive; clean out the pockets of every 'mon in the crowd. So the swift little Aipom went to work on lightening the load of all he encountered. Now Caz was taking a break from his gig at this time when he noticed the crafty little Aipom mucking about in the crowd. Then Caz saw the Aipom perform a display of prestidigitation the likes of which he had never seen. Caz knew in his heart that if this little 'mon could only use his powers for good he could be one of the greatest carnies the world had ever known, so Caz decided to confront this crafty fellow. Now Palmer was to focused on what was in other people's pockets to notice a rouge Cacnea coming up behind him.

"Ey, man! I came out to tell you your thieving skills are real good, eh." came a voice from behind Palmer. Palmer was frozen with fear! He had been caught. After a second that lasted a lifetime he was about to cut his loses and split, but Caz broke the silence.

"But, I really feel you shouldn't be doin' that. It ain't right, ya know?"

Palmer's mind started racing. "What? No chastisement? No death threats? No pleads to return what was stolen? Who is this 'mon and what do they want with me?" He was about to turn around and meet his witness when this came out of it's mouth.

"I do know you'd be a real good carny though, eh."

"Oh" said Palmer. Actually out loud and not in his head like he thought he had done. Not wanting to deal with the potential backlash of the carny feds cracking down on him, he did the only thing a sane pokémon would do in this situation; leave it as fast as possible. So without seeing his accuser Palmer fled from the crowd with peerless agility, further impressing his carny potential onto Caz.

"What a funny 'mon, eh? I sure hope I see him again!" Caz quipped.

Little did either of them know they would meet again so soon. The next day, actually. As it turned out, they were actually classmates at the Rescue Team Academy! When Caz noticed that the Aipom from the other day was sitting in class with him, he knew he had to make a proper introduction. Once class was over Caz trotted over to the Aipom before he was able to leave.

"Ey man! I'm Caz. Who are you?"

Palmer froze. He recognized that voice. The voice from the caravan. Slowly he turned his head to meet the gaze of his witness. He did not see what he was expected. It was the smiling face of a goofy Cacnea.

"Uh, hi. I'm Palmer. Nice to meet you." he said with some amount of trepidation, uncertain of how things would unfold from here.

As it turned out things unfolded quite nicely. Once Palmer got over his fear of being turned in authorities the two hit it off very well, becoming very good friends.

Which is exactly why Palmer decided to sit with Caz.

"Hey there buddy!" Said Palmer as he sat down next to his prickly pal.

"Ey, Palmy, good to see ya, eh! Aww, so good to be here with ya on the day of our graduation! I'm so pumped!" Caz was clearly excited, he exuded joy from his body.

Caz and Palmer began chatting, until Palmer saw his roommate, Matthew, sit over by Wobbo. He called Matt over to sit next to him and Caz, his prickly friend waving enthusiastically.

Matt slowly peered over at the two, displeasure still clear on his face thanks to the rough morning he had. He could either stay seated where he was, more than likely missing another trick by Palmer, or he would go over there and get the trick done with. Either way he went, there would be a trick played, and now that he thought about it, it was probably best to get it over with now. Letting out a weary sigh the Machop stood up and slowly made his way over and sat one seat away from Palmer, "Hey, yeah, great and all." He muttered as he crossed his arms again.

"Aww, what's wrong with ya, bud? Rough mornin', eh?" Cacnea said this with a look of concern at the upset Machop. Caz got along with both Matt and Palmer, and really enjoyed Matt's company. So, he always tries to cheer him up however he can.

The Machop looked over at Palmer, "I'm sure HE could tell you." He looked away after with a huff.

Palmer sat there with a smug grin on his face. "Hey, It's not my fault you don't like my cooking."

"Palmy, what the heck?! I didn't know you could cook!" Caz was bewildered. He just assumed Palmer stole all of his food, if not the money to pay for it. Though he knew Palmer was a klepto, Caz tried and tried every day to put Palmer on the right path. Even if Caz was the occasional victim of Palmer's tendencies.

"Yup! I'm a pretty good cook if I do say so myself" He said with no lack of confidence in his tone. "It's just this fuddy-duddy over here just assumes anything I make for him is some sort of trap so I don't get to make stuff as much as I'd like. I could make something for you sometime if you li-"

"It WAS a trap! I know that gleam in your eyes!" Matt snapped out at the monkey, "And don't go pulling your, 'but it honestly wasn't a trap!' face! You're not fooling anyone, certainly not me."

"Believe what you want, but you missed out on one tasty shake." said Palmer. "But it's whatever. Though I really don't understand why you're still so upset about something that never even happened. You should really try and cool that flamey temper of yours. It could get you burned if you're not careful."

The smug grin never left his face.

The puns alone caused Matthew to grit his teeth. "You know what you're doing..." He muttered. "And I suggest you stop it."

"Or what? You'd ruin your precious graduation just so you can blow off some steam? I think not. Speaking of which you might want to start paying attention to what's going on up front."

The grin intensified.

"Hey now, c'mon fellas! No need for that now, eh. This is a big day for us, so we gotta all act like a team now! Well, uh, if we DO end up in a team, heheh...." Caz tried to ease the tension between the two, knowing Matt's hot temper.

Matthew had never felt a greater need to punch a mon than right now. His hand began to slowly curl up into a fist, but he stopped and let out a weak sigh. "Lucky." He muttered out.

What was going on up front was those responsible for overseeing the test were taking their places which meant the testing was about to begin. Once people started to settle down and take their seats a young Pachirisu took center.

“Good luck on your exam, guys! Me and my whole team came down to watch you guys! You guys are gonna do awesome!”

