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Old April 14th, 2012 (1:53 PM). Edited April 22nd, 2012 by rikadventure.
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rating: T
region: Kanto
style: Journey
theme: Song
This is the OOC thread.
HERE is the IC thread.

_ in the REAL WORLD

You love pokémon, like many others. You have played the games and are quite knowledgeable about pokémon species, moves and types. Maybe you're not a competitive expert, but at least you know enough to call yourself a pokémon fan... whether or not you admit it openly. A new pokémon game has been released, and it's a virtual reality game where you put on a helmet and it will seem as if you are inside the pokémon world. It's called Pokémon VR: Game of Chance.

One day, you get an email from the address "[email protected]", which tells you that you have been chosen to test out a new feature for Game of Chance. Suspicious or not, you are happy since you haven't gotten the chance to play this game yet. Maybe against your better reasoning, you download the game from the link along with new feature. The game says that you don't even need a helmet for this version, so you simply start the game.

It is as you have seen in trailers. First a movie and then a welcome screen. You choose to start a new game and realize that on top of name and gender, you can now wildly customize your 13 year old avatar's appearance. After that, you press START... and that is when you feel the very essence of your life being sucked out through your skin.


After being struck by that horrible feeling, as if all of the bones in your body suddenly cracked but were then hastily put back together, you open your eyes and find that you are standing outdoors with a route lined with tall grass and trees in front of you and a small town behind you. You begin to remember that you probably have stepped into the game and taken on the shape of your avatar. Why was it that painful, though? And how is it possible when you don't even have a VR helmet on you? But in your hand lies a pokéball... and an envelope.

The letter in the envelope is from professor Oak. He tells you that you have your starter pokémon in your hand and that the pokédex, some more pokéballs and some other useful things should lie in the bag or backpack that you are also holding. Now it's time to get going on your journey to battle all the gyms, collect all the badges and become a pokémon master! It all seems amazing, just what the trailers promised. But what was this new feature? Well, it shouldn't take long before you realize that you can't seem to exit the game. You are stuck inside the Game of Chance, and the last line in the letter from professor Oak says:

"The only way to finish the game is to keep playing."

Will you keep playing and struggle to become a pokémon master in the game?
Will you try to find another way out from the game world?
Is all this as real as it seems?
Now and then, you feel that someone is watching you...
How long will it take you to figure out that there are more human players like yourself here?

_ important MECHANICS

This is meant to be very free, a RP for you to play a classic pokémon game with more freedom and in a slightly different setting and story and to invent your own adventures out on the routes together with the other players. However, I totally have the plot planned until the very end of the RP already :D here and there there will be story intermezzos that might give you new reasons for going on this journey. And yes, there will be Team Rocket, but their motives and reputation won't be the exact same as in the old games.

Before we enter every new area, I will make a post stating some important things about that area as well as what pokémon can be captured. If you want to capture a pokémon, end your post before the pokéball touches the pokémon after you have thrown it or something. I'll decide on gender and nature of the new pokémon. When you have more than 6 pokémon, your 7th is "teleported" to the PC system.

Write longer or shorter posts, whatever suits you best as long as you don't break the 4 line rule. You will be playing in the same timeline and may interact at any time like in most roleplays. This does not force you to travel together with others, though. You may make posts covering a whole route if you feel like it, or split it up into shorter parts. Check out this thread if you're not sure what I mean. It's usually a good idea to coordinate any interaction through the OOC thread.

As your pokémon battle, they will grow stronger. This is signified by them "magically" learning new attacks once in a while - THERE WILL BE NO LEVELS. When you have battled in some way, I might give your pokémon new attacks. I will most often follow the descending leveling up order of attacks found here. TMs will be available now and then. The limit to the number of attacks they can know at the same time, is 6.

Evolution will be allowed when I tell you so, but most likely when your pokémon has learned an attack that is normally learned close to its evolving level. Items or trading won't be needed for evolutions where they are normally needed.

The world you travel in will look and feel real, with no strange polygons or glitches sticking out anywhere. Think of how the anime presents the world, rather than how the games do it; that goes for how people are living and acting as well. Of course... there might be some strange occurrences later on. Day and night exist like in real life, but you don't seem to need any sleep or food, even though you can sleep or eat if you want to. You also don't seem to get sick and your body is slightly more durable than usual - as expected from a video game character. However, you can get hurt and tired physically.

_ a few RULES
  • I am the GM and I appreciate if you do what I ask you to do :3

  • Rating T means that you are allowed to do most things and interpret this journey in any way you want. However, I will not tolerate pokémon or humans dying, getting their bones crushed or bleeding too much. Treat battles much like in the anime, really.

  • If you sign up, know that this is a long term project. Only sign up if you really believe that you would HAVE TIME and be able to STAY INTERESTED in a roleplay like this throughout the region. We want to reach the epic finale! Sign ups should be posted in the OOC thread.

  • I don't take reservations based on who posted first, but you may post to say that you are interested and I will probably wait until most who expressed interest have posted SUs before I decide what players will be in :3

  • You are allowed one differently colored pokémon on your journey, because your GM happens to love shiny pokémon :3 If you want your starter to be shiny colored, state so when you write what starter you want in your SU.

_ sign up SHEET

real world

Name| (you can be from any part of the world, but you must know English well)
Gender| (any)
Age| (any, but preferably pretty young)

Appearance| (picture is ok, but if I think it doesn't show enough, I might ask you do write something as well)

Personality| (you still have the same personality when you enter the pokémon world)

History| (doesn't have to be too detailed)

pokémon world

Alias| (what name you write in when you start up the game; what people will call you)
Gender| (doesn't have to be the same as your real life gender)
Age| 13 (the game is about young teenagers going on a journey, so all of your avatars will be 13 years old. If you are older in real life, you might of course ACT older!)

Appearance| (picture is ok, but if I think it doesn't show enough, I might ask you do write something as well)

Starter Pokémon| (what pokémon will be in the pokéball you're holding when the game starts? You can choose any basic pokémon really, I'll tell you if I think it's too powerful. OOC, you will choose your own starter when you sign up, but IC your character won't know what pokémon it is until they open the pokéball)

Pokédex Color| (any)

roleplay sample
(write up some paragraphs on the spot about anything, or show me something from another recent RP you've been in. Do your best! Put it in a spoiler, please.)

_ accepted PLAYERS

Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers ( Viking // Staryu )
Skymin ( Azure // Gastly )
King! ( Violet // Spoink )
Miss Doronjo ( Nabooru // Eevee )
Rokusasu ( Prince // Smoochum )
romdinner ( Chloe // Chinchou )
Raikiri ( Dash // Mudkip )

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Old April 16th, 2012 (3:17 AM). Edited April 19th, 2012 by Skymin.
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OKAY I AM TOTALLY RESERVING OR SOMETHING BECAUSE I LOVE YOU RED. I'll get started on my SU on the train tomorrow, alright? This'll be a place holder until then.


real world

Name| Bronwyn Hopper
Gender| Female
Age| 17

Appearance| Physically, Bronwyn isn't attractive to the naked eye and probably doesn't help with the way she dresses. Her long, brown, curly hair almost always in a messy ponytail with a untrimmed fringe which is hastily flicked to the left. Her eyes are not special, being a dark brown and usually show disinterest to those who glance into them. She calls herself fat, but isn't really, only being so in the theighs and slightly in the stomach. She's also an average height of ~170cm, but often slouches thanks to her bad posture, knocking a few inches off her height. She's well endowed refuses to wear make up, making the excuse it will make her look 'fake' or 'like one of those stupid blonde girls.'

Her clothes are almost as unattractive as she makes herself out to be, usually wearing if not her school uniform, hoodies and jeans or plain, male t-shirts and jeans in the summer. She doesn't wear an excessive amount of jewellery, only a double set of studs in her ears, a simple silver necklace with a triforce and a pair of round glasses.

Personality| In the real world, sarcasm is Bronwyn's favourite form of humour as much as it ticks everyone off. She sounds rarely happy or pleased with anything, even if she is, she barely shows it. The only time she really gets excited is over something trivial, like a new game or a new episode of some anime that she watches. Her parents don't quite understand where her bitterness came from, though it's a little obvious to her that it came from them and her 'troubled' childhood. She's not interested in your real-world problems and couldn't care less if your boyfriend broke up with you because you look at your ex when you were out with your best friend and her boyfriend in the city. In fact, she hates it when you selfishly bother her with your sappy stories. She would use the term 'cool story bro' if it didn't sound so gross in real life.

Online and in text, Bronwyn is who she wants to be, which is almost bubbly. Almost. Despite her voice, she uses a lot of exclamation marks and sounds happy when her friend says that they got an A on a test or finished a hard level on a game. Not quite the opposite of her real world self (she still is pretty sarcastic) but a paradigm shift? That's for sure.

Real world Bronwyn also has a bad habit of biting her fingernails and has taught herself piano (well, keyboard) since she was twelve thanks to a crappy keyboard she found in her father's closet.

History| Bronwyn was the first and only child to Sam and Joseph Hopper and the only reason why the couple stayed together during her childhood. She was born and raised in Melbourne in Australia and at first, the Hoppers were blinded by their love for each other and the thought of raising children together was something magical. Then, as Bronwyn grew up, the bills piled up and their realisation that their dreams would never be reached, the relationship grew tedious. But, for Bronwyn's sake, they would stay together. They would stay together for the kid.

Bronwyn however, as much as the couple wanted to hide their arguments, was completely aware of it all. Though her secret was one no longer as when she turned ten, her parents decided that it was it and it was time to split. This started the endless tennis effect between her parents, back and forth between the cruddy house her mother lived in and the slightly better apartment her father called home. She used books, video games and the internet to escape her problems grew used to it all over time.

School-wise, she did well but Bronwyn didn't have many friends. She kept to her studies and spent Friday and Saturday nights on her computer, playing games and talking to people who she called friends but had the misfortunate of living on different ends of the world. Now in the last year of her school, she's earning her VHAs and she can't wait to get out of that god forsaken place she calls home, school and Australia.

An avid game player, Bronwyn was a little excited when she heard about Pokémon VR. The world of Virtual Reality, to be able so escape your own reality to another, excited her more than usual. Her usual sceptic self about weird looking emails disappeared when she saw the sending address ("How could anyone with a domain name of 'Kanto' be a Nigerian Prince trying to scam me?") and immediately downloaded it.

pokémon world

Alias| Azure (she also goes by her screen name, AzureRockets)
Gender| Female
Age| 13

Appearance| Her avatar selves are always way more attractive than she is; Bronwyn's online self is skinny, adorable, has golden eyes and long, blue hair. Why? Because Bronwyn herself can't be. The truth is, Bronwyn has always wanted to be like those girls who say things about her behind her back; to be cute, to be different, to wear whatever she wanted. As much as people say "you're beautiful already!", Bronwyn knows that can't be like them. So, she makes avatars and dreams.

