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Old November 23rd, 2013 (4:30 AM). Edited December 27th, 2013 by rikadventure.
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[ OOC thread - IC thread ]... [ Rated T ] ... [ Theme Song ] ...[ Spots: CLOSED ]

The year 2019, Nintendo published what fans all over the world had been waiting for: a pokémon MMORPG. Keeping the cartoonish style from old 3D pokémon games, "Pokémon World" was an instant success. However, Nintendo had created this game completely without Gamefreak, the company which first invented the franchise. Nintendo's new CEO had officially claimed that Gamefreak's ideas were too unmodern - generations 7 and 8 of the pokémon main series had been quite unsuccessful.

In early 2021 though, not even two years later, Gamefreak retaliated. Without Nintendo even knowing of the production process, Gamefreak had collaborated with scientists and smaller tech companies to develop a new technology: the NerveGear helmet. Wearing this, the users could disable control over their real bodies and trick their brains to believe that they had another body inside a virtual world. This would be ground-breaking for the gaming industry. And sure enough, not even a week after the NerveGear had been announced, Gamefreak released a game specifically developed together with the NerveGear: "Monster Art Online", shortened to MAO. A pokémon Virtual Reality MMORPG.

One month later, several hundred thousands of people were playing MAO regularly, while the much less realistic and challenging "Pokémon World" faded into history. Since the discovery that the NerveGear actually let the real body lie down and rest while it was active, many players had started to live in the pokémon world during nighttime and still go about their usual life at daytime. Of course, this new lifestyle got massive critique from disbelievers who claimed that it would cause brain damage in the long run.

And one day, something happened...

You are one of the players of MAO. You picked your starting region and pokémon and began your adventure as a pokémon trainer. Now, after one month, you have probably gathered a nice team of pokémon, won your first Gym Badge and most likely whited out quite a few times on your way. You may or may not be one of the hardcore players who attempts to live a double-life.

One day, you can't find your LOGOUT button in your in-game menu. It has simply disappeared. No one else seems to have that problem, and the Game Masters don't seem to be able to make it reappear. You seem to have encountered a unique bug - you are stuck inside the game.

Shortly after this discovery though, you receive an in-game message:

"You and a few others have been chosen.

From now on, you cannot log out. From now on, you should not white out. For if you do, you will not wake up again. Neither here nor in real life.

If you want to escape the game, you need to win 8 Gym Badges in total from any regions and then defeat 2 teams of Elite Four from any regions. Gyms are ranked 1-8 in every region and you have to beat at least one Gym from every rank. It is only when you manage this that your LOGOUT button will reappear.

Be aware though, that only one of the chosen players can escape the game in the end. If you are not the first player to achieve the set goals, you will be inside this world forever. Or white out. Of course, should every other chosen player white out before you, you will be the winner regardless of how few Gym Badges you have got or how many Elite Four you have defeated.

Remember, if you have to go out, go out with a bang."

After this anonymous message, what do you do? Will you tell the regular players and try to contact your family or friends in the real world, or will you keep your status as a chosen player a secret? Will you try to win Badges as fast as you can or go into hiding and give up your chance at returning to the real world? Will you collaborate with other chosen players or will you break bad and try to white them out and end up escaping as the only surviving trainer? The pokémon world is at your feet.

The real world is our world in a near future. Generations 7 and 8 of the pokémon main series were just remakes of Hoenn and Sinnoh games respectively. No new region or pokémon were introduced, just new consoles.

The pokémon world inside MAO is very anime-like. Cities aren't quite as huge and realistic as real world cities, but they are much bigger and more complex than in the games. NPCs seem alive and real enough, even though vendors and nurses at pokémon Centers can appear a bit repetitive. Quest givers are generally well programmed though and won't repeat the exact same words to different players. Time inside the game passes at the same speed as in the real world, with day and night passing by realistically. Players communicate in English.

All 6 regions are open for players, but some areas do of course have higher level wild pokémon and NPC trainers than others, so rookie trainers who wander too far can white out easily. Walking on foot or on bike or riding a pokémon between towns usually takes a few hours, realtime, depending on how big the route is. Using FLY, you can travel between towns much quicker.

You are allowed to enter and pass through routes and areas as you wish, but remember that some should be too hard for you at this point. If you feel like you need descriptions on a certain area before you enter it, notify the GM and I'll provide information for you.

This is how you get from region to region:
Remember that routes are not blocked in MAO! You can reach Saffron straight after Cerulean, and Ecruteak after Violet if you want. Then, there are of course random story events that MAO can throw at you... HMs are still required here and there though. SURF can block access to towns, such as Pacificlog or Cianwood, still.

TRAIN Takes about as long as an average route.
Goes between Kanto and Johto.
Saffron City in Kanto, Goldenrod City in Johto.

FERRY Takes about half a day.
Goes between Hoenn and Kanto/Johto/Sinnoh. Also goes between Sinnoh and Kanto/Johto/Hoenn.
Hoenn port: Slateport and Lilycove.
Sinnoh port: Canalave and Sunyshore.
Kanto port: Vermilion City
Johto port: Olivine City

AIRPLANE Takes about half a day.
Connects Unova to any other region. Also connects Kalos to any other region.
Unova airfield: Castelia City.
Kalos airfield: Lumiose City.
Kanto airfield: Cerulean City
Johto airfield: Violet City
Hoenn airfield: Mauville City
Sinnoh airfield: Eterna City

Menu system

Swiping in the air in front of you with a personal gesture you configured upon starting the game, a holographic MENU is brought up. You can also configure a voice command to bring it up. Only people on your friends list can see your MENU.

From here, you can reach TEAM, INVENTORY, POKÉDEX, FRIENDSLIST and MESSAGES. There should also be a LOGOUT button, but alas. Not for you.

TEAM lets you review your current party of pokémon, just like in the old games. From here, you can view their nature, stats, moveset etc. You can carry 6 pokémon at one time and they can know 6 moves each, rather than 4 like in the old games.

INVENTORY can be organized as you decide, having everything in one virtual bag or sorted in several. You can also opt to carry a physical bag around, so that you won't have to access the menu in order to use an item. It might be trickier to find the item you want when you don't have them in a holographic list, though.

POKÉDEX, just like with the inventory, you can opt to have this from the menu or as a physical device. If you opt for the latter, it won't be in your inventory though, but rather materialize in your hand or pocket when you click the button in the menu. It works like a mix of the anime and game pokédex.

FRIENDSLIST lets you search trainer names, request them as friends and sort them after NPC and PLAYER. You can trade items and pokémon with any people inside the game, NPCs or PLAYERS, but you can only give items and pokémon as gifts (without something else in return) and send items as packages to people on your friendslist. NPCs will only befriend you after you have known them for a certain amount of time or proven yourself trustworthy.

MESSAGES lets you send messages to other players or NPCs. You can only send private messages to people on your friendslist. Any other messages you send will be public and visible to anyone who searches that player's name and views their profile. You can send items as packages to your friends, but you can't send pokémon. When you attach an item to a message from your menu, your friend will receive a notification that they have a package to pick up at a POKÉMON CENTER.


Your team, as normal, consists of up to 6 pokémon in MAO. You can store pokémon in the PC at a pokémon center though, and rotate your team members as you wish.

Pokémon can learn up to 6 moves at once. They have set natures and abilities, but otherwise they seem really alive and real, just as everything else in the game.

Levels exist, but you as the RPer will decide for yourself when your pokémon deserves to grow and learn new moves. However, if you want one to evolve, you will need to ask the GM for permission first. Use this to find out what moves your pokémon learn naturally: http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-bw/ (or http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-xy/ for Kalos pokémon only!). TM/HM moves will only be available on special occasions.

PLAYERS have levels too. The combined level of all pokémon they carry is the PLAYER LEVEL. Sometimes you need a certain PLAYER LEVEL to be allowed to enter an area, some Gyms might have this for example.

If you want to capture a new pokémon after the start of the RP, write a capture post of some sort and end your post before the capture is complete. The GM will let you know if the capture was successful. Use this to find out what pokémon live in what areas: http://www.serebii.net/pokearth/ Remember to make their levels and attacks reasonable - they should be a little higher than in the original games.


Pain tolerance and physical endurance and durability is higher inside MAO than in the real world. This means that a PLAYER can get hit by a pokémon attack and survive, much like in the anime. They will also endure falling from heights, taking a beating in general or otherwise get harmed, much better than they would in real life. There are limits though, and it is possible for a PLAYER to white out from pain or damage in the end.