He was so excited in his delivery that sparks started to flow from his cheeks.

Caz looked in awe as the Pachirisu lit up with joy. "Wow, can you fellas FEEL that energy? It's really somethin', eh? I totally get him!" Caz applauded him before sitting back in his seat.

However, before the Pachirisu could get too excited an Emolga flew down and said something to him before giving him a solid bop behind the ear. Mrs. Honey then took the stage.

"Good luck to you guys!" she said with her usual calm demeanor.

She smiled at the students for a spell before turning her attention to a rather tall Scolipede who was coming out of the guild. The Scolipede was none other than Matilda, the guild master's assistant. After her and Mrs Honey shared some pleasantries, she turned her attention to Wobbo, to whom she gave a quick quip. Then, taking her place next to Mrs. Honey, she addressed the crowd of soon-to-be graduates.

"Good morning, apprentices. Glad to see you're all ready to begin. We'll begin in a few more minutes, once everyone arrives. Are there any questions before then?"
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Chapter 1: Road to Graduation!

Part 1.2: Mission Ready, Set, Go!

As all the students finally arrived, the ceremony was just about ready to begin. Though the town was small, the turnout was huge. Everyone was excited for the grand affair. Mayor Hue always enjoyed these kinds of lavish festivities, never missing an opportunity to throw a party and kick up a celebration. There was only one thing missing…

Matilda stood near on the completed stage, her yellow eyes scanning all across the gathered ‘mon. They mingled amongst each other, talking with excited voices about how well the future Explorers will do. A table with bowls of berries for snacks kept those less talkative occupied while they waited for the festivities to begin. Most of the crowd were members of the guild, there to wish the new recruits good luck and send them off. Others were townsfolk there to partake of the event. Among them, though, was missing one crucial person. With an agitated sigh, the Scolipede bent down to speak to the Shuckle standing next to her.

“Where is Mayor Hubert?” she asked, almost rhetorically. Somehow, in the back of her mind, she just knew the carefree mayor would find some excuse to be late to his own event. “He was supposed to be here an hour ago to send off the recruits, and he’s late. Again.”

LVL 78 | Sturdy | Guild Master
Counter Basher, Sharpshooter, Type-Advantage Master
Likes: Rescue Teams, Helping others, Quiet moments
Dislikes: Criminals

“Just be patient,” Samuel said as he looked past the crowd and to the town behind them. The Guildmaster looked mostly unbothered to anyone who didn’t have much experience working with him, but he was feeling just as impatient as his daughter. He had worked with Hue since the founding of Glade Springs and in all the years later he still hadn’t mastered the art of getting the mayor on time to his own events. Samuel had instructed everyone to remind the mayor to be on time for the ceremony, though the time they would tell Hue would be an hour before the event even began. That was to ensure that the mayor actually showed up on time, but Hue, whose latest interest was being fashionably late, could miss even that deadline. “He’ll be here.” Samuel looked down at the waiting townspeople below them. At least they kept themselves occupied, though it was more likely that everyone was prepared for Hue to be late anyways.

Still, starting late or not, this ceremony was for the students. They would grow together to become great explorers and inspire those who watch them to become Explorers as well. His usually icy stare melted into a smile when his eyes scanned over their students. Caz, Zoe, Wobbo, Ryuka, Kyd, Matthew, Machlah, and… Palmer. Samuel’s smile dropped at the sight of that one. He still couldn’t wrap his mind around why Hue allowed the thief to be an Explorer. Personal development was only possible when someone didn’t like stealing enough to admit it in their application. The ‘mon had done fine now, but as long as Samuel kept his eye on Palmer he was sure the little Aipom would slip up eventually.

Samuel took his eyes from the crowd when their beloved mayor’s voice came from the direction of the guild.

LVL 55 | Frisk | Mayor of Glade Springs
Hit-And-Runner, Quick Striker
Likes: Candy, Parties
Dislikes: Party poopers, Paperwork

“Hey! Wait!” Hue rushed towards the group, waving his hand and cane in the air to get everyone’s attention. “Don't start without me!” The crowd cheered at the sight of the mayor. They all knew they couldn't start without him. He was the only one who had the plans for the ceremony after all. Hue was very secretive about the circumstances of recruit’s final exams. So much so that no one knew what it was until the day and they were sworn to secrecy once they were told. The grinning Furret climbed onto the stage once he reached and stood behind his official podium. “Everyone ready to get started?” The crowd cheered again. The festivities were finally on their way.

"Glad to see you could make it, Gramps..." Palmer said to himself with a sentimental grin.

"We've been ready for over an hour..." Matilda mumbled to herself, rolling her eyes slightly.

Matthew couldn't help but let out a groan of relief. How much longer would he have to sit here with Palmer anyways? At least he could have an excuse to get away from the guy who almost drugged him today. Or was that his paranoia talking now? Maybe.

On the other hand, Caz had that big grin on his face. He was anxiously excited about the exams. He leaned back in his seat and crossed his arms behind his head, whistling to himself to pass the time as he thought about the exam.

Ryuka sported the same uneasy look that he was known for, his arms lightly wrapped around his own body as he occasionally let out a nervous whimper.

Kyd sat patiently in his seat, occasionally adjusting his wings or patting down his fur, his eyes attentive and waiting eagerly to start.

Wobbo burped.

