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Old September 6th, 2011 (11:00 AM). Edited September 6th, 2011 by Jönne.
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- Intro
I had inspiration to write the true story about my favourite champion of the online game League of Legends, Fiddlesticks. But, he won't be the protagonist. However, his story is clear enough from an outsider's eye - a 13 year old boy and his childhood friends, to be precise.
This is rated PG-17 due to some nasty scenes (I'll try not to go in detail).

What Fiddlesticks looks like (a scarecrow):

- Chapter 1: Ravenclaw Town
There was once a lush hill gifted with the most beautiful view of all; the sea. At the foot of that hill, someone built the first two houses of what was going to be Ravenclaw Town. The name of the first mayor of that town is forgotten, after many years. But the name the villagers gave him after his death will always be in the hearts of the old people who still live in the town. The majestic house he built on top of that hill whispered the name, over and over again. Fiddlesticks.
Some say Fiddlesticks is a being of pure dark will that tortures the souls of the foolish people who enter that house - others say he is the grudge the first mayor holded againist his brother who supposedly killed him, and got away with it.
The old people don't dare spell his name, not even between them. The eternal curse of the huge bell of the mayor's house is still haunting the town; the villagers knew the drill, every time the bell rang, one of them would disappear.

But the screeching noise of the bell wasn't heard in years in the town of Ravenclaw; people hoped the vengeful spirit's fury was quelled by the disappeared ones - yes, they were so selfish and foolish. Nobody seemed to notice that the black mansion on top of the hill was never getting old - the years passed should have teared the wood apart. But no one dares closing in the house to burn it down or even look at it - its horrifying presence, as well as the unusual amount of crows flying around in that area was enough to send people away.
So, without the threat of the curse, the town prospered by trading goods with the other Islands and soon became bigger. The wooden houses next to the sea were almost graphical and the corruption of the money and fame had spread across Ravenclaw Town like a plague.
But such things had not affected the children of the village. Their pure souls only wanted to laugh and play with each other, and they did not fully understand what grown ups had in mind.

There were some families in the village who remained unaffected by the fever of gold - one of those families being the Andersons who raised their only descendant with extreme care - Tom Anderson was now an innocent 13 years old with a bright future; right now he was playing with his friends in the outskirts of Ravenclaw town. The sun was setting behind the hill, painting the scary mansion golden as the kids were running around the grass on the foot of the hill.
Tom had brown hair and was the younger member of the company, but second tallest. Allen was the tallest one, and the older one as well. He had long blond hair.
The shorter ones were Jenna and Samson, they had many facial similarities as they were twins.

The children settled down in the grass to watch the sun slowly sinking behind the hill, lighting up the house. Jenna sighed with a cuteness enough for the boys to mimic her. The company stared at the black mansion which was now covering the sun.

"Guys, I'm bored. I say we find a better place to play.."

Tom glanced at her, then her long red hair. She was still looking at the mansion. He didn't want to disagree with her - but the advice their parents were giving them about The Place in the Hill was echoing in his mind; Don't set foot there.

"My mom says it's a dangerous place. We shouldn't -"

"Aww come on now! Don't be such a go-butter-cry-baby!"

Jenna shouted without even looking at Tom. The other two, Allen and Samson were paralyzed by the outburst. They stared each other as the girl got up to her feet.

"I'm going there. I want to find out what is so dangerous!"

The word was about to come out of Tom's lips as he watched her dashing off towards the hill, but then he thought it was no use. Jenna was a headstrong and brave girl and she wouldn't listen to anyone.
The sun was gone and darkness engulfed the area; the three boys got up from the grass and followed the red-haired girl into the forest with the path leading into the hill.
They were silent as they were crossing the dark forest - every one had his own thoughts about the house - they weren't really afraid, but that advice was tickling their minds, making them ask themselves - Why?

Atop the hill, a strong wind was blowing. The path ended in the great gate of the grey wall which was surrounding the mansion.
Tom looked around; he did not feel anything, or did not see anything according to the stories Phill was spreading around for this house.
They stared behind the bars of the gates into the mansion - a huge yard full of rotten, yellow trees and withered grass was before them. The area where the grass was seemed like an old vegetable garden. But then Tommy's eyes fell into a lonely scarecrow holding a farming scythe. The figure had a great hat covering its head, but he couldn't shake the horrifying feeling that the scarecrow was staring at them.