Despite her dislike of clothes that show any more skin than shins, she dressed her avatar in something that characters on Final Fantasy wear. A short, dark blue skirt (compensated by the black, mid-theigh tights underneath), dark boots with white laces, a light grey vest with only the bottom button done up over a purple bikini-like singlet type.

She sports a pair of silver goggles and has a few strands of hair in coils and a few tied up in blue, silver and gold thread. Her earings are almost the same, only that she also aquired an ear cuff on the left side and a silver stud on the top of her ear. Dark, fingerless gloves cover her left hand and she managed to get Sarah's and Snow's necklace from Final Fantasy XIII.
Starter Pokémon| Gastly

Pokédex Color| Blue (Azure!)
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Send a message via Skype™ to TornZero

I have a lot on my plate already, but this is too good to pass up! T_T (I thankfully have an annoying amount of free time.) Reserve me, please~!

I will be moving my account to Songbird over the course of immediately. The signature will stay as is for posterity and reference.
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Old April 16th, 2012 (4:58 AM).
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You would start this when I still have finals coming up xD.

Alas, I told you I was interested so I will give it a shot. Allow me to be reserved. I'll try to get this guy started up later today.

Paired with the beautiful Pikachu
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Old April 16th, 2012 (5:07 AM).
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Remember me Red. IM UP FOR THIS!! Im totally making my SU rit now!!! *DANG IT RED, WHERE DO YOU GET THOSE IDEAS FROM*

A Scattered Dream That's Like A Far Off Memory......!
A Far Off Memory That's Like A Scattered Dream....!
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Current RP I'm:

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Old April 16th, 2012 (5:16 AM).
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Ah, screw it. I can't resist this pull D: I guess I'm already pushing my limits but with Summer fast approaching I guess I can work around this, yeah?

So yup, reserve me, kthnxbai. d:
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Old April 16th, 2012 (5:58 AM). Edited April 16th, 2012 by Reader_Maniac.
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Well, guess I can go a few sleepless nights for this....sign me up!!

I will just post my SU here. STILL WORKING.


real world

Name| Ben
Gender| Male
Age| 15

Appearance| (picture is ok, but if I think it doesn't show enough, I might ask you do write something as well)

Personality| (you still have the same personality when you enter the pokémon world)

History| (doesn't have to be too detailed)

pokémon world

Alias| (what name you write in when you start up the game; what people will call you)
Gender| (doesn't have to be the same as your real life gender)
Age| 13

Appearance| (picture is ok, but if I think it doesn't show enough, I might ask you do write something as well)

Starter Pokémon| (what pokémon will be in the pokéball you're holding when the game starts? You can choose any basic pokémon really, I'll tell you if I think it's too powerful)

Pokédex Color| (any)
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Old April 16th, 2012 (7:11 AM).
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Totally reserving/stating my interest! I'll sort out an SU asap!

Jackson (Male Shieldon) Lvl 24: Toxic, Sandstorm, Protect, Iron Head, Stealth Rock, Dig
Ability: Sturdy

Bixi (Female Tirtouga) Lvl 24: Crunch, Aqua Tail, Sandstorm, Ice Beam, Stone Edge, Iron Defense
Ability: Solid Rock

Siege (Male Geodude) Lvl 22: Defense Curl, Attract, Rock Polish, Rock Throw, Magnitude, Roll Out
Ability: Rock Head
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Old April 16th, 2012 (7:24 AM).
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Oh, Skymin~<3

Glad to see so many were interested :] I'll give you at least a week to get your SUs up, don't worry.

Also I forgot to add a Roleplay Sample part to the SU sheet but I thonk it's a good idea so I'm adding it in now. Remeber to edit your SUs with it!
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Old April 16th, 2012 (7:36 AM). Edited April 16th, 2012 by Rokusasu.
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Name| Sebastien Lechoux
Gender| Male
Age| 17

Appearance| Sebastien's hair is dark, long, and falls into his face so often that his mother bought him some hair clips to keep it back, not that he actually uses them. His skin is pallid from a lack of sunlight - he has so many allergies that he much prefers it inside, rather than have his nose become a fountain of snot or his skin break out into hives. For the most part, his skin is clear. Like many teens he is prone to the odd occasional breakout, usually when he is stressed. His eyes are nothing special - perhaps a little bit too close together than what would be deemed attractive, but at least his nose and mouth are in the right places and in proportion to each other. His irises are a very dark brown, in some lights they seem to swallow his pupils entirely.

Most of the time he is sat in front of his computer or a mirror (this will be explored further on), but his fast metabolism and poor eating habits render him a bit of a twig; there are few muscles defining his arms and legs, and his mother often threatens to fatten him up. His face is also very thin, and his limbs seem a little too long for his body. Often Sebastien is dressed in dark clothes (to make him appear slimmer), and most of what he wears is designer.

The most striking part of Sebastien's appearance is the fact that he wears make-up. Eyeliner, mascara, foundation... He never goes without these, even though he rarely ventures beyond his room (he is not against nail polish either). He'll quite happily spend hours in front of his mirror, plucking his eyebrows, wearing face masks to make his skin soft and supple and experimenting with his latest online purchase (also designer).

Personality| Many associate Sebastien's personality with three S's: Superficial, Selfish and Self-absorbed. He is extremely vain, spending hours on his appearance, and dislikes interacting with people who he deems unworthy of his time (for example, his mother and step-father and everyone in his class). He will go out of his way to avoid these people, and because of this spends a lot of time alone in his room. Even on the internet he is judgemental and condescending to those he comes across, and will delete any negative comments he receives on his blog (and even go as far as to block users from posting anything). With this said, he clamours for attention, and goes out of his way to ensure that people are looking at him.

He is intelligent and understands that he cannot be the best at everything, but doesn't let this stop him from acting holier-than-thou to everyone around him. Sebastien's tongue can be acidic at times, and no, he doesn't care if he makes you cry. He loves anything that is just as beautiful as he is (which are rare to none), and is completely unable to handle a relationship of any sort in his current state. The young Frenchman abhors dirt and imperfections of any kind, another reason for his rarely venturing outside.

Deep within the (very thick) layers of his persona lies an extremely lonely, insecure boy who feels that the only way he can be successful is to be horrible to everyone. Then again, this may be because he is slightly sadistic and enjoys a bit of drama - especially if he was the one to instigate it.

History| Sebastien was born in Paris, France, to a family whose company became more prolific as he grew up. His father would often have to go away on business trips, leaving his mother to take care of things at home. As an only child (who wasn't planned), Sebastien was often left alone to play, and he found it hard to make friends at school. His parents divorced when he was ten, his mother's affair having been the main catalyst. He now lives in the suburbs of Nice, and is currently studying for his baccalauréate (his strand mostly concentrating on science but also including English, which he has been taught since first starting school).

pokémon world

Alias| Prince
Gender| Male
Age| 13

Appearance| Slightly shorter than his real-life counterpart, "Prince" is a well-dressed young man in a snappy black suit and dress shoes, whose hair is coiffed to perfection. It is kept shorter than in the real life, and there is never a hair out of place. Sadly for Prince, there is no one to carry his backpack for him, which takes the form of a black suitcase. Dark red, sleek, leather gloves adorn his hands, and he sports a pair of shades which can be tucked into the breast pocket of his jacket. The under shirt of his suit is crisp and black, the collar of which can be seen.

It must also be mentioned that he carries around a make-up kit and hand sanitiser in his bag - one must be prepared for a journey, after all. He also carries a parasol of sorts; he has no allergies in this form, but is still adverse to sunlight. Prince, like Sebastien, is very pale, and game mechanics allow his eyes to be purple rather than brown (which is a horrible, muddy colour).

Starter Pokémon| Smoochum

Pokédex Color| Dark purple

roleplay sample
Note: I haven't RPed recently and can't find any of my old RPs on my laptop, therefore I'm giving you a snippet of a piece I worked on a while ago. Though it's in the first person, I RP in the third.

She sat in the corner with a modest cup of mocha latte and a multitude of admirers. Even though it wasn’t even dinnertime, there were still those who came to the bar to escape their overbearing wives and general misfortune brought about by their very incompetence. Watching her from across the bar, she was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. Her dark hair was half tucked inside her hood, half falling over her shoulder, complimenting the pale skin that was not unlike the colour of the very drink she had ordered. The men around her longed for those brown eyes, framed by long, thick lashes, to fall upon them, even if they were filled with disgust and contempt; at least then she would have acknowledged their existence.

“What are you looking at? Get back to work!” my boss snapped. Obviously my standing there and not serving customers was a problem for him, not that anyone seemed to want a drink. They were too busy salivating over the woman, who still insisted on remaining silent. I didn’t blame her, not that I understood her plight. Reluctantly I tore my gaze away from her and began to wipe down the surface of the bar, even if it had been abandoned by its patrons and had only been cleaned ten minutes before. I wondered who had served her and not been compelled to join the leering congregation, though they would have been straight out of the door if they were. The boss liked things to be kept as professional as possible, even if we were encouraged to take off our shirts and dance on the tables on Friday nights. Anything to keep our minds from the disappearances.

“Excuse me.” I looked up – I had to look up and crane my neck to meet his gaze. He was taller than my boss, a man who resembled an overweight pug, but not as broad as his furs led me to believe. “Can I get a pint?”

“Of what?” I watched him remove his hat and goggles, a gloved hand moving to tousle the dirty blonde strands clinging to his temple. His eyes, I noticed, were too small for his face, and his nose looked to have been broken at some point in his life.

“I don’t know. Just get me a pint.”

I decided to shrug off his vague order, though was tempted to make him regret his words by giving him vodka or whiskey straight. However, not wanting to further incur the wrath of my boss, I settled for a pint of the house ale.

“Eight ninety-seven please,” I placed the glass in front of him and surprisingly he had no qualms paying double that of what he would in the city. I had no qualms talking to him either, as everyone else was still captivated by the lovely young woman and my boss had gone to nag my co-workers. “You’re a new face. What brings you to our poky little town, then? Are you with the miners?”

“Do I look like I’m with the miners?” he took a swig and pulled a face, shuddering upon discovering that the acerbic taste was not to his liking. I laughed and handed him his change.

“Sorry, no refunds. You should’ve been more specific.”

“I’ll remember that next time,” the glass was pushed towards me. “You have it.”

“I’m not allowed to drink during hours. Besides, you never answered my question.”

“Do I have to?” the man leaned back on his stool and scanned the room. “Excuse me just a minute.”

I snuck a sly sip in before hiding the glass next to the till. The new customer was approaching the crowded corner, and I thought he was going to try his luck with the coffee woman. Then he pulled out a gun and fired a single shot. It might as well have been directed at me, for what happened after that was enough to destroy my life completely.

I am the very model of a scientist salarian,
I've studied species turian, asari, and batarian.

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Quick question. When our character was in the "real world" creating their avatar etc. did they also pick their starter pokemon, or will whats inside the pokeball be a suprise to them?