Hue rested his cane on the podium and placed his papers on the stand before continuing. “Today we’re here to witness the final exam for Ms. Honey’s class! As always this is going to be a big event, but this time we have a little change.” There were curious looks in the crowd and a few murmurs here and there. Samuel looked curious as well about the what Hue had in mind. The Furret had on his normal smiling face, though it was somewhat bigger now that he was reveling in the suspense of this change. “Unlike previous exams, this one will be in two parts!” Gasps of excitement. The mayor couldn’t help but let out a laugh at their reaction. “Yeah! Pretty exciting, right? This never-before-been-done event will test our students' teamwork and ability far more than our previous exams ever have. But first! Part one! Which will be our traditional exam.” The mayor paused to get his papers together before continuing. Now that they were getting down to business a look and air of seriousness came over him. “Three weeks ago, I was informed that there was a robbery at the bank in Meowth’s Port. The Meowth’s Port authorities tried to catch the criminals, but they were able to escape. Since then the bandits have been on the run from police and rescue teams looking for them. The reason I came late today was because I had just been informed that the bandits were sighted in Tranquill Forest, right near Glade Springs!” The gasps and murmurs continued. Even the guildmaster looked at Hue with disbelief. “Students!” Hue looked down at the ‘mon below. “It is up to you to catch these villains so we can put them in prison where they belong!”

Wobbo let out a burp of surprise. He hadn't expected to be crime-fighting today. He considered mentioning that it might be a little risky to send explorers who were only newly trained - or in this instance, explorers who technically hadn't even finished their training yet - off to take down legitimate, potentially dangerous criminals. Didn't low rank explorers usually stick to fetching lost bags and the like? The Wobbuffet considered voicing his concerns for a moment, before ultimately shrugging and deciding that he couldn't be bothered to.

Palmer stood upon hearing the news, his grin shifting to a mischievous toothy smile. "Well as they say, it takes a thief to catch a thief! This'll be fun!" Palmer was excited to see who the more resourceful rascal would be.

Upon hearing that they were being sent out to catch criminals, Ryuka gasped and then let out another whimper, clearly fearful of being sent out on something so dangerous.

Caz's eyes popped upon upon hearing a two part test, and the first one being catching criminals in a mystery dungeon. He hopped for joy, exclaiming, "Aww yeah! This guy really knows how to make things interesting, eh? I'm even MORE pumped now! Gonna take down those dirtbags and pass this test!" He was so excited, he hopped up and posed like a boxer, striking the air with punch after punch. Clearly, he was more excited just for an excuse to fight other 'mon.

Zoe reacted the same way that she had to almost everything else up to this point: Sheer and utter boredom. "Sure. These newbies think this is some massive thing. Just wait until they keep going and it ends up as 'Tuesday' like any other." she muttered, making a blatant display of a disinterested yawn.

Matilda shook her head in slight disbelief. Every day, she thought she had seen the most eccentric of Hue's behavior, and every day, the Furret found some new way to top off his zany acts. He's going to frighten the new recruits before the exam even starts... the Scolipede thought to herself, clearly seeing Ryu's disdain, and even noticing Wobbo just ever so slightly surprised, if only for half of a second.

Matthew let out a sigh of relief at that. FINALLY! Something he could excel at and come out on top! All he needed was to give a lot of punches to the face and that would be it. He doubted that some low life crook would be able to handle one attack, let alone from a fighter. He sat back and crossed his arms, his foot already twitching as he wanted to get up and moving already.

"Villains? We're meant to catch villains?" Kyd said to nobody in particular, exchanging looks with his classmates and the mayor on stage. Weren't they meant to be becoming explorers? Not crime fighters? Surely they wouldn't send budding new explorers on a dangerous task, though Kyd did have to frown at the proposal. It only asked the question: What was the second part of this two-part test?

“Yes, you are!” Hue replied to Kyd with more cheer in his voice. “That is, if you’re up to the challenge.” He grinned at the end of his statement. “To become a member of our guild we must be confident in your abilities! If you’re brave enough to accept this challenge then go over there,” Hue pointed to the entrance of Tranquill Forest where Filmore and Maxwell stood. “to begin your exam. Filmore and Maxwell will be accompanying you both to document your exam so make sure you keep them safe! I wouldn’t put it past those bandits to take advantage of your vulnerable tag alongs.” Filmore, who had been waving cheerfully at the group, looked at Hue with horror. “Now what are you waiting for? Get going!” The crowd cheered, ready to see the exam begin.

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Potential Pioneers

Matthew was quick to jump up from his seat, not really caring about the rest of the speech or really what else was being said. "Yeah! Finally!" He cried out as he made his way to the two waiting mon. He proudly puffed out his chest, "Matthew Blaze, reporting! I'll beat those thieves up so fast that they won't know what'll hit them!" He said eagerly. "So, where are they in the forest?"

Caz was next to follow up on Matthew's enthusiasm, and dashed to the 'mon that would watch over them. As he walked up to them, Caz proudly exclaimed, "Ey, Caz Verbeck, at your service!" His eyes gleamed so much, you'd think he'd turn into a Sableye, not to mention the size of his wide grin.

"Keep those poses!" Maxwell said excitedly, quickly sketching down an image of the two. "That'll look great in the paper!"

"Your enthusiasm is admirable," Matilda said, walking up behind the group before they were off. She looked down at them with a reassuring smile, seeing that some of them were worried about Hue's exaggerated synopsis of the situation. "I wanted to have a word with you before you were off." She turned over to Hue, the Furret still smiling that dopey smile of his, causing the Scolipede to sigh lightly. "As good-natured of a man Hue is, he tends to... well, let's just say he has a flair for the dramatic. The guild would never send new recruits on a mission they couldn't handle." She nodded once in confidence. "You've all done well thus far, and this is a test of what you've learned, but it is just that. A test. To see how you handle yourselves out there in the real world." She looked over into the direction of the forest, chuckling lightly. "These villains, as Hue so eloquently put it, are nothing more than petty thieves, hiding out in the least dangerous dungeon in the area, most likely just looking to escape without any conflict." Matilda gave them one final nod and smiled. "Fret not! These two-bit bandits are no match for trained guild members, recruit status notwithstanding." With that said, she turned to the guild and headed back, giving the group one final good luck! before she left.