"Nice.. And now we should be going back?"

Jenna ignored her brother Samson and went ahead. The gate was open - she just pushed it open. The wind grew stronger as they stepped in - realising that the whole garden was occupied by hundreds of crows - they were atop the black house too - its smashed windows, the roof, the chimney. Their red eyes seemed like little rubies in the dark, but the most terrifying thing Tommy noticed; the black birds were all looking at them.
He started sweating. He stared at the huge house in front of them, examined it closely... Then his eyes fell on the scarecrow again. It was standing there, amongst the garden that once holded vegetables, holding its scythe. His friends noticed his stare and followed it - they all cringed in fear of the unmoving, motionless thing in the far end of the yard.

"Why is it holding a scythe? And why are the crows standing on it? I thought scarecrows were supposed to be keeping the birds away?"

Allen asked, not expecting an answer. Tommy shrugged and shivered at the same time. Something was written on the wall behind the scarecrow; Live, from the pain of others.
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Old September 6th, 2011 (2:17 PM).
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- Chapter 2: Crowstorm

The darkness of the night engulfed the town as mighty dark clouds were approaching the mansion on top of the hill, blocking out the full moon. Too many bad omens in a seemingly peaceful night.
Hundreds of small red eyes were glowing all around the kids - but they didn't seem to notice. Under Jenna's lead, they cracked open wooden, black door of the mansion as it slowly started raining heavily outside. Lightning cracked in the sky to light up the hall; it was the most dusty place the kids had been into. An old desk and a broken chair was in the far end of the room. The floor cracked under their steps as they walked forward, shivering.
Jenna's face had a determined expression, Tom noticing it and he sighed.

"Let's play hide 'n' seek! But with a twist; you two.." she pointed at Tom and her brother, Samson, "will try to find us! You can hide anywhere.. Okay?"

The others nodded. She seemed so excited they almost forgot about the horrifying and dark house. Tom looked around - it seemed like an old house, nothing unusual. Except than that sensation you get that somebody, a terrifying presence is close.
Tom grabbed Samson's hand and together they closed their eyes. Although Tom didn't like Allen being with Jenna, he didn't argue. If he got to be with Jenna, she might had understood that he was afraid of this mansion. The other two left, they went deeper into the dark house. They barely even see where they were going.

"5.. 4.. 3.. 2.. 1.. Here we come!"

Samson shouted in the house, his voice echoing in the walls. Then he turned at Tom and whispered with a tricky tone on;

"I'll go outside.. I think I saw a back door, they might be cheating!"

No.. don't leave me alone! But the words never came out of his mouth. Tom simply nodded, he didn't want others to think bad of him.
Samson walked backwards and opened the rusty door which screeched a bit and headed outside. It seemed like the door closed by itself, a sudden silence falling into the room as the wind blew from the smashed windows inside the dark building.
Tom headed towards the end of the hall, a wooden door was there. He opened it with a slight push and peered inside; a long and dark corridor without windows.
He walked carefully inside, his feet producing an unpleasant, screeching sound.

There was a room on his right - with a slightly opened door, he headed inside in hope to find Jenna and Allen, not to win the game, just to be with them. The curtain of the room was following the window going through the smashed window, this room was a whole mess and the smell was awful, a lightning cracked and lighted the room up; the floor was a total mess, every kind of old furniture was smashed and teared apart upon the floor. There was a door in the far end of the room.

It's not that bad after all..

Tom thought, but he shivered at the same time, as he heard a noise behind that door.

"C-come on guys.. It's not funny!"

He frowned, getting mad at his friends for teasing him, he forgot about the fear and run towards the room. He cracked open the door - everything was dark in front of him.
Suddenly, the kid was blown back by an unknown force - Tom screamed as he fell backwards, hearing the rumbling noise of flapping wings. He covered his head with his hands, screaming, as the black birds flew all around the room. But it wasn't only that that came out of the room - pure evil, the most dark and twisted spirit flown outside.
From that point, many things happened at once. A terrible laugh cracked in the area, one of which wasn't coming from a living being. All of the raging crows exited the room from the window, smashing the glass. A familiar scream was heard from outside and footsteps behind Tom made him launch himself from the floor.
Jenna and Allen were entering the room when he turned - their faces were masks of fear, reflecting Tom's fear as he yelled;

"Samson is outside!"

