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Old January 31st, 2016 (9:56 AM). Edited February 10th, 2016 by adventure.
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the Meta
Battle Club

Welcome, brave one! It's time to put your collected Meta team to the test in our Battle Club!

~ Battle Club Open between January 31st and February 21st~


Yes! Here, you will play as the trainer you signed up with in the Meta Journey. You can give them a nickname, if you don't want them to be called by your PokéCommunity username. They will possess all of the pokémon you have collected so far in the Meta Journey. What you currently are reading is the IC thread for the event. In order to sign up for this event and learn about why you should totally do so, please have a look at the OOC thread: http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=362322


FireSnow as Jeff Stareen
Oddball_ as Oddimus B (Also Known as Odd)
Shak as Marvin Freewoman
Varys as Varys
Deceptio as Jay
JohnnyMustang as Johnny
Hexoc as Shade
aeternum as Jip
Foxrally as Fox
Fire as Rika
Elektra Heart as Elektra
Anivia as Chanelle de Masagra

If you have any questions, please PM or VM Fire or Ice or gimmepie!

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Old February 2nd, 2016 (7:30 PM).
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The opening of the Battle Club was explosive but Varys expected that. He craned his heads upwards to watch the last of the pyrotechnics light up the night sky and disappear with the cheer of the crowds. It's been a few months since the Battle Club was announced to be opened to the general public and the hype for it was real. It branded itself as a place where trainers of all walks in life could meet and battle it out. Varys was interested in it and had been training his Pokemon all the time. He is kind of excited to see the kinds of Pokemon he'll be battling.

His Chesnaught, a hulking Grass-type, was standing beside him, silent as ever. His other Pokemon were either in the balls strapped to his belt or in the digital world, resting until their trainer calls them out. In the meantime, the trainer seemed to be intent to be intent on enjoying the light show and scouting the area. There are a lot of veteran-looking trainers around and even more of younger ones. Many of the trainers have their prized Pokemon outside their Pokeballs. Varys saw a lot of magnificent Pokemon; he saw a blonde guy with a Gliscor and a blue-haired one with a Grovyle among others. He'll probably pass on the younger trainers who doesn't seem to even have a day of training under them.

"I won't waste my time battling Wurmples or anything," Varys told himself. He proceeded to his rented hotel room after the show to relax. He'll be having battles left and right the next day and he wanted all of his being to be rested and ready by then.

He easily fell asleep.

Meta Battle Club

Stantler the Big Horn Pokemon
Old February 3rd, 2016 (8:30 PM). Edited February 4th, 2016 by FireSnow.
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Jeff stood there in the arena waiting for the theatrics to end up. He wasn't here for the ceremony or for meeting people, only to become better and become the best. His Gliscor stood by him with a similar intense look on his face. Gliscor was a more recent Pokemon of Jeff's but had proven to be his strongest Pokemon and easily most intimidating. This lead to Jeff's reasoning behind having Gliscor be the Pokemon that accompanied him through the ceremony. The other trainers needed to know that he meant business and having his Frogadier out just wouldn't cut it.

With that last of the theatrics done, Jeff turned to leave but not before noticing a fancy blonde guy with a Chesnaught eyeing him before averting his gaze to the other trainers. This guy was clearly strong if he had a Chesnaught. It made Jeff wonder what other Pokemon he had. That was something he would find out at a later point though he was sure. They would battle in due time.

On his way out he noticed a couple other trainers and their Pokemon. One had a Skarmory, another had Pignite, and one even had a NidoKing. There were going to be some tough trainers here but Jeff was ready for the challenge. As he left the arena for his room in the hotel, he could only picture one thing, Gliscor and him winning every challenge that they came upon. He made his way to his room and prepared for bed, calling Gliscor back to its Pokeball. "We've got a big day tomorrow and we need our rest. We'll be up bright and early for last minute training, before we take on our first match" Jeff thought to himself as he fell asleep "Im gonna be the best like no one ever was."
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Old February 5th, 2016 (2:42 PM). Edited February 5th, 2016 by adventure.
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The ceremony had been brilliant. Rika was feeling very bubbly, but of course she didn't show that to anybody in the crowd around her. She was a respected trainer and leader in her hometown. The reason she was here was not because she was easily excited, it was because she knew very well how to battle. Or at least she had made others believe it. Sometimes she thought she was simply lucky.

No, no such thoughts. She had to believe in herself. She had brought her three fully evolved pokémon - they could surely punch a hole in much of her opposition. But on the other hand... Battling with the strongest muscles wasn't always the most enjoyable. Sure, her favorite type was said to be "Fighting", and Poliwrath and Infernape certainly strengthed that hypothesis. But Alakazam, and the others also for that matter, showed a different interpretation of her "Fighting" spirit. Alakazam seldom even touched his opponents physically, but he focused relentlessly and wasn't afraid of getting up and close. Just because he was a "Psychic" type did not mean that he hid in safety and attacked his helpless opponents from afar. All of Rika's pokémon knew that you had to stand up and be brave in order to win. At least fairly.

She glanced around at her fellow trainers. Some would become her opponents in the coming days. Beside her, Teddiursa and Sneasel stood, watching the others in awe. They had not been with Rika for very long and were still a bit less tame than her fully evolved beasts. However, this would be good social training for them. Also... She saw that some trainers here showed off their strong pokémon partners. She'd rather keep hers a surprise. They could believe that she was someone who refused to evolve Sneasel, or kept Teddiursa around because he was cute. That suited her fine for now.

They would know, soon enough, who possessed the truest fighting spirit.
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"Rule one of the battle club... Don't talk about the battle club"

Everybody wants to be a master...

Oddy walked through the main hall of the battle club, people were all having practice battles and talking to each other. He ran a pale hand through his silvery blue hair. "Oh boy, i've sure jumped in at the deep end haven't I." He muttered to himself. A bright flash of light appeared from his pocket and a large green reptile materialized from it. "Gro-vyle." The wood gecko pokemon exclaimed, raising his claws in an excited pose. "You're right. We've got this. I mean, Look at me. I am dressed like a champion. And you, I mean your a giant gecko with razor sharp leaves on his arms. Oddy threw and arm around his partner. "Oddish Oddish!" "Sneasel!" The other two Pokemon shouted as the emerged from their Pokeballs to join in on the hug. "Alright guys! Lets go kick some butt." Oddy remarked happily as the group marched onwards towards the Arenas.


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Battle 01: No Respect
Glacier Field
Camaotz the Zubat
Archmen the Pignite

"Ugh, those ceremonies were a drag." Shade muttered in his room. Abyss's leader had asked him to go undercover to attempt to recruit new talent from this, and made him leave behind his old team. "I may like a challenge, but starting from scratch is a gigantic pain."

