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[Title Name Credit goes to NatureKeeper]
Creator: Luxuriate // Jack Adams

Part One

I :
Part One

Tuck fitted the orange-tinted goggles above his brow to keep his dusty hair out of his eyes. They darted, scanning the murky jungle.
Nothing but floating pollen. He tugged on his knuckle gloves, carefully braving a step into the warm sunlight.

Gnarled roots and suctioning mud were his least favorite terrain, but there was nowhere else on Prism Isle that had a Pokémon
other than a Krabby and Wingull. So everyone usually had one or the other, which when they got older evolved to a Kingler or Pelipper.
It was forbidden to go up the mountain too as it was a dangerous way up, or actually, a dangerous way down.
It was here in the deepest parts of the jungle that Jack, his older brother, captured a Ditto, and it was here also that Tuck caught an Absol.
Together, the Soreye brothers drew attention from the islanders for being wild children. Naturally, this became a reputation to uphold.

A faint wail echoed.

His hand shot to the waist, latching onto a single PokéBall. His Absol. The intermittent cry sailed to a droning fade.
The first thing he noticed was the breeze that wove through, buffering the silence. Tuck stood still.
He was surrounded by waves of dry grass and crooked palm trees.
Knowing too well it was the unlikeliest chance he was alone, he perked his ears to listen.
Somewhere nearby, something fluttered.

He held his breath. By the sound of it, that was large, he thought. Large is good.

Tuck took cover in the shade again. At a Slakoth’s pace, he backed into a trunk and paused to check his inventory.
The leather knapsack was a birthday gift, and he cared for it deeply as if it was a part of his body.
He was especially teased for this. Inside, he rummaged through his belongings quietly. He counted to himself, Six balls left.
For sure I’m going home with a Pokémon. He then pulled out an empty PokéBall.
He’ll flip. Jack’s gonna turn blue.

The trunk slid away from his back with a soft growl.

Yelping, Tuck staggered a few steps before he faceplanted into soil. He sputtered and wiped away the dirt as alarms exploded in his head.
He rolled and crawled the Krabby way back from the Pokémon. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

Before him a brontosaur, with bananas dangling around its long neck, reared on its hind legs and bellowed beautifully.
Four gigantic palm leaves flapped, like wings. Tuck screamed in horror as it stomped onto his backpack with a sickening crunch.
Every single thing inside was surely flattened. One ball left, he finally allowed himself to breathe. Okay.

“GO, ANGELUS!” The yell riled out of him as he belted a spinning Pokéball.

A bleached glare enveloped the clearing for a few seconds before a wolf bristled its ghostly pale mane and shook its black scythe horn.
Angelus stared piercingly right into the eyes of the Tropius. The Tropius suddenly leered. Tuck shouted from surprise.
Angelus’s legs buckled but it disregarded its diminishing defense. “Angelus, now! Leer!”

The Tropius bellowed again in rage as it was covered in micro-spasms, weakened alike.

“Quick Attack!” Tuck commanded.

Angelus ignored him. Instead, the air shifted in their direction.

“Wha-,” Tuck groaned aloud when he realized what it was doing. It was drawing in wind. The Tropius’s eyes darted, then dilated; it was aware.
Its wings spiked then clapped with a deafening pop. A Gust barraged and knocked Angelus off its paws.
It tumbled and crashed into a palm tree before it howled with pain. Even then, it struggled to stand up again. Tuck grew worried in an instant.
If Angelus wasn’t going to obey, this whole thing could be a fiasco… fast.

“Angelus…” Tuck said in a warning tone. “Quick Attack.”

Angelus shot him an unwavering look of ferocity and snarled. It tightened its focus on the Tropius.
It was drawing in wind again, and this time was able to release a Razor Wind.
Glowing discs fired and cut across its opponent’s enormous figure, ripping gashes on its thick skin. A bit of its sap spilled.
The Tropius grunted lowly as it took a beating. It stepped forward, back in the battle. It whipped up leaves noisily.
Tuck recoiled, startled at how fast it was, and before he could say it and he didn’t need to, Angelus took off with a Quick Attack.
The Razor Leaf bulleted into the tree behind it rigidly, buried deep.

Angelus and the Tropius clashed in filtering sunlight. Its large legs lifted and pumped in an uproar.
Angelus dove in and out of the Stomp, trying its best to dodge, Quick Attack after Quick Attack.
The Tropius moaned as it collapsed, just about badly beaten.

“Okay, this is it!” Tuck tossed the empty PokéBall up in the air and caught it victoriously. “Move out of the way.”

