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Old October 6th, 2011 (2:19 AM). Edited October 30th, 2011 by ohHeyVaporeon..
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This roleplay is rated M, strictly for the reason of allowing people to explore their creative genius, with as least limits as possible.

The Region is Unova.


Everyone has always said to treat others, as you want to be treated. Fairly reasonable, right? I would think so. That's not always the case in Nimbasa City, however. People come to Nimbasa for the fun, the leisure! Of course, that's the outer image that people see. They see it as fun, as somewhere to go and take the family for a good time.While it is all of those things (and so much more!), there is a certain darkness within the city. People are disappearing, wild pokemon that were once friendly are now at odds, and the trainers? While not all were friendly, the ones that were friendly... Are no longer. The town as a whole is still fun, but the people are not. Hence a sudden decline in the activity, and the visits by families...

With all that said, Nimbasa has decided to throw an inaugural Pokemon Olympic Games of sorts. Being the home of Big Stadium and Small Court, recent interest has peaked that a sort of "Unovian Olympics" should be held in town. These Olympics are different though... Much, much different. While most events held at Big Stadium and Small Court are simple battle tournaments, "The Unovian Olympics" is a three-part game series. Pokemon Single Battles, A Pokemon Contest, and Pokemon Double Battles. Simple enough, right? I mean... How hard can it be?

Very wrong.

The Single Battle Tournament will have a four player bracket, divided into groups of four in Round Robin groups at the beginning. Only the top two of each side will advance to the semifinals of the Single Battle Format, and from there on it is single elimination. The winner of the SB tournament will be awarded 200 points, the runner-up will receive 100, the semifinalists will receive fifty each, and the quarterfinalists 25. For Single Battle Format, you must have six Pokemon on your team and no less, and there will be NO legendaries. Shinies are allowed, but not too many. Two per team is okay, but not more than that.

For the Pokemon Contest, the same four trainers will submit ONE Pokemon for the contest, and will seek to dazzle the judges in the first round with their Pokemon's beauty and strategic move sets. Based off of their scores, the trainers will then be seeded for the battle round from 1-8, highest score to lowest score. This does NOT round robin, and will be single elimination as well. As stated before, the Winner will receive 200 points, the runner-up 100, the semifinalists fifty, and the quarterfinalists twenty-five. Simple enough?

For the last contest, things will get fairly complicated. While the trainers will still be asked to have a team of six, the team of six much be paired into groups of two. Not just that, but the groups will be assembled and can NOT be changed once submitted. The four trainers will again be divided into Round Robin groups for the quarterfinals, with the two best from each advancing to the semifinals, and the winners/semifinalists/quarterfinalists being awarded the same amount of points from each of the previous rounds. Once the final scores are totaled, a winner will be crowd, as well as second, and third... There will be no placings further than third place.

It sounds simple, right? Genius? Surely nothing can go wrong!

Plenty can.

Mind you, things are not good in Nimbasa. Not at all. Things were bad before the arrival of the trainers, and they only got worse when they arrived. More people are disappearing, more people are beginning to become angry, antsy... And the wild Pokemon around Nimbasa are nothing short of violent. Not just that, but the shady activity that is so well-known in "Narrow Street" of Castelia... Has somehow found it's way to Nimbasa. Trainers must travel in packs, if not with family, as their lives... And their Pokemon, could very well be at stake. An Olympic crown would be nice, a shiny medal would be oh-so grand... You decide, though. Is it really worth it?

Because in the end... It begins and ends in the stadium.

GM Note: SU's are to be submitted in the OOC. If you submit an SU here, it will be automatically declined. Thanks!

Sign-Up Sheet:







Why do you want to be a part of this roleplay?

Pokemon (List your Singles Team, Your pokemon for the Contest, and your Doubles Teams):


1. NO God-Modding. You control your character, let others control theirs. IT WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.

2. There will be a posting order. I will design the post order, once the spots are filled.

3. DO NOT break the posting order. Those that break the posting order will be warned only once.

4. If you are going to be gone for a while post it in the OOC for all to see. That way, if I myself have to take a leave, others will see it as well.

5. I expect five paragraphs a post, at least. No cheap ones, either. That too, will not be tolerated.

6. Be courteous. No one is too big for their boots here. Not in my roleplay.

7. If you have writers block, let me know. You can be skipped in posting order within reason, as to give you the maximum time to recover from it.