They run through the corridor, the hall. The horrifying laugh had stopped as they walked out to find Samson laying down on the rocky path of the mansion, breathing heavily.

"He's okay.. Samson what happened?"


The horror in his eyes was almost contageous - it's like he couldn't speak. But he seemed fine on the outside.
Tom looked around the yard - the withered trees were covered by the hundreds of dark spirits, only know they seemed alot more than before. That mere detail made Tom cringe in fear, as another mere idea was born into his head; he slowly turned around to face the scarecrow a few meters away from him - it was looking down, with its hat covering all of its face and its wooden arms hanging down, its scythe scratching the ground.

They silently agreed to leave the place. They carried the mentally shocked kid all the way to the gates where they started heading down the hill - Tommy didn't look back. Otherwise he would have seen the scarecrow had raised its head, eyes glowing green with the sparkle of life in the darkness, standing in front of the mansion.

(NOTE: lol it's 2AM here, I was shivering when I wrote this.. xD Someone review this please? I need some advice)
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Old September 7th, 2011 (5:35 AM). Edited September 7th, 2011 by Jönne.
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- Chapter 3: Bad Omen
The next day, early in the morning, the villagers exited their houses to find the city semi-black. Crows. Crows were sitting everywhere, atop roofs, signs, some even in the road, some flying above the houses, others bugging the villagers.
Tom was terrified when he saw the unexplainable and creepy phenomenon. His thoughts run back to the creepy mansion atop the hill; there were crows there as well.
When he got outside, his mother dragged him back in.

"Don't go outside today. Go into your room now!"

His mother's voice was harsh as always but he recognized the signs; she was obviously upset. She looked out of the window, but Tommy didn't move. The kids had agreed not to tell about last night to anybody.

"Why mom? What's wrong?"

His mom didn't answer as she was still looking out of the window, examining the four crows standing in their fence. Tom turned around and headed to his room. It was dark; the window was covered by crows looking inside.
Although he was scared at first, he run to the window with a determined look on his face and opened the window, pushing the crows. The black birds quickly flew away in the cloudy sky, chirping as they did so.
Hours passed and his father came back from work. Dinner arrived and they all sat on the table, along with Tom's grandmother. The usual happy atmosphere Tom's family was maintaining was all gone; it was replaced by a terrifying silence. The grown ups were glancing at each other with upset looks. However, they did pray to Lord, thanking him for the food He provided them.
Tom just looked down at his plate, secretly watching his parents exchanging those looks. Grandma seemed the only one to be slowly eating. She hadn't spoken in years and his parents believed she was mentally challenged ever since her husband died.
But, Tommy, as a clever boy, he was realising that his grandmother was terrified by something so much, she couldn't speak ever after. Exactly what happened with Samson, Tom would bet he wouldn't be able to speak today either.
After they finished dinner, Tom stood up.

"Can I go out now?"

His parents exchanged worried looks once more; his father shook his head negleting him.

"No. You can't go outside every Saturday."

Tom nodded and headed upstairs, knowing full well he was unable to change his father's mind. But he closed the door of his room while he was outside, and sat on the floor. He could see down the living room from there, where his parents and grandpa were sitting.

"This hasn't happened ever since the Years of Horror!"

His mother whispered in a frightened tone. His grandma simply nodded.

"You don't think.. You don't think he's back?"

His father frowned. Tom changed position silently, so he could see his grandma's expressions too. She was just looking out of the window with her usual weird face.

"I think we need to go to the Church."

The boy stood up as his parents left, closing the door behind them. His grandmother was still sitting on the wooden chair, where they left her.
Tom approached her and she gave him an innocent look. He sat next to her, on the couch.

"Grandma.. What's happening?"

He didn't expect her to answer him, he looked outside the window. But he suddenly turned as the woman before him was trying to say something.


He barely even heard her voice as it was extremely sore. His eyes widened in surprise to hear her speak her first word in twenty years. He got closer as his grandma was coughing.


The fear in his grandma's eyes was unspeakable, literally. Tom didn't pressure her any longer and headed upstairs, to his room, sat down to think about the events of the last days. The name, Fiddlesticks was echoing in his mind. It didn't seem like an actual word, so it had got to be a name.