Shade continued grumbling to himself as he slowly fell asleep. The next day, be was ready for his first battle of this event. "Let's see how this goes. Maybe this slow start I had won't apply to my battles" Shade mumbled as he walked into the arena. His eyes momentarily lit up in surprise. He had been led to believe it was a flat, icy arena he was fighting in. But there were a few mounds of ice here and there. And the shine coming off them, actual beauty. But he couldn't let his composure break. He quickly reverted back to a scowl. "Facing off against Shade today is Issac!" the announcer yelled, "let's see what kind of match these two can show us today! Challengers! Prepare your Pokémon!"

Shade sighed a little on the inside. His opponent was just some random kid. "Let's get this over with." He said as he reached for Camaotz Poké Ball.

The arena was bathed with light as both trainers sent out their first Pokémon. "Of course its a Rattata." Shade muttered under his breath, "couldn't have been anything else could it?"

The boy's Rattata began charging at Camaotz. Shade naturally wasn't going to take that.

"Camaotz! Supersonic!" The Zubat screamed and the Rattata stoppped in its tracks, right in the middle of the arena. "Welp, this is it for that little rodent." Shade said. "Camaotz! Beta Protocol!"

The Zubat charged at and collided with the Rattata using Brave Bird, sending the Rattata flying. While it was still airborne, Camaotz rushed up and bit it using Poison Fang. Once the rodent landed, Camaotz landed a brutal finishing blow with Venoshock. "Issac's Rattata is unable to battle!" The kid muttered something about its okay and its not over, and then sent out a Buizel.

"Oh boy, this should be better." Shade mumbled again. "Camaotz, rinse and repeat."

As the Zubat began to use Supersonic, the Buizel slammed into it with Aqua Jet. The Buizel began an assault of Aqua Jets that Camaotz couldn't respond to. Camaotz when down quickly.

"Tch, what a pain." Shade went, "Time to show you your place boy. ARCHMEN!"

The Pignite emerged from the Poké Ball with a cocky look outmatched only by its trainer.

"Fire versus Water folks. Not looking good for Shade here."

Typical announcer, Shade thought, looking only at type matchups. Might as well make this interesting.

"Archmen, Flame Charge."

The Pignite stormed towards the Buizel, and was promptly met with an Aqua Jet.

"Again. But this time initiate Omega Protocol."

Flame Charge met by Aqua Jet. It seemed Shade was giving up, but when the Buizel was but a moment away from impact, it stopped suddenly. The Pignite had caught the Buizel by its throat, and could do whatever it wanted.

"Archmen, end this. WILD CHARGE!"

Archmen was suddenly coated in electricty and rammed himself and the Buizel into the nearest wall. The sudden increase of temperature caused large amounts of steam to cloud the end results temporarily. When it lifted, both Pokémon had been found passed out.

"I CAN'T BELIEVE IT FOLKS! THIS BATTLE HAS ENDED IN A DRAW! Let's give a warm roun-- uhh Shade . . . well Shade seems to have left."

"Pathetic, couldn't see it coming, the idiot."
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Vary's first battle came early the following day. It was supposed to be a quick battle with simple rules. Each trainer will send out one Pokemon each on the plain battlefield and the first one to faint loses the battle. Varys' training stint involved a lot of one-on-one battles and he knows how fast each one can be. However, the true one-on-one battles are those fought long and exhausting, the kind that will leave you breathless at the end but still happy, no matter what the result is. And he has the perfect Pokemon for that kind of battle.

The opponent across him seemed to be a trainer hailing from the local area. It was a middle-aged lady with an obvious Dragon Tooth hung around her neck. If Varys would trust his knowledge, the perfect Pokemon to send out would be Granbull, as there is already several signs that his opponent would send out a Dragon-type. Fairy-type attacks would decimate her but where would the fun in there be?

Varys took a Pokeball from his belt and called out his Pokemon. "Forretress go!"

Iron Defense| Gyro Ball | Spikes | Earthquake

The woman smiled. She had her hand over one ball but switched to another upon seeing the Forretress on the field. She threw it and an Ampharos appeared in a flash of red light.

Dragon Pulse | Thunder | Fire Punch | Cotton Guard

"Why bring a support Pokemon on a one-on-one battle? Are you some kind of crazy trainer?" the woman taunted but Varys did not let it faze him. He started the onslaught of attacks.

"Spikes now!" Forretress ejected a bunch of pointy-looking things on the battlefield, scattered around the area between the Ampharos and Forretress. Neither of the Pokemon could approach each other now without hurting themselves. Varys, however, had employed this tactic thousands of times before and just knew exactly what to do.

"Iron Defense!" The shell surrounding his Pokemon glowed white to a steely-silver. "Gyro Ball now!" With the boost in defense, Forretress spun around the spiked area without taking too much damage and steadily approached the Ampharos. However, just before the attack met, a light exploded from Ampharos. It transformed to something more majestic-looking, with a flowing white mane. It caught the Forretress on its hands.

"Mega evolution is a key to succes," the woman said. The Mega Ampharos threw the Forretress back into the spiked area. "Thunder!" Lightning crackled and a huge lightning bolt hit the spiked area, just mere inches beside Forretress. Varys knew Forretress wouldn't get so lucky next time. Besides, Thunder wouldn't do much damage.

"Dragon Pulse now!" The woman was now commanding the battle and Varys' Pokemon was spinning all around the stadium trying to dodge the Dragon Pulse. Being able to be on the spiked area without taking damage is a huge plus for Forretress as it can go virtually anywhere to dodge the attacks. As long as he avoid being close for too long, Forretress will be fine.

"Gyro Ball again!" The spinning went faster and more erratic as Forretress approached the Ampharos. The Electric-type sidestepped the attack but Forretress merely made a U-turn and hit Ampharos squarely in the back. Now, Forretress' back was to the old lady and Ampharos' to Varys, as if the two switched sides. Varys smiled, knowing that the only place for escape for the Mega Ampharos would be the spiked area. "Earthquake!" Forretress bounced up but the woman seemed to be expecting it. She ordered the Ampharos to jumped back as soon as the Bug-type landed, thereby escaping the otherwise super effective attack. However, it put Ampharos' landing spot right on the spiked area.

"Cotton Guard!" Wool started to grow on Ampharos and served as a cushioning for the fall, neglecting the damage that is supposedly hitting the Pokemon. Varys groaned as he realized the setup he had from the get-go is now useless and is replaced with horror as Ampharos now could be able to go anywhere in the field like the Forretress. He realized he needs to finish it fast.

"Ampharos, Fire Punch!" A four-times effective attack hit Forretress. Forretress slid back a little as the Pokemon continued an onslaught of Fire Punches. "Dragon Pulse!"

"Gyro Ball away!" The Forretress started to spin but the shock wave enveloped it first. However, the wind generated by the spinning blew it away and, instead of going away, Forretress opted to land a hit on the Ampharos. Both Pokemon tumbled away. However, because the Ampharos was caught off guard, it failed to bring up its Cotton Guard to disable Spike's damage. Each roll the two Pokemon took brings a little more damage to Ampharos.