8. Have fun, and feel free to talk to me at any time. I don't bite.
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Old October 30th, 2011 (11:58 PM).
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"Today is just not going to be my day..."

Bradyn rolled out of the bed in his temporary Nimbasa home, smacking hard against the wooden floor. Gripping his face instantly, feeling the blood rushing from his nose, Bradyn let out a loud and woeful groan. Just great! Pushing himself off of the ground slowly, Bradyn would bypass waking his sleeping pokemon for the moment and get this nose thing fixed. Not that he could really fix it... All he could really do was get a tissue, tilt his head back, and hope that the rushing of the blood stopped soon. Yeah, because it ALWAYS works like that. Here he was, in Nimbasa, about to compete in one of the biggest up-and-coming events to grace Unova... And he couldn't even get out of the bed without finding some way to bleed. Cute. Real cute!

"Well that was great... Now let's see what else I can manage to break before I make it to registrations for the day."

Bradyn groaned as he threw away another bloody tissue, what was now the sixth he'd bled through, and walked back into his bedroom. Sprawled across the end of his bed, were Vaporeon and Glaceon. Those two had always been close. In the chair beside the window, piled atop each other where Jolteon and Espeon, the other affectionately close pair of evolutions. Where were Gardevoir and Gallade, though? He had yet to spot those two... And those were the two he had to worry about the most! All the teleporting, all the trickery they'd been guilty of before... Yeah, they better show up soon or it's going to be back to the lab for them. He knew they'd hate that...


Bradyn was greeted in the back of the head by the feeling first of a blade, and then a gentle slap of a feminine-like hand. Great, more injury! Bradyn fell to his knees quickly, gripping the back of his head in agony. All the noise must of awoke his other pokemon, because Bradyn could hear the growling of the four Eevee evolutions. Then, he felt a blast of water (Hydro Pump to be exact), zip over his head and make contact with one of the pokemon. Bradyn refused to look up, scrambling across the floor hurriedly and grabbing two pokeballs from his bedside table, belonging to Gardevoir and Gallade. Pouncing to his feet, a bit of angry in his voice, he threw the pokeballs at the two with authority.

"Gardevoir, Gallade! Enough! Return..."

Bradyn looked at Vaporeon and smiled. Good ole' Vaporeon. Walking over to the Eevee evolution, he gave hit a good patting on the head, going around to the other four and doing the same. He valued his Eevee evolutions quite a bit... They were very loyal, equally strong pokemon. Not just that, but their strengths had always complimented one another quite well. Vaporeon was brute strength, while Glaceon could be tactically dangerous. Jolteon was just as brute as Vaporeon, sometimes more, and Espeon was always known as the mentally-equipped pokemon. Gardevoir and Gallade... They were the comical relief, if you couldn't tell, that at times disrespected Bradyn. Raising those two from their hatching had not been easy.

Especially as twins.

"Vaporeon, I want you to come with me... The rest of you can stay here. I'm just going to go register, and I will be right back. I promise." Bradyn picked up the pokeballs of Gardevoir and Gallade from the floor and turned to Jolteon. "If those two get back out... Well, you know what to do. I don't think they will, though... I pray they won't..."

Jolteon nodded in agreement, and shortly after giving equal "loving" to his pokemon, he headed out the door with Vaporeon at his side. Vaporeon had always been the traveling type... Which was odd for a pokemon that was supposed to be in water frequently, if not always. He liked to make good use of his legs, though... Highlighted by the fact that they were nicely toned with muscles from origin, all the way to his bony little "toes". Vaporeon had been put through endurance drills just like any of the other evolutions, first being slow, then getting faster, then becoming the fastest... A never-ending process.



Bradyn turned to see a fellow charging his way, a scowl on his face. Did Bradyn know him? If he did, this fellow sure didn't look too familiar. In fact... Bradyn was quite confident he had no idea who this batty little fellow was. He'd listen to what he had to say, though. Respect Bradyn, respect...

"What? You don't remember me? Hmmph! I knew it..."

Bradyn scratched his head, barely noticing the growl that was coming from Vaporeon's throat.

"Should I? Because you're right, I don't remember you... Not even in the faintest."

"You should... I told you I was going to come back one day, and battle you for your beloved Vaporeon. That day ha-"

"Oh, you're that guy! Yeah, not gonna happen bud..."