When a PLAYER whites out, their body will disappear in a flash of data glitter, and reappear in a bed at a POKÉMON CENTER. Usually. Not you, of course. You'll just disappear.

PLAYERS don't need sleep inside of MAO. They might feel a bit tired after a long day or after having battled or trekked over a difficult route, but it's only an illusion. They can be awake and go about their quests day and night without stopping. However, some people in the real world claimed that the double life that some players were living could result in brain damage after some time... Some PLAYERS inside of MAO try to close their eyes and pretend to sleep once in a while just to be on the safe side.

There are SAFE ZONES where PLAYERS can be without a pokémon on them. The most well known is a POKÉMON CENTER, where trainers leave their pokémon to be healed for minutes up to an hour depending on how severely damaged the pokémon are. If a PLAYER steps outside a SAFE ZONE without their pokémon though, they white out. You can't "leave" your pokéballs somewhere and white out from that - a pokéball only materializes in your hand after you have chosen to use the pokémon from the MENU or used your customized voice command to bring a pokémon out. For example: "Take the stage, ___!" When a pokémon is switched out, its pokéball soon dematerializes again.

Roleplayers are allowed to control all NPCs unless I state specifically that the case is different. Just be fair towards other players if you control NPCs who interact with other players!


In legal battles, trainers take turns to give their pokémon commands. If two commands are given at once, the pokémon will make the attacks after one another, but the opponent has a chance to attack in between. When a trainer has made a command, the opponent can always call out a command for a counterattack, but the first trainer is then allowed to call out another command immediately. It can be a swift game. In ROGUE BATTLES, you can perform as many attacks as you wish in a row. more on those below.

Battles between a PLAYER and a NPC usually involves all the pokémon on a trainer's team, and you can switch them out and in as you wish. Battles between two PLAYERS can be set to a specific amount of pokémon though, much like in the anime.

When a NPC challenges you to a battle, you must either accept or pay the amount of pokédollars that corresponds to a loss. If you don't have that much money, you are forced to battle. When a PLAYER challenges you to a battle, you can either accept or decline, without any loss of money.

If any trainer attacks you without challenging you first, it is called a ROGUE BATTLE and you are allowed to fight back in self-defense or run away. NPCs who initiate ROGUE BATTLES are called VILLAINS and PLAYERS who do it get labeled as ROGUE PLAYERS, simply called ROGUES, for a limited amount of time. This time increases if it's done several times. If a ROGUE talks to official, non-random NPCs, the police will chase after them and if they are caught, they will have to pay a fee or go to jail for some time. You can become a ROGUE whenever you wish ;)

Gym Leaders can be challenged at any time of the day, but of course only one trainer at a time can battle so you might be put up on a waiting list. And also, Gyms are ranked 1-8 depending on their difficulty. The Elite Four... To be honest, no one in MAO really knows where they reside. You'll have to do some scouting in order to find them!

- Rating is T. There is no blood in this game, only pieces of data sipping out from wounds on PLAYERS. Pokémon don't bleed at all. Romance is encouraged, but should be kept to a tasteful level. Foul language... well don't go overboard please.

- Bunnying is only allowed when agreed upon beforehand between players.

- Do not godmod. It's no fun if a player is completely unbeatable and succeeds at everything they do.

- Respect each other OOC! Even if your characters are enemies, try to work together to create a great experience in the RP. Chat and plan in the OOC as much as you can :3

- Before you sign up, and whenever you wonder something, read the vast information provided in the OOC thread first!

- If you want to sign up, post a SU in the OOC thread and wait for me to accept or decline.

- Post at least once every week, that is the minimum rate. If you can't keep up with this and don't have an explanation for it, you will be warned and consecutively booted from the RP.

Real Name:
Real Age:
Real Gender:
Real Appearance: (you can provide images, but please describe in text as well)
Personality: (min 1 paragraph)
History: (min 1 paragraph)

Avatar Alias: (what you will be called and referred to inside MAO)
Avatar Age:
Avatar Gender:
Avatar Appearance: (you can provide images, but please describe in text as well)
MAO Summary: (small summary of your experiences and achievements in MAO under this first month)

Starting Region: (any of the 6 existing ones)
First Badge: (if you want, you can already have defeated one gym leader. It has to be the first gym leader, but can be from any region.

Pokémon Team: (you can have up to 4 pokémon, no final evolutions. Exceptions for pokémon that evolve really early, like Kricketune or Butterfree, and for some of the pokémon that don't evolve at all. Levels between 15-25, assign as you wish. Your starter depended on your starting region and was from the usual trios, but you can have any 4 pokémon now and don't even need to keep your starter)

1 - Species, Level
Gender, Ability, Nature
Move1 | Move2 | Move3 (etc up to 6 if you want)

2 - Species, Level
Gender, Ability, Nature
Move1 | Move2 | Move3 (etc up to 6 if you want)

3 - Species, Level
Gender, Ability, Nature
Move1 | Move2 | Move3 (etc up to 6 if you want)

4 - Species, Level
Gender, Ability, Nature
Move1 | Move2 | Move3 (etc up to 6 if you want)

For a full list of accepted and reserved players, visit the IC thread.
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Old November 23rd, 2013 (6:17 AM). Edited November 23rd, 2013 by Crunch Punch.
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"Monster Art Online" xD

This looks so awesome. I guess reserve me a spot, though I'm not sure if I'll actually join or not.

EDIT: Also I want to ask, how good is the AI of the Pokemon in the game? Like, do they have feelings and such?
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Old November 23rd, 2013 (6:21 AM). Edited November 27th, 2013 by Skymin.
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ok please ill get a su up after work.

edit: after work tomorrow because its 12:24am

Real Name: Philippa Watson
Real Age: 22

Real Gender: Female
Real Appearance: The first thing you notice about Philippa is not her pretty face or her sour attitude but her startling reddish-pink hair. It's not a tacky pink either, as she re-dyes her hair every fortnight to keep the colour fresh and to stop regrowth. It's shaped rather nicely too, falling about a foot past her shoulders with a neat fringe, swept to one side. To keep up with her 'punk rock' attitude, Philippa has a few piercings; one in her left eyebrow, one in her bottom, left lip and four on each ear (with two higher up on her right side) with her lowest piercing on her left side being a curled, stretcher. She has a quite a few tattoos as well, mostly sleeving her arms with objects like flowers or birds, symbolising her life in some way. She's quite pale with contrasting reddish nose, cheeks and knuckles. She stands just above average height (probably 5"11' or so) and quite skinny with much going for her in the breasts department (she's almost flat chested. Almost). She has shadows under her golden brown eyes from being awake for ridiculous amounts of time and probably a little sickly if a worried person saw her.

Clothes-wise, she wears mainly singlet tops or t-shirts with a label or design branded across the front. In the winter, she has to wear hoodies and sometimes layers up on singlets and shirts to avoid wearing thicker coats. Short shorts are something she prefers but again, because of the cold, jeans are something she has to go for. Her favourite shoes are either simple combat boots (not the bulky kind), converse shoes or a simple pair of ballet flats. She wears a bit of jewellery; a snap band, a watch and woven bracelet on her right arm, a drill necklace and her piercings.

Personality: Philippa is very competitive, and that's a bad personality to go with the fact that she's been 'chosen'. She's very 'lone wolf' kind of style and prefers to do anything and everything alone; other people just drag her down. It's nothing personal, really. She has nothing against other people and would probably make a nice and helpful friend. It's just that if something isn't done her way, it's not the right way and no argument is worth having when you can just do the job yourself. Snobby, yes, but she certainly has her reasons for it. Personal reasons which you can't just ask her about unless you want a face full of fist.

Despite the whole "I wanna be the very best" attitude, Philippa can be a nice person. Philippa has the capability of having friends, she's just not very good at getting them. During her downtime, if there is any of that (her eyes are a sure fire sign that she doesn't like to waste time with 'sleep', despite the importance of it), she can be a somewhat easy to get along with person. Somewhat. Just don't try to tell her that she's a worse player than you otherwise she'd probably hit you as hard as she can and call you names, maybe even challenge you to a face-off or a competition of some sort just to prove you wrong.

Other than being a mean grinder and a lone wolf, Philippa is actually a hoarder of anything rare or expensive. She keeps the best stuff for herself and sells the next best stuff for the highest price. She also has the potential to be a leader, and a good one at that. She just hates the burden of dumb and useless people.

