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Fourth Generation Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum kicked off the fourth generation of Pokémon. Two years later, fans of the Johto region were treated to a remastered adventure in HeartGold & SoulSilver. Discuss the games, explore the features, share your experiences, and help other players out!

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Old January 17th, 2012 (11:39 AM).
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LegendaryFSK's Pokémon Diamond Journey

Entry 01

After playing Black for so long, decided to pick back up the old copy of Diamond and take another journey through the Sinnoh Region. Started journey on January 17, 2012.

This is me, Jay Jay. I also have a friend and rival named Branden.

After watching the "Search for the Red Gyarados" special report, I met up with Branden on Route 201. From there we traveled to Lake Verity.
I chose Piplup as my starter from the case that the Professor and Dawn left behind.

Returned home to Twinleaf Town and received the running shoes from mom. Piplup and I took a brief rest before we headed back out. We traveled to Sandgem Town. There we met with Dawn and the Professor where I received the Pokédex.

I purchased a few Pokéballs and potions from the Poké Mart. Traveled back home to receive my Journal. I also met with Branden's mom who gave me a Parcel to give to Branden. I then traveled to route 202 to meet with Dawn. She showed me how to catch wild Pokémon and gave me 5 more Pokéballs.

I caught a Starly and a Shinx in the wild.

Current Team

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Old January 17th, 2012 (03:12 PM).
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So, I've hit a bump in the road and I need to know a Pokemon to put on my Platinum team. I currently have 7 badges and my team consists of:

I'm ditching Wormadam because she's too weak, but now I'm not sure what to add in it's place.. I was thinking possibly another bug type or psychic but I'm open to

Old January 21st, 2012 (05:33 PM).
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Rhinnan's Journey
I started and picked Totodile as my starter, and nicknamed him Equius. I did the Mr. Pokemon quest as asked, and then got a call from Professor Elm telling me to return. So I did. On the way I battled a sexy red-haired boy who said I didn't deserve my Pokemon. I beat him to prove I did, and hurried back to Elm's lab. The policeman there thought I stole the missing Pokemon, but my 'friend' Ethan said he saw a red-haired boy looking into the building. The policeman asked for the (SEXY) boy's name, in which I replied Phoenix. He left and then I did, too, and Ethan showed me how to catch Pokemon (very lamely) and gave me some balls.
Current Team:
Equius *totodile* level 9

Fienya's Journey
Of course, it's morning. Just like every other morning. Or so I thought.
My mother woke me up this morning, telling me that Professor Elm had wanted to see me today. I decided I would figure out what he wanted first, before doing basically everything else. I headed over to his lab, and as I reached I noticed someone looking in the window. I ignored him, of course, too preoccupied with the current mission. Once I had figured out what Elm had wanted, I was all too excited. Grabbing the first pokemon there was, I gladly chose a Cyndaquil. My new partner, Sollux, I did my first mission. To go the Mr. Pokemon's house and see what he wanted. Once I had finally reached there, I found out all it was was another egg that he had found. Once I had the egg ready, a received a call. It was Professor Elm. He sounded hysterical, blabbing on about something horrible. I rushed over to see what was wrong, and on the way, I met someone. But I don't think he was all to happy to meet me. The instant he saw me, he called me weak and said I didn't deserve my pokemon. Not even having any saying, he challenged me. Gladly, I accepted, and defeated him easily. Right after that, he ran away, in too much of a hurry to notice I had taken his trainer card. I read the name, fast as I could, before he realized and snatched it away. I watched as he ran, soon remembering that I had to go to Elm's lab. Once I reached there, I was shocked to hear that one of the pokemon had been stolen. I saw the police officer, and the moment he saw me, he blamed me and already brought out his cuffs that had been hanging on the side of his belt. Not even getting my saying, yet again, I couldn't really defend myself. Luckily, Ethan, Had run in, and stood up for me. He had always been a good friend. Once the police officer heard this, he turned back to me, asking if I had seen anyone with red hair. I answered that I had, and he then again began pestering me about everything I knew. All I told him was that I knew he had red hair, and that his name was Gale. The officer ran off, obviously in search for Gale. I thanked Ethan for his help, and Elm began to explain to me that he knew I was 'special' and that I should be the one who helps him in his little 'experiment.' I agreed, too bored with life to really give a damn. So, from then on, I started my adventure. Oh boy, it's gonna be a helluva ride.