"Earthquake now!" Forretress pushed itself off the Ampharos and bounced up, preparing the attack. Flames erupted from the arms of Ampharos as it tried to execute a Fire Punch before Forretress landed. "Iron Defense!"

It managed to hit the Forretress but the impact for the Earthquake was already there. As the ground shook, Forretress Gyro Balled away as Ampharos tried to steady itself on the shaking ground. However, a huge rock jutted from the ground which hit the Ampharos, knocking it out.

The woman recalled her Pokemon as the shakes subsided. Varys won his first battle. There'll be more of course.
Meta Battle Club

Stantler the Big Horn Pokemon
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Fashionably Latte

"Well, well, so this is the Battle Club."

Chanelle pulled her sunglasses down, giving the entire place a good top-down look. The doors slid open and she walked right into cool air conditioning. It was busy inside, but the crowd was probably nothing compared to the Battle Club's opening day.

She headed to the counter where several receptionists sat, all donning the same uniform. Chanelle slammed her handbag on the counter, causing people to jump and heads to swivel. The lady before her blinked and looked up from her computer, forming a smile that was strained, and asked, "How may I help you?"

"I'm here to register as a Battle Club member."

She slid her Trainer ID card across the counter.

"Oh, and match me up for a battle. Two on two."

She handed over her balls for her pokémon to be registered into the system.

"Call me when you've found a match. Man, I hope the dispenser has coffee here."

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Elektra had been absent in the ceremony until it was nearly over, and only managed to catch the tail end. This did not matter, of course, because she was not particularly interested in the ceremony anyway. When Elektra began her journey, she had not quite decided what she wanted to be yet. Even now she wasn't quite sure. Whether it was really that difficult to figure out or that she was just too lazy to put the effort into doing so was yet to be seen.

One thing was certain, however: Elektra was bored. She was bored out of her mind, really. So she eventually decided the best course of action was to sign up for the battle club. That was why she had her Pokemon, wasn't it?

The Battle Club was crowded, and it seemed odd to others that she would keep her two Pokemon outside of their Pokeballs. It made it that much more challenging to reach the counter, but she eventually did. At said counter were many, many receptionists, busy serving various trainers.

"Hello, how may I help you?" a friendly-looking woman with blonde hair asked Elektra.

"I am here to register," Elektra replied. Her voice was quiet and flowery.

"Of course! I just need your Trainer ID and the Pokeballs containing the Pokemon you wish to use for the club," the woman said, pleasantly enough. At this suggestion, Elektra furrowed her brow. She had raised her Pokemon to be independent and rebellious, only entering their Pokeballs when they had to. She turned around to face the Sneasel and Greninja. She did not need to say anything, she just nodded, and they nodded back. She took two Pokeballs from her pocket, and they were absorbed into them.

Elektra handed the Pokeballs to the receptionist, and then sifted through the enormous black bag she carried on her shoulder. She eventually found her ID, and handed this to the woman as well.

After a few moments, Elektra got her Pokemon back, and immediately freed them of their Pokeballs. They looked very uncomfortable.

"We'll call you when a match is available. Good luck!" the receptionist said, cheerfully. "Next!"

Only moments later, Elektra was called back up to the counter, as an opponent had been found for her: an elderly man named Amyas. Not wanting her opponent to catch a glimpse of her Pokemon, she had to ask them to return to their Pokeballs again.

Elektra's opponent walked slowly, and every step seemed to take an enormous amount of effort. Even so, he smiled. Battling was his passion, even if he wasn't very good at it. It always made him happy, no matter how difficult his body made it for him to function.

"Hello there, what might your name be?" the man asked Elektra. His voice was weak, but had a confident air to it.

"Elektra," she said, and did not ask what his name was.

The receptionist then lead them to a small arena for their battle. "Good luck!" Amyas said, and he shook hands with Elektra.

The arena was covered in ice and snow, and it was cold. The Receptionist gave both players a coat, and informed the battlers of the perimeters. One versus one. She then left, closing the door behind her.


"I thought you might use an ice-type, and what a pretty Sneasel! That Pokemon seems to be rather popular in the club," Amyas remarked. The Sneasel (who's name was Adezé) seemed extremely unhappy after being contained, but shook it off. There were more important things to worry about. After that, Elektra released her Greninja, Nineke, so he could watch.

From the loudspeaker in the corner of the room, the receptionist yelled "fight!" and the battle ensued.

The two Pokemon leaped into action. Adezé however, was not focused on hitting her enemy. At least, not yet. She instead honed her claws, preparing for a single, fatal blow. As mentioned before, Elektra trained her Pokemon to become independent of her, and Adezé was intelligent enough that she did not need the help of a human being. She knew exactly what to do.

"Flame wheel!" the old man commanded the Monferno, who responded instantly, forming a wheel of fire with it's fists and sending it hurling towards the Sneasel. It was slow and not particularly difficult to dodge. Adezé jumped out of the way speedily. She adjusted the red headband that was tied around her head, and continued to hone her claws.

"Let's try something a bit more physical. Monferno, Close Combat!" Amyas called to his Monferno, who went flying at Adezé, punching the Sneasel again and again with extreme power. Super effective! She was sent hurling into the wall, smashing into it and making a horrible cracking sound. The Monferno walked closer.

It was then that the headband the Sneasel wore began to glow, and suddenly, she got up again.

"Focus sash, huh? Clever," the elderly man replied, but he did not have time to give his Pokemon another command. The Sneasel leaped into the air, and hit the Monferno with Feint Attack. She then finished him off with Quick Attack. Lightning speed, that was the key.

"Elektra wins!" the loudspeaker announced, and the girl gave Adezé a soft pat on the head.

"Excellent tactics! Absolutely thrilling," Amyas said, and shook Elektra's hand. "Good game."

Elektra nodded in reply.
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"Round One... FIGHT!"

Oddy VS Rika


Oddy stood on the rocky turf looking onward unto his opponent, a woman with a long scarf blowing in the wind. "Round one. Fight!" The referee's voiced boomed over the intercom. "Grov, lets show Blackthorn city how its done!" The boy shouted tossing a pokeball into the rocky mountain field. A blinding white light flashing where the ball touched down. "Grovyle!" The leafy lizard shouted as he materialised before the two trainers. "Alright! I hope your ready to get wrecked, old lady!" Oddy shouted.

Rika raised an eyebrow as she looked the grass pokémon over. Not bad, actually. Grovyle were usually quite skilled fighters. She was tempted to put her newly acquired Sneasel up against it, but hesitated. This was her very first battle here, and she didn't want to lose it just because she took an unnecessary risk. However, putting Infernape against the grass pokémon would make her seem elitist. Better go the golden middle road. An underdog, but a strong one.

"Poliwrath, go!" she said without further ado and sent out her fully evolved water type. "Let's see if you can handle this!" she added towards Oddy.

"Grovyle! Acrobatics now!" Oddy shouted. While he doubted a simple type advantage would give him too much of an edge, using a move that benifitted from not having a hold item could possibly do him well.