Jackson (Male Shieldon) Lvl 24: Toxic, Sandstorm, Protect, Iron Head, Stealth Rock, Dig
Ability: Sturdy

Bixi (Female Tirtouga) Lvl 24: Crunch, Aqua Tail, Sandstorm, Ice Beam, Stone Edge, Iron Defense
Ability: Solid Rock

Siege (Male Geodude) Lvl 22: Defense Curl, Attract, Rock Polish, Rock Throw, Magnitude, Roll Out
Ability: Rock Head
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Note: you can have any unnatural eye or hair color you want.

About the starters... When you were transferred into the pokemon world, the starter was chosen to suit your personality, even if it won't seem like it at first. It might seem to make perfect sense or it might seem like a complete mismatch; part of the challenge is to find out how you fit together.

Meaning: it's a surprise.
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Old April 16th, 2012 (8:58 AM).
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... Wait, so do we choose our starters ourselves or are they chosen for us? I assumed the former by the way it was worded in the sign-up sheet.
I am the very model of a scientist salarian,
I've studied species turian, asari, and batarian.

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I am definitely going to post an SU for this. Will probably have it for your late tonight or tomorrow. c:


__ REAL world

Name >> Georgina Woodhouse

Gender >> Female

Age >> 15, Fifteen

Appearance >> In the middle of her teenage years, Georgina has, to her misfortune, slowed down considerably in her growth rate. Standing at the meager height of 5'0" and weighing in at 108, she is a small girl (to say the least.) Close family members and friends have taken the habit of calling her "Midget" or "Little Georgina." This is partially due to the fact that she has to look up to most people when talking... and they have to look down. The neighbors believe the girl to be rather malnourished, but due to her high metabolism she cannot gain much weight. Another suspicion others have is her lack meat in her diet, as she had proclaimed herself a vegetarian at the age thirteen. Whether from these reasons, bad genes, or something not too far off, no one really knows. It doesn't really matter, you see, because Little Georgina is more or less content with herself, and has long given up wishing on a falling star that she will be taller than her parents.

In an attempt to accommodate for her small figure, she was cursed blessed with bushy, curly red hair. Her mother had brown hair and her father had auburn. How the girl ended up with fiery red is beyond anyone's comprehension. In the morning her head is lost in a frizzy mess, but with lots of product and care she can tame the wild mane into silky curls that fall just past her shoulders. On days she just gives up you can find it tied up in a messy bun with a white ribbon. She can't use elastic hair ties with her thick hair, they break before she can wrap them around a third time. To keep stray strands from obscuring her vision she uses silver hair pins that normally have small designs on them. She also has a baby doll face with round cheeks, freckles, amber eyes, and creamy white skin.

Her attire -- and most of her closet -- consists of autumn colors. Browns, yellows, reds, and a few patches of green here and there. She abhors the color pink. Even suggesting that she put on the slightest tint of pink will earn you her disfavor. Any other color though and you're good. On normal occasions she wears long camouflage green pants, white long sleeved shirt, tan and brown sweater vest (knitted by her grandmother), a charm bracelet full of different types of leaf pendants, and over-sized garden boots. Though it all fits together nicely, her mother quite disapproves. She says that what Georgina wears is "no such dress for a lady!" If her mother had her way, and sometimes she did, Georgina would be wearing sundresses and skirts. The girl much prefers pants or shorts. Anything else feels rather uncomfortable.

Personality >> When she was born not a sound came out of her mouth. At first, everyone told Mr. and Mrs. Woodhouse that it was a "phase" the child would outgrow. They were absolutely confident their baby girl would soon be waking them up soon with her crying in the middle of the night. However, as a couple months came to pass, still no noise was heard. Her parents took her to a physician to see if there was a problem. Georgina was born mute. She can talk or sing, or laugh, or yell. She grew up learning how to live in a world full of sound without being able to respond or imitate any of it. She was taught Sign Language when she was old enough to understand and has been using that form of communication ever since. Despite this unfortunate occurrence in her life, Georgina chose to look on the bright side of things. She is quite the optimistic one. Even in times of doubt there is a smile upon her face and a solution in her mind.

Georgina is an artist. As she grew older she leaned towards this hobby the most, as it was one of the few ways she could truly express her feelings without a voice. She would sketch and paint many different things, and her proudest pictures were always hung up on her walls or across the house. She is extremely creative and has an eye for detail. The girl can spot out many different things others might look over or pass by. She is also very curious. If she sees something that intrigues her she will try her hardest to go and check it out. This also includes people, and she has a habit of dwelling into others personal lives. Though she seeks the knowledge, she won't let others know of the secretive discoveries. Gossip, rumors, and the like are well kept with this young lady.

She is a smart girl with wit to spare. She can go head on into challenges -- without any knowledge of it -- and seven out of ten times complete it or get far enough. She can memorize many things she sees, hears, or reads and uses anything she can to her advantage. Out of the box solutions are a normal thing for this fifteen year old. Strategy is her skill, but often she will forget the gut feeling. She will follow her head more often that her heart (or gut.)

In the social category, you couldn't quite define her as shy or a social butterfly. She is more in between. Georgina will keep to herself unless spoken to. It is rare that she will approach someone without first a little insight on their personality and behaviors. She likes to think that there is good in everyone.... but she knows that that isn't the truth, and is cautious of this. One can mention her art, or any subject including art, and she will definitely try to but in. Since not a lot of people know Sign Language she uses her sketch book to write down what she wants to say. She most often makes friends with the underdog of a group. Georgina is appalled by bullies and mean girls. She has a very strong sense of justice and will go out of her way to make sure good prevails over evil.

One thing most don't know about Georgina is that she is a Video Game fanatic. She has played everything from World of Warcraft to Zelda. She knows a lot about the inner workings of consoles and gaming platforms. Most would see her as a "fangirl" but in truth she considers herself more of a nerd/geek when it comes down to it. She knows everything and anything in a Video Game she has played, and can recite certain cut scenes or dialog. A dream of hers, should she not make it in the artistic world, is to become and Video Game designer -- as she has plenty of ideas for them.

History >> Georgina was born and raised on an 116 acre farm in North Yorkshire, England. She was the first and only child of Jonathan and Charlotte Woodhouse. The farmland was owned by her Grandparents but run and maintained by her parents and her. Most, thinking of a farm, thought it to be a not-so-luxurious life. However, their family was indeed wealthy and they used their assets to hire work for the farm, so in reality the Woodhouse family didn't do much of the true farming. Georgina grew up rather privileged and was expected to act like a Lady. She was forbidden to go near any of the farm animals other than the horses (but she never obeyed that rule.) Being the only child, her mother was extremely overprotective. Not to mention she tried to spoil her daughter every chance she got. Georgina often grew annoyed by her mother because Charlotte saw her daughter's muteness as a weakness, and sought often to shelter her daughter from the "cruel world" out there. Due to this, Georgina often rejected the help of her mother and sought to be independent in any way she could.

Her father was hardly home, but he loved her dearly, and when he did hang out with her they always had the funnest times. She has many fond memories of them together, and most of them are covered in mud. Her mother would always get so angry with them for getting dirty. She had a strained relationship with her mother, and it got worse when she was enrolled in High School. Charlotte wanted a tutor for her, but Georgina fought and fought to be able to go. She didn't have a terrible experience in school. In fact, it was quite pleasant. She had a close group of friends who shared the same interests.

Her life, as she saw it, was nice -- but a little boring at times. She often wanted to be transported into the world of the Games she played or Books she read. Her parents noticed a favorite of hers as she grew up: Pokémon. The girl would pretend to be a trainer and use one of their horses to play her "Rapidash." In these play-pretend games she would always come out triumphant in battles and defeat the enemy that was Team Rocket. She was excited, to say the least, when she was presented the chance to test the newest Pokémon game Pokémon VR: Game of Chance. Without the consent from her parents she eagerly jumped on the opportunity.

__ POKÈMON world

Alias >> Melody (username/screen named VoiceofMelody)

Gender >> Female

Age >> 13, Thirteen

Appearance >> When Georgina made her avatar, she wanted her to be beautiful and perfect. She took longer than most would to create it, because she was trying to make a spitting image of what her mother always wanted.... and lovely young daughter, who could speak. So with extra care she created the persona of "Melody", a thirteen year old girl who is 5'5" with a healthily thin athletic body. The avatar had long, knee length snow-white hair, dark blue eyes, and pale white skin. There was not a sign of cosmetics besides a slight hint of mascara, to darken the long lashes.

To get further away from any connection between Georgina and Melody, instead of autumn she dressed the avatar in colors of Winter. Melody wore a long steel gray coat (that fit close to her figure) that had a rather large collar on it, with white stripes going down the front and back of it, and it hung just after the knee. It was adorned with gold borders around the edges. The coat was cut off on at the shoulders, but she wore arm covers that matched perfectly, and white gloves. On her legs were silver stockings that went all the way up to her thighs and high heeled white boots. Underneath she wore a gray knitted sleeveless turtleneck shirt, with gray cargo shorts to match. All of that -- besides the neck of the shirt -- was hidden completely beneath the coat. To carry supplies and other objects, she had a blue messenger bag.

While making the avatar, Georgina mused that Melody was the "Goddess of Frost" because of the regal appearance the avatar had. She liked the idea of having some sort of majestic name, but her mind was stuck on Melody and after minutes of silent debate it won over. This avatar wasn't created to be a different version of Georgina, it was created to be completely different person that she could "be" instead. She wanted no part of herself found on the outside appearances.

Starter Pokémon >> Pikachu

Pokédex Color >> Midnight Blue and White, #191970 #FFFFFF

roleplay sample
(Note: This is from March 14th, 2011. I do not have any that is of this year recent, so this is an outdated sample -- for that I must apologize. .)

Sample from Path to Light and Darkness GM'd by §acred†Beo!

Katrina let off a sigh of relief when the shaking Pokeball came to a close. Though in her heart she already knew the Pidove wouldn't resist much, and instead he merely gave up. As if he wanted to be caught all along, just put her through a test first. When he screeched he probably said something along the lines of "Let's see if you can get me down from here!" Well, she did. Technically Serene got him down but Kat is just going to go with a Team effort sort of thing. No one person will get the glory.

Of course Serene wasn't too happy as she let go on the branch and landed gracefully on the ground. She stuck up her snout and turned away from the lifeless Pokeball as if it was nothing special. Kat of course felt differently. Another Pokemon to add to her team! Two in one day. It may not be much but she felt like it was something. With a smile she pressed the Pokeball button once more to release her newly caught Pidove.

The bird Pokemon returned to reality with a flash of light, and he extended his wings just for show.

"Hey there little guy, welcome to the team!" Katrina said happily, "You need a name. . . I got one; Cyclone?"

Unlike Serene, he didn't debate this decision at all. The moment that name escaped her lips he jumped up and flapped his wings downwards excitedly. Kat couldn't help but laugh at the show. He was certainly a strange one, but he would fit right in with them both regardless.