My team:
Sollux *Cyndaquil* Lvl. 13
Alice *Ratatta* Lvl. 5
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Old January 25th, 2012 (09:41 PM).
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Alright for one; Allow me to Introduce my Trainers. There is Ace, Juan and Clara.

Ace is the flagship character (I usually name my character Ace if I'm going to just beat the game. He is usually used for Newer Pokemon Games. (He Usually takes the Fire Type)

Juan is a secondary Character (I use him after I've beaten the game with Ace, 9 times out of ten I just really want to play again so I name the trainer Juan. Juan is usually my Rival when that option is allowed. He usually takes the Grass Pokemon.

Clara (As seen in my sig) is my third character and I use her to beat the game, which includes the collection of all Pokemon, battle Tower ETC. When I use first created Clara it was after the Fire Red and Leaf Green series (I started with Juan in D &P) I like to believe that Clara starts her journey three years after Ace and is trying to overthrow him as Pokemon master. (Ace could be seen as Red). She Always takes the Water Pokemon.

Anyways, I finally defeated Blue and earned access to Mt.Silver after scaling the huge tower, Clara set her sights on dethroning "Ace" however she never made it past his level 88 Pikachu. Flying to the base of Mount Silver, she trains her Pokemon a bit more in anticipation for this epic rematch

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Old February 12th, 2012 (01:51 PM).
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Finally got a 3DS, which means I got to dust off my SS and play a bit.. I think the last time I played any game was later in 2010.

Started with a Totodile, accidently caught a Geodude and Zubat... I've never really used them, in any generation previously. Really had no problems up until Bugsy, when his (her) Sycther started wrecking ****. His stupid U-Turn kept OHKOing everything. Sacrificed a Flaffy to paralyze it. Rocky (Geodude) came in and OHKO'd it with Rock Throw. (Which is funny, because I was planning on boxing it.)

Then a few minutes later, Bats (Zubat) outlasted my Rival's Bayleef. It was seriously like a 20 minute battle because of Reflect/Synthesis. Anyway, that won me over too, so now I'm pretty sure I'm taking a Golem and Crobat with me all the way. :3

Can't believe how much time I've put into this so far, almost 8 hours over the past two days. (That's a lot for me)

Team as of Goldenrod:
Brotodile, Lv. 16
Flaffy, Lv. 16
Geodude, Lv. 17
Zubat, Lv. 17
Gastly, Lv. 7
Togepi, Lv. 4
Old February 15th, 2012 (03:26 AM).
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I've been grinding for the Elite Four for the last few days because I want to beat them on my first challenge. My team was a "bit" underleveled (37-41) and now they are all lv 46-50. I want all of my pokemon to be lv 50 before I face the league.

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Started a new game on Heart Gold today. So far I have just finished the first gym.

Team: Flaaffy Lv.15, Totodile Lv.14

Planned Team:

I don't normally like using legendaries but I am going to try it for this playthrough.

Update: Spent a lot of time playing recently, made a lot of progress. Just finished Dragon's Den.

Badges: 8
Playtime: 10:38
Lv. 44, Waterfall/Ice Fang/Crunch/Slash
Lv.43 Discharge/Signal Beam/Headbutt/Thunder Wave
Lv.43 X-Scissor/Metal Claw/Wing Attack/False Swipe
Old February 19th, 2012 (09:57 PM).
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Just had another amazing gym match, this time with Morty. He had no problem killing my Croconaw and nearly killed Flaffy before I switched quickly to Togepi to sacrifice it to revive/heal as much as possible.

Gengar was already paralyized, so I took down his attack and realized the Gengar wouldn't be able to faint Togepi because ghost attacks won't hit it, and Sucker Punch wouldn't do it either. It was seriously a 25 minute battle, with me using Extrasensory to slowly whittle it down while Morty used potions to heal. I couldn't switch out because of Mean Look, and had to deal with hypnosis slowing me down. Eventually I had to use an Ether to replenish Extrasensory or else it would have been a cripple battle.

The Gengar actually started to use Struggle before Togepi got it to faint. So my Lv. 5 Togepi beat the Lv. 25 Gengar.

Probably the most amazing in-game battle I've had in years. The funny thing is I almost boxed Togepi/Gastly before the match but decided I might need them to sacrifice for healing, and I was right. I'm tempted to keep Togepi now, but I don't think I'll have room for it after I add an Ursaring and decide what I need to add to round out my team. I'll probably add a Ninetails instead.