Ryuka whimpered as he watched Matilda leave. "Is...Is this really a good idea?" He asked with a hint of fear in his voice. "Shouldn't we be sent to find treasure as our test? Being told to find bandits sounds really dangerous for recruits...and scary too."

"Hey!" Matthew said with a wide grin, "We can handle it! Well... I can anyways. But if we all get together then they can't stand against us, right?"

Machlah gave Ryuka a friendly pat on the back. "Don't worry about it, youngster. Like he said, with all of us on their tails, they'll be down so fast they won't even know what happened!"

Caz chimed in with, "Come on Ryuka, it's gonna be a blast, eh? We get to show off what we got, and those thieves won't stand a chance with all of us on 'em, ye!" Caz gave a reassuring smile at the Riolu, trying to cheer him up. "If anything, I'd go with ya, eh. I'd love a good scrap, and I'd help ya out, if ya want me too." He chuckled, and hopped for joy, brimming with excitement.

Though still afraid, Ryuka gave Matthew, Machlah, and Caz a weak smile in response to their attempts to reassure him.

"I'll try to make them come around to my way of thinking," Wobbo commented off-handedly as he waddled his way over. "They'll probably want to take a good lie down, and then they won't be standing against anything," The Wobbuffet removed a hand from one pocket to give the assembled group a lazy salute. "Hey there, kiddos," he greeted Filmore and Machlah, before turning to Maxwell and his fellow explorers and nodding. "Old timers."

Filmore chuckled nervously, the potential hostage situation still on his mind. "Don't worry, you guys will do great. There's so many of you," this certainly was a large group, "and I know you all have some good ideas up your sleeve. Wobbo's already on a roll!" The Lombre, more confident now, lifted his pen dramatically. "And I'll be here to write all the goodies down!"

"That's right." Kyd joined the conversation, a big smile on his face. "Surely there can't be any more than two or three thieves. The Guild would never give us more than we can handle." There were quite a few of them. "Or maybe we could split into two groups to find them faster. They didn't say we couldn't, if my ears don't deceive me." Kyd twitched his large ears, chuckling under his breath. They were pretty big, and they didn't miss much.

"We could split up," Wobbo mused. "But I wouldn't want to deprive half the people here of the pleasure of my company. And Safeguard. But mostly my company."

"Well, way I see it, we've got two options. We can stay in one group, have everyone cover everyone else, and steamroll our way through the forest, or we could split up until two, or maybe more, groups and cover more ground that way. What do the rest of ya think?"

"M...Maybe we should stick together. If the bad guys are all in one place then it'll be less dangerous if we all find them than it would be with just a few of us, right?" Ryuka suggested with uncertainty in his voice.

Kyd shrugged. "I don't mind either way. Safer together, but quicker if we split up." He didn't feel enough of a leader to make the decision for everyone.

"I'm not taking any more time in there than I need. Not to say, I really don't want to spend any more time with any of you than is strictly necessary. So, let's just get in there, do our own things, let me mop up and get back out here before anyone's even had time to notice I'm gone." Zoe said, scowling and impatient.

Matthew huffed at that and crossed his arms angrily, "Well, if you want go to and nab them yourselves then feel free." He made a shooing motion with his hands, "You don't even have to be around us. Let's see just how long you last out there."

"Awww, c'mon, eh? Why we gotta be so unhappy? This is a big day for all of us...." Caz frowned, standing by Ryuka's side. But, however he tried to be friendly with everyone, he knew Zoe was a tough cookie. Well, that being quite the understatement.

"W-Wait! We can't let Ms. Zoe go after them alone! We're supposed to be a team!" Ryuka quickly stated in response.

"Maybe we should just call off the whole thief hunt. Sit down with a few bagels instead. Unless the thieves stole all the bagels," Wobbo shrugged. "In which case, I guess I can put up with toast."

"Well, if Zoe doesn't want to be around us, then I have no reason to see WHY she should go with us. So go on. If you want to do it on your own, go ahead." Matthew remained adamant about his point, "But for the rest of us, we'll stick together."

The Zorua simply laid off to one side and smirked. "Rules say I'm not allowed and we all know I'm such a stickler for following the rules by now right?" she said, with a slightly sinister chuckle to herself. "Besides, I think watching that wimp try to hold on to his own lunch in there might amuse me." she added, motioning to Ryuka.

Ryuka flinched, whimpered and backed away from Zoe in response to her words.

Machlah made a sort of mechanized "harrumph" and patted Ryuka on the shoulder. "Ignore her. You'll do fine."

"Pfft, yeah. You might get so scared you have a little 'accident' and they'll take pity on you." Zoe added, keeping her snarl painted over her face.

"What's so scary about bagels?" Wobbo chuckled, tilting his head at the Zorua. "Got a phobia you're not telling us about, friendo?"

"Wha...What?" Ryuka asked as he looked at Wobbo with his head tilted in confusion.

"I think you triggered Zoe's latent fear of bagels," the Wobbuffet said with a smirk. "Don't worry about it, bud, you couldn't have known."

"How about we just... head out together." Kyd gave a little laugh, trying to move past whatever conversation this was. No one was making an executive decision. If Kyd could make decisions for his siblings, surely he could try for these guys. "If we want to split up later, I'm sure we can arrange something. Does that sound okay for everyone? I hope you're not feeling too nervous." Kyd added to their charges, Filmore and Machlah.