"Yeah? Well we'll see about that... Arcanine, I choose you!"

I only have Vaporeon with me, so if you can beat me... He's yours."

Bradyn looked at Vaporeon, smiling. He was by no means arrogant, and to be honest, he did fear of losing Vaporeon at the moment. However... Just as always, there was a look in the eyes of Vaporeon that told Bradyn it was all going to be alright. That it was all going to be okay. Just as he had done as a young Eevee, Vaporeon had managed to calm his trainers nerves and gave him the confidence it'd surely take to win this battle. One thing to learn about these two... Is that they are tough. They aren't to ever be underestimated. Don't go for the type advantage, don't go for sneak attacks... They can make you pay for it.

"I hope you like losing!"

"Dear god... Here we go, again."
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Old October 31st, 2011 (4:43 AM).
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"Let's battle!" challenged the trainer.

Miharu yawned, rubbing her eyes slightly. It was fairly light outside and having to go through Mt. Silver yesterday made her fairly tired. Although she did know all of the shortcuts in order to get through Mt. Silver quickly, she still had to climb. A lot. It also wasn't safe to teleport on the mountain, considering that if she teleported, the rocks underneath could break and she could fall. Of course, she would just be teleported again, but if that happened enough, Bishamon could get tired of teleporting her and she would die...Especially since Kaida hated Mt. Silver due to it being so damn cold.

That's what she got for visiting Red.

"Pokemon League official stuff, yadda yadda yadda, win you get a badge, blah blah blah, you've heard this before," Miharu stated boredly. She blinked. "Wait, just HOW many badges do you have?"

"Seven," the trainer answered.

"Good. I didn't want to have to battle a newbie," said Miharu. "I'll send out my first pokemon."

Miharu walked away from the battlefield and pressed a button near the wall. The wall flipped over to show hundreds of pokeballs.

"Or, you send out my first pokemon. All of my pokemon are here, all of them around the same skill level...aside from like two, but still. This is a game of luck. If fortune smiles at you, good for you. If it doesn't, too bad. Yes, that does mean that there are Caterpies and Metapods and the like. Choose wisely," Miharu explained. "This is, after all, the Fortune Gym."

The trainer frowned, hesistating. What if it was in pokedex order? Then one would be perfect...But what if it was randomized? That would suck if one was like a Mewtwo or something. "Wait, there are no legendary pokemon, right?"

Miharu snorted. "I may be freakin' strong, but I'm not about to go capturing legendaries like an idiot."

The trainer flushed slightly, having come to his choice. "Alright, number 467."

Miharu grabbed 467 and looked under it. She winced. "I would suggest you pick another pokemon. Like, right nao."

The trainer blinked before his expression hardened. "I won't fall for that! You're just trying to trick me! Send out that pokemon."

Miharu sighed. "Alright, don't say that I didn't warn ya."

Miharu pressed the button. Out came...

Ryuu, the Salamance.

The trainer paled. "Uh, um, uh..."

Miharu tilted her head slightly. "I guess Fortune or Lady Luck didn't smile on you. Chooses your pokemon."

The trainer closed his eyes. "Lapras, come on out!"

Lapras cried out as it was released.

"Lapras, use Ice Beam!"

Lapras cried as ice gathered in his mouth. When enough ice gathered up, he shot the Ice Beam at Ryuu.

Ryuu seemed to laughed before dodging, a weird black and red glow as well as blue around him. Ryuu also flied erratically. Dragon Dance, and there were a few of those too.

The opposing trainer frowned, not realizing what was happening but knowing that something was wrong.

"Ryuu, finish it off."

Ryuu flew at high speeds at the Lapras, his mouth glowing with sparkling energy and his claws growing with sharp energy. Before the Lapras (or the trainer) even knew it, Ryuu bit the Lapras with a Thunder Fang/Dragon Claw combo. From the supereffective hit, the high speeds, and the few Dragon Dances, Lapras fainted.

The trainer cursed, recalling it.

Miharu recalled Ryuu. "Bad choice. You may challenge again...well, I'll be joining a tournament, but you can challenge my pokemon by yourself. If I am out, there will be a floating Alakazam in the corner. Just tell him the number and he'll send out the pokemon. All of my pokemon can battle without me. Of course, some pokemon are going to be gone so the numbers will switch. Good luck."

