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In-Game Team Help Can't defeat the Elite Four with your current team? Need help improving your Battle Subway team? This is the place for team help concerning in-game and casual play. Teams focused on the more competitive aspect of Pokémon must be posted in the Competitive Team Help sub-forum.

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Old August 3rd, 2011 (8:27 AM).
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I need some help on what would be a good team on pokemon F/R.

preferrably not with legendaries, pokemon that evolve via trading, or need to beat the elite four to get. I've already settled on getting a Jolteon, and i have Squirtle. (had to start a new game, because i got stuck at the elite four...)

I will accept any opinions you have, so please don't be shy.

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Old August 3rd, 2011 (2:23 PM).
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Pokémon Emerald Version

Lance's Team:
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Kadabra - Lv42
Azumarill - Lv40
Mightyena - Lv40
Raichu (Sparky) - Lv40
Old August 3rd, 2011 (2:34 PM).
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Uhhh I'll toss this to in-game team help. Not sure if it meets the requirements, but better than nothing. Please remember to use that subforum for help with in-game teams in the future.

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