"Sounds good, Kyd!" Caz hopped excitedly, his eyes glimmering once more. "We'll knock out this assigment like nothin', eh!"

Matthew looked away from Zoe, "Yeah, let's head out." He said with a nod, "We don't have much time to lose."

"You got it, kid! Let's get this show on the road before my circuits crap out!" Machlah promptly started trundling towards the forest, intent on passing the test already.
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(Click here for the source)

Tranquill Forest: Floor 1

LVL 5-15
Weather Condition: Sunny

Named both for its quiet, serene atmosphere and the Pokemon that live here, Tranquill Forest is a perfect play to relax and play. The Forest is home to a family of Tranquill with two Unfezant, Venison and Sabrina, at its head. The Forest has been home to the family for generations and as such they consider themselves the Forest's sole protectors. Luckily, the family doesn’t mind visitors who come through as long as they’re respectful and not too loud. However, the Tranquill don't allow outsiders to go in too deep.

The forest is perfect for playing games, taking picnics, enjoying quiet strolls, or berry picking. The wild Pokemon here mostly keep to themselves as long as they aren’t bothered, but this doesn’t mean encounters don’t happen. ‘Mon often find that they’ve lost items in this forest or get lost while exploring.





Catch the Bandits!

Straight from the Meownthly Mewspaper! A robbery! Confirmed! Three weeks ago at 12:35.25 PM Eastern Glade Springs Time a robbery occurred at a Meowth's Port bank. The criminals, nicknamed the Bagel Bandits, took off with more than half of what the bank had in storage and escaped into Tranquill Forest before authorities could apprehend them. Not much is known about the Bagel Bandits but their leaders have been identified as "Five Finger" Felix and "All-Terrain" Anya.

The two are considered dangerous. However, authorities believe that once they've been captured, the rest of the Bagel Bandits will surrender. As the rescue members appointed to the task, it is up to you all to capture the Bagel Bandit leaders and bring them to justice!

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"How do?"


As you already know from your classes with Ms. Honey, exploring dungeons isn't so bad. Most of the time. Just in case you forgot, we'll go over it one more time! Exploring a dungeon is easy. To make things easier, you will be given a map that shows the entirety of the dungeon floor. From there you can create one (a JP) or a series of posts until you reach the stairs. Information about the floor (such as enemies, items, and the location of the stairs) are pre-planned and will be revealed as RPers progress through the dungeon. However, the dungeon map will show the starting position of the RPers with an arrow.

Weather Conditions

Just like in the games, weather can affect the setting of a dungeon. Some weather (ex: Sunny and Rainy) can boost the stats of certain Pokemon or lower them. Other types of weather (ex: Sandstorm and Hail) can inflict damage on Pokemon of certain types. Pay attention to the weather, it could help or hinder you!

At the beginning of each Dungeon post, please include of a list of your character's held items so we can keep track of inventory. Depending on how things work out, dungeon mechanics may change.

Good luck!
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Parting Parties

True to its name, Tranquill Forest was quiet and peaceful. The forest was thicker here than it was around Glade Springs, giving the wild 'mon around a place to hide and some shelter from the sun. The sounds of life were all around in the Forest, but none could be seen. A path was carved through the forest from the many times it had been walked through. The rest looked untouched.

Ryuka, walking behind most of the group, looked around in worry for any potential threats that might come their way, though he hadn't seen any...not yet. He would occasionally whimper as he expected some kind of encounter, be it the criminals they were sent to catch or a wild Pokemon.

Caz was strolling along the team happily, whistling a tune with a spring in his step, and the same happy grin. "Eyy, this place is so nice, eh! Totally a great place for a first expedition!" Caz beamed as bright as the sun, and with plenty to spare.

"Seems pretty tranquil out here. Guess that makes sense," Wobbo commented, content to amble ahead of the group for now. "In fact I think I could- yeah, I think I'm gonna..." The Wobbuffet leaned against a tree and lowered himself to the floor with a smile and a sigh, engaging in an impromptu naptime.

Ryuka noticed this and immediately ran up to the now sleeping Wobbo. "Wait, Mr. Wobbo! You can't go to sleep now! We need to stay together!" Ryuka called out to Wobbo and he started pushing him in an effort to wake him up.

"Why would me going to sleep stop us from sticking together?" Wobbo questioned, peeking one eye open. "No reason we can't all have some nap time."

Matthew, on the other hand, was looking energetic. He looked about, ready more than ever to deck something in the face. "So, when do the wilds come out?" He asked Ryuka. "I want some good old fashioned fighting here!"

"Huh?" Ryuka turned to Matthew in response to his question then proceeded to timidly place the tips of his paws together and told him, "I...I don't know...I hope they never come out...I don't like fighting..."

"Mr. Wobbo, we only just arrived in the forest, surely you're not tired already." Kyd gave the Wobbuffet an encouraging smile. "We wouldn't want to be caught off guard when we're all asleep, would we?" Kyd brought out the map they had been given, glancing between it and their surroundings. Looks like they had two ways which they could go. Straight ahead, or to their right. The map didn't give any more indication on which way to go past that. "There's a big room straight ahead of us now. That looks promising. How about we head that way?"

"Where'd all this 'mister' business come from?" Wobbo asked with an amused smile.

Kyd shrugged. "Just being polite, sir."

Matthew couldn't help but look over at the map as well. "Big room, huh?" He asked. "Well, I don't think we'll find the crooks there. Wouldn't they want to go down as far as they could? More than likely they are down at the bottom already." He shrugged, "But if it is a big room... then that means some wilds could come out then, right?"

