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Old August 29th, 2011 (8:23 PM).
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My Stoutland of coarse! Took out the whole elite four by itself.

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Old September 2nd, 2011 (5:12 PM).
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I'm constantly working up new Pokemon for my teams so I never really have a consistent winner but for some reason I have a Golduck which shouldn't seem like anything too special but it just seems to win.. never sweep a team but usually takes out at least one to two especially with the popularity of dragon Pokemon like Dragonite and Garchomp which it just devastates.
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Old September 3rd, 2011 (8:34 PM).
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Charizard with Blast Burn and Outrage, even if it is weak to rock, water, lightning, and has terrible defense, as long as it attacks first, you're going down (unless of course it's a pokemon with equally high sp. def.).
Old September 5th, 2011 (6:22 AM).
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its hard to say because i have had so many teams but snorlaxs great hp and sp def and dragonites good stats and movepool probably makes them my MVP pokemon
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Old September 6th, 2011 (9:09 AM).
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Dragonite and Gengar. Although my bulky Super fang/Roost/Toxic Crobat kicks asses too.
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Old September 19th, 2011 (1:48 AM). Edited September 19th, 2011 by Mister Coffee.
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My MVP always has to be my Cradily. It's pulled me out of the stupidest tight spots I have ever been in battle. However my second MVP is Mienshao. He is my sweeper pokemon and he ends battles so fast it's ridiculous.

Originally Posted by Ingo View Post
I hate all people who use legendaries online or in a team. Its cheap, and basically cheating, since beat up terrakion is the cheapest one out there, and its hard to take them out without legendary stats. Also anyone who uses drizzle politoed, I don't hate them as much, but still. Along with people who us every single pseudo legendaries on their team, its cheap and not fighting fair. And then those who do that and rage quit after, through all odds, I win. That's just stupid.
That out of the way, my MVP would have to be Porygon2. Not good attacking stats, but its defenses are great, combined with eviolite and recover, and you have something that won't die anything short of a high powered super power/close combat.
I actually agree with most of what you have to say.
IMO, Legends and Dragons are obnoxious. I get frustrated/annoyed with people who play them and I have taken a vow to never play with Legends or Dragons competitively.
(I'm nicer to people who use dragons cause lets face it's a natural type, but still I hate Dragon types.)
However... Don't hate on Drizzle Politoed. I worked my freaking butt off to find that stupid Dream World Poliwag, and now I am simply harvesting the fruits of my labor.
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