History: Philippa was born and raised a city girl and wouldn't have it any other way. Her father worked in the stocks and her mother was a nurse so they both seemed to be gone for long hours and had no brothers or sisters to play with, only a baby sitter who seemed to want nothing to do with her. By the time she was ten, her parents stopped asking for a baby sitter and left Philippa by herself, sometimes for what seemed like days in a row.

At first, this bothered her. She was lonely, like any human being, but she got used to it. She had to make her own food, dress herself, walk herself to school, keep up with her studies and basically do all the things her parents were meant to do for her. They supplied the money though. They weren't rich but her father liked having the biggest and best, so they were always paying off something, if it wasn't the mortgage. Never being around his daughter, Philippa's father bought her things to keep her amused. Handhelds, computers, cell phones... whatever the thing was. Philippa never asked for these things, she was just given them. Of course, she didn't decline them.

Video games became Philippa's new outlet and she'd do nothing else except that and school. Staying up to ridiculous times to beat a boss and finishing games multiple times for multiple endings; Philippa became a perfectionist in game play. She knew everything about any game and her favourite was definitely the RPG.

The introduction of MMOs to her was something she at first pushed away; why did she need people to help her play a game? But she slowly broke herself into it and people weren't so bad. The useless ones anyway. She only joined the best guild with those who were at her level (there were none who were better, of course (or so she thought anyway)). When she was introduced to the fact virtual reality MMOs were going to become a thing, Philippa was first onto it, not even waiting for her father to buy her a copy of Monster Art Online.

She lost herself in the game. She could be someone who she wasn't and still be the best. It was almost like real life. The first month was probably the best month of her life, despite her university grades falling far below average. She didn't care. This was freedom and she loved it. She searched every corner, wrote down everything she found interesting and when she tried to return back into 'normal' games, she was unsatisfied completely.

Philippa was not the first to notice the log out button, mostly because she rarely logged out. The message was her first sign of captivity, and after she read it, she wasn't entirely sure she was outraged about it or not. A reason not to leave? Of course, she had to EAT but other than that, Philippa had everything she wanted right here... but, for someone to take that choice away from her? Now that was unacceptable.

So far, Philippa has only looked out for number one.

Avatar Alias: Pepperton
Avatar Age: 22
Avatar Gender: Male

Avatar Appearance: Philippa modelled Pepperton perhaps after either a male version of herself or her version of the perfect guy. He's punk-rock, that's for sure. Dark hair (with some kind of weird variant of a mohawk too), dark eyes, piercings and tattoos and a chin strap... he's pretty attractive looking too. His body isn't built, but skinny (and skinny jeans to boot) and lanky with long fingers, perfect for musical instruments. He wears a denim jacket over a band tee with a logo of some kind and of course, canvas shoes. Much like Philippa, he seems to carry some kind of unimpressed look around with him everywhere and his favourite way to stand is with his arms crossed.

MAO Summary: Philippa felt like she was the first to run into the fray with her Pokémon and very much wanted to keep it that way. If anything, she's done a whole lot of grinding with her favourite Pokémon (that Rattata really drew the short straw) and exploring, trying to find whatever items she can. Before she received the message, Philippa had not whited out once and intends on keeping it that way. She beat the first gym by using her incredibly over-leveled Pokémon instead of relying on type advantages and disadvantages (especially with her Charmeleon being weak to the Rock type gym). As far as battles go, she has not gone out of her way to battle trainers, but whenever she has been challenged herself, she makes sure to wipe the floor. She's also declined all non-NPC character battles as she doesn't really want to waste her time with 'weaklings'. Her next stop is Mt. Moon, to find a Moon Stone for her Nidorina for future endeavours.

Starting Region: Kanto
First Badge: Boulder Badge

Pokémon Team:

1 - CHARMELEON Lvl. 25
MALE, Blaze, Adamant
Scratch | Ember | Scary Face | Dragon Rage | Smoke Screen | Growl

2 - NIDORINA Lvl. 25
FEMALE, Poison Point, Hardy
Scratch | Double Kick | Poison Sting | Fury Swipes | Tail Whip | Bite

3 - NOCTOWL, Lvl. 23
MALE, Insomnia, Timid
Hypnosis | Peck | Uproar | Tackle | Foresight | Confusion

4 - RATTATA Lvl. 6
MALE, Run Away, Jolly
Tackle | Quick Attack | Tail Whip
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Old November 23rd, 2013 (6:28 AM).
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I missed this RP! I'll get an SU up soon~ <3
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Real Name: Markus Hjelm

Real Age: 26

Real Gender: Male

Real Appearance: Markus is a tall, relatively thin guy. The latter part is the result of eager dieting and exercising during his college years, since he used to be a "big" kid when he was younger. His eyes are green and rather dull in his own opinion, his eyebrows being thick and difficult to tame just like the rest of the hair growing on is head. He can get a beard really easily if he tries, but the principal at the school where he works has forbidden him to wear one. It would scare the kids, she claimed.

Being a high school teacher, Markus dresses rather properly every day with shirts and jackets and proper pants instead of jeans or something baggy. On fridays, it's tie day also. Markus wishes the clothes would fit him better. Despite the fact that he can now wear whatever he wants and forget about the horrible young years when his parents dressed him like a distasteful peasant, he's never really happy with the way he looks. It is as if he's gotten this far, he can't stop now. He should be able to look even better. Aside from being tall, Markus doesn't really have an impressive build. The exercise he's gotten his body used to merely keeps him from becoming overweight again; he lacks well-defined musculature.

Personality: Appearing to others as somewhat of a pessimist in life, Markus still sees everything from an angle that gives at least some light in any situation. He has survived countless years of bullying and being alone - now anything should be possible for him. However, his job as a teacher, which was supposed to make him feel eager and like a shiny knight fighting for the weak kids, is what has made him depressed after his rather shining college years.

He isn't overly intelligent, but certainly not stupid. Sarcasm more often than he wishes slips out through his mouth, mostly as a result of the bitter life he's found himself in now. Most kids in his classes call him Mr Loser behind his back and wonder how the hell someone so young wanted to be a teacher in this dark hole of a town. He still tries to look out for the odd and lonely kids whenever he can - even though they sometimes think he is creepy for caring.

Online however, it's a different story. Ever since his friends in his middle teenage years introduced him to the world of the internet, he has bloomed there. He loves the fact that no one can see him and the only way to judge him is from how he types. And he types well - he's a teacher for crying out loud! He tends to be an enthusiastic and somewhat daring guy online, to contrast with how low and calm he is IRL. He acts how he wishes that he would dare to act offline, making online friends to the right and left and not backing away from online bullies. By the time Pokémon World and MAO came out, he had a lot of acquaintances around the world whom he could meet up with inside the games.

History: Markus grew up in a town in southern Sweden, as an overweight little kid with parents who were blind to his predicament and overfed him and dressed him in clothes that were functional rather than stylish. He was bullied his first 9 years in school. In gymnasium (age 16-19) he finally found some people who didn't judge him for his size or interests, and got his first real friends whom he instantly cherished deeply and would do anything for still.

After gymnasium, when it was time to decide what he wanted to do in life and his friends went on to college with great dreams of becoming programmers or scientists, Markus was struck by the realization that there was only one thing he wanted to do in life. And that was to try and help kids like himself, to try and fight against bullying or at least make sure that the odd kids found friends earlier in life. So he went to college and studied to become a teacher. More specifically a chemistry and science teacher, more by chance than preference. His college years was his best time in life. Most of his geeky friends came to the same college as him and they matured together, without really letting go of their "childish" obsessions with games and the internet.

When he was a full fledged teacher and had worked away his overweight - he was even borderline underweight rather, he got his first job in a local high school close to his family home. That was when Markus realized that his dreams about fighting bullies might be too far fetched. Kids will be kids. They even bullied their teachers, and Markus was horribly reminded of his own childhood as he walked the corridors of his old school. But that was the job he had gotten, the path he had chosen in life, and he was now forced to walk it and survive for as long as he could.

His escape from his, in his eyes, miserable life was his interests and old gymnasium friends. He still talked to them online daily, and played games with them as soon as he had any freetime. Apart from working and visiting his parents now and then, that was pretty much Markus' life. Until Monster Art Online happened. Pokémon World, Nintendo's game, was more or less like any MMORPG he'd played before. But MAO was freedom.