Angelus hadn’t. It snarled over its shoulder, trying to do a Leer at him, but it didn’t work.

“Will you just- !” Tuck shouted and summoned the Absol back into its ball, “I honestly don’t know why you bothered…”

Tuck crept closer. The Tropius peered cautiously at him.

“It’s all right,” he said in an encouraging tone, “Just relax.”

It closed its eyes at peace before grass was whipped up again at a startling speed. Tuck stammered then threw the PokéBall as he attempted to
leap out of its course. One hit its mark, slicing clean across his cheek. He clutched his face in a wince.

The Tropius reduced in a flash, and all was left on the scuffled ground was a rattling PokéBall. Tuck breathed raggedly on the ground too.
His eyes never left. The rattling grew erratic.
Waiting for it to stop tore at his nerves.

But then, there was a blinding rush of despair.

Tuck’s eyes fluttered to a close, defeated. He flopped on his back. The Tropius returned to its enormous state, terribly disoriented.
It hadn’t managed to stand up. It collapsed again, shaking the ground.
Tuck’s backpack slumped, and a PokéBall rolled out into his open hand, perfectly intact.

Tuck’s eyes popped open and saw clouds beyond the jungle ceiling, “Interesting.”

He rose to his feet, determined again, and threw.

It wasn’t long before the Tropius was caught. He let out a whoop and ran over to pick up the PokéBall.
He stared at it for a longtime with awe. Jack’s really gonna turn blue.

“Come on out,” Tuck let out the Tropius. It looked at him strangely.
“Let’s see if you haven’t crushed the Medicine pocket… Oh, hey, good thing you didn’t. Here. Drink this Potion. You’ll feel chipper in a heartbeat.”

The Tropius snorted.

“No, really, I promise.”

The Tropius sniffed at the sweet-smelling, sloshing container and struggled to lap up every drop. The wounds eventually crystallized over.
Much stronger, it rose back on its feet, reminding Tuck again how much taller it was. It still looked at him strangely.
He gave it a good look over, “I don’t even know where to start with nicknaming you. I should let out Angelus now, I guess.”

In a soft burst, the Absol arrived and bristled its fur before it realized it was not in battle.
It walked up to the Tropius and sniffed intensely all over it. Here and there, it’d stop and sniff some more.
It huffed when it realized Tuck was watching.

“You’re a butthead, Angelus, you know that?” Tuck made sure it understood him and brought out another Potion.
“C’mere. Really, what is your problem?” It scurried over and drank it all. It stared up at him for a moment before it plopped and sat.
The Tropius wore a look of pique and traveled a little closer, but too close that Tuck ended awkwardly gazing upward.
The Tropius bowed its head down, shadowed by the glistening blue sky.

Tuck brightened with epiphany.

“Cloud!” He rubbed its elongated neck, “Cloud. That’s great.”

Cloud didn’t seem to care at first, so Tuck tried again, pointing at his Absol, “Angelus.”

Then he pointed at the Tropius, “Cloud.”

Cloud bayed a bit, then galloped around the clearing, startling Angelus into a wild and boisterous chase, making Tuck tipsy with laughter.
Angelus leapt onto a high branch, particularly not amused. It growled lightly a warning.
Cloud expressed another gorgeous bellow, reminding Tuck of the sound of a foghorn blast.

“So let’s go over what your moves are, Cloud,” Tuck grabbed its attention.
“You first used Leer, then Gust... oh, that’s right, Razor Leaf, and Stomp.”
He broke into a grin, “Yeah, not bad, not bad at all. Okay, back in, you go.”

The Pokémon were returned to the PokéBalls and fastened to his waist. He looked at the rest of the remains in his backpack.
They were definitely destroyed. On another occasion, Tuck would have felt exhausted knowing all that had gone to waste,
but this time, he merely kept grinning. It just spelled out sweet victory.

He scrambled through the bushes and leapt off ledges on his way out of the jungle.
Then he was completely graced with the salty smell of sea and open sky as he looked down the valley.
At the bottom were a long beach strip and a tiki-capped villa everyone named after Prism Isle.

“Hallo there, boy!” an elder raised his cane out of respect when he saw Tuck racing down the hill, “Catch us something new, did ya?”

“Yeah! It’s big, Crazy Man!” Tuck let out in huffs as he rushed by.

The elder wrinkled when he cackled, “Ho, ho! Crazy Man’s rooting for you!”

Tuck reached his doorstep with a thud, dropping his backpack on the porch, and entered without a minute to waste.
It was a drop in temperature due to the air conditioning and it had a weird burning smell. He was loud, “Dad! Mum! Come here!”