"Don't fret, Poliwrath! Headbutt straight on!" Rika shouted. The best way to start a battle was to not get intimidated easily!

"WHAT?!" Oddy gasped. He watched as the two Pokemon rushed towards eachother, Grovyle slashing the Poliwrath with immense speed, and the Poliwrath ramming the Grovyle with immense force. They stayed interlocked for a second before both leaping back towards their respective trainers. Oddy looked at Grovyle and saw him bruised, but still ready to fight.

Rika groaned inwards. That might have been a good move tactically, in some ways. But she could see that Poliwrath had probably taken more damage from that one attack than Grovyle had from his. Better stay more careful after this initial burst. Luckily, she had just the right trick for that.

"Stay, and use Ice Beam!"

Poliwrath stomped his foot menacingly into the ground, as if to steady himself for a split second before he started charging up a deep cold energy between his fists.

"Grovyle! Use acrobatics and dodge it!" Oddy shouted. The Grovyle ran forward quickly, trying to keep out of the Poliwraths line of fire. Unluckily the Poliwrath fired just as Grovyle was climbing over a rather large rock. The freezing cold beam caught the wood gecko pokemons tail and froze him to the rock mid leap.

Rika couldn't help but smile at the sudden twist of fate. Perfect. She wasted no time. "Power-up Punch, Poliwart!"

The fighting type would have smiled too, had it had any visible mouth, smelling victory ahead. Well, it would have, if it had had a nose. Oh wait, it does. Well then! Poliwart started running towards the hindered Grovyle, readying his fists for close combat.

The fighting type Pokemon moved quickly for something so bulky, Oddy barely had time to shout out his next commands before it reached the trapped grovyle. "Break free with Iron tail, and then lets finish this off with a good old Leaf Blade!" The Pokemon busted free of the Ice just in time to ready its arms and slash at the fighting type Pokemon with full force.

Poliwart might have been quick, but sadly not quicker than a freed Grovyle. The leaf blade critically hit, making Poliwart stumble backwards in the dirt and fall over. Rika gasped. She knew that Grovyles were usually skilled, but that her fighter would fall this easily? That was... Disappointing. Poliwrath was still moving, and the judge was glancing over, as if not sure if it was properly time to call the round yet. But Rika made the call for them.

She returned her pokémon to its pokéball. "Good fight, Poliwart," she whispered. It was not him she was disappointed in.

The judge called it. "First round goes to Oddy and Grovyle!"

"Good job Grovyle!" Oddy cheered. He held up a pokeball and the Leafy pokemon was absorbed into a red light. "Alright, round two? Lets go Weavile!" Oddy shouted.

Rika nodded when she saw her new opponent. Should she...? It would seem cocky to send in the unevolved version. Especially since Sneasel was rather new on her team. But she believed in her. If Rika could make Sneasel feel how much she believed in the dark pokémon's potential, they would surely have a chance. Evolution isn't everything.

"Sneasel, go!" she said and sent out her chosen battler. Sneasel materialized on the rocky ground not too far from its opponent and immediately took to giving the larger pokémon a sneering look. "Start with Ice Shard!"

"Don't let that runt get to you! Tear the Ice apart with fury swipes!" Oddy commanded. The Weavile rushed forward and swiped the chunk of Ice that had been hurled at him into neat and harmless little cubes.

When the harmless little cubes had been fully produced, the Sneasel was revealed to just calmly be standing in the same spot as before, still wearing a smug grin without attacking again.

"Wha-" Oddy gasped. "Why you little... Poison Jab Weavile!" Oddy growled. The Weavile nodded and rushed towards the Sneasel.

The jab hit the grinning Sneasel hard... but then the creature shattered into pieces that poofed like dust. It had been a Substitute!

"Brick Break, Snizzle!" Rika shouted, and the real Sneasel jumped up from the rock it had been hiding behind while Weavile was busy making ice cubes. Unlike its signature moves, Snizzle didn't care much about making a slashing movement now - Brick Break was sheer power. All in one fist shock.

Substitute. Oddy had realized it too late, the little Sneasel was bringing its fist down upon Weavile, hard. Oddy winced as he did the calculations in his head, there was very little chance that Weavile would be able to continue on after a super effective hit such as that. "A-alright. You win this one. But theres still one more card up my sleeve!" Oddy shouted to the woman across the arena.

"Round Two goes to Rika and Sneasel!" The judge shouted.

"Return Weavile! Go Oddish!"

Snizzle turned to look eagerly at Rika. For all its tough facade, it seemed like the little creature was actually quite eager to make her trainer proud. And Rika was. She returned the pokémon to its pokéball and thought about whom to send out against the tiny grass pokémon. She couldn't help wondering why the other trainer sent that out against her. Maybe he wanted to make her feel bad about sending out her fully evolved pokémon to finish the battle with? Infernape and Alakazam could easily squash that grass type with one poke from any move, really. But...

Of course she did not want things to end that way. It wouldn't be fair towards anybody. And certainly no fun. Smiling with a sigh, Rika instead chose another pokéball and called forth its inhabitant.

The adorable floofyy creature that was Teddiursa appeared on the battlefield. He blinked cutely towards Oddish.

"Alright Oddish, make me proud and use Seed bomb!" Oddy called.

The little Oddish stared at him and blinked.

"Uh... go and use Seed bomb little guy," Oddy laughed nervously.

"Oddish?" The little pokemon asked.

"Yes!" Oddy sighed.

"Oddish," The pokemon said before waddling over to Teddiursa and using Tickle.

Rika opened her mouth to give a counter order, but hesitated. Teddiursa was sucking on its paw as he usually did, and calmly waited for Oddish to come over. When he got tickled, he laughed until he cried. And he cried a lot, so much that Rika started to worry that he was actually being hurt.

Oddish stopped tickling the little teddy bear pokemon.

"Oddish?" The little weed Pokemon asked, concerned for his newfound friend.

"What are you doing Oddish! Use Seed Bomb already!" Oddy whined.

The Fake Tears seemed to have been working. When the attack let up, Teddiursa sat up and put on a big Charming smile as if saying thanks to Oddish for not tickling him anymore.

"Oddish!" The Pokemon cheered happily, before beggining to dance happily.

"Okay fine Teeter Dance that works I guess." Oddy sighed putting his face into his hands and giving up trying to get the Pokemon too listen.

Rika could just shake her head and look to see what the judge thought, when Teddiursa started to follow Oddish' movements until he became confused and fell into a little pile of paws and fur again.

"Are we really... Battling this way?" she asked in Oddy's direction.

"I don't suppose... theres much of a point." Oddy sighed.

"I mean, I haven't really given out order to attack yet but..." Rika said, waving a hand.

"I don't think neither Teddiursa nor Oddish actually want to fight..." Oddy explained as he watched the two pokemon stumble around dizzily.

Just then, Teddibrosa shook his head and seemed to snap out of it. In an attempt to regain control of the situation, he rose up on his hind legs and... Used Play Nice on Oddish to make the situation even happier.