Still, I haven't been this pumped over a Pokemon game in a long time.

Team as of Ecruteak:
Croconaw, Lv. 25
Flaffy, Lv. 26
Geodude, Lv. 26
Crobat, Lv. 26
Gastly, Lv. 7
Togepi, Lv. 5 (Grew to level 9 after the battle)
Old February 21st, 2012 (07:36 PM).
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Playing through HG right now. I just finished up in Goldenrod City and stopped by the GTS to get myself some nice Pokémon to play with.

Furret is currently my HM Slave. It's the only thing I find it useful for. :P I'm at the point where I have to water the wiggly tree. I'm just going to faint it and catch it again after I complete the game.

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Old February 26th, 2012 (11:18 AM).
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I started a new game in Pokemon Diamond Thursday.  I'm a guy but I like picking the girl in Diamond because I like how she looks over the boy. I named her Dawn. 
February 23,2012
I started off with Turtwig after beating the two Starly at Lake Verity. I got the Pokedex from Professor Rowan and nicknamed Turtwig, "Twigleaf." It took me a while to catch my first Pokemon cause I wanted something good. After aimlessly walking around I found a Shinx at lvl 4 and caught it. I battled the trainers there and headed to Jubilife City. Once I arrived I delivered the parcel to my rival Barry and battle the trainers there.Got the Poketch and I headed north to Route 204. I battled the trainers there and saved.
Twigleaf lv. 10

Kimba lv. 9. 

February 24 2012
I'm gonna fit two days in this post. I picked up this morning and headed to Oreburgh City. Fought Barry and after almost losing I realized I need another Pokemon. I caught a Starly at lv. 5. I trained Starly a bit and made it to Oreburgh. First thing I did there was head to Oreburgh mine. Found Roark there and he went back to his gym. Battled the trainers there and leveled up Turtwig and Starly a few levels. Turtwig grew to level 13 and learned Razor Leaf. Before battling Roark I decided to explore the city. I found a women in one building who wanted a Machop her Abra. Thought it was a good deal so I searched for a Machop in Route 207. I caught one and trained it to level 8 before trading it to her. Then I went to the Gym. I easily defeated the trainers with Abra and it leveled to lvl 13. I beat Roark's Geodude with one Razor Leaf and Onix with Razor Leaf, Tackle and Absorb. I beat Cranidos with just Razor Leaf and got the Coal Badge and Stealth Rock. 

Later I went to Jubilife to mess around a bit. I went downstairs of the Pokemon center and got my Pal Pad. I also went to the Poketch Company and got the Memo Pad. I beat Team Galactic for the first time and after that messed around in Jubilife TV. I battle a PokeKid and dressed up Shinx. I put the Fiery backdrop, Turtwig mask and the fluff things. I named my picture Flash Fire. Soon after I headed to Floroma Town. When going to Route 205 I ran into the girl looking for her father in the Valley Windworks. I trained Shinx a bit and then easily defeated Team Galactic at the Windworks and Floroama Meadows. While in the Valleyworks my Shinx evolved into Luxio and Starly evolved into Staravia. Double whammy! 

Twigleaf lv. 17 
Kimba lvl 15 

Staravia lvl 14
Kazza lvl 13
Old March 1st, 2012 (10:16 PM).
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Format: Pokemon name: lvl : nickname

Grotle : 21 : GreenApple
Luxio : 22 : Blueberry
Shellos : 19 : LaffyTaffy
Staravia : 24 : WurmHunter
Machop : 21 : Iron Chef
Togepi? : Egg : ????

Psyduck : 16 : Psy Peeps
Buizel : 9 : Life Saver
Cascoon : 10 : Rice Ball?
Budew : 16 : Ma Salad
Bibarel : 17 : Barrel-o-?
Goldeen : 22 : Goldfish
Unown : 19 : Alpha Soup

I guess I'll update this weekly if anyone is interested.
None have died yet. I am currently in Solaceon town training with a gastly and geodude in the daycare.

Gastly: daycare : (i totally forgot)
Geodude : daycare : Rock Candy
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Old March 2nd, 2012 (01:23 AM).
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Going to merge this with the Travel Journal thread sticky for you as that's where saying what happens in your playthrough goes.
Old March 4th, 2012 (07:59 AM).
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Started playing Diamond on my Mac:

Haven't beaten first gym yet, here's my hacked team:

1. Natu (Arrow)
Gender: M
Lv: 4
Peck & Leer.

2. Dratini (Nirvana)
Gender: F
Lv: 10
Shock Wave, Wrap, Thunderwave, Return.

3. Azurill (Bubbles)
Gender: F
Lv: 11
Water Pulse, Charm, Bubble, Tail Whip.

Vulpix (Roxy)
Gender: F
Lv: 11
Moves: Tail Whip, Ember, Roar, Quick Attack.