Katrina wasn't one for Pokeballs. She knows tons of other Trainers use them not only to catch the Pokemon, but to keep them there as well. She completely disagreed with trapping the poor things inside there for who knows how long. So instead of returning Cyclone, her new Pidove, she left him out. He chirped with joy and fluttered up to nest gently on her shoulder. He didn't weight much so it hardly bothered her when he did it.

Suddenly the sky started to light up in colors of pink, orange, and yellow. They melted into the light blue and painted the white clouds along with it. Katrina loved the sunset and all of its beauty. Nothing can compare to it, not even the sunrise. Though both in their own rights are equally beautiful. However, the sunset meant more than a show. It signaled that night was approaching and her first day in a new life was coming to a close to make room for the next.

"O-kay, that means we need a camp." Kat told her Pokemon, brushing off her leggings.

Cyclone chirped and Serene purred in agreement. She picked the bird from her shoulder and set him down safely on the ground. Thankfully she had come prepared - all credit of that goes to her parents. They knew there would be times like this when you have to sleep in a tent for the night so they forced her to bring along a pack of supplies. She dug the folded up tent out of a backpack and started to piece it together.

"Uh, does this go through this? No that's not right. Aha! It goes through that."

Those were the things she kept saying as she pitched the tent. It was like a puzzle piece and sometimes the pieces just didn't fit quite right. Sometimes it was due to Serene laying on something and hiding it from the world. In those cases Katrina would bark at the feline and retrieve the correct pieces. After about an hour the tent was up and the sun was now setting in the distance.

"Good work, team." She said to her Pokemon, even though all they did was get in the way.

She looked proudly over the dark green tent, checking one last time for stability. After that confirmation she rustled her way inside to unroll the sleeping bag. That didn't take near as long as the tent. Unroll, unzip, plop down a pillow, and there you go. Kat settled into the comfy bag under a warm tent. Serene jumped on top of her and turned in circles before laying down to snore away the day. Katrina huffed at the Pokemon and turned to see where her Pidove was. Cyclone was perched atop of sleeping bag - that of which only stood about a foot or two off the ground. Still, he was happy and asleep.

"Goodnight, Serene. Goodnight, Cyclone." She whispered to her Pokemon before slowly closing her eyes.

She started to drift into the darkness, but the peaceful silence didn't last long. A terrified scream echoed all around causing Katrina to jump in fear. That lead to a Purrloin flying off a sleeping bag and face-plant into the ground. Without hesitation, and without thinking it through, Katrina leaped into action and flew out of the comfort of her tent. Not too far off she could make out the silhouette of a young girl. She had along with her a flash light that also reveal three Pokemon standing in front of the girl.

Katrina came skidding to a stop just a few feet away to view the scene. There she saw that the girl was actually being attacked by this pack of Pokemon. Thankfully Cyclone and Serene had followed their Trainer out of the tent. Though the moon was high and Kat was so looking forward to a good night's sleep, she knew she had to do the right thing and protect the helpless girl from these foul Pokemon. Turning towards her two Teammates she saw the same look upon their faces as her own. Well, they were all in this together.

First though Katrina had to find out exactly what these things were. One use of the Pokedex could do exactly that.

Scout Pokemon
"Using food stored in cheek pouches, they can keep watch for days. They use their tails to communicate with others."

[LEFT][Interesting Pokemon, but what do they want with the girl?] Katrina wondered to herself. It was then she realize why these Pokemon chose this girl to prey on. One the ground was a freshly wrapped bundle of fruit, jut lying there without a care. One of the Patrat's, closest to the bag, had bulges in his cheeks. That could only mean they were stealing food. Stealing was unacceptable in Kat's book so now she definitely had to do something.

"Cyclone, Serene, you two have to work together on this alright?" She asked the two.

Both the Pidove and the Purrloin sized each other up before agreeing to the task. However, how well could a Bird and a Cat work together? Almost seemed impossible. It was now or never though.

"Alright, Cyclone take to the air and stir up a nice gust of wind," Katrina ordered. "Serene, you stay on the ground and pick the target that is the most disturbed by the wind and take him using scratch! We need to get them one at a time."

The Pokemon instantly leaped into action. The Pidove jumped off the ground and flapped down his wings hard to gain momentum into the air. Once he was up there he slowly started to spin in circles around the three Patrats, and getting lower with each circle. He was now only about a foot off the ground and extended a wing to just barely touch the ground. First Katrina was unsure what exactly it was that he was doing, but it became clear when the dust started to stir.

In no time Cyclone had created somewhat of a tornado encasing the Patrats inside, looking stunned. He then left the wall of dust and flew higher into the sky, flapping his wings towards the foes. His powerful wings shoved air currents at the Patrats, knocking them on their butts. They were blinded by the dust and pinned by the wind. Remarkable.

That was when Serene decided to make her move. The feline leaped through the dust wall unharmed and came down upon one of the more helpless Patrats, outstretching her claws and raking them down its back. It cried out in severe pain as the attacks continued. The others tried to get up and help their pack member but Cyclone held firm and blew them back down every time.

Finally the Patrat Serene was attacking gave up the struggled and ran away from the rest of them. Things were going well. However, it didn't stay that way for long. Serene chose another target and went to scratch him up like she did the other. Except right then Cyclone's flaps faltered and just for a moment the wind current was gone. This gave both Patrats left the time to make their own moves and each leaped out of the way of Cyclone's attack and used a Tackle move on Serene.

The two Patrats came crashing down atop of the feline and she cried out in surprise.

"Serene!" Katrina yelled in fear.

The dust circle walls settled back on the ground so there was nothing keeping them in one place. The Patrats were fast and kept their constant attack upon the Purrloin, who tried to get up and was knocked back down every time again and again.

"Cyclone, do something!" Kat said to the bird, not knowing what to do herself.

The Pidove stood in midair for a moment to think. Supposedly he devised a plan and switched positions. He then started to thrust his wings harder and faster, creating stronger air currents before. Aimed directly at the Patrats! The enemy Pokemon were off their guard and both got hit by the strong air currents and went flying a few feet away. They both landed with a thunk that sounded like it hurt. Which it did because the moment the two Patrats got on their feet they ran.

Katrina yelped with happiness and pumped a fist into the air. After a moment of celebration she realize something else; Serene hadn't gotten up yet. There was a fearful clutch in her stomach as she raced over to her Pokemon. When she got there she saw that the Purrloin was breathing and had her eyes still open - that was a good sign.

"You did great, girl. Rest now." Katrina told her, stroking Serene's fur.

Kat then turned to Cyclone and praised him as well. He was brilliant in his planning and thanks to him they won this battle. Behind Kat the young girl tackled her and gave her a giant hug before pulling away.

“I’d like you to have something, but you must accept first or I won’t be able to give it to you.” Said the girl.

Katrina thought about this for a moment. Accepting a gift before knowing what it was? Well, it wasn't much different from wrapped presents on your birthday. Yet something was off about this.

"What is it?" Kat asked.

“Oh, why it’s just this,” The girl says, putting her arms behind her and then bringing them in front to reveal a strange black ruby attached to a string necklace. “So will you accept my gift?”

It was beautiful. The black ruby sparkled in the moonlight and it matched beautifully with the silver chain.

"Of course! Thank you so much!" Katrina said, and reached out to grab it and fastened it around her neck.

She turned back about to ask the little girl if she needed someone to walk her home, but she had vanished without a trace!

"O-kay, today has been. . . awkward." Katrina said to herself.

Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind, or forgotten.

GM to A Pokémon Journey: The Road to Victory

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_real world
Name| Dahlia Roca
Gender| Female
Age| 17

Dahlia is a 17 year old who is about 5'7, weighing about 145 pounds. 'I guess someone should lay off the cake, huh?' she say, joking about her weight. As for her skin tone, it's a slightly beige skin color. Fortunately for her, it wasn't the time for her to get any blemishes yet, but soon, she will dread the day. As for her feet that has 5 toes on each foot, and her hands that have 5 fingers with each hand, they weren't very wide or long; they were in fact, pretty small compared to her mother's and fathers. Also, while Dahlia's natural hair color is black, Dahlia really loves to dye her hair now and then. Most of the time, her hair is green because it's simply her favorite color. That, and so she can go cos-play someone whenever she wanted. In any case, she would also twist and braid her hair into a sort of goldy-lock style. Her hair is still pretty long though - it reaches towards her mid bust. Speaking of her bust size, she's flat chested. But hey. She would say, 'No one cares about that. Right...? R-right?!'

When she is not cos-playing, she would wear a casual outfit. Dahlia usually likes to wear a white dress shirt which is more or less ironed and washed every day. This white dress shirt has black buttons with a stable collar. It's not too long as well; it reaches to the end of Dahlia's mid-section. With this dress shirt, she would wear a short silk black tie that's pretty much the same color as her buttons. She likes this dress shirt / tie combo as a means to give people a good impression of her - that she's very formal, friendly, and reliable to talk with. As for her bottom attire, she wears a long light-green skirt that drops down to her ankle. Sometimes, she does wear shorter skirts, but, her green dress is more or less her favourite, simply because it's the color green. She also wears white dress shoes with a golden buckle on them, with thin white socks that goes along this.

As for her accessories, she wears two large, red hair sphere-like braid-supports on her hair, to obviously support her braided hair. She also wears a silver bracelet from a local convenience store, not very much as a fashion accessory, but, with she knew that the silver bracelet will un-attract a warewolf, should one come by someday. Finally, Dahlia wears glasses that she wears everyday, and every night before she goes to bed, since she does not wear contact lenses yet. Dahlia always hated glasses, however, she had no choice - she was as blind as a zubat when she does not wear them both at day, and night.

Personality| A kind, ditzy, and headstrong individualist by nurture, if perhaps not by nature, Dahlia is usually very opinionated and certainly isn't shy about making those opinions known.

Her manner of speaking and vocabulary is unrefined to say the least, originally trained to throw telemarketers looking for a well-educated little rich girl off her trail but now as natural to her as breathing. Dahlia usually just slurs random words together, hoping to make a complete sentence that would make sense. For example, 'What in the name of Sanatarian Bobcats!" would be her trademark phrase whenever she is surprised about something. She also has really big problems with rhetorical phrases, such as 'toad in the hole', and 'make like a tree and leave'. She would often put them in a more literal light - one night she would stick her tongue out openly, even to her parents, because she wanted to prove that a cat has not indeed caught her tongue. More or less, it's unpredictable on what she would say next - she would say just about anything that speaks her mind whenever she wishes and in whatever way she wishes, which typically includes a good bit between joking around, and comical literalness. This, combined with her quirky and eccentric nature, makes Dahlia a rather interesting person to befriend.

She likes to open up to people and it usually takes a short while for her to really consider anyone a friend. Get on her bad side, though, and you had better make amends fast before she takes them out of your hide. For instance, any smart remarks about Dahlia's bust size might earn a person a bone crusher submission move on - a wrestling submission move that Dahlia uses to perform on people, comically it may be, it's said to be so painful that people would apologize in 5 seconds when the move is being used on them. The best way to get on Dahlia's good side though, is perhaps bring up a discussion about manga, anime, and even Otaku. Dahlia loves the japenese anime - she would even dress as her favourite characters, as a means to cos-play as them. Even in video gaming, she would dress as the characters she would play the most - most specifically, some characters in the pokemon video games.