Avatar Alias: Marcello

Avatar Age: 16

Avatar Gender: Male

Avatar Appearance: Completely different from his boring appearance in the real world, Markus often designed his gaming characters to be extravagant or weird in some way. Odd in a positive sense rather than odd in a negative way like he had been when he was young. MAO felt so strangely realistic though, so Markus didn't dare to do anything too odd.

Marcello is ten years younger than Markus. He is 180 cm tall, more than a decimeter less than Markus' real height. Other than that, their physique isn't much different from one another, except maybe Marcello's sleek muscles actually showing when he makes an effort to show them.

Marcello's hair is designed to be straight but have volume and be black with a large purple tuft over the forehead. His skin is pale but smooth, and his eyes are as purple as his hair. Marcello has a smaller nose than Markus, and somewhat more pointy and smooth features. Markus has always believed his own face to be too round and weirdly proportioned. Not that it was, but again, Markus is never really happy with his own looks. He tried to make Marcello beautiful.

For clothing, Marcello's standard outfit became a white shirt (if he had worn a t-shirt or something, Markus would have gotten sloppy vibes from looking in a mirror, something he wants to avoid) and dark jeans (he never gets to wear jeans at work so - liberty!) and over the shirt he wears a black vest with white stripes and a penguin tail. He also added a blue striped scarf for style, and made sure that Marcello's shoes were pointy and stylish too. And lastly, others might have jumped at the opportunity to lose the glasses they had to wear every day IRL, but Markus mostly felt it would be weird not to have them sitting on his nose even in MAO. So he added a pair, even though it's only regular glass in them and Marcello sees just as fine without them.

All in all, Markus hoped that Marcello would be a suit for him in which he will dare to be his online self in a realistic world.

MAO Summary: Once inside the game, Marcello felt incredibly free and enthusiastic. Markus became one of those who often spent their entire nights playing the game and then went to work as usual in the morning. Not every night, but sometimes. Marcello started in Hoenn with Torchic as his starter. As soon as he could, he contacted his friends whom he knew also played the game. Some of them started in Hoenn too, and they battled and trained as much as they could on the early routes. Markus was never very great at the competitive aspect of pokémon games, or Pokémon World, but MAO was different. Battling here was almost like in the anime - it no longer depended solely on stats and numbers, but also on your environment and the pokémon's mood and a thousand other things. So realistic.

He trained Torchic only and didn't capture anymore pokémon before the gym. When he first tried it, he whited out of course. Torchic couldn't handle the Rock type gym on its own! But Marcello felt like he had connected with the little guy, despite some others saying it was just a visual piece of data, a tool. He wanted to beat the gym with this pokémon alone. So they grinded and finally earned a Combusken evolution. They challenged the gym again, but lost once more. It was apparently too difficult with only one fire type.

Some of his friends who had beaten the gym, most of them with plenty of random pokémon already, went to Dewford to carry on the adventure. Marcello, quieter these days, followed. He trained in the cave there and ran into a seemingly rare pokémon: Mawile. This pokémon seemed strange, not as mindless as the countless ones he had fought in the Petalburg Forest. He probably just imagined it, but at the same time, the thought that he couldn't face this adventure with one single pokémon struck him too... So he captured the Mawile. The first opponent they faced together was the next wild pokémon in the cave, a Sableye. It was really annoying but eventually Marcello captured it just because he couldn't escape (Mean Look!) and didn't want to white out. So from the cave, Marcello came with a team of three pokémon instead of one. After some training, they traveled back to Rustboro via the quick motorboat ferry business, and defeated the gym leader at last. As a prize, an unusually successful friend of Marcello's gifted him with another rare pokémon: Castform. He hasn't really trained it yet.

Now, Marcello is on the motorboat between Petalburg Beach and Dewford, about to back to challenge the second gym... When he receives the fateful message. At first, he's not sure how to react. Then, panic grips him. He has to get out. He can't be stuck inside a game! No one wants that, the real life is what is important and real... Right?

Starting Region: Hoenn
First Badge: Stone Badge (Roxanne, Rustboro City, Hoenn)

Combusken, Lv 25
Male, Speed Boost ability, Hardy nature
Sand Attack | Double Kick | Peck | Ember | Focus Energy | Scratch

Mawile, Lv 19
Female, Hyper Cutter ability, Bashful nature
Play Rough | Iron Head | Fairy Wind | Bite | Sweet Scent | Astonish

Sableye, Lv 22
Male, Keen Eye ability, Naughty nature
Detect | Fury Swipes | Night Shade | Mean Look | Zen Headbutt | Foresight

Castform, Lv 15
Female, Forecast ability, Naive nature
Tackle | Water Gun | Ember | Powder Snow
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Hey, can you reserve me a spot please? There's a good chance I'll finish it in a few hours after I eat breakfast, but still.

One question, though. What sort of information does the Pokedex tell you?
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I suddenly have an urge to join this RP. But due to the fact that I’m busy with my own RP and stuff like that I won’t join. [Insert Sad Face] So I’ll wish best of luck for this RP.[/Insert Sad Face] And I do have one question: How many spots are there for this RP? If there were unlimited spots I’d love to join.
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Could I reserve? I'll be able to start my sign up tomorrow
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Adventure, I love this. Reserve me?
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Going to drop a reservation.

Roleplay Characters


Anise Briar


Apollo: A Journey of the Gifted

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Real Name: Cody Martin Ascher
Real Age: 23
Real Gender: Male

Real Appearance: Standing 5'3" Cody is short, and quite scrawny. About as average in appearance as one could be. He has shaggy skater styled medium brown hair, narrow hazel-green eyes, an average rounded nose, and proportionately thin lips. He wears an XL black hoodie, needless to say is, way, too big for him. On bottom he wears equally loose fitting navy jeans held up by a very tightly wrapped white belt. On his feet he usually has dark brown hiking boots.

Personality: Quiet and Reserved, not so much Shy, as out of the way. Cody isn't one to instigate conversation. Though, intelligent enough to carry on complex socialization, he simply chooses otherwise. Not having a particular problem with meeting people Cody is quite open and kind, though seemingly melancholy. Always seemingly lost in thought, he actually never really has much on his mind, other than what he is going to do next. Cody however loves Battles, and is quite level headed during combat. He never minded losing, as it was part of the Game, until he got the Letter explaining that he would, in more words, die.

History: Cody grew-up in one of the Northernmost sections in Minnesota of the United States. About half an hour away from any town, he rarely seen people other than his father, when not at school. He was able to make the occasional friend, but never really made any true bonds, and he was fine that way. He never really exserted himself, but managed to coast smoothly along his studies to graduation. When he decided to move out of his Dad's house. His parents got a divorce when he was very young and never really seen much of his Mother.

Cody raises snakes and sells them for profit. He discovered this interest many years previous, and has a small yet accurate set-up for his "business." In his small trailer-house he owns, his Father bought him the place as a Graduation Gift. Not seeing much of purpose in the real world, and not being much hassle to take care of, his source of income gave Cody much free-time, which he almost always uses as an escape. To go into the alternate reality of Monster Art Online with his NerveGear, he bought both on release date and fell in love, often losing track of time, literally spending more time in then out of the Game to begin with.


Avatar Alias: Tabris
Avatar Age: 19
Avatar Gender: Male

Avatar Appearance:

Equal in height as Cody, his Avatar, Tabris, is quite wirey with a solid yet athletic build. Tabris has stunningly white messy hair that brushes out randomly and sleek glacier blue eyes. The rest of his facial features are rarely seen due to his over-sized lime scarf he wears around his face and neck at all times. However if noticed he has a rather large scar running down his left cheek. Wearing a tight fitting, white, sleeveless shirt, and a black fingerless glove on his dominant right hand on top. Tabris sports very loose fitting black pants that are elastically tight around the waist and ankles to prevent them from falling down. Around his waist he also has five useless belts that are strung only through a few loops, causing them to drop off to the side. One however is tied normally which is where Tabris keeps his Pokeballs clipped. He never wears any type of footwear due to personal preference. Over his shoulder and across his chest Tabris carries with him a white strapped, primarily black, lime accented bag.