"I don't suppose... you would be willing to call this one a draw by any chance?" Oddy asked.

Rika couldn't help but break into laughter at that. "Maybe that's for the best. There's not shame in that as long as we both enjoyed the battles that, um, actually were, right?"

"Agreed!" Oddy replied nodding his head.

"Round Three, Oddish and Teddibrosa refuse to battle! Its a draw everybody!" The Judge called out.


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By the time Nauvera arrived the crowd that once bustled with energy and chatter had thinned - not by much but enough to move around comfortably. She ran her hands over her dress to smooth out the wrinkles that had formed in the fabric. With a sigh (and a few curses) she moved her attention from her homemade purple flora furisode dress (quite the mouthful to say). A worried expression firmly settled on her face, she had only began her journey a month or so ago and there were people in the Battle Club Mega Evolving their Pokemon in battle. Nidoran ♂, Nidoran♀, and Totodile was what her team consisted of, well… that was entirely true, but using Magikarp on the battlefield was an embarrassment.

Nauvera strutted toward the Mountain Arena, she managed to wear a braver expression as she moved forward hoping it would lure someone to challenge her to a battle. Several Trainers stood around the arena and a battle was already underway with a Oddish and a Teddiursa but it didn’t look like much of a battle from Nauvera’s perspective.

“Pokemon refusing to fight? Someone needs to remind them they’re Pokemon…” The voice came from over Nauvera’s left shoulder, and she quickly turned to face it.

Standing there was a guy in traditional Hiker gear with a beard that probably hadn’t been trimmed in months and a Graveler by his left leg. The man grinned at her when she settled her eyes on him. This was her chance for a battle! She wouldn’t let this slip pass her.

“Well, I can remind you what a Pokemon battle looks like,” Nauvera smirked, she hoped that came off as witty as she imagined it to be. She wasn’t the person to come to for snappy retorts that left an impact on the audience. In fact, her answers consisted of “yes” “no” or “I have to go”, the latter being the most popular.

In response, the man nodded his head toward an open field and took his place on the opposite side. A referee came up and looked at both Trainers that’s when it dawned on Nauvera that this was official and there’s wasn’t time to back out now.

“A 1 vs 1 battle. The round will be won by the non-fainted Pokemon. Are we clear?” The referee tone of voice evoked seriousness across the battlefield. Both Trainers nodded their heads in response.

“The name’s Jackson, and I’ll win with Graveler here. She’ll end this in no time at all.” The man, Jackson, was quite cocky Nauvera noted. Not that he shouldn’t be, Nauvera was only a beginner and he looked the part of an expert. The rock-type Pokemon made its way to the center of the battlefield and fitted in perfectly with the surrounding area.

“Nauvera,” she spoke and she knew the perfect Pokemon to win with, "Nidoran♀, let's win this!"

Nidoran♀ was the feistiest of all her Pokemon and since Nauvera wanted to start the battle on the offense there was no better choice. If one might have known she had a Totodile they might think it wise to have the type advantage. However, Totodile hadn’t really gotten the handle of the Pokemon & Trainer teamwork concept. She battled how she wanted to battle and was more independent than reliable.

The blue poison Pokemon was released from the Pokeball Nauvera held in her hand and stood proudly on the mountain terrain. Nauvera knew she had to think on her feet when it came to battles but there were so many options to think over.

"Double Kick, Nidoran♀!" Nauvera called out and her Pokemon responded as quickly as Nauvera gave the order. Nidoran sped toward the opposing Pokemon to get close enough to deliver its move.

"Graveler, Rock Blast that thing away!" Jackson laughed. His Graveler snatched up nearby rocks that were scattered across the battlefield with ease and started chucking them at Nidoran♀.

"Dodge, Nidoran♀! Keep going for the double kick!" Nauvera felt nervous and that reflected in her voice. She stood on the sidelines watching as Nidoran♀ managed to avoid several of the rocks being thrown but then her heart sank as a one smacked right into her launching Nidoran♀ back a couple feet.

"End this, Rollout!"

"Nidoran♀, dodge then use Double Kick!"

Graveler rolled itself into a ball and sped toward Nidoran♀ who had just recovered from its previous attack. Nidoran♀ waited until the speeding rock of fury came close enough, turning it's body only slightly to avoid being hit by the attack and quickly enough to be able kick out with its hind legs. The attack landed and caused the Graveler to pick up speed. A little too much speed as it then rammed into a pillar of rock. Nauvera tossed her hands up and cheered, this battle was going in the right direction.

"Nice trick, but unfortunately this match is over," Jackson grinned. He didn't seem concerned at all about Graveler and the damage that it had just sustained, almost as if he knew that would be the only damage his Pokemon would take. "Earthquake!"

Nauvera froze... Earthquake? That was an advanced move, how did his Pokemon already know this move? Graveler stood up and a smile that matched her Trainer's appeared on her face. She stomped one leg down and then the next, and smashed into the ground with all four arms creating a seismic movement that shook the entire battlefield. Pillars of rock came crashing down around Nidoran♀ not to mention the giant fissure that was coming her way.

Some of the falling rocks crashed right in front of Nidoran♀ and some landed directly on her. However, Nidoran♀ was quick on her feet and ran up one of the taller cliffs that were placed around the battlefield. Graveler's Earthquake continued on and eventually crumbled the cliff that Nidoran♀ took safety on. As a result Nidoran♀ ended up underneath a pile of rocks collapsed. Nauvera ran forward even though the referee hadn't officially ended the battle but that was the least of her worries. She pushed the rather large chunks of rock off her Pokemon and cradled Nidoran♀ in her arms.

"Nidoran♀ has fainted, this battle goes to Graveler and Jackson."

Nauvera slumped down upon hearing the news but she wasn't surprised. Graveler had the type advantage and there was no way she was ever going to win when Jackson had Earthquake as his trump card. With her Pokemon in her arms Nauvera turned towards Jackson and nodded before walking off the battlefield. She expected him to gloat, to tell her all about her crushing defeat as if she wasn't present for it. None of that happened, so Nauvera curiously looked back and saw Jackson brushing the dirt off Graveler and carefully inspecting his Pokemon. He even pulled out a Potion and use it to heal the minor wounds it had sustained.

Maybe Nauvera had judged him too quickly, but now wasn't the time to think about that. She had to make sure Nidoran♀ was taken to the nearest Nurse Joy.

Next time, she'd come back with stronger Pokemon and an even stronger chance of winning.

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Chanelle de Masagra Vs Jip

"Miss de Masagra," the receptionist lady called out. "We have found a match for it. Please proceed to Arena 69."

"Good luck!" She added courteously.

I won't need it.

Chanelle made her way into the designated arena.

Jip was already there. Waiting for his opponent to finally arive. He'd been waiting for this moment and couldn't stand to hold back any longer. The pokemon at his waist were restless and ready to come. He hoped his opponent would be up to the task of fulfilling their needs and desires.

