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Old July 1st, 2016 (4:09 PM). Edited September 19th, 2016 by XxHarryxX.
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The Mono-Pokemon Challenge

Ever had a Pokemon that can learn a lot of moves, but you just can't decide which ones to teach it? Ever wanted to play through the game with not one, but SIX Magikarp? This challenge is for you! You will play through the game with multiple copies of the same Pokemon on your team, which should lead to some more exotic moveset combinations than you've ever seen before. Your team is restricted according to the following...

1. You must have at least THREE copies of your chosen Pokemon on your team. This way, it's not a Solo run, which is found elsewhere in this forum. (If a Pokemon can evolve multiple ways, that doesn't count. You can play through with six Eevees if you want, or six Flareons, but not six different Eeveelutions)
2. Each Pokemon must have at least one (preferably two) "signature move" taught by a TM (not HM) that only it knows. This signature move applies as soon as you have enough teachable TMs as you have team members. Note that this "signature move" can change throughout the course of the game.
3. HM slaves ARE allowed. However, if your Pokemon can learn an HM, it is not allowed to be learned by the HM slave. (The HM does not apply to the "signature move" rule) HM slaves may not participate in battle.
4. If the Pokemon you wish to use is not available in-game before you obtain your first badge, you may hack at Lv. 5 or lower, or trade in an egg. If, afterwards, it is not available in-game before the second badge, you may hack in another one at lv. 10 or trade in another egg AFTER you have obtained your first badge. At this point, one of two things will happen:
- If the Pokemon you wish to use is available in-game before the Elite Four, you may not hack or trade in any more.
- If the Pokemon you wish to use is NOT available in-game before the Elite Four, you may continue in the pattern established above (trading egg/hacking in one Pokemon after earning a badge, at a level equivalent to 5x the number of badges you have)
5. Breeding to get additional copies of a Pokemon is allowed; however, it must be a matching between two of your party members, (Ditto is not allowed.)
6. Legendaries are not allowed in this challenge; there is no way to get more than one legitimately in any game.
7. Hacked games are allowed.
8. Updates to your challenges here on the forum should include movesets, in addition to the requisite game progress.
9. Ultimate challenges are allowed. You must play through each generation that your Pokemon can be obtained in, and this number must be at least three. (So, no Gen 6 Pokemon yet, as they can only be used in Kalos and Hoenn).

The challenge ends when you defeat...
R/B/Y/FR/LG: Champion Rival
G/S/C/HG/SS: Red
R/S/E/OR/AS: Steven (Wallace in Emerald)
D/P/Pt: Cynthia
B/W: Alder
B2/W2: Iris
Hacks: Decided by user, usually champion of your region

Use the following form to sign up, and let me know if you have any questions!


My sign up:

Username: XxHarryxX
Game: Black 2 (Normal Mode)
Pokemon: Lillipup -> Herdier -> Stoutland

Enigma (randomized Emerald - Zigzagoon x6)
Darkchibimon (Gold - Tyranitar x5)

SonicZ16 (Y - Greninja x4)
XxHarryxX (Black 2 - Stoutland x4)
Disturb Not The Harmony (Red - Gengar x3)
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Old July 3rd, 2016 (5:53 PM).
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I've been procrastinating from work a lot this weekend, so I've made a decent amount of progress on my own challenge already.

- Started the game and went through all of the intro stuff. Picked Oshawott as my starter and took down Hugh no problem.
- Went out onto Route 19, passed through Floccesy Town, dodged as much as I could on Route 20 and got to Floccesy Ranch.
- Wandered through the grass and caught four Lillipups for my team. Grinded them up to level 8 so that Bite became part of their repertoire.
- Battled and defeated Hugh fairly easily, then tracked down the Herdier in Floccesy Ranch and received TM21 (Frustration) from the Plasma Grunt.
- Grinded up to Level 10 and headed back to Aspertia Town for the gym battle with Cheren.
- Took down Cheren! It wasn't too bad of a fight; I basically just spammed Bite until each of his team fainted. Received TM83 (Work Up) after the victory, and TM27 (Return) outside from Bianca. Almost to the move exclusive rule already!
- Traveled to Virbank City and cleared the Virbank Complex, receiving TM94 (Rock Smash) in the process. Lillipup can learn all four of these, so each of my team got one of these moves!
- Grinded all to Lv. 16 using Audinos - the team of Lillipups is now a team of Herdiers!
- Took on Roxie and beat hear fairly easily - Take Down is pretty overpowered at this stage of the game...
- Completed the Team Plasma distraction too, and then headed for Castelia City.
- Found a couple more TMs in Castelia City (Rest, Attract). I overwrote Frustration for Rest, taught everyone Work Up, and placed Attract on the Herdier who already knew Work Up before.
- Wandered around the city and took on a few trainers before heading to the gym.
- Beat Burgh, though it wasn't as easy, since Dwebble resisted most of Herdier's moves, and had pretty good defenses anyways. Walked away with the Struggle Bug TM, which didn't do much for me.
- Cleared Route 4 and the Desert Resort/Relic Castle area, picking up a couple more useful TMs along the way.
- Ventured into Nimbasa City, and now I'm preparing to face Elesa! Also purchased the TM for Thunder Wave...