She's quite the eccentric when it comes to the occult. That's right - she believes in werewolves, vampires, evil mummies, and so on. Of course, while the average person would argue that none of those creatures exist, Dahlia would always be the one trying to prove and say that they do indeed exist - whether it be trying to book a flight to Transylvania to leaving cookies out for a wolf in a forest during a full moon. However, that doesn't mean she likes ghosts. In fact, she does not like ghosts at all - so much she refuses to believe ghosts exist. More to her eccentricity, she loves fairy tale endings. For instance, she likes to imagine a handsome, brave knight coming to rescue her someday if she's ever in danger, or put to work. She also imagines other possible fairy tale endings in the real world, like someday, she'll kiss a frog prince to be his bride, or maybe she'll slay a dragon. Of course, being in the real world, she knows that it'll obviously never happen, but a girl could dream. Don't get her started on story telling - she LOVES to tell quirky fairy tale stories - just a means to create a random moment to cheer everyone up, or sometimes, presenting a fact when she is having a conversation with someone.

Speaking of brides, she has an undying urge to find a date, to become a future bride and get married, but has yet to successfully maintain a long-term relationship with someone. She always devotes herself to every man she dates but they always seem to end up breaking up with her. Some say she's too weird, some say she's too serious. More so, the reason of this is because that Dahlia put so much devotion into the relationship that the men become so overwhelmed with pressure that they feel the obligation to run away from her. However, Dahlia denies this, and finds it hard to believe that she is the source of the problem. She has once even become so desperate for love that she almost decided to marry a bathroom tub, seeing it as something that is accepting of anything and everything.

She also loves machinery - which includes going on the computer, watching T.V, and playing video games, even looking at really advanced machinery she barely sees before. However, while she admires looking and part-taking with them, she is often an airhead on advanced schematics. One of her favorite past time is to pull apart and dismantle old cellphones, seeing all of the circuit try before trying to put it back together - which she fails to do 100% of the time. In fact, most machines in her home are broken and replaced / fixed, because Dahlia takes them apart but fails to fix them.

Likes | Dislikes in a nutshell:
+ Pokémon
+ Unconditional kindness
+ Honesty
+ Manga
+ Technology
+ Story Telling
+ Video Games
+ Anything Sweet to Eat
+ Cos-Play
+ Donuts
+ The Occult
+ Iced Coffee
+ Joking Around with others
+ Self-relevancy
+ Being around friends
+ Dying her hair
+ Cake
+ Fantasy
+ The color Green
+ Love
+ Friendly Sarcasm
+ Cats

- Work
- Suck-ups
- Conceded people
- Bossy people
- Arrogant people
- Loud-mouthed braggarts
- Ghosts (MUST DIE...but they are sort of dead already)
- Teddy bears
- Clowns
- Dancing
- Break-ups
- Closed-mindedness

History| Dahlia was born in London, England, being the only daughter to her mother, an accountant, and father, vice-president of a small company. So, that meant that Dahlia was almost always the center of attention to his parents, even when it came to spoiling her. However, as Dahlia grew older, it also only meant more work for her to do. It included chores around the house, even part-time jobs to earn extra cash - which included baby-sitting and house-cleaning. However, that work resulted in Dahlia often arguing with her parents, since she does not like being put to work all that much. However, while Dahlia's relationship with her hard-working parents was not the nicest, Dahlia always had her ways to cope by and by with her life. For one thing, she read fairy tales day and night when she was younger, alongside playing pokemon since she loved the pokemon - it reminded her of those warewolves that she read in a fairy tail one time.

Dahlia became enrolled in high-school when she was 13, having a small group of friends. With her friends, she begun to have a great interest in all things anime, and manga related, which was often the topic of discussion between herself, and her friends. Soon, she even brought cos-play outfits to her school; even when it's not Halloween, or any other event. People thought it was weird at first, however, they soon accepted that... eh. It was just her. She even soon dyed her hair every week - green being her favourite, since it was of course, her favourite color.

Dahlia a few years later had a date that she had a crush on for years, however, her heart was soon broken as she was soon dumped by her ex-boyfriend for 'a prettier girl that doesn't freak me out'. Dahlia was devastated for weeks, which she was left at a point on where she didn't want to talk with anyone, or do anything. Soon she found herself with many more relationships... only to turn up in disappointment. She soon realized she wanted to escape reality - to a place where everything was happily ever after...like a fairy tale. That was when one day while checking her e-mail, she noticed an e-mail from the address [email protected]', offering her a chance to beta-test a new pokemon game. She love pokemon - which gave her a chance to put her mind at ease from the break up, and perhaps put reality behind for a while.

* * * *

_pokemon world
Alias| Nabooru (Her username being Magical Mermaid Nabooru)
Gender| Female
Age| 13

Appearance| In the pokemon world, Dahlia's avatar, or in this case - Nabooru, is a 13 year old who is about 5'4, weighing about 106 pounds. Dahlia usually creates characters based on anime-like video games; in this case, Dahlia wanted to make her avatar resemble Nanaly, since she was her favourite video game character. Also, this character was going to represent Dahlia's strong will, with passion that helps her spark through out her obstacles in this game. It was a strange feeling - while Dahlia created this character, she felt more...confident.

While Dahlia wasn't really the type to wear cosmetics, her avatar wears ruby red lipstick gleamed on her lips. In fact, the lipstick was the only thing that matched up her fiery red and frizzy hair. Dahlia made her avatar's hair red, because red is a corresponding color with green, her favourite color. The hair is naturally frizzy, so there wasn't really a need to comb or brush it as much as the average person. Her hair is pretty long, and like Dahlias, even as pigtails, which they reach towards her hips. Her eyebrows are about the same color, which weren't very bushy or slim; they were about average in length and width. Her skin color is slightly tanned, being a lighter beige color then a person who is Hispanic. If one were to gaze on her eyes, they'll see that they are a light blue color. She normally doesn't wear fake eye lashes, but, her natural eyelashes in this world are pretty long anyway. Her nose is a precious little thing - it's long, but not very wide.

Again, Dahlia wanted to base her avatar's outfit from Nanaly, however, at the same time, she wanted her avatar's outfit to resemble her casual attire, so it'll feel like she was -more- in the actual game herself. Except this time, she didn't have to have to wear glasses for her avatar in this game (score!). So, her avatar wears a black neck brace, which Dahlia wanted to protect her avatar from say, random bites on the neck. She also wears a brown chest plate along with brown shoulder guards that are the same color, so that she won't feel as subconscious about her avatar's chest size - not that she would shyly care about hers! For her hands, she wears long yellow gloves that extends past her shoulders. For her bottom attire, she wears a yellow open dress that's the same color as her gloves, in which this dress would extend to her ankles. She chose this dress because, well, it's simply like Dahlia's favorite green one. Beneath her dress, she wears black shorts, which were just regular black shorts - since these shorts would always show whenever she wears the dress. This dress is also customized with a red belt with a blue buckle, that supports it all together. Finally for her foot wear, she wears long white boots that extend to her knee caps. The white boots resembled Dahlia's white dress shoes - both the same color, and both with the same lining.

Starter Pokémon| Eevee

Personality traits that Eevee and Dahlia / Nabooru share:
+ Ditzyness
+ Open-mindded ness
+ Kindess
+ Small Temper Quirks
+ Pretty much everything else save occult beliefs

Pokédex Color| Red

roleplay sample

Meanwhile, at the northern edge of the market, a big black truck that had some sort of a red fox painted on the side of the truck, stood on the opposite side of the street. People gave it strange looks as it passed by; after all, cars and trucks weren't common here, except for some farmers who had machines to help them in their work. Pokémon driven carriages was the normal way to transport things in the slowly moving Arcanum. Guarding the truck were groups of men and women, both Arcanians and foreigners.

"How boring..." one of the female guards remarked to another guard, as the guards dressed in dark clothes guarding the trucks seemed bored. "You'd think as we got here, we'd be in for some great entertainment."

"Heh, guess we'll have to make some fun of our own," another guard chuckled, facing the people around that were observing them. Then, with a deep, cocky tone, he asked, "Any of you chumps want to battle?"

"I WOULD LIKE TO BATTLE!" shouted one of the younger male villagers causing the two guards to flinch at his enthusiasm. "But... I have no pokemon." he added, suddenly depressed. The male guard raised an eyebrow at him; his mood swings were... interesting. Darn kids.

"If I battle you, do you PROMISE to leave my oranges alone?" Another villager asked. "My oranges have been stolen for 10 years!"

"You idiot," the female guard hissed. "We just got here; we've had nothing to do with your stolen oranges. Besides; how do you know they were stolen?"

"BUT-- THEY WERE STOLEN! I JUST KNOW IT!" he insisted, stomping on the ground in his frustrations and stubbornness. "I HAD THEM IN MY HANDS, I TOOK THEM TO BED, I HUGGED THEM WHILE I SLEPT AND NOW THEY'RE GONE!"

"You fool!" another villager remarked. "Why would you hug your oranges?!"

"Because he is giving them love, stupid!" another replied.

"Don't call me stupid, stupid!" the villager demanded. "You're so stupid that in the next 10 seconds when I give you a knuckle sandwich, you'll think it would be delicious!"

"Maybe I think it will be! What's it too you?!"

"Shut up!"

"No, YOU shut up!"

"Shut your FACE!"

"I'll shut YOUR face with his oranges!"


"No stupid, SHUT UP!"

"I can't believe you don't know how to SHUT UP!"

"OKAY, EVERYONE JUST SHUT UP!" the female guard ordered, as everyone did indeed... shut up. "Thank you."

"Let's begin the battles!" the male guard announced.


Soon, Lynn and her pokemon were strolling through the street, until they all saw a huge crowd. Lynn, being a curious type that she is, decided to investigate. All she heard was the sounds of shouting, and the cries of pokemon. She weaved and squired her way through the crowd,until she saw in a more opened space, a bonsly being knocked around by a squirtle's water gun.

"Slyyyyy!" (Okay, okay, I'm sorry for making fun of turtles pleeeease stop!) the Bonsly begged.

"Squirtle!" (Damn right you are! Turtles are the greatest thing ever!) Squirtle hissed, as he continued to use his Water Gun, hosing the Bonsly down. Soon, the Bonsly fainted, as rock pokemon really hate water. Lynn never knew why, in fact, she often wondered how rock pokemon could have baths.

"No, Bonslyyyy!" a teenaged boy cringed, who soon afterwards, returned his fainted bonsly back into it's pokeball. He soon angrily turned to the man who was dressed in a dark outfit; the male guard. "Curse you! I'll get you for this!"

The man smirked. "Who's next?" He wondered. Lynn silently looked on, to the battles that soon took place.