MAO Summary:
Cody had always been a fan of Pokemon, and chose to start at the beginning, which meant Kanto. Receiving his First Pokemon a Charmander in Pallet Town. Tabris conserved his bank, using only limited resources. The Game Play was amazing, and Tabris loved the Battle System. He Brought with him into the Viridian Forest the five starting Pokeballs he received from Professor Oak's Assistant, using only two to catch a Pikachu. He then backtracked to the starting route, between Pallet and Viridian, and worked for hours/days battling only Pidgey and Rattata working solely on his both his Pokemon's Speed Stat, until they were maxed. This also gave Tabris quite a high Level advantage early on. Which he used well on his challenge against Pewter Cities Gym Leader Brock. The battle wasn't as easy as Tabris had originally figured, but he still won handily with his Charmeleon's Steel Type Move, Metal Claw. Buying only five Potions with his winnings, Tabris moved to Mt. Moon, catching a Male Nidoran in the process. He had always been rather fond of NidoKing and couldn't miss the opportunity. Now he waits at the Pokemon Center at the Base of the Mountain. This is where he discovered his Log-Out Option was unavailable and received the 'Letter' of his new destiny, should, He ever want to return to the real world.

Starting Region: Kanto
First Badge: Boulder Badge (Pewter City Gym: Leader Brock)

Pokémon Team:

1 - Charmeleon, Level: 26
Male, Solar Power, Rash
Metal Claw | Smokescreen | Ember | Scratch | Dragon Rage

2 - Pikachu, Level: 23
Female, Static, Hasty
Thunder Wave | ThunderShock | Quick Attack | Tail Whip | Double Team

3 - Nidoran (Male), Level: 17
Male, Poison Point, Modest
Poison Sting | Double Kick | Leer | Bide
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Not sure quite how many spots are still available in this RP, but it seems like it would be a lot of fun to participate in and I would love to reserve a spot if possible. :3

(Gorgeous CSS by the way.)

EDIT: Consider this a SU placeholder!


Real Name: Louise Marie Faulkner
Real Age: Twenty-One, 21
Real Gender: Female

Real Appearance: Louise stands at a height of 71 inches above the ground, which has granted her the curse of being taller than most women she sees walking down the street. With the height came a bone structure that knew how to hold appropriate fat in the right places and make it difficult to weight anything less than 158 pounds. She knows this by heart, she has tried many times. She tries to keep her body is physically shape conditions because it is her policy to always be able to run for your life should the need arise. That being said she tends to lie around the house every other week rather than taking a quaint run around the block. Louise sees art within the socially rejected mannerism known to all as laziness.

This woman is the host to a mop of long, curly strawberry-blonde hair that tends to frizz and fight its way through life in a fit of tangles. Her hair is in the same state from early morning to late in the night: one giant mess. She has broken three combs and counting. When Louise's hand isn't forced to deal with the wild mane she forgoes all thoughts of looking nice for the day and tosses it up into a lopsided bun. This blonde atrocity of hair falls down a rounded face fitted with soft blue eyes. Her pale skin is dotted with freckles that she actually adores.

Her attire entirely depends upon which day she wakes up on: work day or off day. During the former she is dressed in a grocery mart apron, logo top, and black slacks. When Louise is graced with the latter she is often found dressed in the pajamas she woke up in. On the occasion she actually has to get dressed to go out into the world she throws on simple tattered jeans, tank top, cardigan, and a hat to neatly cover her bed head.

Personality: If Louise were to define herself she would say she was a statement of sass to the world. Her tongue wields itself like a whip which lashes out with a wit that borders on the lines of offensive. Once one tiny toe of her conversational partner steps out of line there is no stopping the backlash of her fiery spirit. There is no such thing as hesitance when it comes to speaking her mind. She doesn't ponder long on that fact that she is potentially being rude due to her unwavering ideals of preserving herself and her younger sister no matter the cost. These verbal fights often stray into the physical, but she denies such accusations of her swinging the first fist.

She is a natural born leader. Louise knows how to take charge in tough situations and make the hard decisions. Because of this she appears to have a heart of stone to outsiders, but those of whom she allows close to her see a different side. She can be a nurturer to the ones she cares about—especially her sister—and somehow knows the right words to say when they are feeling down. She prides herself in her ability to be a mother figure, sister, or friend when in need. However, having to grow up at such a young age during her childhood she doesn't tend to openly (rarely even privately) express her feelings. She has been dubbed The Robot by many.

Louise is also incredibly stubborn, and it only seems to grow worse with age. She tends to block out words of reason and instead does things the way she sees fit. This also tends to mark her as a lone wolf who goes about life by herself. Friendship is a concept foreign to her life and she likes to keep it that way. The only one close enough to truly know her is her sister.

Having to take care of her younger sister by herself at the age of eighteen she learned to be creative with life. Whether it was figuring out how to make canned pasta taste better than yesterdays or coming up with the money for the next bill she always found a way. Louise knows how to take a situation and look at it from a different angle. There has never been just one option. Much like her favorite Star Trek Captain, James T. Kirk, she doesn't believe in no-win-scenarios. That also goes to say she has obtained the trademark cocky arrogance from him as well.

There is a quirky trait about her that she attempts to hide away from the world. Louise is what one may consider a closet nerd with a deep liking for anything science fiction and fantasy. Whether it is reading a book or playing an MMORPG on the internet she is obsessed. Trivia on these subjects is her forte. She knows her way around a video game and can recite lore like the alphabet. She named her avatar in MAO after one of her favorite fiction characters.

Her only goal in life is to keep her sister safe. To make sure she has a parent figure in her life who loves and looks out for her. This is the very thing that guides her decisions through her entrapment in MAO: find any way possible to get out. No matter what it takes, or who she has to become.

History: Louise was born to Craig and Sheila Faulkner as the eldest of two children. She was born in the United States and raised most of her life in Washington. Her father left their family when she was four years old, and so her mother was left to raise the girl on her own. It wasn't a pleasant childhood. There were a lot of rocky patches and her mother slowly started to distance herself from her daughter. She tended to stay to herself as a child and her mother would often find the girl playing Pokémon games alone in her room. The digital creatures were her solace in life, and she hung on to them like lifelines. She considered them her best friends.

When she was thirteen an unexpected addition was added on to her family. Her mother had adopted a six year old girl named Molly. Louise took an instant liking to the child and treated her with all the love and care in her heart. You never found one child without the other. There were often times when Louise took on the role as mother when Sheila was absent. Nonetheless the two girls were each other's anchor throughout life.

Louise excelled in her school studies. She had managed the load of working, partially raising her sister, and schoolwork to graduate High School with honors. However, her dream of attending college was squashed in the face of little spendable money. She hadn't the time nor effort to apply for scholarships, and by the time she was eighteen her mother left her sister in her care. The two girls hadn't seen Sheila in three years. Instead Louise found herself working multiple jobs to keep the payments current and her new sister fed three meals a day.

Despite the hardships Louise is an optimist. She always sees the brighter side of the situation and doesn't let hard times bring her down. It isn't hard to put on a brave face for Molly because she knows that they will always be alright. She believed that they could get through anything so long as they were together.

Louise started playing Monster Art Online (MAO) after coming from Pokémon World. She became immersed in the game and essentially lived a double life. She was determined to become one of the best players in the game. In the day she worked and took care of her sister, but at night she was the one thing that consumed her dreams since she was little: a Pokémon Trainer. Her dream had come true, or so she thought.


Avatar Alias: Rogue
Avatar Age: Seventeen, 17
Avatar Gender: Female

Avatar Appearance:
Louise was determined to create an avatar that was as far from the things she disliked about herself as possible. The avatar was fitted with light blonde hair that rested in a bouncy, no maintenance necessary curl cut just before her chin. The character was shorter than her (what she believed to be) towering height and stood at five foot three. It was a drastic change when she first entered the simulator but it wasn't too hard to get used to, in fact she actually preferred it. The other noticeable differences were found in her skin color, which was more on the tan side, and darker blue eyes. However, the freckles still remained.

She fell in love with her attire and vowed to find it's exact copy to wear in real life. It consists of pink sneakers with overly sized cuffs, torn knee-length socks, and orange shorts with functioning pockets for the bottom half. On top she wears a white blouse fitted with a blue buttoned down vest, a red tie, and a blue newsboy hat that has a pink feather stuck in the white ribbon. To finish it off she carries around a utility belt as her Pokéball holder. She decided to keep her inventory bag virtual for ease of use.

When deciding on an avatar alias she wanted something original. Yet somehow she ended up choosing the name Rogue and finalizing the design before she even had time to digest the decision. Although it was more a pick by her subconscious, she has grown to love it and feels that it has a don't-mess-with-me way about it.