He stormed down the corridor and entered the office. Boxes stacked up in the corner next to potted plants, and the windows were blinded closed.
Two adults were at their desks, typing at their PCs in silence, oblivious to their son’s shouting.
The balding man took a sip of his coffee and returned to business.
The woman with bags under her eyes yawned and turned to her printer, waiting for paper to slide out in a whir.

Tuck stood at the doorway with a fallen face, “Mum? Dad?”

“Tuck, sweetie,” the mother pleaded before she turned her focus to the computer.

Jack walked up from behind, “Come on. They’re busy.”

“Thanks, Jack,” their father said flatly and resumed typing.

Jack followed the eager Tuck into the living room and before the little tyke could say a word, he shook his head.
“You need to get it in your head, little bro, that Mum and Dad have too much on their mind right now. Way bigger things."
He realized Tuck was on the verge of bursting, "What are you looking so excited for, anyway?”

Tuck broke into a goofy grin, “Caught a Tropius.”

Jack did a double-take, “Whoa, around here? Very, very nice. Raise it a little more and I just might consider battling.”

“More like copying,” Tuck shied the other way.

“What did you say!” Jack picked him up and threw him on the couch, tickling him until he squealed.
“You realize you shouldn’t have come to Mum and Dad especially about that. You know they don’t have time for Pokémon either.”

“Yeah, I … just…” Tuck struggled to put it into words.

“Don’t think too hard, you’ll end up with an aneurysm,” Jack knuckled his head. “Hey. Don’t you remember what today is?”

“Phoenix Rising Day, blah-blah-blah,” Tuck crossed legs and rested his head into his hands, staring into the ceiling,
“Mum and Dad don’t have time for a holiday either.”

Jack hesitated, his mouth slightly dropped but it took some time for words to come out, “… I don’t have time either, kiddo."
"Have to help them share the load too. Go on, Tuck. You really don’t wanna stay here and be bored like me.
We’ll battle later down on the beach, all right?”

“Promise?” Tuck jerked out a pinkie finger. Jack wrapped his larger pinkie around it.

Red and sienna lanterns were profuse among the craft the islanders were making, and in the center of town, a giant pyre was presently built.
There was much more lively chatter today than it had been all year, and it got Tuck in the spirit.
He followed the other children that ran towards a booth that was set on the beach.

“Then bam, whoosh! The Tropius stomped so fast, it almost got Angelus by the neck. If it hadn’t did a Quick Attack, it’d be a goner!”
He said to a boy he barely knew while he held a PokéEgg up before submerging it in midnight blue dye.
“Long story short, caught it. Its name’s Cloud. You wanna see it? I can show you right now!”

The boy ran off in the arms of his mother who had knelt near the entrance.
Her voice was faint under the pounding of his heartbeats, “Oh! What a pretty Egg, I love it."
"Let’s go over and see Daddy at the parade, he says he got something for you!”

Tuck gazed at them with idolizing eyes.

He held up the PokéEgg again, mesmerized by its rich dark coat.
It wasn’t too cold of a color, or too warm. It struck a chord in him that its nature was of the night.
Maybe if anyone was around, they'd see that too. With an exaggerated sigh, he set it aside.

Standing at the periphery of the street in a murmuring crowd, Tuck glanced at the PokéBalls at his waist and gave some thought.
A tooting trumpet alerted everyone and opened the march. A giant Pelipper balloon rose to their delight. Cheers and applause ripped.
Then there was a marching band performing double-time, adding some pep to their gradual pace. A Krabby balloon followed soon after.

The crowd went exceptionally wild. It took Tuck some time before he saw what they were pointing at.

A Salamence was soaring with magnificent wings spread out, surfing the air, and doused them in shadow once it passed the gleaming sun.
Tailing it was a succession of violet and emerald fireworks. Then it lowered, and to the audience’s shock, a man committed a back-somersault
while returning the Salamence to his Ultraball and landed on the Krabby balloon. He slid off and rolled in the street.
The crowd went wild again when they realized who it was as he stood triumphantly.

“No way,” Tuck said, dumbfounded.

Roman put on a picture-perfect grin and waved in a blue-striped white jumper.
His red shaggy hair made him look more boyish than manly, but they knew he is older than he looked.
He’s the world-class Champion, having reigned three Regions already: Hoenn, Kirroh, and here, Tojun.
Tuck caught what he could of his conversation.

“Maddening! Maddening, I say!” the chieftain of Prism Isle rushed to his aid, “Roman, what were you thinking? That was downright treacherous!”