Chanelle strolled towards the battlefield, eyes sweeping across the entire arena before settling down onto her opponent - a handsome-looking man donned in a skin-tight purple suit with an elaborate red cape flowing behind his back. He looked like he was tense and ready for action, as the muscle definitions highlighted by that bodysuit suggested.

I guess one iced mocha was not enough.

She pulled her shades down and quipped, "Love the outfit, hot stuff. Hope you're ready to get down and dirty?"

"I always aim to please." The dragon tamer replied as he brushed his hair off to the side. "Try not to get your purse too dirty little lady." The man pulled a ball from his waist and threw his cape up dramatically as he pressed the ball's little button, giving his Yanmega the release it so desired. The Pokemon burst forth into the arena, buzzing wildly and darting about.

In response to the Yanmega, Chanelle sent out Sanani, who screeched at their buzzing opponent. The penguin brushed imaginary dirt off its wings haughtily.

"Don't worry, I'll be sure to make you wet."

The judge made his way into the arena and held up his hands to both battlers. "The match will be best of two. No switches allowed, no items allowed, no mega evolution. If you break any of the rules you will be disqualified. Whenever you're ready you may begin."

"Yanmega! Give it a taste of your ancientpower!" The Pokemon buzzed excitedly as the earth around it began to tremble and shake. An unseen force gathered around the Pokemon as it reached down inside itself, pulling out something powerful and unseen for ages. The chunks of earth began to fly at the penguin rapidly.

"Hydro Pump! Then create cover!"

Sanani raised her wings, channeling blue energy into a sphere before releasing an intense jet of water that swept across her peripheral vision like a laser, reducing the flying rocks into dust and soil. Then, the Empoleon whipped her wings, creating a chill that gradually turned the water into a rolling fogbank.

"Guess even when you look like that, you're still a kid in mind." Jip smirked as the Yanmega easily dodged the remaining stream of water as it began to change into a mist. As it did so, the Pokemon's speed rose and its buzzing intsensififed into powerful sound waves that relentlessly buffeted the opposing Empoleon.

Sanani endured the bug's sonic assault though it was merely a thorn prick at best. The sound of steel far surpassed that of insects. Her trident gleamed silver while the Yanmega continued hitting her with soundwaves. Aiming for its wings, she fired the beam of silver, tearing a hole through the mist cloud. Chanelle pushed her shades back to protect her eyes from the move's glare.

"That's all you got?" She smirked back, resting a hand on her hip.

An invisible shield deflected the attack off of the Yanmega, and using the cover of the bright light the pokemon sent back its own attack. Two blades of wind cut through the mist and flew in the direction of the Empoleon and trainer. "Haven't even gotten started hunny. Just finishing the warm-up. Hope you don't mind, but I just can't stand quickies. I like to really take my time and enjoy my tussles."

A blade of wind collided into Sanani's wing and dispersed the mist around her, while the other sliced past Chanelle, who held onto her glasses in case it was blown off.

"While you're warming up, I'll be chilling over here."

She ordered Sanani to envelope the entire battlefield in fog again. "Now give it a good pecking, sweetie."

Under the cover of the cloud, the Empoleon dove towards the Yanmega, her metallic beak fortified by an aura of white.

The Yanmega easily now had tripled the speed of the opposing penguin Pokemon. Even with the thick fog around it, the entire ordeal was like a depressing game of tag between an average person and someone with a mental disability. The Empoleon struggled to chase after the flying bug, but every time it would start to get close Yanmega would simply move out of the way and buzz boredly.

"Is this really the best you can do? Empoleon is so slow it's laughable. If you're not going to try then just lay down and take the beating. Yanmega, hit it with a... heck, I dunno. Just do whatever you want. It's not like you're in any real danger from this thing." The Yanmega seemed to let out a sigh as it did a few somersaults, sending razor sharp blades of wind at the Empoleon once more.

"Oh I'm sorry, I thought you wanted to go slow, as most boring men love to be. It's not like your dragonfly is a threat anyway. Last time I checked, they don't even have a stinger."

"You'd be surprised just how useful a man can be without a stinger. But you wouldn't know anything about that. Besides, your Empoleon looks to be getting worn out now while my little dragonfly is still going strong. Maybe I should have gone a little slower for your sake?"

"My Sanani can take any hit from that flying piece of paper of yours. And as for speed, worry about your own problems first, dear. Even the fastest pokemon can't dodge something that travels at the speed of light."

As she said that, Sanani readied a piercing beam of silver light just as she had before and released the mercurial arrow through the air.

The arrow of light once more was reflected off of the invisible shield around the Yanmega, and as before was responded to by three more blades of wind. "When will you learn? You can't use the same tactic over and over, and you especially can't telegraph and call out your attacks in such a way when you're so lacking. Meanwhile, I can keep on however I want without fear of anything. While my attacks aren't doing the most, the damage adds up. And we're bonded well enough that we don't have to worry about reacting to your 'speed of light' attacks."

"Ooooh, I like you. Did you hear that, Sanani? They think their little lovey-dovey will save the day."

The Empoleon shrieked (its way of agreement as Chanelle was long used to) and proceeded to continue firing bolts of silver energy.

"How long till you run out of shields to spam? My sweetie's flashy move was mastered before your dainty fly was even hatched."

As a bolt of energy would come out, a shield would go up and was responded to in kind with several more bursts of wind. Two times however, a loud disgruntled buzz could be heard as an attack connected with it. By the time the two had run out of their respective moves, each was exhausted and on the verge of losing consciousness.

"We held out long enough. If we're talking age, Yanmega is much more matured. It's kind has been around and in this original form since prehistoric ages. Whereas your little metal penguin has only just reached this point in its evolution. But it doesn't matter much now. They're both finished.... but you will fall first!" The Yanmega did a final lazy somersault, sending another blade of wind at the penguin pokemon.

"I don't recall dragonflies during the Ice Age." Chanelle placed her hand on her chin in mock thinking. "But Empoleon's kind has endured winds sharper and colder than yours'. I guess you failed to realize that they get stronger the more pain they endure."

Sanani screeched, raising her wings, as blue light engulfed her entire body and concentrated into an orb at her mouth. The Hydro Pump was cut into two streams by the air blade, hitting both wings of the Yanmega, while Sanani was floored by the final Air Slash, landing heavily with a groan.

The Yanmega buzzed happily as the wind blade connected, but was then thrown into a spiral as one side of the hydro pump blasted a set of its wings. The Pokemon spun around right into the the other side of the stream and was sent flying backwards, out of the arena. The dragonfly stuck into the wall, leaving its imprint as it fell unconscious to the ground beside its trainer. Jip's eye twitched as he pulled the pokemon back up into its ball.

"Well, I did say you'd fall first at least..." he mumbled as he put the ball back onto his waist and pulled another from it. "I hope you're ready for round two! Hopefully this one won't be quite as boring." The trainer clicked the button on the Pokeball and released Feraligatr into the center of the arena.