After Konan, the next challenger, proclaimed that his market's products was cheap and had great wagon parking, he sent out his Wooper, a pokemon that loved to dance to please customers. He was battling a female guard with dark clothing, as she sent out a Bulbasaur to counter the Wooper's water attacks. Wooper began it's trademark dancing as everyone in the crowd clapped,being pleased with the performance, Bulbasaur declared that his 'bulb was not amused', and used Vine Whip to try and slap the Wooper silly, making the Wooper jump up and down to avoid the attacks. Everyone thought that this was part of the act, however, that point became moot when Bulbasaur used a Tackle attack the instant Wooper jumped once again, making the Wooper slam right on the ground, faint. The crowd was not pleased as they started to boo, but Bulbasaur then roared that once again, 'I have a bulb; your arguments are INVALID!'

Next, a challenger was a girl named Miyouri who dragged her seemingly cowardly Poochyena by the tail, up towards the truck. She was battling a male guard who sent out his Charmander from it's pokeball. As soon as Poochyena caught sight of the 'vicious' Charmander, it tackled the girl who dropped a pokeball, as used the tip of it's nose to open the pokeball, sending the Poochyena inside. Miyouri frustratingly threw Poochyena's pokeball, sending out Poochyena again, demanding it to battle. Poochyena caught sight of the Charmander once again, who without any options, growled softly and waved it's tail as viciously as it could. Shortly before the male guard could even order an attack, the Poochyena fainted out of pure fear.

In the third battle, the challenger was a male named Zack who constantly reminded everyone that he was a Broski. 'You can't beat me because I'm a broski!!' he would shout. Of course, no one actually knew what a broski was, so they didn't really take him seriously. Zack sent out a Magby who loved to fist pump in the air, while the same male guard who battled last time sent out the familiar Squirtle to counter Magby's fire attacks. The Magby, chanting 'Whoo! Whoo Whoo!' as it released it's Ember attack, was only countered by the Squirtle's Water Gun, hitting it square on the face. 'Are you serious, bro?!' Zack said in shock, as the Squirtle, proclaiming that turtles are the greatest, tackled the Magby, causing it to faint. 'Turtles before... Brotles.' The squirtle claimed afterward.

"Flare," (That Magby was a disgrace,) Flareon remarked.

"Pan..." (Their idiocy did show now bound...) Pansage added.

"Who are these guys?" Lynn asked a scruffy looking man beside her, as she glanced back at their truck. "That red fox... I've never a logo like seen it before."

"Indeed; they just appeared out of the blue," the man replied. "These guys have been challenging everyone left and right, and no one knows why. I've heard that thy are undefeated too."

Squirtle, Bulbasaur, and Charmander... Lynn thought. I read that in the book: The Tales of Pokemon. Supposedly, far away, you can start out with those pokemon on a journey... hm.

"We've still got some time to kill," the male guard announced. He soon peered into Lynn's eyes, as Lynn cringed. "You wanna be next?"

Lynn gulped. "Uh... okay, you're on. Flareon, Marill, Pansage, let's go... where are they?" Lynn then said, searching around for her pokemon.

Flareon, Pansage, and Marill were all sitting by a fruit vendor, as they saw a teenaged girl and boy, walking by, in which soon they stopped to view the fruit merchandise.

"Mmmm... These apples look good!" the teenage boy beamed. He picked up an apple from the basket, and took a bite out of it. The vendor was vexed.

"Sir! You need to pay!" the vendor demanded.

"...How come I have to pay?" the boy whined.

"You can't take something from a store without paying!" the girl explained. "This region, or the next; you have to pay for all your goods!"

"Hey! If you won't pay, I'm going to have you arrested!" the vendor warned.

"No one said anything about not paying!" the boy grumbled. "So.. how much does this cost anyway?"

"4 coins per apple," the vendor said. "You've got the money, don't you?"

The boy then reached for his pocket, got out three coins, and handed them over. However, the vendor coughed, signalling that it was not enough.

"What? Isn't that all you need?" the boy said.

"Geez, don't you know math?" the girl asked sarcastically. As she slapped her forehead with her right hand. "If I had 3 coins, plus one more coin, how many would I have?"

"W-wait, I know this one!" answered the boy. "Three plus that one coin! See? I told you I knew!"

"Three plus that one coin," the girl repeated, shaking her head with a sigh. "If I added THAT coin to the three, how many would I have?" the girl even hinted at the number four, by showing the boy four fingers, while very softly, yet constantly whispering, 'four... four...'

"OH YEAH! Uh.. a few coins?"

"Flare..." (He’s rivaling the two idiots we saw battling before in stupidity...)

"Marill!" (Mr. Cloud said that guy is winning!)

"Marill! Pansage! Flareon! Where are you?!" called Lynn's voice, from a few feet away.

"Sage..." (Time to go back...) Pansage sighed, as he was not looking forward to watching more battles.


However, much to Pansage's surprise, it was now his, and Lynn's turn to battle the guards. Lynn stepped forward, as she saw that she was battling the female guard. The female guard smirked.

"My, aren't you a cute little thing," she mocked. "If I'm not careful... you might just eat me up!"

"Um, I'm afraid the swallow-up-alot spirit has prevented me from doing that," Lynn retorted. "Not that I would resort to cannibalism anyway."

"Hey idiot, it was just a figure of speech," the female sneered. She then took out two pokeballs. "Since you have three pokemon, why don't we have a double battle? If one of our first two pokemon is knocked out, then we send out the third one. The person who has all three of their pokemon faint first is the loser. Caprice?"

"Understood," Lynn grasped. "Pansage, Flareon, get ready!"

"Sage..." (You know, I never did get that payment in bananas for battling...) Pansage mumbled, upon him and Flareon standing ready to battle.

"Go! Squirtle and Charmander!" the guard cried, throwing her two pokeballs. The first pokeball released a familiar Squirtle to Lynn, rubbing it's shell and stretching before getting ready. It then blinked at the two, Flareon and Pansage.

"Squirtle! Squirt!" (You two are not turtles! You must DIE!)

"Flareon!" (Not if I BURN you first!)

The second pokeball released a cheerful Charmander, as it ran in place, warming up before the inevitable battle. It then did a back flip, followed up with a few head warm ups before it became fully ready.

"Chaaaaaaarmander!" (Alllllright, dum all over, yes we are!)

"Sage?" (What?)

"Charmander!" (Dum all over, near and far!)

Pansage blinked as he turned to Flareon. "Sage Pan--" (Don't underestimate them. Maybe if we can get the jump on them with some slow, careful strategy, we can get the upper hand to avoid their attacks and we can follow up with a counter--)

"Flareon!" (Too late, this is more fun!) Before Lynn could issue a command, Flareon started to release his Flamethrower upon the two pokemon,causing Squirtle to Withdraw to his shell, and forcing Charmander to leap out of the way.

"Ugh, Flareon, I didn't give the signal yet!" Lynn glared, followed up with a sigh. Although at this point, I shouldn't be surprised, she then thought. Well, since Flareon started anyway, Lynn suppose that she could give the first move. "Pansage, use Vine Whip on Squirtle!"

The sign that Pansage obeyed began as he released it's Vine Whip upon Squirtle's Withdrawn shell. However, unfazed from the protection of the shell, Squirtle soon rose, standing back up.

"Squirtle, use Tackle on Pansage!" declared the guard after the Vine Whip failure. The small turtle pokemon charged forward towards Pansage, or as quickly as it's short, blue legs with a shell on him back could allow him anyways...

"Pansage - dodge!" countered Lynn without hesitation. Pansage leaped out of Squirtle's way with ease, causing Squirtle to almost trip and fall from coming so fast, only to miss. "Use Vine whip again!" Lynn ordered, hoping that Pansage's Vine Whip would do more damage this time, however, before the attack could hit, the Squirtle withdrew to it's shell again, blocking the attack.

"Charmander - Ember on Pansage!" the guard commanded. Charmander took a deep breath, chanting on how dum everyone is, and blew out sprays of volcanic ember swarms.

"Flareon - counter with Flamethrower!" ordered by Lynn. Flareon blew his red hot Flamethrower, blowing away Charmander's ember with ease. Flareon continued his Flamethrower maneuver, as an attempt to scorch the Charmander. Charmander was able to jog, skip, and hop out of the way, even at one point where the Charmander was in front of the crowd as people had to duck to avoid Flareon's misfire. Soon, Flareon stopped.

"Flare...Eon," (Pretty fast for a lizard...unlike that turtle there,) Flareon taunted, trying to provoke Squirtle to slip.
"Squirtle, Squirt!" (Hey, that's rude! You are pretty rude!) Squirtle shouted as it recovered.

"Flareon!" (And turtles are pretty ugly!)

"SQUIRT?!" (WHAT?!) Squirtle shrieked. "Squirt--" (What did you just say--)

"Pansage," (He said that turtles are ugly,) Pansage said calmly as he rubbed his ears. "Sage, Pan." (If I may add that you certainly are not going to be much faster - or prettier with that big shell on your back.)

"Tle - Squirtle!" (You - Charmander, help me out here!) Squirtle asked, upon turning to his teammate.

"Charmander, Char!" (Don't worry Squirtle, I think turtles are dum!) Charmander happily said as an attempt to complement Squirtle. However, it was soon rewarded with a infuriated Squirtle's Water Gun straight on the face, knocking it out on the spot. It's last words, was Water is dum.

"Wh-?! NO MY FLAME LIZARD!" the female guard shrieked. "Damn it, Squirtle! What have I told you?!" Lynn could do nothing but blink as the female guard frustratingly sent out her next pokemon: a know-it-all bulbasaur who was obsessed with it's bulb.

"Bulbasaur!" (You can't beat me because I have a bulb! Your arguments are INVALID!) he declared upon entering the fray.

"Flare?" (A bulbasaur? Pffft!)

I guess I can use Flareon's Flamethrower to attack that Bulbasaur...
Lynn thought. I can also use Pansage to cover Flareon's Water weakness... I think I'm in a good position! Lynn then smirked, issuing her next order. "Flareon - Flamethrower! The fire spirit shall protect you!"

Flareon, still unable to figure out the existence of this 'fire spirit', still threw his hot-blooded flamethrower towards the bulbasaur and squirtle, causing them both to duck out of the way.

"Bulba!" (How dare you try to burn my precious bulb!) Bulbasaur yelled. "Pansage - Use Scratch on Squirtle!" Commanded Lynn, as she planned on stacking mor edamage to the Squirtle before giving it the final blow. Pansage started hoping towards it, sticking out it's claws, prepared to deliver a scratch.

"Squirtle, Water Gun!" the female guard countered. Squirtle released his watery jet move - Water Gun, forcing Pansage to be knocked back, but not enough for a serious hit. "Now - Bulbasaur - Tackle!" she then commanded. Bulbasaur, said to be gaining energy from his bulb, rushed over to the staggered Pansage, hitting it square on the nose before Pansage could move out of the way. Soon Pansage fainted, who didn't even get the bananas he wanted.