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Right now, I am trying to level up some of my new party members in my SS. In this file, I've had such a hard time trying to figure out which Pokemon to use, but I think I have it down now. Currently, I'm leveling my Flareon in the Ice Caves, but I have a Porygon that's in similar need of leveling.

And I'm doing all of this in preparation of finally beating Clair. :D


Lars (male Flareon) Lv 23
Clarence (male Gloom) Lv 37
Cal (Porygon) Lv 27
Gretchen (female Granbull) Lv 36
Lolita (female Shellder) Lv 35
Karen (female Electabuzz) Lv 37
Old March 21st, 2012 (11:35 AM).
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I'm on the Fight Area Island.

Natu (Arrow):
Lv: 85
Night Shade, Ominous Wind, Silver Wind, Psychic.

Azumarill (Bubbles):
Lv: 85
Hydro Pump, Surf, Aqua Tail, Brine.

Ninetails (Roxy):
Lv: 85
Flamethrower, Fire Spin, Confuse Ray, Overheat.

Dragonite (Nirvana)
Lv: 85
Outrage, Dragon Rage, Dragon Pulse, Dragon Rush.

Honchkrow (Howl):
Lv: 85
Dark Pulse, Shadow Claw. Night Slash, Fly.

Froslass (Snow White):
Ice Fang, Avalanche, Ice Beam, Blizzard.

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Old March 25th, 2012 (11:35 AM).
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My team is currently in Snowpoint City fighting the Snowpoint Gym trainers. I have breezed through Platinum.

Fun Fact: My first runthrough I was a noob. I only had an Infernape with Cut, Strength, Rock Climb, and Rock Smash. Needless to say, I hated Candice's Froslass.
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Re-playing SoulSilver, and this time I'm playing as the female character Gold. My starter is Chikorita (which I nicknamed Gladiator, I'm probably gonna change it's name later on to something better).
I wanna get this team:
Pidgeot, Quagsire, Shuckle, Flareon & Raichu. Thinking about replacing Meganium with a Bellossom.


Just beat Clair, the 8th Gym Leader.

My current team is:

Pidgeot (Skylar)
Gender: F
Level: 41
Gust, Wing Attack, Fly, Roost.

Stantler (Dreamer)
Gender: F
Level: 24
Stomp, Take Down, Confuse Ray, Hypnosis.

Quagsire (Squirt)
Gender: F
Level: 41
Surf, Earthquake, Mud Bomb, Yawn.

Bellossom (Daisy)
Gender: F
Level: 42
Acid, Leaf Blade, Mega Drain, SolarBeam.

Smoochum (Kisses) **might replace with a Hitmontop later or Lugia.**
Gender: F
Level: 18
Powder Snow, Avalanche, Sing, Confusion.

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Pokemon Diamond, woo-hoo!

Let's start with what I've done today:

Hatched over 20 Riolu eggs in hopes of one being a female, and the odds were not in my favor. I moved them over to my Pokemon Ranch on my Wii, where they happily roam with the mass amounts of Pichus that I bred (was trying to get a certain nature).

Spent forever trying to catch a Pelliper, but I couldn't even find one. Gave up on that, and walked around randomly until I got bored again.

Played around underground, got some heart scales, and now I will go to try to defeat the 6th Gym leader~

My team: Perseus the Prinplup (1 level until Empoleon, though), Saina the Luxray, Star the Staravia (will be replaced by the Lucario I will get after all of my breeding nonsense), Glacialis the Mamoswine, Equus the Ponyta, and Magicus the Alakazam :3.
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Now that I'm done searching for pokemon in the Safari Zone, it's time to think about where to go next. That Team Galactic Grunt from a few weeks ago headed east from Pastoria, so I guess I could see what's out that way. So Marill, Croagunk and I went out to Route 213.

Not far from town, I came across a Shellos, except this one was blue. According to the Pokedex, Shellos' colors depend on their habitat; Shellos from west Sinnoh are pink, while Shellos from east Sinnoh are blue. I like the blue coloring better, so I decided to try to catch it. I had Marill use Water Gun to weaken it just slightly, then tossed a pokeball. Shellos is mine! I went back to the pokemon center to let it rest from the battle.