MAO Summary: Growing up with Pokémon, Louise knew the tricks of battling and grinding. The platform was vastly different from any she had played before, but the transition to the NerveGear was smooth enough. After the process of creating an avatar she chose her starting region as Hoenn, one of her favorite from the older games. As Rogue, she chose Treeko as her first Pokémon by the name of Oliver in Littleroot Town and dived right in to the journey. Having experience under her belt she was able to quickly breeze through the first few routes including Petalburg Woods.

Along the way she captured a female Taillow whom she named Cricket due to the chirping sounds it made and a male Poohyena named Bandit. While in the woods she managed to catch a wild Slakoth, but rather than keeping it she encountered an uncommon game event. While in Rustboro City an NPC asked to trade their Charmander for her Slakoth. Despite knowing the Gym Leader coming up, Rogue couldn't help but jump on the chance at the Kanto Pokémon, and accepted the offer. For some reason the Charmander she received didn't have all of its coding properly aligned. Every now and again the poor thing would glitch out and sometimes chase its fiery tail in an endless loop only broken by returning it to its ball.

It was frustrating, to say the least, but eventually she accepted the card she had been dealt and learned to love the little guy. He wasn't bad all the time. He just got a little funky when the program acted up. There were times though she wasn't sure if it was a glitch or just his programmed personality AI. Perhaps it was both. She decided to nickname the little dude the Glitch, with all due respect and affection.

After a series of grinding levels she decided that it was time to face the first Gym Leader, Roxanne. Rogue knew her disadvantage at having a Fire and Flying type in her roster against Rock/Ground, and so she focused heavily on the training of the Grovyle. It was difficult, but eventually she made it through the battle and was able to move forward. However, during the training she realized that when Charmander reached the appropriate age to evolve he... didn't. Nothing happened. No pop-up or changing form. She blames it on the glitch, but she also wondered if it was her own doing or if the mechanics were different in MAO.

Nonetheless it was just a hop, skip, and jump through Rusturf Tunnel finally coming to rest at a Pokémon Center just inside Dewford Town. It was by this time that she realized the previously present LOGOUT button was missing from her menu. Suddenly a notification showed an in-game message sitting in her inbox informing her of her new imprisonment.

Starting Region: Hoenn
First Badge: Stone Badge, obtained from Gym Leader Roxanne in Rustboro City.


1 - Charmander, Lv.19
Male, Blaze, Jolly
Scratch | Growl | Ember | Smokescreen | Dragon Rage

2 - Grovyle, Lv.21
Male, Overgrow, Brave
Pound | Leer | Absorb | Quick Attack | Furry Cutter | Pursuit

3 - Taillow, Lv.20
Female, Guts, Relaxed
Peck | Focus Energy | Quick Attack | Wing Attack | Double Team

3 - Poochyena, Lv.17
Male, Quick Feet, Bashful
Tackle | Howl | Sand Attack | Bite | Odor Sleuth

CSS made by Nebula

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Everyone can consider themselves reserved, so far' I'm kind of busy and on my phone now, but I'm not planning on closing reservations unless too many pile up. I'm very happy if you want to join and make this a living and fun RP.

I realize it's a lot to read xD Sorry for that. Read it at your leisure, really, just make sure to get a grasp of everything before you eventually begin posting. I doubt the stuff under GAME MECHANICS will affect whether or not you'd like to join. Just, last time I hardly regulated stuff like this at all until we discussed it OOC so I thought it would be good to lay down some guidelines.

Scyke, that's one thing I wanted to discuss with potential RPers actually. I think I'd like the AI of pokémon to not be quite as high as in the anime, where they basically are like human beings at times. But also not just figures to use in battle, like they can be in the games. So somewhere in between, like intelligent animals that can understand and communicate somewhat with you, but maybe not come with revolutionizing ideas of their own. Therefore, they do well being guided in battle and have a trainer and such. Am I making any sense at all here?

And about NPC AI, while we're at it, I was thinking it would be pretty much the most realistic and advanced AI you've found in a game so far. Less important NPCs might seem a bit dull and shallow, but people like Gym Leaders will be specifically programmed with deep personalities and algorithms to really make them seem like real people when you interact with them.

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Well Rika, you've done it again xD
You brought MAO back and it got filled up with as much speed as the last time :P
Not gonna reserve or anything since you've got a huge list already, but I'll make sure to follow this constantly, so good luck with this! :D

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Back then I couldn't use my previous character that much because I got so busy. :s I figured with the upcoming free time I have now I...guess I can join! I'll be recycling Parker, which was the one I used.

You can give me a reservation if you have any more spots, if not...that's alright! There's always spectating & stuff :)
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Okay, this is a huge number of people reserving spots already. I'm really happy! 13 from my count. However, I won't close spots yet. If any more people want to join, I hope it'll be a good thing, since everyone will have the choice to start in different regions. This way, at least some rpers will surely start in the same region, which will pave way for some interaction. We'll see if I close spots prematurely before too long...
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Real Name: Dahlia Reynolds
Real Age: 15
Real Gender: Female
Real Appearance: Dahlia is rather tan and has a slight smattering of freckles on her nose and down her arms that are sometimes hard to see. She is somewhat short for her age at about 5'5". Her dark brown hair is straight and is slight wavy at the tips. Her hair goes down to her waist. She has a pair of thick, plastic, lime green glasses that accentuate her light brown eyes. She is average weight. She normally wears clothes that clash, pleasingly or unpleasingly, like a blue and white patterned top with an orange skirt. She is inordinately fond of fuller, knee-length skirts.
Personality: Dahlia is cheerful and quirky, and often spins wild stories to satiate her creativity. At school, while normally a naturally intelligent straight-A student, she sometimes breaks the rules in amusing ways that she gets away with, like blowing bubbles through the halls. She is quick to judge, and although she will change her mind if her judgments prove wrong she will look for anything that proves her judgments. She isn't at all competitive, and doesn't mind losing all that much. Often found doing silly things without remorse, she isn't particularly prideful. However, she hates not being in at least vague control of her actions and feeling like she is being taken advantage of or being left out. Her snap judgments still tend to rule her attitude towards others, even if she claims she changes them.
History: Dahlia was born to her American father and Mexican mother in a big city of the United States. Her mother named her after the national flower of Mexico to try and make her remember her heritage, although her only vague understanding of Spanish didn't really help. Her family was rather well-off, and Dahlia was somewhat spoiled as a child, although she didn't quite realize it. At school, she quickly made a group of friends like her, smart and seen as somewhat weird. She coasted by in school with her smarts, only hitting a few snags with some of the more advanced classes. At some point, however, her friends, a good chunk of them very nerdy, began raving about the new It game, Pokemon World. Dahlia was never particularly into video games, and ignored the news, although the thought of pokemon lingered in her mind. A few years later, her friends were talking about Monster Art Online. She again wasn't particularly interested, but the immersive technology intrigued her and soon she asked her parents to buy her it for her.

Avatar Alias: Peria
Avatar Age: 16
Avatar Gender: Female
Avatar Appearance: Peria's appearance is similar to Dahlia's with some distinct changes. Peria is paler to show off her freckles and is the same height. Her hair is slightly wavy all the way through and only goes a little bit below her shoulder blades. Her glasses are the same except are more square to show off her eyes which are now slightly more of a hazel color, appearing to have a touch of green in certain lights. She wears a bright red, full, knee length skirt with a dark purple and black striped t-shirt with a pair of white shoes.
MAO Summary: After buying the game, Peria emerged in New Bark Town along with a lot of others. She had neglected to tell her friends of her buying of the game or researched anything about Pokemon, feeling the discovery was part of the experience. Unsure of what to do, she wandered around confusedly until some nice person pointed her to the lab. Based solely on looks, she picked Chikorita, a habit that would follow her as she captured a Sentret on the following route. Not very invested in the game, Dahlia only played occasionally, causing her to get lost as she went back into the world and wandered around the first few routes aimlessly, only making it to Cherrygrove City three weeks after she had the game with her pokemon significantly higher leveled than they were supposed to be at that area. She had lost many battles with trainers considering her nonexistent knowledge of Pokemon compared to many of the diehard fans and experts that were playing. However, she didn't consider it a big deal at the time. Now, she is just staying in Cherrygrove City with no real intention on moving on for a while, as she views the city as very pretty.