Machlah considered Matthew's question. "That's true... There might be items in that room as well. We also have th' numbers to overwhelm any enemy wild Pokemon we might find. So overall, there's little to no downside to going into that room, as far as we can tell."

"Yeah, but if we all come in at once, they might have a way to get away, eh?" Caz pondered this to the Golett. "We got the numbers to split up too, and prolly cut 'em off if they try to bail."

"Split up!?" Filmore's head shot up when he heard the dastardly phrase. He'd had his head down in his notepad the entire time--describing the dazzling scene of their heroes beginning their journey. Now they wanted to split up. He couldn't be two places at once! And he didn't believe Maxwell's skill in prose was a strong as his skill in paint. "Uhm... Can we try the option where we don't do that?" Filmore asked a bit nervously, hoping the students wouldn't force him to duplicate himself.

"I..I don't wanna split up either. It'll be less scary with all of us together." Ryuka stated nervously.

"Well..." Matthew rubbed at his chin, "If we stay together, then when we do end up finding them all they have to do is run off another way. If we split up though, then we would have less people around us to help out in a fight. Depends on what everyone thinks."

"How's about this: We'll put it to a vote. All in favor of splitting up, raise a limb." Machlah raised a hand.

"Banana split?" Wobbo murmured drowsily, eyes still closed. "I'm in flavour of that. Might want to save it for after the bagels, though."

"Sure, we can split up. I mean, it's not like we're untrained. I'm betting we could surround them easier that way!" Matthew said with a nod as he raised his hand.

"I second that, eh! Better way to catch those crooks! We gotta stick it to 'em, team!" Caz gave a fist bump, and a confident smirk.

Matthew crossed his arms, "That means... well, that we have to decide how to split up. Who wants to be on my team?"

Caz enthusiastically hops to Matthew's side."I got your back, buddy." Caz stood "tall" next to Matthew, feeling pumped about the whole thing.

"I'll go with the two of you. Hopefully my old circuits can keep up with you young'uns." Machlah trundled over to stand next to Caz and Matthew.

Tapping his foot, Caz became impatient and jittered with excitement. With an uproarious jump, Caz exclaimed, "AGH! We gotta get movin', eh! Those crooks are on the loose and we gotta run after 'em!" Grabbing Matt by the arm with a grip tighter than an Ekans' coils, he dashed off in the opposite direction of his class members.

Matt could only yelp as he was dragged off by the energetic cactus.

Machlah, sighing deeply, flew after the green renegade blur with his gray captive, trying to stop Caz's reckless charge.

Shocked by Caz's sudden move, Ryuka called out, "Ah, M-Mr. Caz, wait!" Though he simply whimpered afterwards and told the other class members, "I...I wanna go with them, but...if we're really splitting up then Mr. Matthew and I should be on different teams since we're both Fighting Types...That makes sense, right?"

"Uh-Uh" Filmore looked between Caz's disappearing body and the rest of the team. "Uhm, yeah! G-Good idea just...!" The Lombre turned to Maxwell. "Max, you stay with them, okay!?" Without waiting for a reply, Filmore ran off behind the escaping students.

"Wait, splitting up isn't part of the-" Max interjected, but before he could finish, they were off. The Munchlax sighed, looking over the remaining members he had.

"I guess the rest of us can stay together?" Kyd said with a small laugh, looking to the rest of the group. "I'm sure we'll be fine on our own."
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(Click here for the source)

Tranquill Forest: Floor 1

LVL 5-15
Weather Condition: Sunny

The green blur had a gray captive, running at breakneck speed. That gray captive also moved his legs, making sure that the cactus ‘mon didn't have to drag him all the way.

"So, where to first?" He asked. "If we move fast enough we can beat the others there! Heh, imagine that, us beating those bandits first!"

"We're going up, mate! Straight through the forest, so we can scour the area, eh!" Caz was at a heavy dash, not noticing their third party member.

Meanwhile, a bit behind the green and grey blurs, another, bluish blur sped along in pursuit, making the occasional digitized panting sound between shouts of "Caz, wait for me! My old *huff* joints ain't what they used to be!"

Matthew tugged against Caz to slow him down. "Well, okay." He tugged his hand free and glanced at the two, "So, I figure I can take point." He puffed out his muscled chest, "I mean, I have fire on my side and all. With me leading, this dungeon will be a cinch to get through. Unless you guys are able to take down grass types too. What about you, Filmore?" He asked their companion, "You able to take down grass types easily?"

"M-Me?" Filmore, who had emerged from behind the others, looked somewhat distressed from Matthews question. "I uh... Maybe, but you guys are so capable. I don't think you'll need my help."

Caz stopped, and let Matt go, realizing the type of Pokemon that live in this forest. He sighed with embarrassment, and said, "Eh-heh... all I got is Poison Sting. Useful, but not all that powerful, eh?" He chuckled to himself with a hand behind his head. Turning around, he saw a very tired Machlah. "Hey, what happened to ya, Machlah? Didja run a marathon or somethin?"

Machlah grumbled something to itself in a language older than itself, then answered Caz with "Eh, don't worry yourself 'bout me, I'm all tov. As for grass types, I don't really have a lot. What I do have, though, is pretty good, if I do say so myself. It'd probably be best if you took point, Matthew, like ya said."

Matthew smiled proudly at that. "Good! Glad you guys believe in me!" He glanced ahead, "Just try not to get caught in my flames while we get moving. I'll be blowing a bit of them while we're here. And one of the bandits is an Ivysaur too! So we have an advantage there." He pointed out. "I guess just watch each other's backs for now. Or whatever guildmates do." He took the lead point and glanced about warily, "So, when we get to them, what should we do? Just leap out and attack?" He asked the two.