Meanwhile, I decided to add another pokemon to my team. It's been awhile since I trained with Blissey, so I had it transferred to the Pokemon Center. Then it was back to Route 213. I came across I small cottage that belonged to an interesting fellow named Dr. Footprints. He claims to be able to describe how pokemon feel based on the footprints they leave in the sand. Ok. I let out all 4 of my pokemon and let him take a look. He said Marill and Blissey felt strong friendship with me, and awarded them each a ribbon! Croagunk and Shellos didn't express as much feeling, but of course I just caught them. I thanked him and moved on.
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Flappers, the Zubat evolved into Crobat at Lv.23!!! The earliest possible time for him to evolve!!! His happyness is maxed out!

Crobat, Haunter, Magnimite / Flappers, SillyBilly, Zoom
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Old April 3rd, 2012 (09:49 PM).
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hatched a 31 speed and attack-IV sneasel (hasty nature, would have preferred jolly, but it's good enough for me) and an impish 30 defense and HP-IV leech seed tangela today. sneasel is now evolved and EV trained (still have to level it up until it learns night sash and have to teach it swords dance) and tangela has almost been EV trained now; i just need around 80 more defense EVs. then i'll have to level it up, evolve it and level it a bit more so it learns power whip. what a pain. x___x

*edit* i almost forgot, i also EV trained my long-since IV bred bronzor, which I've been too lazy to do before today.
Old April 7th, 2012 (07:03 AM).
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Today I beat the elite 4 + leagure champion! I am now in kanto and my golem is owning Lt surges pokemon. Excited to get some new pokemon, already caught a diglet lol. Also found another rare candy, so that's 5 in total.
hg:4084 0805 4192
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Okay So I'm currently in Johto and Kanto training my new Shiny Espeon named Kt. His stats are looking promising except it seems his speed isn't what I'd hoped it be but yet and still I will make a champion out of him yet. With my party in Soul silver, he is in pretty good hands. I have my other Shiny Espeon, who I'm going to leave in Johto, named Kayto, my glaceon named Glitter, my absol, my typhlosion, and my hm slave Farfetch'd. As a group, we are all training to fight red again because my new SE is also collecting ribbons. So that's where we are right now. So far he only has the effort ribbon. The number of ribbons will increase drastically today, believe that!
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Time for an update:
This is from a month ago but I haven't played Diamond in a while.

March 8,2011
Today I started off in the GTS in Jubilife City and made my way to Eterna City. I bought some Honey from that man in Floaroma Meadow, and went straight to Route 205. I battled the trainers there and some of my Pokemon were getting a bit weak. Luckily I found a lady in a house who heals Pokemon. I also caught a Bidoof to make my HM slave and named it respectively. I meet Cheryl in the Eterna Forest and she asked me to partner up and lead her out. I have to admit her Chansey isn't very strong. She says it's good at healing but she didn't even tell her to use Softboiled when she had very little HP left. I used mainly Abra and Luxio while in the forest. One thing I hate about traded Pokemon is when they refuse to obey cause they're at too low of a level so they're really hard to train. But I'm determined to train Abra cause I never used one on my party before. While I was leading Cheryl out of Eterna Forest , Abra evolved into Kadabra! Now all I need to do is trade it to my HeartGold and get Alakazam. I finally made it to the end of Eterna Forest and made it to Eterna City. Didn't battle any of the Fishermen on Route 205's other half till a bit later. Went around to explore the city before battling Gardenia and ran into Cynthia who gave me Cut. My attempt at beating Gardenia didn't go well at first. Even though I've played the games for years(this is my 2nd Diamond playthrough) , made alot of rookie mistakes such as going in with two fainted Pokemon, a lvl 9 Bidoof, a grass-starter and a flying-type with half-hp. So I tried surviving her Roserade as much as I as could, be she knocked me out with Grass Knot , Magical Leaf, and Poison Sting. I know stupid mistakes. I made another mistake by not healing in Eterna City! So I had to go all the way back from Floaroma Town. After healing up, I trained in Eterna Forest and Route 205 , caught a Murkorw and then I easily swept her team with my Staravia. While in Gardenia's gym, Turtwig evolved! After getting the Forest Badge, I taught Grotle Grass Knot and Bidoof Cut. After running around the town a bit,
I entered the Galactic Eterna Building. As usual Team Galatic was easy. The owner of the Cycle Shop gave me a bicycle as a reward for freeing him from Team Galactic. Also got an Explorer Kit from that one man so I explored the Underground a bit. I found some decent Spheres, 3 Heart Seals, Two Skull Fossils,Yellow Shard, a Splash Plate and a Hard Stone.

