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Old August 25th, 2011 (10:07 AM).
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When playing the Demo (i think) of Pokemon Marble i played the N64 and it said "It's A Me Mario!" I Like a little Gaming Humor in Hacks and inmine there will be Memes, and Refferences like for example the OVER 9000 meme form DragonBall Z has been changed to this in my hack project, "Violet What Does the PokeScanner Say about Lundaria's Power Level?" Violet says: "It's OVER 9000!" Like that. Or the DO A Barrel Roll clip form Star Fox64 What's your take on this?

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Old August 25th, 2011 (10:48 AM).
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This wasn't approved the first time because it seemed a little vague, like it wouldn't spark much discussion. However, I've thought again, and am approving it, though to phrase the topic a little more solidly, perhaps...

What do you think of hacks that include internet references, or references from other media/games?

I'm working on an album of Pokémon-inspired music. Check out the Soundcloud link if you're interested!

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Old August 25th, 2011 (11:29 AM).
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Unfunny, annoying and unprofessional in most cases, especially for memes. Sure, maybe the odd, well disguised homage to a certain video game or something is okay (for example, Marble referencing Mario--it's okay, because that's what's on a N64) but that over 9000 reference isn't funny and just annoying imho. :/
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Old August 25th, 2011 (12:07 PM).
The 100 Mega Shock The 100 Mega Shock is offline
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If you reference a meme in any form of media, be it written prose, music or a game or whatever, you've instantly dated yourself - ready to be laughed at (in the wrong manner) in the future for making a tired joke. It doesn't help that people still use memes years after they first become popular and long after they've been dug into the group.
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Old August 25th, 2011 (2:19 PM).
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Eurashal Eurashal is offline
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If a reference makes sense and is somewhat subtle (like the mentioned N-64/Mario reference or the Stand by Me reference in Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow) then it's fine with me, in fact I plan on making a few little references like that myself in a hack I'm planning.

I'm not keen on memes though personally, not even Pokemon related memes (like "Mudkipz" and "GARY MUHTA*(&$"*&ING OAK") in Pokehacks.
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Old August 25th, 2011 (4:00 PM).
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The Corrupt Plague The Corrupt Plague is offline
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The occasional one can be fine and the more subtle, the better. What really turns me off from the hack is when it goes completely overboard and use them in every single sentence.

Credit goes to Team Brushfire for the awesome banner!
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Old August 25th, 2011 (7:26 PM).
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Internet memes are a no-go, unless I guess they are ironically outdated ones (such as all your base) and/or/preferably subtle, to the point that someone not looking for it wouldn't catch it. Using the term noobs in DP went too far for me, and that was an official game.

Pop culture references are fine, but they should be timeless. For example, a good deal of people past a certain age (though target audience should be considered, too) have seen the Big Lebowski. Where I grew up, it's always been a sort of rite of passage, along with other bits of culture; You aren't a young adult until you know about The Jesus and get what someone is alluding to when they say "f***ing nihilists." Spouting lines from Avatar, Inception, even Harry Potter, would not be acceptable movie references; It just makes the game cheesy, without adding that enjoyable secondhand campiness that a well-executed reference based on more than merely an in-joke can bring.
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Old August 26th, 2011 (4:06 PM).
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References are great. I love putting in and finding subtle shout outs to other games or references. 'Subtle' is the key word here though. Direct line copies are a bit silly unless they're done well and actually fit.

Memes are bad. They exist to ridicule something. If you put them into your hack, you're ridiculing your own hack.
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Old August 26th, 2011 (6:08 PM).
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My take on it is that it's awesome!

I made a whole game of references, it's in my signature! (shameless plug!!!)

Edit: Does not include memes. Only video game/cartoon/comics/etc
I actually think it's pretty fun, like if you know the place the reference is from.
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Old August 27th, 2011 (1:31 PM).
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I am truely not a fan of memes,they seem pointless
But I do love references,like the ones in firered and leafgreen tv's
And if you ever play Pokamon Snakewood,expect alot of references to anything,and the creator did it in a good way.

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Old August 27th, 2011 (1:37 PM).
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kevin del rey
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I don't mind people putting references in their hacks, but memes is a big no in my opinion. But it's your choice if you want to do so or not, but I don't think people would like it.
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Old August 27th, 2011 (8:42 PM).
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References are good, if they are subtle. If you have characters saying over 9000 all the time, then it's just stupid.
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Old August 28th, 2011 (8:40 AM).
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Memes are just irritating. If it's a reference to a TV show or something, I'm fine with it. I had a random TV show script ages ago and it had references to shows like Doctor Who and Spongebob Squarepants.
Maybe I should redo that script but make it time based...*adds to ideas file*
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Old August 28th, 2011 (9:18 AM).
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I like certain video game references. Super Pokemon Eevee Edition has plentiful Metal Gear references that usually only fans can catch. Meme references are not a good idea since the meme will obviously die sometime. Subtle references to anything is a good idea as long as they're not too obvious.
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Been super busy with work, life, and laptop problems. Hopefully I can get back into it soon, I fear I'm already rusty. Meanwhile I'm considering writing my hack as a fanfic.

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Old August 30th, 2011 (12:51 AM).
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Both of them fend me off. Probably more for the memes, since they get disturbing after a while. If it's going to be a pure-power pokemon hack, there should definately be no reference unrelated to pokemon whatsoever. That is always, imo.