Starting Region: Johto
First Badge: N/A

Pokémon Team:

1 - Chikorita, Level 16
Male, Overgrow, Careful
Tackle | Razor Leaf | Growl | Poisonpowder | Synthesis

2 - Sentret, Level 12
Female, Run Away, Hardy
Scratch | Foresight | Defense Curl | Quick Attack
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I'm ma join... Reserve please :3
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Reed Pierce
"People with this name are excited by change, adventure, and excitement. They are dynamic, visionary and versatile, able to make constructive use of freedom. They fight being restricted by rules and conventions. They tend to be optimistic, energetic, intelligent, and to make friends easily. They may be changeable, restless, untidy, and rebellious."

Real Age:
20 Real Gender: Male (M)

Real Appearance:

Reed is a good-looking guy who maintains a casual look. His usual, everyday outfit commonly consists of a pair of shorts (preferably white or light blue) and a v-neck t-shirt of similar colours. Reed particularly enjoys wearing sneakers with no shoelaces as being a lazy fellow, hates having to constantly tie them up. To carrying his belongings, Reed takes with him his favourite black clip-strap backpack. He also likes wearing wristbands, but ensures they're simple, to avoid looking feminine, and beanies just because they're super soft. In regards to his physique, Reed is a moderately-tall individual with average muscle mass. He's more on the pale side of the skin complexion spectrum and has dark brown eyes, something he's not too pleased about. His favorite colour is blue and so he would have much rather preferred to have had blue eyes. His black hair is relatively short, but is mostly hidden behind his beanie; he proudly shows off his goatee.


Reed is a fairly carefree and relaxed guy, however sometimes so much to the point where he can get rather lazy. Despite his procrastinating tendencies, he's a rather determined individual with big ambitions. Reed is also very outspoken and is brimming of confidence. Thus, that coupled with his headstrong attitude, shape him into a fierce competitor. Reed upholds for the most part a positive outlook on life and prefers to focus on what's happening in the present rather than what will happen in the future. He is an individual who lives his life in the moment and makes the most of any situation he finds himself in. Being a social butterfly, Reed loves to interact with people and form new relationships. For most of the time he remains cool calm and collected, except when given a mission, challenge or objective in which he must complete. His favourite colour is blue, loves to chew gum, and has a peculiar affinity with spicy foods.

Reed lives at home with his parents and his younger sister, Yasmin who is rather the opposite to him in regards to her personality. Him and his family live in Australia in a quiet suburb just South of Melbourne. Despite the quiet environment, Reed's life is one that can only be described as busy. He spends most of his time either studying or out with friends, but is also an avid gamer. He's a popular university student who is studying Law at the University of Melbourne, and regularly attends social outings and parties; he is well known to catch the attention of more than a few girls and quite simply loves to have a great time. In addition Reed also loves to read, particularly fantasy and science-fiction novels such as that of Harry Potter, and the Hunger Games trilogy.

Reed is a massive fan of the franchise, Pocket Monsters or Pokemon for short, and so he dived at the opportunity to play Monster Art Online.

Avatar Alias: Reedonculus Avatar Age: 20 Avatar Gender: Male (M)
Starting Region: Johto Badges: Zephyr

Avatar Appearance:

Reed's appearance does not differ greatly when it comes to his in-game avatar and so he looks much like his real self. A few notable changes however do include the absence of his clip-strap backpack. After discovering that all of his items could be stored in a virtual inventory storage space, Reed felt it redundant to carry around his black back pack, irrespective of his love for it. Sometimes, Reed will prefer to wear a Pokemon Trainer cap instead of his beanie, while sometimes he prefers to wear nothing on his head at all, letting the breeze blow through his thick, wavy hair. He also appears to swap his wristband for a watch every now and then if he really must keep track of time.

MAO Summary:
As soon as Reed heard of this revolutionary game called "Monster Art Online," he new he wanted to be a part of it. After a good few weeks passed of playing the game, Reed received his very first Pokemon: Totodile. It was a rather quirky Pokemon to say the least, and seemed to love chomping on Reed's constantly. Reed also managed to catch too other Pokemon, Hoothoot, another creature with a wacky personality and Nidoran M, abrupt in nature. Reed had explored the very first routes and towns of his favourite region and had even managed to defeat Falkner and score the Zephyr badge. Falkner proved a tough opponent, especially for Nidoran and Hoothoot; Corocnaw easily shot Falkner's flying types out of the air with its powerful water gun.

One night however, deciding that he'd had enough of the Pokemon world and so deciding to save and quit the game, Reed discovered that there was no save option. It had disappeared. Almost if, someone had deleted the option from his settings. It was not long after his feeble attempts to exit MAO did he receive the peculiar message from - who he liked to call - the 'Gamemaker'. From that moment, Reed knew what he had to do. From that message he knew there were others, others wanting to achieve the same goal, snag the same prize: freedom. At that moment, Reed had decided that that prize would be his for the taking and no one would stand in his way.

Pokémon Team:

Croconaw, Level 18
Male, Torrent, Quirky
Water Gun | Bite | Scary Face | Rage

Hoothoot, Level 14
Male, Tinted Lens, Jolly
Hypnosis | Peck | Tackle | Uproar

Nidoran, Level 13
Male, Poison Point, Adamant
Peck | Poison Sting | Double Kick | Leer

CSS Credit: Adventure

mod| pair
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I did not actually mean that I was going to join. So it's better close my reservation. I will join this if I have more time in the future.
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Originally Posted by Ghosts! View Post
I'm ma join... Reserve please :3

Originally Posted by Kanea View Post
I did not actually mean that I was going to join. So it's better close my reservation. I will join this if I have more time in the future.
I see. Come back if you find time then :)

@ Sheraku, could you expand a little on his personality section? What he likes and dislikes etc. And remember Pokémon World is the previous MMORPG released by Nintendo in this RP, and it wasn't Virtual Reality. Monster Art Online, or MAO, is Gamefreak's new NerveGear game and the game you're playing in the RP.

Also remember that you are allowed 4 pokémon and each pokémon can have 6 moves. But of course you can have fewer pokémon or moves at the start (or forever) if you want :)

@ Ziposaki, everything looks great! You have an explanation for the pokémon levels being so low and for Peria not having a badge yet, so you are now the first accepted player of MAO. Congratulations :3 Please wait with posting IC until I give the go. Maybe plan ahead a bit in the meantime, figure out how Peria reacts to the "letter" perhaps?
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Originally Posted by Adventure View Post
Scyke, that's one thing I wanted to discuss with potential RPers actually. I think I'd like the AI of pokémon to not be quite as high as in the anime, where they basically are like human beings at times. But also not just figures to use in battle, like they can be in the games. So somewhere in between, like intelligent animals that can understand and communicate somewhat with you, but maybe not come with revolutionizing ideas of their own. Therefore, they do well being guided in battle and have a trainer and such. Am I making any sense at all here?
That sounds pretty neat. Like the Pokemon can understand battle commands and other basic dialogue, but have no kind of complicated feelings and stuff, so like being attached with their trainers. I can work with that.

Also this will be my SU placeholder so that I don't stick myself everywhere in this thread :p


22 years old / Male
Theme Song: "Cooker Ship" - AHJ

Real Appearance: Lucas is a handsome man, or at least that’s what his friends claim. Coming from two Caucasian American parents, Lucas shares most of his facial features from his mum’s side rather than his father’s scruffy looks; he has soft yet unsually dark chocolate hair (so dark you could just call it black) which is kept as a mini curly afro. Other features include crystal blue eyes, slender cheeks, slightly pouted lips and a beard so small it’s hardly visible.

Outside facial features, one major thing about Lucas which anyone would recognise about him is that he is disabled - he has no legs beyond his kneecaps. Ever since a certain accident Lucas has had to always use a wheelchair, though he did turn down an offer of prototype everyday prosthetic legs from a doctor. Though being a ‘cripple’, Lucas doesn’t let this affect his physical well being, and trains himself in the gym nearly every day, meaning his upper body looks pretty well-built. Before the ‘incident’ Lucas was 5’11” in height, just about taller than average.

Personality: Lucas is surprisingly quiet for someone with his looks, though that doesn’t mean he's not social either. His easy to chat with, but you either have to be friends or instigate conversation with him as he can sometimes be a little empty-headed or unaware of his surroundings. But when he is conversing, Lucas has his own kind of charm and wit which makes him unique compared to other guys; he certainly has a bit of a “lazy swagger” about him, one which makes him easy to get along with and easy to approach. This has meant that Lucas just about got along with anyone he met, popular or unpopular, and he never discriminated who he talked with.