The trainer sighed, but grinned. "I'll beat your pokemon, whether they're being controlled by you are not!" The trainer ran out of the gym.

Miharu yawned. "I think it's time to register."

Miharu teleported to Nabasa City.
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Old November 7th, 2011 (6:18 AM). Edited November 7th, 2011 by bubblebeam.
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"Outta my way!"

Darren sprinted past the other passengers to get onto the outside deck, his azure-blue Corsola barely able to keep up. Unova was coming into view. He couldn't wait to be standing in Nimbasa City, something he had dreamed of for ages. It was a beautiful day. Darren pressed himself up against the railing on the side of the ferry, as if it would bring him marginally closer to the city, and looked towards the port that was slowly becoming visible. It had been a long journey. Two days to be exact. Sinnoh wasn't very close to Unova, and Darren just HAD to pick the slowest ferry ever to get there. He looked down at his belt, his selected team of specialist water Pokemon were in their Pokeballs, waiting to jump into battle.

Corsola was breathing heavily. She hated running. It was unfortunate for her that Darren was far too impatient to walk, and she wasn't fond of being inside her Pokeball. Being at her trainer's side was where she preferred to be. She ran up the railing and into Darren's arms, who cuddled her affectionately. Corsola had been his first Pokemon, and his favourite, hatched from an egg he'd found when he was eight.

"This is what we've been waiting for Corsola." Darren began. "As soon as we get there, we'll..."

But before he could finish, a Pokeball inside his bag burst open, and a glowing red light let loose a huge Gyarados into the ocean. Unusual for a Gyarados, it had a large grin plastered on it's face, the normality for this particular Gyarados.

"Gyarados! What are you DOING?!" Darren screamed as the Gyarados pushed itself into the side of the ferry, bringing it to a halt.

Gyarados wasn't one of Darren's battling or contest Pokemon. The only reason it was with him was because it was too aggressive towards everyone else for it to be safely stored. It was particularly fond of Darren though, so it always went along with him, being of no use in battle because it preferred to do what it wanted instead of taking commands.

Darren sighed. This is so embarrassing he thought to himself, as the terrified passengers ran away in panic from the monster. Darren was quickly the only person left on the outside deck, and everyone was watching him from inside. Gyarados was far too keen to see his beloved master, and pushed himself up the side of the ferry, sinking that side so the whole ferry was tilted at an uncomfortable angle.

"Gyarados, stop!" Darren cried, but it was no use.

He tumbling off the side of the boat, along with Corsola. They both entered the water with a splash, and Gyarados, looking very pleased with himself, released the ferry, which bounced up to its original angle. Corsola seemed happy to be in the water, but cold ocean left Darren unimpressed. Gyarados let out a triumphant roar before Darren returned him, and pondered what to do next.

"Well Corsola, the ferry probably won't getting there anytime soon. May as well enter Unova in my element!" He breathed. "Go, Dewgong!" He called.

Dewgong flew out of the Pokeball, gracefully diving into the ocean. Darren then took Corsola into his arm, and wrapped the other around Dewgong, who set off swiftly towards Nimbasa City. Darren loved swimming with Dewgong. She swam at incredible speed, cutting through the water as if it wasn't there at all. The faint blur of the port was fast coming closer as Dewgong effortlessly powered thorough the ocean. They were finally close.

Darren heaved his body up to the port. He was dripping wet, but that didn't stop him. He set off for the city at full pace, Corsola at his feet, still barely able to keep up. He got there quickly, and grinded to a halt outside a Pokemon Center when he realized he had absolutely no idea where he was going. Corsola didn't seem to notice and crashed into the back of him, bringing them both into a dizzy heap on the ground. The crowd of people walking by barely noticed to conundrum, being far too busy to stop and stare.

"Owww" groaned Darren. "Where are we even going Corsola? Let's check out that map on the Pokemon Center."

He looked out the location of the stadium, and wasted no time in making his way there. Corsola cried out in frustration at all this running that her tiny legs weren't used to, but went at top speed nonetheless.

"Time to register!" Darren shouted in excitement as he ran through the doors of the stadium, forgetting he was still soaking wet.

His shoes lost their grip on the polished floor, and Darren slipped into a crumpled mess on the floor, every trainer with their eyes on him. He sighed again.

This is so embarrassing.
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