"Fine, I'll give you that first win." Chanelle smugly smiled as she replaced Sanani with a Weavile. "But Zorro and I are coming for blood."
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After the battle had finished, Elektra left the stadium, and waited once again for an opponent to appear. This took longer than last time, however, as the girl had requested a quadruple battle, a format not commonly used by newer trainers.

Elektra did eventually find an opponent: a confident-looking woman, wearing a hideous, sparkly neon green dress decorated with a lemon yellow floral pattern. Her hair was long, sandy, and in a thick braid that made it's way to her hips. She said that her name was Jessica, and that she was once a reporter in a faraway region, looking for some new scenery.

Elektra noticed that Jessica did not contain her Pokemon in Pokeballs, but instead allowed them to roam free. The girl was compelled to ask why.

"My region disapproves of the use of Pokeballs," Jessica explained. "I know it seems like a disadvantage, but I couldn't bare to take away their rights like that. It would be wrong."

Elektra liked the sound of this region, but wondered how the woman managed to enter the club without the use of Pokeballs. So she inquired about this as well.

"They have a cultural policy," the woman replied. "So the receptionist added my friends in manually. It was a lengthy process!"

The stadium chosen had a mountainous theme, with steep, rocky hills covering the ground.

"Go!" the receptionist shouted.


Jessica Ballard

Elektra's Scraggy, Marilyn, seemed more or less at home in the rocky terrain, and instantly leaped into action, head-butting one of the Vivillon's wings, tearing it slightly.They retaliated by using sleep powder and instantly knocking out the unsuspecting Scraggy.

Meanwhile, Nineke the Greninja had already adapted to the stadium, jumping around at lightning speed to confuse his target: the Skrelp. Once they were thoroughly baffled, Nineke appeared and used Night Slash, hitting the Skrelp hard and sending them flying against the wall. What he didn't realize was that the other team had their own plan. While the Skrelp was taking hits, the Raticate had snuck up behind Nineke, and bit his tongue scarf with Hyper Fang. Nineke screamed as the Raticate began to climb up the tongue using it's teeth, painfully scaling the Greninja until they reached his nose (which they also bit onto.)

Adezé, the speedy and intelligent Sneasel, had successfully defended her partner, Marilyn, by chasing away both the Vivillon and Vanillish with Fury Swipes. The Sneasel rushed to Marilyn's aid, but found she was too late; the poor Scraggy had been frozen over by the Vanillish, and was incapacitated.

The Vanillish and Vivillon had turned their attention to the defenseless newbie of Elektra's group: Sadie. The Eevee wagged her tail back and forth innocently as the two enemies grew closer. Adezé jumped into action, tackling the Vivillon and slashing at it until it was finished.

In the meantime, however, the Vanillish had reached Sadie. They sprayed her with an icy wind until she was glazed over. The Sneasel charged at the Vanillish, but she wasn't fast enough.

It was up to the aces of Elektra's team. Adezé turned her attention to the Greninja, who was being assaulted by the Raticate while the Skrelp spit acid from the side.

Neither trainer told the Pokemon to do a thing. It was a performance, they were spectators.

Adezé used Feint Attack on the Skrelp, the weakest member of the group. She then used Quick Attack, finishing them off. That was the easy part.

Nineke fought the Raticate with everything he had, although this was difficult, considering the enemy had firmly grasped onto the Greninja's nose, and was scratching his face obsessively. Nineke used Night Slash. He used Night Slash again, and again, and again, until the Raticate dropped off, defeated.

Then, Nineke collapsed from exhaustion.

The two remaining Pokemon were equally matched. At least, that's what everyone thought. What they didn't seem to notice was that during the fight between Nineke and the Raticate, the Vanillish had evolved.

A Vanilluxe versus a Sneasel. It just wasn't fair. The monstrous ice cream cone began to glow, and giant pieces of rock broke off from the ceiling; avalanche. The boulders caught Adezé off guard, burying the poor Sneasel.

Jessica had won. The two shook hands. "Good game, maybe I'll see you again!" Jessica said, and departed, her Pokemon tailing behind her.
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Jeff Stareen

Jeff walked out into the arena, the same one that had been used for the opening ceremonies. It was a lot more spacious now that it wasn't jam-packed with trainers. Just Jeff and his opponent, Jesse.

It was a very nice day for a battle. The sun was shining. Pidgey were chirping. There was even a nice soft breeze blowing through.

"This will be a one-on-one match between Jeff Stareen and Jesse Huber!" The referee announced from the sideline, "Trainers, choose your Pokemon!"

Jesse acted first, sending out a tiny little Pichu. "Let's go Sparks!" He yelled after his Pokemon.

Jeff could only stand there dumbfounded. Who sends out a Pichu at the Battle Club? Was this kid trying to lose? Jeff slowly came back to reality and debated who he should send out. Was he going to be that guy and send out his Mamoswine? The battle would end pretty quick and Jeff could go back to his room then. But what kind of battle would that be? Nobody would gain anything from that and everything would end up as a complete waste of time. With that in mind, he reached for a different Pokeball, his Ambipom. Then the kid just had to pipe up, "Hey would you hurry it up over there! I don't got all day ya know! Are you scared of my amazing Pichu that you don't even know what Pokemon to choose!? Wow, you must be quite the new trainer!" Jesse said sarcastically at the end.

"Yep...this kid is going down" Jeff thought to himself as he grabbed Mamoswine's Pokeball, "Let's teach this kid a lesson in manners, Mamoswine! Let's go!" Jeff tossed the ball and in the bright light came forth the Mamoswine. Jeff could see the fear in Jesse's eyes as Mamoswine came forth. "Snotty little brat" Jeff thought again.

"Alright Mamoswine, use Earthquake!" Jeff commanded

"Mamooooo!" The pokemon responded back, empahtically stomping its foot down, sending a powerful vibrations into the ground, leading towards a massive earthquake in the stadium. The ground was cracking and breaking into pieces. The poor Pichu was doing its best to keep its footing but was clearly struggling.

"Alright now finish it off with Take Down!"

The Mamoswine readied itself, gathering its footing before taking off towards the little Pichu. Mamoswine seemed to form a barrier in front of itself as it stormed towards Pichu and Jesse. It made powerful contact and sent the poor Pokemon flying into the wall behind Jesse, clearly KO'd.

"And the winner is Jeff and Mamoswine!" The referee announced as the crowd cheered.

Vince walked over to Jesse and handed him a Sitrus Berry, "This is for your Pichu. Maybe next time, you'll think twice before antagonizing your opponent..." Jeff said coldly before walking towards his tunnel and out of the stadium. Jesse could only stand there speechless as he watched Jeff leave.

Jeff may have been "that guy" by choosing Mamoswine but the kid deserved it. He felt the decision sent a strong message to everyone at the Battle Club that he meant business and was going to be the best.
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Varys vs Aeternum!!!