One aspect about Lucas is that his passionate with every interest he has; one thing he loves more than anything is his guitar, and being in a rock band was always one of Lucas’ dreams ever since he was a kid. Another passion he had which he kept secret from most was his love for the Pokemon series, which sounds strange, yes, but there’s history involved with this. Anyway, because of his passionate nature Lucas wasn’t one to let opportunities go amiss if it concerned anything that intrigued him, though that combined with his laziness meant an unusual combination which fused into meaning that he would go to the world’s end to pursue passions but be lazy on just about anything else. It’s weird, I know. Bear with me.

History: Born at New York City in 1999, Lucas was the little brother to his sister Ellie Young, who was five years older than him. Ellie loved her brother as long as she could remember; there was just something about Lucas and having a smaller sibling that made her adore and protect him as much as she could. She made sure Lucas wasn’t bullied or even made fun out of when he was in elementary school, targeting kids who tried to even lay a finger at him. Though it meant that Lucas didn’t have many friends except a few, he was always hanging out with his sister anyway, who always made time for her little bro. The two became siblings and best friends at the same time in those years.

Ellie’s and Lucas’ interests weren’t similar mostly, even in their closest years, but one thing always correlated between the two - Pokemon. Ellie was a huge fan of the series ever since getting a Game Boy Colour and Pokemon Gold from her uncle one Christmas, and Lucas was later accommodated with the games from his sister when she bought two Pokemon Emeralds so that she and Lucas could both have their own save files on her GBA. Lucas quickly grew fond of the franchise, and the two was always fighting against each other to see who could finish the game first, even if Ellie had an unfair advantage as it was her GBA they were both playing on.

As years rolled by Lucas was starting high school, with Ellie was moving to attend college somewhere else in New York. At this time though they were still close, Ellie was definitely now more involved with her future aspirations and friends rather than with her brother, and the bond which the two had when they were younger was definitely smaller now. High school was probably Lucas’ best years till now; he was embraced by nearly everyone because of his friendly yet charming attitude, and he even had a girlfriend once. Though not being extremely clever Lucas wasn’t dumb either, and easily sailed through his finals with Bs.

After receiving his finals results, the next day 18 y/o Lucas and his parents were invited to his sister’s graduation, and the plan after all was done was to bring Ellie home so that the whole family could have a dinner dedicated to her. After the day was over, the Youngs were in the car on their way back home. As the ride dragged on Lucas’ dad saw a clear road and so turned to say something to his daughter, even if he was the driver. Everything went fine until a frantic scream echoed inside the car, and Lucas’ dad turned back to see what was happening… but it was too late. The car skidded off on the highway, and out of nowhere another vehicle crashed onto the side, ramming the passenger door. Lucas instantaneously lost consciousness after the initial collision.

A few days later Lucas woke up slowly in a hospital bed somewhere in New York, at first thinking how the hell he got there. A doctor noticed him and came in to ask how he felt. Lucas tried to life his upper body with just his leg strength, but something felt missing to do that. It only took a few more seconds to realise what had happened to him. Unable to comprehend, Lucas grew paler than he ever had, and suddenly passed out again.

Another hour passed before Lucas was finally awake on his bed, talking to the doctor who was serving him. He was shocked to found out about the deaths of his parents, and was quick to refuse such news. Asking about his sister, the doctor said that she was still alive, but had gone into long term coma, and there was a high chance that she would never wake up again. Lucas again flashed white from what he was hearing, and for the next few days cried uncontrollably about his losses. It took a few months of therapy, paperwork and contacts with family before Lucas was finally let out of the hospital and back into the real world. Though the health bill was considerably large, Lucas’ parents had a surprisingly good health insurance, and so Lucas himself didn’t haven’t to pay much back himself.

The first year after the incident was possibly the worst for Lucas, who was traumatized and depressed about his situation. Living with his grandma at a much more quieter place in Ohio gave him time to think outside of the usual hustle and bustle of NYC, and Lucas was starting to feel more like himself when the NerveGear and Monster Art Online was announced by GameFreak. After seeing the news himself Lucas was overwhelmed with nostalgic thoughts of a young him and his sister playing on her GBA, and though some would of got even more depressed Lucas in fact was lifted even more and so tried getting back into the franchise, doing research and everything on anything he had missed out on. After the NerveGear came about Lucas was one of the first around his area to get his hands on one, and he started in Kanto as he wanted to try conquering all the regions in order.

Before he put on the NerveGear Lucas was nervous on having two whole virtual legs to stand on, and how that would feel in the game. But after he took his first steps, though stumbling Lucas was over-joyed with being able to walk and run and jump and do everything he couldn’t do again. Pokemon suddenly felt like a bonus to the whole experience; just being able to have legs was amazing for him. He was addicted to the NerveGear and so was on it nearly every single night. It became like a drug to him; he hated having to get out of MAO and back to his wheelchair, and always tried finding an excuse from work to try getting back into the virtual world. It was almost like a re-birth to him - and he wanted to stay in his new life.

Avatar Alias: INTUITION
Avatar Age: 22 years old / Avatar Gender: ♂ Male

Avatar Appearance: Lucas’ appereance in-game facial wise is nearly the spitting image of his real world self, the only difference being that his clean shaved and his hair is much shorter and not as messy as in real life; rather it’s roughly swiped to the side. His body isn’t as built in real life but rather of a typical skinny guy, but he kept his height the same. (5’11”)

Most the time Lucas isn’t wearing anything too fancy; just a red sports jacket, plain black t-shirt, dark navy denim jeans and black sneakers with white soles.

MAO Summary: Lucas knew the ins and outs of nearly every Pokemon game thanks to his extensive research when he was hyped for the NerveGear, and so already had his Kanto party sorted out from the beginning. He didn’t mess around at all and got going instantly, catching a Pidgey at Route 1 after receiving his Bulbasaur from Oak. Battling at first was an awkward experience for Lucas as he had only played the games and never touched any of the other media, but it managed to become natural to him as time went on. Because of his huge sessions in MAO Lucas was over levelled as hell before facing Brock, and he beat the gym leader easily, using a Lv 20 Ivysaur to sweep through the whole battle. Afterwards Lucas realised that maybe he was doing too much too quickly to really “enjoy” the game, and so toned down his play time a little and try to even play around with his Pokemon as if they were real. Because of the superb AI Lucas was even more absorbed into MAO, and so in reverse started spending even more time in the game to be with his Pokemon.

Right now Lucas is nearing Mt Moon, only having caught Pikachu a few days ago.

Starting Region: Kanto
First Badge: Boulder

Pokémon Team (up-to-date 09/12):
Ivysaur, Lv 24
♂ Male, Overgrow, Sassy
Razor Leaf | Poison Powder | Sleep Powder | Leech Seed | Sweet Scent | Tackle

Pidgeotto, Lv 24
♀ Female, Keen Eyes, Impish
Gust | Quick Attack | Sand Attack | Twister | Whirlwind | Tackle

Pikachu, Lv 20
♀ Female, Static, Naive
Thundershock | Tail Whip | Electro Ball | Thunder Wave | Quick Attack | Play Nice

>> paired to gimmepie · last.fm
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I've pretty much got an idea for Peria, who's just going to try and desperately cling on and survive at first. That's why I was curious how much information was in the Pokedex, because Peria needs to learn about type advantages and weaknesses, abilities, evolution, stuff like that (am I forgetting anything?) if she wants any chance of even not whiting out.
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Reservation please! This looks pretty cool.

EDIT: And then I read the thing. All the spots are taken I suppose?
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Originally Posted by Scyke View Post
That sounds pretty neat. Like the Pokemon can understand battle commands and other basic dialogue, but have no kind of complicated feelings and stuff, so like being attached with their trainers. I can work with that.
Well, those who want their pokémon to have personalities and simulated feelings of sorts can do that too. We'll figure out as we go, where to draw lines, I hope.

Originally Posted by Ziposaki View Post
I've pretty much got an idea for Peria, who's just going to try and desperately cling on and survive at first. That's why I was curious how much information was in the Pokedex, because Peria needs to learn about type advantages and weaknesses, abilities, evolution, stuff like that (am I forgetting anything?) if she wants any chance of even not whiting out.
I think you can make the pokédex tell the player whatever you feel is reasonable. The pokédexes could have evolved since our generations.

Originally Posted by YellowGardevoir View Post
Reservation please! This looks pretty cool.

EDIT: And then I read the thing. All the spots are taken I suppose?
Nah, we can squeeze you in :) reserved!
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