"Return, Pansage," Lynn said, taking out Pansage's pokeball, returning it inside for a rest. Darn, so much for my plan... perhaps Venus has been enlightened and the water spirits are more powerful... Lynn then turned to Marill, who was busy idling nearby. "Marill, I need you!"

"Flare..." (Oh please, no...) Flareon wished. However, much to his dismay, Marill agreed to Lynn's request, and hopped and waddled her way over towards the battlefield.

"Mar!" (Mr. Cloud and I are ready!) she announced. Oh boy, this was not going to end well.

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Originally Posted by Rokusasu View Post
... Wait, so do we choose our starters ourselves or are they chosen for us? I assumed the former by the way it was worded in the sign-up sheet.
You can choose for yourself OOC but your character won't know until they open the pokéball IC. I added that to the SU sheet, sorry for the confusion :3

Omg so many people wanting to sign up! It'll be hard to choose, but I do want the players that are the most determined to play and have fun AND to finish this RP before several years has passed by...

I won't ask for you guys to post several times a day; I know I won't have time to do that xD Probably not even every day. But there shall be no such thing as one or two posts a month - if you feel like it could come down to that, regarding your posting pace, then maybe think twice about joining :3 I sound like I'm chasing people away, I don't mean to hmm

Having an interesting character will up your chances, obviously. Create your SU carefully :3
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It's fine. xD I just had a mini panic for a second but no worries~ I shall wait patiently lol Roku doesn't know what that word means for the result.
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If there's still a spot, may I reserve?
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May I reserve a spot as well? I can't help myself. XD
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you dun good ;3

I'll get to work as soon as possible...hmm...ideas...ideas....
to my infinity,
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If you had read the first post carefully, Michaela and others, you'd see that I take no reservations. The RPers/characters that I think will be best for the RP will be accepted once most SUs are up :3 hope it doesn't scare anyone from trying.
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Dammit all! The bane of my grades is here! But I just can't resist it, and so many has already reserved! So I guess that I'll go on with reserving as well if that is possible. This RP actually reminds me of the Pokémon MMO Beta-Testers RP made by Nideous. Too bad it died...

EDIT: No reservations? Oh now you've made me EXTREMELY nervous. I'll have to cook up the best damn SU I've ever written now!
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real world
Name| Matthew Blackwood Gender| (any)
Age| 13
Appearance| I am blind so I can't really draw you a picture, now can I?
My descriptions aren't the best, but I'll try!
Really wanna be in this one!
Matthew is a black haired male teenager.
His hair is always cut short.
He has blue eyes, and is about 5.5 feet tall.
He weighs 106 LB.
Personality| Matthew is the type of person who is shy for the first minute, but is very very quick in ajusting.
He is intellegent, but not a person who analizes everything put infrunt of them.
He enjoys finding ways around limitations.
For example, if you were to offer him 3 wishes, he'd wish for 30000000 wishes.
If he is scripting something, but there isn't a way to do something with one code, he will use many codes to get the same result as using a simple code.
History| Matthew was born and raised in NC USA.
Nothing extraordinary has happened to him through out his life.
He is the only genetic child of two loving parents.
He has an adopted elder brother and younger sister.

pokémon world
Alias| Matthew
Gender| male
Age| 13
Appearance| Once again, I'm blind and can not really give accurate descriptions.
I actually think Matthew would try to have his character resemble his real life self, so yeah.

Starter Pokémon| Shinx! best pokémon ever

Pokédex Color| (red)
roleplay sample
(write up some paragraphs on the spot about anything, or show me something from another
recent RP you've been in. Do your best! Put it in a spoiler, please.)
K so I'm using basic editor because the advanced one will not work with my screen reader application.
Thus, I don't know the bbc for spoiler.
I'm sorry.
I also haven't made it in to a roleplay yet, so I'm going to write something random.
It was night by time I reached the snow covered trees of Anetean woods.
I pondered whether or not to tackle the forest to night, or camp at the edge of the woods.
"It's a pitty I didn't just stay at the Pokémon center." I said mornfully.
I decided to camp at the edge of the woods, under a towering oak.
* * * *
In the morning, I woke up, teeth chattering, to find that the snowfall had been replaced by a heavy rainstorm.
"Oh Arceus, why have you given me this terrible luck?" I asked the Pokémon god.
No answer.
I knew I wouldn't get an answer, I never had in the past, what made me think I'd get one now?
* * * *
It was about 1:00 by time I exited those horible woods.
I was still freezing.
I was also soking wet, covered in mud, and sporting deep scratches on my right side, right cheek, and a bleeding nose.
Those were mostly caused by a fierce Poochyena.
The bleeding nose wasn't directly caused by the poochyena, however.
While running away from said fierce animal, I ran directly in to a stream.
I tripped, and I found that rocks don't make the best of cushions.
Remember that when your a trainer.
I made it safely to Turtlebrook city, and was relieved to take a day off the road and relax.
* * * *
I hope my character was good enough.
If you could pm me to let me know if I was accepted or not, I would be greatful.
I have this page bookmarked, and will check back soon.
Game developer.
Not nearly as active on here as I used to be.
Still like meeting and talking to pokemon fanatics like myself.
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_ sign up SHEET

real world

Locke Danielson
Gender| Male
Age| 15

Appearance| Although Locke is currently fifteen years old, his features are still slightly boyish (“All these video games have stunted your growth, Locke!” his mother often shouts). He is quite thin for his age and stands at about 5’5”, lacking any muscle what-so-ever. His face also resembles that of a child younger than himself, with large, bright blue eyes, long eyelashes, and red lips that curl down slightly at the corners when Locke is concentrating very hard. His dark brown hair has been styled the same for the past ten years – short, spiked at the front, lying flat towards the back and curving nicely around the ears – a cut his mother claims ‘makes him look at least a couple years older’, though it tends to do just the opposite. His somewhat childish appearance is topped off with pale skin and tiny hands and feet.

As for clothing, Locke’s closet is almost entirely made up of hand-me-downs from his older brother or the occasional cousin – and Locke completely hates it. Jeans and shorts a couple sizes too large held together by a mismatched belt, worn shirt with some obsolete, faded logo on it, and overused sneakers that might as well be clown shoes on his tiny feet. The whole situation is a complete train wreck to Locke, but he lacks the money to afford anything better. He does, however, have one constant to his bizarre outfit each day – a friendship bracelet made of different shades of purple given to him several years back by an elementary school friend. Through the years the bracelet has been through a lot, and although it is faded and worn, it is somehow still in one piece.

Personality| Locke’s personality is basically broken up into two parts: the mask on the outside that most people see, and the true him, the part of him only himself and his internet friends know. The part that he shows the world outside of his computer, his classmates, neighbors and family, is a quiet boy, a respectful boy. In school he is nearly silent, only speaking when a teacher calls on him. Other students don’t pay him much attention, and when they do they see a semi-smart, puny little kid. While his mother views him as a bit more than that, most of her attention is given to Locke’s elder brother, David, or making money to provide for her boys. There isn’t much to Locke’s mask – he has no friends, he stays in the background, he speaks when spoken to, he observes. But on the inside, there is so much more.

Locke hides quite a fair share of secrets behind the poker face of his. He envies his brother in almost every way – his good looks, his mother’s devotion, his ability to entertain a crowd with his words. He would do anything for at least half of the charisma David has. Secondly, he is a major nerd, spending most of his free time on the internet and playing video games (especially Pokemon, one of his biggest guilty pleasures). The majority of his ‘true’ friends are people he talks to on the internet, and some of them don’t even know his true identity. Lastly, and the most buried secret of all: he’s gay.

As much as he tried to fight it, Locke eventually began to realize that he had a thing for other guys. When he finally ‘accepted’ the fact about who he was, he began to switch gears…instead of giving it his full attention to fight it, he did his best to hide it. He became silent at school, only watching the boys in his class from afar, trying not to say a word. He tried to plunge the secret as deep into himself as he could, believing if anyone found out he would be done for. His mother wouldn’t look at him, his brother…he couldn’t even think about what his brother would say. The kids at school would laugh at him.

So he hid himself, only showing who he was behind the safety of his computer screen over the internet to some virtual friends. Oftentimes he’d pretended to be a girl, just to try to attract the interest of guys in internet chat rooms. Locke preferred it this way – here he could speak in what was mostly his own voice, without worrying what others thought. If things got rough, he could back out of it as quick as a press of the button on his monitor. Though his virtual exploits were fun, Locke still longed for a boyfriend in real life, someone who could be there for him. So when an opportunity arose that could get him what he wanted…Locke began to form a plan.

History| Locke was born and raised in the United States, in the city of Chicago. After the man he only faintly remembers as a father left the family when Locke was just a toddler, the family (now consisting of Locke, his mother, and his older brother David) struggled financially. Although it was difficult, they somehow got by, using his mother’s small salary from teaching and his brother’s pitch-ins with occasional odd jobs around the city. Locke also spent at least a good hour each day working for someone in his apartment building, but most of his money was usually spent on video games.

pokémon world

Alias| [violetroses] Goes by Violet or Rose, most commonly the former
Gender| Female
Age| 13

Appearance| Locke’s appearance changes quite dramatically in the transformation from himself to [violetroses]. Aside from the obvious fact that he is now a she, he is now a lot more noticeable to those around them. Her new hair is longer, about halfway between her chest and shoulders, and is a vibrant shade of, well, violet. WHile she usually lets her hair down naturally, sometimes, especially in battle, she will put it up in a ponytail or braid. Her eyes match her hair in that they stand out, but have been changed to an emerald green color instead of purple. Also, Violet’s body features (again, aside from the obvious) are much different from Locke’s – she is much taller for her age rather than shorter, standing at about 5’8”, and her form is more filled out and defined – not all skin and bones anymore.

Violet’s attire makes a definite upgrade from Locke’s hand-me-down clothes. All of that is scrapped and replaced with a new, more coordinated outfit: a snug green t-shirt with a white pokeball logo on it, and a purple hoodie that can be taken off and put back on as the weather changes. For bottoms Violet wears a pair of dark blue jeans, and on her feet are sneakers not unlike the ones she wears at home except for they appear to be brand new and fit perfectly. The only thing that has really stayed the same between Locke and Violet is the purple friendship bracelet they wear on their right wrist.

Starter Pokémon| Spoink

Pokédex Color| Lavender~

Roleplay Sample-
This is a piece I wrote for slls81's A New Professor In Town. I know it's been a while since that RP was around, I haven't been in much that shows what I can to in terms of this RP lately :\ Hopefully I've at least improved from this over the past year or so ._.

Chapter 1: Starting Out Safe Part 2

Spinarak was thrown backwards into the air, landing on his back in the dirt. “What the heck was that?” Henry asked, looking around.