Caz gave a fist bump in Matt's direction, and exclaimed with, "Aww yeah! Definitely give 'em a one-two Needle Arm, eh! We could wipe the floor with those punks with a surprise attack!"

"I'm not the best with Grass-types, but I can sneak up and give 'em the old one-two punch with my Shadow Punch. And I can throw mud at them, for what it's worth. Actually, ain't one of the bandits a Pancham? If they don't pull out any surprise Dark moves on me, I can wipe the floor with 'em while you two concentrate on the Ivysaur. 'Zat sound good to you all?"

Matthew nodded at that, "Yeah, it sounds cool." He made his way toward the room, then stepped on inside. "Okay, so we just clear out this room, then keep on going. That doesn't sound too hard when you think about it. Anyone see anything?"

Machlah poked its head around an especially thick tree. "Nope, I don't see ḥára."

Moments later, the three could hear small ticking around them, until multiple Paras came into view, poking out from every bush around them. Some of them began to hiss, a sort of warning to chase their intruders away. The Paras horde encircled the crew, and Caz was the first to step up. "Alright you lil' punks! You wanna piece o' this? Try some Poison Sting, eh!" Caz shot numerous poison darts from his mouth like he didn't even need a blowgun. He knocked down a fourth of the horde, but half of what Caz shot down sprang out from the bushes.

"Aw, come on, eh?! Try some more!" Caz kept shooting Poison Sting, holding off Paras on his side.

"Welp, looks like we're in for a fight. That's my cue to... uh, what d'you youngsters say again? Oh yeah, "bugger off"." With that, Machlah melted away into the shadows, only to reappear behind a tight group of Paras and lay several of them out with a couple of Shadow Punches.

Matthew smirked as he saw the bug-types. As the others already started to pair off against them he decided to go a bit... bigger with his contributions. He took in a deep breath, then opened his maw as wide as he could and moved his head back and forth as a powerful Flamethrower shot out at their unexpected guests. There were loud, squealing cries as the flames passed over the bugs.

After Matthew's Flamethrower attack torched a majority of the hostile Paras, the rest of the crew's attackers fled in fear, crawling back into the deep forest. The clicks and hisses died out as they left.

"Welp, that seems to have solved that. You two think we should look around for some items, or just move on?"

Caz hopped forwards, seeing a path past the thick foliage, and excitedly exclaimed, "Ey fellas! There's a path over 'ere! Maybe we'll find somethin' going this way, eh?"

Matthew glanced over with a nod, "Yeah, sure. How about we try that way then. We can't waste any time. Those bandits are getting further away every time we stop and look around, right?"

"Right!" The brush the paras escaped from rustled before a Litleo emerged from it. The 'mon, with a smug smirk on his face, stopped only a few feet from the group. "Unfortunately for you, you're not getting any farther than this!"

LVL 15 | Rivalry | Bagel Bandit
Likes: Magic
Dislikes: Clowns

The Litleo was flowing with confidence. The way he looked at the group was a challenge in itself. "If you three were smart, you turn around and go back home." Filmore slipped silently behind the group at the sight of the new 'mon. Preferring to stay out of the conflict as much as possible.

Caz turned to the Lion Cub Pokemon. He scratched his head in confusion, asking the supposed bandit, "Eh, are you really a bagel bandit? I coulda swore we were lookin' for an Ivysaur and a Pancham... you really think you can take us, small fry?" The Cacnea grinned mockingly at the cub. Caz chalked him up to all cry and no claw.

Matthew smirked and put his hands on his hips, "So, you're a bandit, eh?" He rolled his eyes, "I'm shaking at the sight of you. You should probably get out of here. We're tough mon here to take your bosses down! So, go ahead and tell us where they are. I don't want to stay out here too long, after all."

"Wo-owie! You two talk a big game for a group of babies who had a hard time getting rid of those newborn paras! Sorry, two babies and and a geezer!" The Bandit laughed at Caz, Matthew, and Machlah. "If you're so tough, why don't you swing at me?"

"Tch. Trouble. Like a few weak Paras like them count as 'trouble.' " Machlah muttered. It cracked its knuckles, causing a light dusting of grit to fall out of its joints. Then, without warning, it stamped one foot into the ground quickly, launching a Mud-Slap at the cocky Litleo.

The Litleo's smirk didn't leave his face while the Mud-Slap flew towards him. He didn't have to. From the forest came a powerful Water Gun to blow the Mud-Slap into nothing but harmless wet dirt. He tsked at Machlah, his smile widening further. "Oh you tried."

Machlah made a sound that would have been a growl if it was flesh and blood, but instead came out as a sound not unlike the sound of ancient gears grinding together. It was more than a bit incensed at the Litleo, and wanted nothing better at that moment than to teach it to respect its elders. Preferably by forcibly removing the smug grin from its face.

Matthew looked over at the water, then smirked as he charged at the Litleo. "Let's see how you like this!" He shouted as he rushed at the bandit. He began to raise his hand for a Karate Chop, using his charge to put more of a punch in his strike. The Litleo had stood up at the sight of Matthew and started quickly moving backwards away from him. Matthew wasn't slow, though, and the more nervous the Litleo looked. His eyes darted to the tree next to them.

"Uh, a little help here!?" Whoever the Litleo was waiting for finally reacted. The leaves of the trees rustled only a second before a Nuzleaf shot from its branches towards Matthew. Before reaching the Machop he clapped his hands together, the Fake Out causing a blast of air to blow Matthew back.