A black haired man with a flowing red cape stood across Varys from the field. There were thousands of spectators seated on the arena seats and Varys could just feel the excitement buzzing in the air. The rules of the battle were simple. It’s a three-on-three battle, single Pokemon out and switches are not allowed. Varys turned one of his Pokeballs on his hand and decided to make the first move.

“Come on out, Chesnaught!” The Spiny Armor Pokemon appeared in a flash of red light.

“Hmph. Gyarados, come on out.” The opposing trainer clicked his pokeball and then threw it to the center of the arena. The two pokemon faced each other, staring the other down. The Chesnaught seemed affected by the opponent’s Intimidate; but would its effects show?

Not wanting to waste any time, the caped trainer called out to his pokemon. “Gyarados! Don’t worry! You have the advantage, just take this time to set up and use Dragon Dance!” The pokemon looked back at its trainer and nodded. Obeying his command, the Pokemon’s eyes grew wilder and its body stiffened up as it coiled and uncoiled around itself.

It was evident with Varys that the Gyarados’ ability took a toll on Chesnaught, as the Pokemon’s arms sagged a little upon the opponent’s appearance. However, Varys is confident with the capability of his Pokemon that a simple disadvantage wouldn’t throw it off course. “Chesnaught! Spiky Shield! It’s setting up! Brace yourself!” Chesnaught raised its arms and shielded his body from any attack. Varys was contented. The shell protects Chesnaught’s back and the arms protects Chesnaught’s front. He has the time to think of a counter-attack.

Jip smirked, knowing that his opponent had just given him even more of an opportunity to raise Gyarados into the unstoppable monster it was meant to be. He flipped his cape out and repeated his previous order. “Gyarados, Dragon Dance one more time.” The Pokemon obeyed, its body beginning to glow yellow as its eyes became wilder. It was storing up energy for something big. “This battle will be over before its even started at this rate.” The trainer chuckled lightly awaiting his opponent’s response.
Varys was caught surprised by the consecutive set-ups. Usually, trainers charge in recklessly after a set-up and Spiky Shield was perfect as it damages the one who tries to attack Chesnaught. My opponent is no push-over, huh. Varys tried to employ a new tactic he’s been teaching Chesnaught.

“Chesnaught! Giga Impact, now! Maintain the shield until the last minute!” While it was true tha Gyarados is now really powerful because of the consecutive Dragon Dances, its defenses was nowhere near stellar. If only Chesnaught could reach Gyarados, then it would be over. Varys’ Pokemon tried to jog, clumsily at first, while holding his arms in front of him. His body glowed white as he prepared to crash into the opponent with the Giga Impact.

Jip smiled once more, realizing just how unprepared his opponent was for this matchup. He waited until the Chesnaught got close enough for them to feel as if they might have a chance and then smiled. “Gyarados! Use Bounce!” He called out hurriedly at the last second. The pokemon smacked itself against the ground and then ricocheted up into the sky as the Chesnaught fell clumsily to the ground where the pokemon had just been.

It was obvious that the tactic didn’t work but Varys was not surprised. Chesnaught is still lacking the speed for that kind of attack and Gyarados was an opponent with lots of it. Chesnaught stood up and tried to look for its opponent.

As the Chesnaught’s head was swinging around the arena on a swivel, a dark spot suddenly clouded its vision as it realized all too late that the Gyarados had been above it the whole time. The flying pokemon slammed down hard on the other, taking it to the brink of passing out. The Gyarados fell back to the side of its trainer as the two awaited to see what the opponent would try to pull in such a drastic situation.

“Chesnaught!” Varys screamed. The attack was a Flying-type and, with the boosts the Gyarados managed to put up before, Chesnaught took a really direct hit. He was feebly standing around, swaying. What to do? “Back now!” Chesnaught clumsily stumbled back from the Gyarados. Bounce did a lot of damage. There was absolutely nothing to do as Gyarados was proving to be too quick for Chesnaught to catch. His Pokemon warily stayed quite a distance from the Gyarados. He decided to let his opponent attack and react accordingly.

“Gyarados,” Jip called out, “finish this battle! Rush at it and use Ice Fang!” The Gyarados cried out and then shot forward at the opposing Chesnaught.

As the serpentine Pokemon shot towards Chesnaught, Varys instinctively instructed his Pokemon to use Spiky Shield. Chesnaught planted its feet firmly on the ground and raised its arms again, creating the unbreakable shield his Pokemon finally is.

The Gyarados bit down hard on the spikes of the Pokemon’s protective armor, causing them to push up into its mouth and the area around it. The Gyarados pulled back and winced in pain, its trainer staring down the other with an irritated look on his face. “Why don’t you just go down easy like you’ve been trying to the whole fight. Why do you have to start putting up a fight now?” Jip sighed and shook his head. “Gyarados, hit it one more time. Break through the barrier and put the pathetic thing out of its misery.”

Spiky Shield finally work and Varys finally felt he regained some footing in the battle. The Gyarados reared its head again for another attack but Chesnaught had another idea. Without waiting for an order, Chesnaught grabbed Gyarados’ head before the Ice Fang hits.

“Really? This is your final move then. Gyarados! Overpower it! Use Waterfall and push that Chesnaught out of the arena.”

While Chesnaught had the Gyarados firmly stuck in place, the Waterfall is a close-range attack. Chesnaught took the whole damage wholly and, without the Spiky Shield, it hurt a lot. As the onslaught of the attack continued, Chesnaught’s grip slipped slowly until it no longer has traction on Gyarados and the attack sent it flying away, fainted. Varys winced but recalled his Pokemon back.

He weighed the things that happened in the previous match-up and decided to use Crobat next. “Crobat, go out!” The Bat Pokemon appeared, furiously flapping its wings. Varys knew what to do. “Haze.” An icy mist filled the whole battlefield. Vision was next-to-nothing. Varys smiled, knowing that stat changes are ignored in this kind of battlefield.

“Good play.” Jip remarked, “But it still stands that you’ve already lost one pokemon. And Crobat doesn’t come to mind as the most powerful of pokemon. I hope your third will be able to pick up the slack… meanwhile, Gyarados! Use Bounce!”

Once again, the Gyarados bounced up the air but, unlike before, Varys has a Pokemon that can do something against aerial attacks. “Follow it the way up! Then use Air Slash!” Crobat swiftly followed the Gyarados’ flight upwards and, without missing a beat, sent two razor-sharp wind blades toward the Pokemon.

The Gyarados winced as the blades hit it in the face, causing it to lose its bearings. The Pokemon fell back to the ground without completing its attack and then began to look around for the opposing Crobat which it had lost sight of due to its blinding attacks.

Varys decided to attack relentlessly. “Crobat! Supersonic!” Crobat appeared out of nowhere and emitted an ear-breaking screech. It was meant to confuse Gyarados and further incapacitate him from doing more attacks. It has always been Varys’ tactic when using Crobat: use its speed and try to confuse the opponent. Before Gyarados could even react, Crobat sent two blades of air again towards the Gyarados.

Varys awaited with bated breath to see if the attacks would hit.

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