“How am I supposed to know?” Sharon snapped, running to help her Pokemon. Henry muttered something under his breath, probably some sort of insult. “Are you okay, Silk?” The spider was slowly getting up, more shaken by shock than pain. It made a tiny chattering noise, looking around. “It could be anywhere…whatever it is…”

“There!” Henry suddenly exclaimed, pointing at a rustling in the grass a few yards away. It had come from the sky at first…

“Be ready this time, Silky,” Sharon said, glancing at the spider. He was still pretty tiny, not very scary looking at all, even for a spider. And if the thing in the bushes could FLY, that usually meant it was a flying type, which wasn’t good for the bug Pokemon. Oh well… It was getting closer, anyways.

The blue thing burst from the bushes, rushing towards the four of them, its tiny beak glowing red. It was surprisingly tiny, light blue with white, cloud-like wings on either side of its round body. Two tiny talons were stuck to the bottom of it, and a few stray feathers stuck up on its head. It would probably have been cute, if it weren’t so angry, charging at them over and over, thrusting out with its beak. And it was coming at them fast. “Silk, use Scary Face to slow it down!” The spider jumped around, flashing the markings on its back to the angry bird. The wild Pokemon slowed a little, but only for a second, before charging again. “Oh shoot… SPINARAK TURN BACK AROUND!” Too slow. The bird rammed into Silk: once, twice, three times. The spider flew backwards once more, sliding to Sharon’s feet. He quickly hopped up and hissed at the bird, which had stopped and was floating, flapping its wings.

“That was a Fury Attack! I knew that there were Swablu out here!” Henry said excitedly, looking from the bird to his electronic Pokedex. Lila was drooling in his backpack, her hands held together.

“Thank you, Mr. Pokedex,” Sharon said, rolling her eyes. “Silk, Poison Sting!” The spider stepped forward and shot dozens of tiny purple pellets at the Swablu. The other Pokemon flew back into the grass, the poison not reaching it, which rustled for a moment before going still. “Oh shoot…” Henry, Silk, and Sharon looked around warily, waiting for the attack… But after a few minutes, nothing had come.

“Maybe it went away…” Henry suggested, putting his Pokedex in his pocket.

“Yeah, probably. Silk, return!” In a flash of red, the Spinarak was returned to its Pokeball, which Sharon was about to return to her pocket when out of nowhere came a flash of blue, snatching the orb from her hand. “STUPID ANIMAL!” Sharon yelled, looking around for where the Swablu had gone. “That’s my Pokemon you birdbrain!” No response…apparently, insults wouldn’t do anything to the bird.

“There,” Henry whispered, pointing to a patch of rustling grass. Sharon fingered the three Pokeballs left in her pocket. There was Spoink, but she wasn’t much of a battler… Shroomish was weak to flying, which left Slugma. She grabbed the fire Pokemon’s ball from her pocket and tossed it into the air, releasing the blob onto the grass.

“Let’s find that b-“ All of a sudden the Swablu burst from the batch opposite the rustling one, flying at them from behind. As the three of them spun around, Sharon considered throwing her brother at the Pokemon before deciding that if she ever wanted to leave the house again, it probably wasn’t a bright idea. Instead, she ordered Slugma to use Rock Throw.

The wild Swablu squawked as a rock, coming from nowhere, slammed into its head, causing it to crash to the ground. Silk’s pokeball rolled from its mouth, stopping inches away from Slugma. Sharon lunged for it, diving to the ground to stop the bird, who was already getting up from the ground, from taking it. Unfortunately, Sharon landed a couple of feet away from the ball, falling on her face and smacking into the dirt. Henry screamed about something behind her, and, dizzy as she was from the fall, she didn’t miss the OTHER blue blur flying from the rustling patch of grass and scooping up her Pokemon’s pokeball. It chirped loudly and flew up above the group, the pokeball in its talons. The OTHER Swablu had picked itself off the ground as well, its left wing crumpled a little. Sharon didn’t notice, however, and ordered Slugma to use Yawn on the Swablu hovering with her pokeball. The Swablu’s head cocked to the side a little, and it wondered why the Slugma looked like it wanted to swallow her. Then it’s eyes drooped as it fell from the sky, dropping the pokeball with it.

Sharon cheered, clapping her hands. “But, Sharon, what about-“

“SHUT UP HENRY I’M WINNING NOW SEE?” Just then, the other Swablu, who was very much awake, slammed into Slugma, causing them both to tumble into the tall grass.


“Told you so.”

“Oh be quiet. What do I do now?”

“Sorry I can’t help you, I’m shutting up remember?” Henry said smugly.

“Jerk…” Slugma was somewhere in the bushes, and the other Swablu was slowly waking up, and would probably bite her hand off if she reached for the Pokeball now. It wouldn’t be safe unless they were both dead. From the rustling grass came a bubbling sound, and then Slugma flew from them, hitting the ground and spreading out. The Swablu that had defeated it flew from the bushes after, but on its wings. So now there was two of them. “Well if there are two of you…” Sharon reached for her two remaining pokeballs, praying silently that they wouldn’t fail like her other two.

“Shroomish, Spoink, let’s go!” The green mushroom and tiny pig popped form their Pokeballs, eager to fight after doing nothing for so long. The Swablus shot glances at each other and looked as if they were grinning, chattering in their evil bird tongue about the cruel things they were going to do to her Pokemon. “Stun Spore and Psybeam, guys!” Sharon ordered. Her Pokemon took action, stepping forward. Spoink let out a wave of light, sending it towards the two birds, while a yellow powder erupted from Shroomish body and flew towards the Swablus. One started flapping its wings rapidly, blowing the dust back towards Shroomish, while the other flew high up into the air, causing Spoink’s Psybeam to hit nothing but empty space.

“Sharon, I think they’re planning something,” Henry said, his eyes following the Swablu who’d flown off into the sky. Sharon ignored him, running for where her pokeball lie in the grass. She had just reached it and was bending to pick it down when: “SHARON YOU IDIOT!” The Swablu slammed into her side, sending her flying through the air and landing, sprawled out, in the cold dirt. Henry gasped in horror as the other bird flew down and grabbed Spoink, who despite his cries and squeals, couldn’t do much. Shroomish stood awkwardly, wondering what he could do. It was a disaster. Henry’s brain worked quick, his eyes looking for something he could do…

“Lemme geet da wormies, ‘Enri!” Lila shouted from his bag. Worms…? He looked to the ground and saw not worms, but rocks: dozens of them. Grinning, he bent down and picked up the biggest one he could find. Cranking up his arm, he stepped back and flung the rock – just as the remaining Swablu pecked at Shroomish, throwing him onto his back.
But the rock did its job: it slammed into one of the Swablu’s with a crunch, and Spoink came falling down from the sky, along with Silk’s pokeball. Henry ran to catch something, anything – but he didn’t have to. Suddenly, Spoink, Slugma, and Shroomish had all disappeared, a red light flashing across the dirty clearing. Henry looked up in shock and watched as a taller girl with a long brown braid walked over to him, picking up Silk’s pokeball from the ground.

“Amazing how much these things can take, huh? They really ARE making them tough these days,” she said. Her voice was surprisingly deep.

“How did you…what did you..?” was all Henry could manage. The girl giggled.

“Never mind that. We’d better get out of here, incase more of those things come back. And you’re sister should probably get some rest…” She handed Henry the four pokeballs, and he stuffed them in his pockets. “I’m Lanette, by the way.” Lanette…it seemed familiar. They walked over two where Sharon was lying on the ground, knocked out. “Guess those Swablu really did take out the whole team, huh?” She giggled at her joke. “Better make sure it doesn’t happen again when that thing wakes up.” She tossed a Pokeball at the Swablu that was lying in the dirt, a bruise visible on its stomach from the rock.

I know this definitely isn't the best SU here, but it's, ah, been a while...and I have some good ideas for Locke/Violet, so hopefully this is good enough :3 Thank you~
to my infinity,
you are beyond~
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real world

Name| Jake Henderson (not my real name...)
Gender| Male
Age| 14


He is in 2nd Year High School. He is 14 years old. Because of that, he is tall, like 5'8. He has chocolate colored eyes. He has jet black, messy hair. He wears a plain black polo shirt with a white undershirt. He wears black jeans and black leather shoes. He also wears a white sling bag. He always carries a baseball with him even though he doesn't play baseball.

Personality| He is a nice and friendly guy. He is kind of an introvert. He is a smart guy and he is the one to go to when you need an answer in your missed assignment in Math, Science, or literally any subject. He is a little sensitive and caring. He loves to sing and dance. You would think that Jake is a perfect guy, right? But he's not. Many of his classmates bully him. He really doesn't know why. He is strong emotionally. He doesn't give up. He strives to become a better person and to please everybody. He has a crush named Taylor who she's his best friend. Although it didn't work out, they still hung out. He has friends named Jeffrey and Maria who always sticks by him. He is kind of a glutton. He loves playing video games and using the internet. He loves Glee because he can relate to the show.

His love life is a mess. Literally, he is somewhat dense. He doesn't have a clue how to act to girls. To be honest, he wants to have a love interest.

And this is Jake in a nutshell.

History| Jake was born and raised in the city of Manila in the beautiful country of the Philippines. His parents, Jean and Mark Henderson were American. His parents were on a vacation in the Philippines from their work as reporters for CNN when Jake was born. When Jake was 6, he entered school in one of the best in the Philippines. When Jake was 9, he started playing Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. When Jake was 10, he got a DS for his birthday and bought the games from Diamond and Pearl to Black and White. Now, in 2012, he was checking his email because he is confirming his user account in a Pokemon forum where he received an email from [email protected]' stating that he was one of the few people to beta test the new version of the game Pokemon VR: Game of Chance. And that's where the trouble starts...

pokémon world

Alias| [leafchris7] Chris Leaf
Gender| Male
Age| 13


Since he is back to 13, his height regressed to 4'12. His eyes are different with hazelnut colored instead of chocolate. He has a red and purple Pokeball designed hat to cover his hair. Because he wanted to look friendly and to forget his life for a while, he changed his calm outfit to a jolly one. He has a green vest with a white shirt underneath. He has blue jeans and has purple sneakers. He also wears a purple backpack as opposed to the white sling bag. With his habit, he also carries a Pokeball.

Starter Pokémon| Oddish

Pokédex Color| Purple or Green

roleplay sample
Jake went to his email account, "[email protected]", to confirm his registration to be a part of a Pokemon forum.

But what he saw was different. He saw an email from [email protected]". Curious, he opened the email.

It said:

"Dear Jake Henderson, Congratulations, You have been chosen to take part in the beta testing of the new version of the game, Pokemon VR: Game of Chance. This version is different. You don't need a helmet to participate. All you need to do is download the game from the link below and your good to go. Thank you.

From: Pokemon VR: Game of Chance Staff"

Then below of the message is the link.

Jake thought quickly that this is SPAM. But some strange feeling that he wants to click the link.

But his curiosity got the better of him and clicked the link.

It was unusual because it took seconds to download.

So, he turned on the game and start setting up the player.

But when he pressed START, he quickly blacked out and his body was aching so badly.
When the heavy rainfall season ends, it is drawn out by warm sunlight to dance in the open.

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