However, references to other hacks or hackers is happily acceptable from my side of the window. (e.g "Hi my name's Haroun, wanna battle?")
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Old August 31st, 2011 (2:28 PM).
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...Reading these replies, it looks like the general understanding of memetics here is rather low.

It's true there's some really poor memes that started where most Internet memes start and then ended up all over Tumblr because (no offense to Tumblr users) Tumblr likes stupid crap, and there's a lot that quickly died where they started but were adopted by a younger crowd; There was a time when I spoke in 1337sp34k virtually all the time online, and had I been born six years later then right now I'd be having that phase and probably spouting off with "over 9000 lulz xDDDD" instead. But assuming that every meme is based on ridicule, immaturity or bydlo ideals is kind of exclusive to most of memetics; In the end, all an Internet meme is is an in-joke that, instead of being shared by a very small group, is shared by a large one, encompassing most of the a target audience of the joke or art. In fact, a meme is just any behaviour, saying or joke that spreads through a community or supercommunity to the point of recognition. Any reference that you put in that you actually expect your audience to get (e.g. "It's-a me, Mario!" in Quartz or "I have this notion that I'd quite like to sail the ocean" (or pretty much any line, really) from Snakewood) is a meme. A reference nobody gets or that goes beyond the widespread in-joke of a meme to simple mass appeal, like a dead metaphor, or that relies not on borrowed humour or drama but on low comedy formed around, for example, poor linguistics, is generally poor.

As a rule, I would say the less widespread the impact, in other words, the less memetic, a reference, the subtler it should be; So that somebody that does not get it would not even realize it was there, in vaguer cases, while those that would notice it (sometimes it's an hard balance to find, and I tend to go too vague or subtle). And the less mature or highbrow a meme or reference the less likely you should include it at all.

If that's tl;dr, the gist is that I do not think meme means what I think you think it means, and also that in general the more obscure your reference, the more subtle it should be, and the less refined, the less likely it should be included at all.
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Old September 6th, 2011 (12:41 AM).
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Memes, no, I feel they are wrongly used in hacks. But references to other things such as video games, if subtle, are acceptable. Especially either a really good video game, or a subtle mention of one that the creator likes that isn't that well known, it does work well if done right.

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Old September 9th, 2011 (12:26 AM).
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I think it's fine, I love memes (especially "do a barel roll!"), I'd like to see some of them in hacks but not in screenshots - because they were supposed to give something from the hack, not from the internet-

But I wouldn't put them in my hack.. maybe one or two though.
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Old September 11th, 2011 (8:23 AM).
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I like memes, but if someone randomly throws in "It's over 9000!" or "So I herd yuo leik Mudkipz", it's annoying. Taking those same memes, if they are subtle or not very attention grabbing references such as a little kid saying "My Caterpie's level is over 9000!", that's fine, that's what you'd expect a little kid to say. Moreover, if someone says "So I heard you like Mudkips, as do I" and then battling a guy who uses them, that's fine to.

As for the other references, I feel the same way.
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Old September 14th, 2011 (10:29 AM).
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Wow I'm pretty sure the whole "over 9000" thing in your first post hasn't done you any favors!

Well I think memes are not really suitable, because they usually relate to other games. Based on this if you could instead think of some Pokemon memes or just puns (none are coming to me right now -.-) then I think it would make the game more enjoyable.
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Old September 16th, 2011 (9:11 AM).
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While I will mind an occasional reference to a popular TV show, I am AGAINST having memes spam any hack I am playing, as it just annoys me.
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Old October 2nd, 2011 (12:10 PM).
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I Actually agree with the negative replies, because after a while they do get annoying, Memes i mean, and as for other refferences i actually approved

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Old October 5th, 2011 (1:49 PM).
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I love references (not too much though) also when I least expect it, an example of one I enjoyed was in Pokemon Identity, if you'd walk up to a TV (In some sort of rest house) and hit 'A' it shows the text (can't really remember it): Yo thats great, I'mma let you finish, but Shiny Gold is the best Hack out there! or something like that lol. (referencing Kanye West)
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Old October 8th, 2011 (1:40 PM).
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I personally think that they are a fun way of seperating long, dull, boring speeches; however I think, for the most part at least, SHOULD be subtle. Internet references are a no-go. Most of them are unfunny. Some are ok, but not the famous ones like over 9000 etc. I think they are a essential part of hacking however.

ROM Hacking was getting frustrating for me. I've now stopped productions and writing the game from scratch in HTML 5.

That means it will be playable in the browser, and across multiple devices such as the iPod touch.
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Old October 20th, 2011 (6:46 PM).
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Internet stuff is to be refrained from being used, but I love the occasional reference. However, there is a fine point to which it can be placed in a hack and where it shouldn't. For example, someone randomly shouting some reference is just the creator saying "Hey, I'm too lazy to think up a decent script so here you go,". The reference has to be well known (and liked) enough so that most people will know what it is but not so overused that people groan when they hear it, it must be incorporated enough so it doesn't stand out, and it can't be used over and over in the hack. An occasional shout-out to something might instill a few laughs here and there, but the same "OVER 9000!!! omg" might WILL get tiring if used more than once. Too many references make them game dumb and average. Balance is definitely a concept here: no offsetting the Force.

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