Later that night, he broke out of the house from his window and climbed out the roof, what he usually did, to play with his friends at this hour of the day. Their meeting point was the road leading outside the town - the same road which was leading to the mansion.
As he walked down the main street, he heard a slight screech behind him, which made him freeze in fear. He turned around to see a rusty sign occupied by some crows.
The boy sighed and continued walking. The crows were still all around the area, despite the villagers desparate attempts to drive them away.

Allen was hanging on the fence at the end of the road. He waved at Tom, who run towards him, careful not to be seen by any suspicious eye. In a blink of an eye, Allen was gone. Tom froze in the middle of the street, trying to comprehend with what happened - he was feeling a dreadful and horrifying presence nearby. He looked around; every crow on the street was staring at him. Their eyes were shining red in the darkness; everything seemed darker than usual, he felt like darkness was closing in all around him. He looked at the cloudy sky and his eyes fell on the nearest roof as he suddenly noticed it - amongst the hundreds of red eyes, a pair of sparkling green ones was staring at him.
A strong wind blew all around the area, leveling up every light object in the street. Tom's scream was silenced, frozen in his neck, somehow.

After a brief moment which seemed like eternity, everything went away, the strong wind still blowing. The crows flew away in the sky, disappearing in the darkness.
Tom realised he had fallen in the ground. He slowly got up, analyzing what he saw.
Then he noticed Allen was waving at him, hanging on the fence at the end of the road.
Tom's frightened eyes frowned, trying to understand why Allen disappeared so suddenly. He run towards him and yelled, with fear still in his face.

"Were you there a few moments ago?!"

"What're you talking about, I just came here"

Allen looked him suspiciously, but with a mocking smile on his face. Tom looked down to hide his fear, he didn't want his friends to think he was afraid.
It was then when Jenna came running to them, from a backalley. She had a worried expression on her face.

"Guys there's something wrong with Samson.. that's why he's not here. He's got fever.."

Allen and Tom stared at each other, silently understanding they had the same thoughts. Tom then looked at the ground again.

"I think it has to do with the mansion.."

Jenna nodded furiously no and her face got red.

"How can you say that? It was just a stupid old house!"

Tom got angry as well, his face getting red as he took a step towards her, now looking her straight in her black eyes. This time he was right and he knew it.

"Yes it does have to do with that house! Didn't you see all these crows? There were crows in that house too, and my grandma recognized them!"

Jenna's expressions changed from mad to curious. Allen interrupted, with the same curious tone.

"Your grandma? But she hasn't spoken a word in years.."

"Well today she did speak one single word: Fiddlesticks."

Allen cowered in fear, his eyes widening. Tom's eyebrows became one in a smirk as he looked at his friend, silently asking him what's wrong. Allen whispered silently, like he didn't anyone eavesdropping. But there was no one around.

"Fiddlesticks..? I think I've.. heard this name before.."

Jenna interrupted him with her usual headstrong rush.

"It doesn't sound like a name to me before."

"Yeah it is a name.. I've read about it, Tommy is right."

Allen looked at his friends knowing he had impressed them. They were staring at him intrigued. Jenna kept her mocking tone on.

"Whatever. All this still isn't connected. I'll prove it, by going in that mansion again.."

"But you can't just go there, didn't you see what happened to your brother?"

Tom and Jenna stared at eachother for a brief moment, their eyes glowing with fury. Tom didn't like to argue with his friends and especially againist Jenna, but he couldn't help it. Allen interrupted again, with a calm voice.

"I'm going to break into the library and search for that name. I'm sure I've read about it, somewhere."

Tom agreed with that, Allen's father was working at the library so he could access it at night. He was about to say that they'd follow him, but Jenna headed straight outside the town, towards the hill.

"Whether you coming or not, I'm going."

Tom followed her, grabbing her arm, pulling her back. She shook her arm free and shouted.

"Let me go!"

Tom sighed, he had no choise. He was still frightened about the crows, the green eyes and the creepy mansion atop the hill.

"I'm following you, then.."

He whispered, beaten. Allen had already left. Jenna looked him in the eyes with approval. Then she silently turned around and nodded at Tom to follow her.