“Ah, dear Grover, unwind,” Roman continued to wave to his screaming fans, “I’m a cat.”

Grover suddenly broke into a nasal hoot, “Now, enlighten me! What are you doing here of all places?”

“I was in the area,” Roman began a stroll with the parade which Grover and Tuck scurried to catch up with,
“When I found out that today you were celebrating a holiday, I got curious and sought out somebody to tell me the story behind Phoenix Rising Day.
Well, I must say, Grover, I’ve mightily fallen in love with it. So, I thought I should… drop by.”

When they shared a laugh and passed on, Tuck looked down and silently appreciated what he had just heard.

“That was a lie, boy,” a voice came from behind. Tuck turned to see that he was left alone with the elder. Crazy Man.
He wore a grave and suspicious look, a look Tuck hadn't seen before.

Tuck frowned in bafflement, “What?”

“A downright, flipping lie if I had ever heard one.”

“You’re calling the Champion... a liar?” Tuck breathed heavily, a bit taken aback.

The elder nodded with deep disgust, “I can feel it in my bones and my bones, well they’re never wrong!”

Tuck felt a slight shiver crawl down his neck.

The elder’s eyes widened with horror, “They weren’t wrong when I said your family was moving in.
And they aren’t wrong now. Something’s happening, boy... Something big.”



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I would suggest changing the color. I use a white theme and cannot see the entire chapter.
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Every PC Style is different... Format is subject and relative.
You can highlight it though, right?

RE: Okay, it's edited.

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Originally Posted by luxuriate View Post
Every PC Style is different... Format is subject and relative.
You can highlight it though, right?
I can testify that even highlighting it is a pain on the eyes. Please just change remove the color, so I can at least read this. ._.

Thanks to ShinySandshrew of serebiiforums for the banner!
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Wahahaha!! Sorry about that... .___.

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Posting the next part of Exodus soon, comments would be nice!

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I :
Part Two

The elder made a dramatic sweep as he pointed to the forbidden mountain. Tuck’s heart flopped.

Crazy Man said with a gleam in his eye, “That pile of bones was closed to the public ever since a few decades ago.
As the path was already dangerous, it wasn’t the only reason it was prohibited. Spectators long ago caused a ruckus over seeing the legendary Moltres take wing
around the island and take roost at the very top of our summit. I saw it with mine own eyes too.”

Tuck paled at the sight of the monstrous hunk of outlawed rock, nearly obscured by fomenting thunderclouds. A Moltres? Here?
He looked in the path of the Champion who was disappearing in the cheering crowd of fans and aspiring Trainers,
and heard Crazy Man mumble further, “And to this day, no one has seen it leave. Roman’s here to catch it, of that I’m sure.”

“Not on my turf,” Tuck was a bit astonished to murmur.

“Nonsense!” the old man broke into an amused chuckle. “But I like your gusto.”

“I’m gonna catch it first, Crazy Man, and I don’t care what you say!” Tuck screamed while he sped off running back to the hills.
He gave out hollers and whoops, like a wild child, and no one noticed, too wrapped up in the festive spirit and the fame of the Champion.

Crazy Man shook his head and buried his face into a hand, “This… did not go well.”

“Oof…” Tuck groaned, wiping sweat off his brow, and staggered onto another shaky ledge. The rocks were uneven, born and decaying out of arbitrariness.
His sneakers dug and sank into some cracks, and it took some time getting released from. Pebbles clinked from a startling scrape. He glanced over his shoulder.
It would be a far, steep fall down in one slip, and nowhere in sight was an easier way down. “Maybe this was a bad idea… yeah, maybe.”

With an elbow over, Tuck climbed another soiled shelf, gripping at weeds and roots, and managed to roll onto his back, having succeeded another several feet closer.
Something strongly tremored at his waist. He glanced down and realized it was one of the PokeBalls. It clattered and rattled urgently. He frowned, “Angelus?”

He looked up above and saw that he was not far from the summit. In a flash, a smile spread across his face. He was going to make it.
With another elbow, he reached the top of the mountain.

When Tuck summoned his Absol, it came as a shock once Angelus started to scream.
Within seconds, Angelus butted its head into Tuck’s stomach and drove him backwards, dangerously by the edge.
Tuck wrangled out of its way, flushing red in anger, “What’s the matter with you!”

Angelus snapped a scowl before it made a long stare at the fiery clouds that circled the mountain peak. Its forlorn gaze came back, this time to the small villa of Prism.
Tuck seemed to catch on. He spoke quietly, “You really think something bad’s going to happen.”