Matthew grit his teeth as he had to hold up his arms to protect himself from the attack. He glared at the Nuzleaf, "So, can't even fight your own battles." He sneered at the Litleo. "Meanwhile I took out all those Paras with but one attack! Who's the baby now?"

"H-Hey!" The Nuzleaf said nervously when he stood up. "That was a t-team effort! You can't take credit for that!"

LVL 17 | Chlorophyll | Bagel Bandit
Counter Basher
Likes: Arts and crafts
Dislikes: Bullies

"Just like deflecting our attacks just now was a team effort, right? If y'all can take credit for that, we sure as hell can too."

"S'not my fault that you guys are too stupid to run head first into a fight!" The Litleo said back to Matthew with the same confidence from before. The Nuzleaf stood close to the Litleo. He was shaking but looked ready to fight. Out from the forest came the one responsible for the water gun from before. The Squirtle joined the rest of her Bagel Bandit buddies and stood beside the Litleo and Nuzleaf. "But now the gang's all here! So why don't we fight for real this time?"

Caz, though shocked for a moment about the three extra bandits, began swinging his right arm, ready for a tussle. "Eyy, now this is what I'm talkin' about, eh! C'mon fellas, let's stomp these guys and make 'em tell us where their friends are!" Caz grinned excitedly, his eyes on the Nuzleaf. "I wanna take a whack at that Nuzleaf. Prolly not so tough, eh?" Caz mocked the stuttering Nuzleaf, giving him an intense, cocky look.

The Nuzleaf tried to harden his look, but it didn't fool anyone. The Squirtle stepped in for him.

"I'd like to see you try, Spikey!"

LVL 15 | Torrent | Bagel Bandit
Likes: Dancing
Dislikes: Boring conversation

Matthew stared at the group for a second, before he just opened his mouth and blew out a Flamethrower right at the Nuzleaf. The attack caught the Nuzleaf off by surprise, but like she had done before, the nimble Squirtle blocked Matthew's attack with her own Water Gun.

"Gotta do better than that, bub!" She yelled with a triumphant smirk on her face.

Seeing Matthew begin the attack, Machlah promptly faded back into the shadows cast by the trees, only to pop out again behind the Litleo and aim another spray of mud at him, aimed right at the back of his head. "Teach you ta call me 'geezer', whippersnapper!" Nuzleaf noticed the incoming attack from Machlah and stepped back in time to take the hit for Litleo. The aforementioned 'mon jumped in surprise and whipped around to see Nuzleaf's counter attack going towards the old Golett.

Caz hopped forwards, and with gusto, he began to spin with his arms out. He started kicking up a Sand Attack of dust and dirt before the Bagel Bandits. The cloud of dust covered over the Bandits. They stood with their backs towards each other, ready for whatever was coming next. Litleo wiped the sand from his eyes.

"Alright, alright! We can't do this all day let's get 'em!" Without waiting another second, Litleo pounced from the cloud at Caz, his claws ready to strike the Cacnea. His teammates did much the same. Squirtle jumped to tackle Matthew and Nuzleaf sent out a volley of razor sharp leaves towards Machlah.

Caz reacted with a jump towards his feline attacker with a right hooked Needle Arm, swinging his arm without restrain. The hook reached its target, hitting Litleo square in the head before knocking him to the side. The dazed ‘mon stumbled to his feet and growled at Caz before sending running at the ‘mon again, and shot an Ember towards him.

Flaming embers shot at the Cacnea, pelting him relentlessly. With a huff, Caz yelled out, “Eat somma dis, ya two bit bandit!” With that, he began to shoot a barrage of Poison Sting, aimed between the Litleo’s eyes. The Poison Sting shot through the Ember, some burning in the flames but most hitting their target and cutting the Ember short.

Meanwhile, Machlah managed to duck fast enough to avoid some of the leaves, but several still scraped across its mechanical skin. "Nngh..." It ground out, before straightening up. "Well, sonny, as much as I'd love to have a pop at ya, I know when to pick my battles. Bye!" It raised a hand in farewell, with what could only be described as a cheery expression on its mechanical face, then charged towards the Squirtle Matthew was tangling with at a surprisingly fast rate, a Shadow Punch aimed at its head. Matthew grit his teeth at the block and began to run right at the Squirtle as well. He waited for a bit before he held out his straightened palm up above his head and swung down, aiming to get a good hit on the water-type.

“Maxi!” Nuzleaf shouted to the Squirtle, Maxi, “look out!” However, the warning came too late. The Shadow Punch hit Maxi in the back of her head, knocking her forward into Matthew’s chop on her shell. Nuzleaf ran to the fray and threw another Razor Leaf at the duo while Maxi struggled to her feet.

Unfortunately for Machlah, many of these Razor Leaves managed to hit it right in the back, causing to spark wildly and groan in pain. “Aaagh! Good shot! I’m certainly gonna feel that one later!” It retreated for the moment, to metaphorically lick its wounds, and to keep an eye out for if its teammates needed backup.

Matthew smirked at his hit and pulled his hand up again, ready for another chop, “Now, stay down!” He shouted out as he swung once more. With Machlah at a distance the Nuzleaf was free to step in front of Matthew’s attack and take the hit for Maxi. He grimaced before immediately countering the attack. The save gave Maxi enough time to get on her feet and follow up Nuzleaf’s attack with a Water Gun.
“You know I’m going to get you for that…” Litleo growled tried to pull the poison needles from his face. The successful Poison String had Litleo getting Worked Up and when he got the last poison needle from from his face he shot another Ember at Caz.

Anya Odile // Bae'd to Quest // The Frozen Gate
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