The clouds had almost gone away. The moon lighted the town, revealing a scarecrow standing on top of the chimney, watching the three kids arguing with no emotion at all. The eyes of the scarecrow were burning emerald, sparkling with the essence of life, staring with unearthly gaze.
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Old September 8th, 2011 (7:31 AM).
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- Chapter 4 (pt1): The Black Bell

The two kids continued their way towards the black house on the hill, remaining silent for over ten minutes. Both of their faces were red from anger. Tom couldn't believe Jenna was so headstrong and reckless to go into the creepy house for the second time, especially after what happened to her brother. However, he realised there was no point in fighting with her, so he decided to apologise.

"Listen, I'm sorry for shouting at you earlier.."

Jenna blushed, but Tom couldn't tell if she was just angry.

"It's.. it's okay.. besides, I'm not going to play up there, I'm just going to investigate what scared my brother so much!"

Tom nodded, relieved she accepted his apology. Then he remembered about that unearthly laugh.

"Remember that laugh? Someone else was in the mansion yesterday.."

He shivered by even thinking about it. They didn't hear or see anything unusual, except the crows. He noticed Jenna was staring at the mansion while they were closing in even more. She faced him, with an expression revealing curiousity mixed with fear.

"Fiddlesticks? You think it was Fiddlesticks?"

"I don't know.. We don't really know anything about him."

An ominous, dark wind blew through the trees, making the fallen leaves of September fly through the woods. The twisted spirits there whispered the name; Fiddlesticks.

When they reached the mansion, the sun had settled down and darkness was covering the area. The clouds had gone away and the moon was lighting the black house. The kids were surprised by the feel the mansion was giving now; it seemed more friendly, free from a burden. But that deadly silence in the area was scary, as they noticed all of the crows were gone from the house. Not even one of the birds was in the withered garden.
But when Tom looked at the far end of the garden, his heart jumped with fear; he shook Jenna's hand and pointed over there. The scarecrow had disappeared, along with the crows.

"There was a scarecrow there!"

Jenna nodded with the same look on her face, curiousity mixed with fear. It seemed like their second visit in the mansion would only cause more questions than give answers.

"But why? Where could it go?"

Tom was about to ask why but he regretted it. Jenna nodded at him to follow her. And so they got passed the withered garden, bypassing the huge rotten roots in the rocky path. Tom looked at his right, next to the wall where the creepy figure should have been; nothing on the ground was proving the scarecrow's existance. Tom tried to forget it for now as they were walking inside the mansion; the door screeched as it let them step inside. Everything seemed exactly the same; the moonlight was entering from the broken window of the hall to light their footprints from last night; they were visible due to the humongous amount of dust gathered in the floor. However the feeling wasn't the same - the house seemed free from the evil hid within it, for the first time in years.

"Do you feel it too? Last time... it seemed like someone was here, watching us."

Tom whispered to Jenna's ear, like he was afraid that someone was still there. Jenna slowly nodded, grabbing an oil lamp from the desk and lighted it up by touching its pull. The hall welcomed the yellow light of the small fire; now that they could see the room better, they realised it was a total mess. Black feathers were all around the floor and some points of the wooden walls were scratched by something dark and possesed.
Suddenly, an unearthly melody was heard from somewhere upstairs - something that made them cower in fear. That music was so frightening, it made them freeze in place.
As they slowly walked the dusty stairs, holding each other's hand, the music got louder and they could hear someone singing..

"I am the Who when you call Who's there? I am the wind blown through your hair, I am the shadow on the moon at night, filling your dreams to the brim with fright.."

Tom shivered and stopped climbing the stairs. He turned to Jenna and whispered;

"That's.. That's the Halloween song.."

The door where the song was coming from was in the top floor of the mansion, exactly where they were right now. They could clearly hear it, the melody was twisted somehow.
Tom raised his shaking arm, trying to open the door. But it was locked tightly and it wouldn't even budge. With eyes widened, they listened to the song till it ended. Then a sound from inside the room made them back off. Footsteps.
They turned around and run downstairs. Their screams were silenced again as they were running outside the building. When they exited the gates, they heard the sound of a bell coming from the top floor of the mansion. The sound that bell produced would reach Ravenclaw Village for sure. It had a creepy, dark tone, Tom glanced to see a huge black bell on the balcony of the mansion they had never noticed before.
Right after that, a terrifying scream was heard from the room of the mansion. The scream was twisted, the kids who had frozen in place outside the gates couldn't tell if it was a man or a woman screaming. It sounded like a soul was devoured and it was screaming with all its might.
Tom was beyond afraid to be curious of what was happening in the mansion.

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