Angelus looked straight in his eyes, and no other act could’ve been clearer.

Rumbling came from behind them. They spun, but there was nothing but a wall of shivering stone.
Tuck looked down the path that winded around the peak and saw narrow steps that led to the mouth of a smoky cave.
Angelus whined. Tuck ignored and returned the Absol to its PokeBall before he braved his entrance into a lair in which no one has ever been before.

Fiery ash hissed and exploded in pops, dancing and expiring glows. Tuck gulped.

“Now really, should I turn back?” he started muttering to himself, wringing his hands. “This is a bad idea. Bad, bad, bad idea. Go back. You need to go back…”

As if to answer him, a sudden roar sent chills up his spine.

The murky room lit to life when a giant tortoise combusted into flame, a Torkoal, before they were bombed with Smokescreen.
Tuck collapsed, gagging on the black fumes, before he dropped a PokeBall. Whatever came out, he didn’t care, just as long something did.
A short burst of light pilfered through but was muffled. Fire Spins ripped through the dark and smashed into the walls, roaring ear-splitting destruction.

Then the wind shifted direction.

“Angelus,” Tuck realized.

A disc burned back and the smoke finally cleared with it in one attack, slashing across the Torkoal’s face smack center. It barely made a sound.
It stomped the ground a few times, unfazed. Angelus bristled and growled fiercely. Tuck hadn’t seen it behave that threatened before.
He stood to his feet but had to dive again before another Fire Spin whipped out and scorched the wall behind him. This really was a bad idea…

“Quick Attack,” Tuck stammered.

Angelus ran left, turned right, and then coming from behind, struck hard across its face with a thick and powerful paw.
The Torkoal bounced back instantly and withdrew into its own shell, then the shell began to spin erratically. It was a Rapid Spin and it was going to be everywhere.
Tuck’s eyes widened as he leapt to his feet and headed outside.
Angelus turned tail but by then, the shell exploded into momentum and crashed into its side, taking both Pokemon into another collision with the wall.

Angelus growled weakly, completely defeated. Tuck returned it to its PokeBall. The Torkoal rumbled to its feet, still unfazed. Still aggressive.
He hesitated about sending in Cloud. It was going to be a mess. He did not have this.

The Torkoal puffed with cinders and unleashed a shower of Fire Spins.

He was finished.

Tuck cringed and felt nothing but an abrasive gust of heat. He didn’t feel harmed at all.
He opened his eyes. A shadowy Dragon was in the way, a Salamence. He looked to his side and saw Roman, the Champion, staring at him disapprovingly.
He stammered but nothing came out.

“Protect!” Roman hollered, disarming another flaming inferno. “Now, Crunch! Again!”

The Torkoal reared on its back legs before caving in the tunnel. Suddenly, Tuck was dragged out onto the summit under the night sky.
Roman took a good look at him before he grimly spoke, “You have no idea what you’re doing here, kid.”

“Yes, I do,” Tuck flared with defiance. “Well, I did, anyways. I know why you’re here.”

“I doubt that,” Roman crossed his arms, “because if you really did, you wouldn’t be up here.”

Tuck frowned at him, “Why?”

“No point hiding it now,” Roman whispered for a moment before he regained his proud and faithful volume,
“Natural disasters have struck the rest of the world. There was a nasty thunderstorm in the Kirroh region. Turned out to be Zapdos.
There was also a blizzard in the Hoenn region. As you can guess…”

“Articuno,” Tuck said breathlessly. “And now that Moltres is here…”

“I have to stop it,” Roman nodded, “Before… well, before anything is to happen.”

The ground gave way under them, crumbling into brittle rocks and dirt, jumping violently and continually sinking.
Roman grabbed Tuck and clung to the slope as they watched trees teeter and uproot.
Tuck screamed and jerked his face off the earth which seared extremely hot red.

“This is no mountain!” Roman shouted before he tossed him on the Salamence that flew to their aid and leapt on, “Salamence, to the village! We got to warn the others!”

Tuck screamed, “What’s happening, Roman?”

“Moltres came here because you had a volcano. That volcano’s about to go!”

On cue, the mountain ruptured its cap and in an outrageous detonation, the rain of magma pillared into the clouds, a vivid fountain of horror.
Faint screaming trailed from the villa of Prism. Tuck dared to look back.
The path that Tuck managed to climb was surreally being splintered and torn in random directions, and from the chasms bled molten gold.

Tuck couldn’t help but obsess on the fact that Angelus knew something was wrong.

And it was completely dead on.



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