The team right now:
Twigleaf lv 19
Skyrim lv 22
Kazza lv20
Kimba lv.20
HM slave lv. 9

Quoth lv 11

Another double entry cause I have played since then.
This is based off the journal in the game so it's not very well written.
March 22, 2012
I started off from Eterna City and went to the Mining Museum. This is because I wanted to revive one of teh Skull Fossils I got while Underground. As soon I got my Cranidos from the scientist I named it Headstrong. I headed down to Route 206 soon after. Battled most of the trainer there but skipped a few. Went through, route 207 and made to Mt.Cornet. As soon i arrived to Hearthrome City I was greeted by the judge Keira and her Buneary. Checked out the Contest hall and my mom gave me a dress (yes I'm playing as the girl >.>) Was gonna do a contest but then I remembered about the Puffin Case. On my way to getting it, I ran into Barry. We battled and this battle was alot easier than the first one. Got the Poffin Case from the Pokemon Fan Club. Mixed together a few Poffins and saved from there.

Screw the rules, I have a third entry XD

March 24, 2012

Basically spent most of it training my Murkrow. Plan to use it on my team as my flyer. Started off at Jubilife training any wild Pokemon I found. I went all the way from Oreburgh to Route 207 and battle some of the trainers there. Then rode up and down the Cycle Road and battled the remaining Cyclists there. After that, went under the Cycle Road and battled the Hiker underneath and also caught a Bronzer in Wayward Cave. Went back to Route 207 and went into Mt. Coronet. Battled any wild Pokemon there. Stopped at Route 208.

Current Team:
Quoth: lv 21
Skyrim: (soon to be replaced) lv 24
Kazza lv 22
Kimba lv 22
Twigleaf lv 22
Liberty lv 15
Ecruteak City
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Dudy's Heart Gold Journal
Part 1

First, i decide to get a cyndaquil as my starter. I name him Vandal. Me and vandal head for Mr. Pokemon's house. Passing through Cherrygrove, i get a tour by a fast old man. Then he gives me running shoes! Lets get going Vandal! After talking with Mr. Pokemon and Prof. Oak, i get the Pokedex and head home. Suddenly, i get a call from Elm saying he got robbed! I rush to the lab, and see this menacing red haired guy. We battle and i notice he has a totodile...ELM'S TOTODILE!!! Afterwards, i rush to the lab. The cop there says that I did the crime. WHAT?! then, Lyra defends me. Now, the commotion is over, and i show Mr. Pokemon's Egg. Elm jumps back in shock, and then he gives me awesome advice: To take the Gym Challenge! I was so excited! I ran off and beat a butt load of trainers forcing my way to Violet City. My mom calls and tells me bye. It's Dark, and i see a bunch of Hoot Hoot, so i catch one and name it Knockerz. Just in time too. I make it to the city and my first move is toward the center and then the mart. I buy 7 potions, and 7 pokeballs. Now its time to burn some Bellsprouts at sprout tower. Oh wait...Vandal hasn't learned ember yet!! It's up to Knockerz to peck our way to the top...Now I see the Red head guy, Lavir. He beat the elder...WELL SO CAN I!! I walk up to the elder, ready to rumble. Knockerz does most of the work, but for the old man's Hoot Hoot, I need Vandal's new Ember!(Well, i don't NEED it, but it sure would help!) Anyway, i win the fight and use the escape rope in the corner. Falkner, you next! I need to do a little grinding for my team. I finally get to beat Falkner...and i...LOST?! b-but i can't lose! DAMNIT! i need a mareep. After hours of hunting, i find nothing but a damn Wooper. Don't get me wrong, i love these Pokemon. It's highly regarded in my book, but i want an electric type! I turn to Vandal, and it holds it's head can i! Time to whup some butt! I run up to Falkner, and we have an epic battle! Vandal was the star player, but Knockerz sunk the winning hit! Now i have the Zephyr Badge! Time to make my way to Azela Town!


Vandal Level 12

Knockerz Level 11

Bubblez Level 6


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