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Pokémon Polls Express your opinion in straightforward polls and questions about Pokémon that would otherwise fit in Pokémon General if they weren't so, well, straightforward. Vote away!

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Old September 6th, 2013 (04:28 AM).
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if you could ride any Legendary Pokémon capable of flying for transportation, what Legendary Pokémon would you ride? please specify ONLY Legendary Pokémon

I'd ride a Moltres
Old September 6th, 2013 (06:42 AM). Edited September 6th, 2013 by Peitharchia.
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For me, it would have to be Articuno. Its colors are bright and very beautiful, its feathers are elegant-looking, and others would most likely be jealous when they see me flying on it. n__n I would ride Rayquaza, too, if it's friendly enough. I might ride Zapdos, but I'm not sure how comfortable it would feel considering its body is a little... spiky. I could've been able to fly around with Ho-oh, but I'm afraid of its eyes a little. They look scary to me. I would never fly on a Moltres, though, that's for sure. Since it has flames surrounding its entire body, I will be burned as soon as I even touch this Pokémon.
keeping it captured.
Old September 6th, 2013 (07:29 AM).
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If he'd be careful with me, i'd fly on a (surprise surprise ) Latios.
Old September 7th, 2013 (01:12 AM).
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Man you really make nice discussion topics. keep it up !!!

Coming back here... I would love to ride on Rayquaza as it makes me feel I am Goku and I am riding Shenron just like in DB GT
Old September 7th, 2013 (01:21 AM).
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Either Latios & Rayquaza.
I guess Hoenn legendaries are my favorites.
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Old September 7th, 2013 (01:39 AM).
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I wouldn't like to ride them; I'm not really accustomed to riding on great beasts who have much better things to do than fly around a random person just to fulfill his fantasy.
But then again, I would fly on Lugia XD (XD as in smiley btw)
Old September 7th, 2013 (10:40 PM).
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Just for the sheer absurdity, it might be fun to fly on a Mew, similar to how it's possible with other small Pokemon like Pidgey and Zubat.

Realistically though, I wouldn't mind flying on a Rayquaza, considering it spends the better part of its existence in the skies. Sure, it might not be the most graceful Pokemon to fly on, but at least I wouldn't have to worry about Rayquaza needing to stop for a break to rest between destinations.
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