Team of Herdier - they're all at lv. 26 and have different Held Items:
@ Quick Claw (Intimidate): Work Up/Rock Tomb/Crunch/Take Down
@ Eviolite (Sand Rush): Work Up/Return/Crunch/Take Down
@ Amulet Coin (Intimidate): Work Up/Rock Smash/Crunch/Take Down
@ Leftovers (Sand Rush): Work Up/Dig/Crunch/Take Down

Reflection - it honestly hasn't been too difficult so far. With Intimidate and then Crunch/Take Down, Herdier is pretty tough early in the game. There really haven't been many fighting Pokemon yet, so hopefully when they come around, it'll be a trickier game to navigate through!
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Old July 5th, 2016 (2:30 PM).
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The Flame Pokémon
Crystal Tier
Join Date: Feb 2008
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Age: 19
Gender: Female
Nature: Hardy
Posts: 1,222
Username: Enigma
Game(s): Randomized Emerald (only trainer's pokemon have been randomized for added challenge; tms and such have been left alone)
Pokemon: Zigzagoon x 6

It tosses its enemies around with agility. It uses all its limbs to fight in its own unique style.
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Old July 9th, 2016 (3:40 PM).
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Enigma - you are signed up for the challenge! Good Luck!

An update on my progress... I left off getting ready to head into Nimbasa City!
- Did a bit of training in the Big Stadium and Small Court, and a bit out east of the city.
- Battled Elesa - it was a bit tough, but managed to anticipate a Volt Switch from Emolga and take down Flaaffy with a Dig that she had no defense again. Rock Tomb and trusty old Take Down were the best moves here.
- Headed through Route 5 and on over to Driftveil City.
- Grinded my team all to Level 32 before facing Clay - Stoutlands galore!
- Beat Clay without too much of an issue - Excadrill wasn't too easy, but Dig and Rock Smash prevailed at the end of the day.
- Went and beat the Driftveil Tournament, took care of the Team Plasma side quest.
- Updated movesets with access to the move rememberer!
- Wandered onto Route 6, received Surf, and headed into Chargestone Cave, which is where I'm at for the time being...

Team: All Stoutland at Lv. 35
@ Quick Claw: Rock Tomb, Fire Fang, Crunch, Strength
@ Amulet Coin: Rock Smash, Thunder Fang, Crunch, Take Down
@ Rocky Helmet: Work Up, Ice Fang, Crunch, Return
@ Leftovers: Work Up, Dig, Crunch, Surf
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Old July 26th, 2016 (11:08 AM). Edited July 26th, 2016 by SonicZ16.
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I've been eyeing this challenge for awhile, it's high time I finally sit down and play it!

Username: SonicZ16
Game: Y
Pokemon: Greninja (x4)

I feel like this might be too easy with a Pokemon like Greninja, but none of them are going to have Protean, so I guess I'll just have to wait and see.

Edit: Made a decent chunk of progress.
  • Got Froakie #1 (Nicknamed Tsuno) and did intro stuff
  • Forest was a breeze
  • Viola roughed me up a bit, but with a few Potions, I am victorious
  • Got the first badge, Hatched Froakie #2 (Nicknamed Kagero)
  • Tsuno Evolves during Kagero's training
  • The Routes were alright. not easy, but not hard
  • Kagero Evolves after the battle with Sycamore
  • More Routes and a Story bit
  • Saved in Connecting Cave

Both of their movesets are:

Water Pulse, Lick, Quick Attack, Smokescreen

I do have 2 different TMs they can learn, do I teach them those now, or wait until the full team?
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Old July 27th, 2016 (7:55 AM).
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Posts: 72
Username: DarkChibimon
Game(s): Gold
Pokemon: 5 x Tyranitar
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Old July 29th, 2016 (8:34 PM).
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Age: 19
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Nature: Calm
Posts: 93
I did it! Didn't take as long as I thought it would...

It was a crazy ride. Many parts zoomed by, and many parts were tricky roadblocks. But the Greninjas have prevailed, and here are the tales of their exploits.

Alright, I'm done with the fancy talk now. Here we go!
  • Taught TM Return to Tsuno, and taught TM Protect to Kagero
  • Reached Ambrette Town
  • Finished Glittering Cave and got the fossil (Didn't revive it)
  • Reached Cyllage City and got the Bike
  • Destroyed Grant, no questions. okay so tyrunt was a little bit hard
  • Got the 2nd Badge, Hatched Froakie #3 (Nicknamed Saizo)
  • Taught TM Rock Tomb to Saizo
  • Saizo Evolves on the way to Geosenge Town
  • Passed through Geosenge Town and went to Reflection Cave
  • Barely made it out, arrived in Shalour City
  • After some cutscenes, Battled Korrina and won
  • Tsuno evolves again afterward (Just in time! He's Dark-type now...)
  • Got the 3rd Badge, Hatched the final Froakie #4 (Nicknamed Kaze)
  • Taught TM Power-up Punch to Tsuno, putting TM Return onto Kaze
  • Everyone has a signature move via TM, the rule is now in full effect
  • Mega Evolution story bit
  • Got HM Surf and taught it to everyone
  • Found TM Attract, teaching it to Kagero over Protect
  • Kagero Evolves again during Kaze's Training
  • Kaze would've evolved now, but decided to cancel it for a bit for bonus EXP
  • Arrived in Coumarine City and got TM Acrobatics, teaching it to Tsuno
  • Had a bit of trouble against Ramos, but Acrobatics pulls through
  • Taught TM Grass Knot to Saizo
  • Went to the Power Plant and cleared it
  • I forgot when exactly Saizo and Kaze evolved... Let's just say it happened now?
  • Taught TM Dig to Tsuno over Power-up Punch
  • Defeated Clemont with (relative) ease
  • Went through Route 14 and reached Laverre City
  • Talked to the Badge Storyteller lady; only to receive this humorous message

  • Poke Ball factory is done
  • Rushed through Route 16 and reached Dendemille Town
  • Bought an absurd amount of Moomoo milks
  • Finished Snow Cavern and Route 17, arrived in Anistar City
  • Flew around to get some Heart Scales, taught Night Slash to Tsuno and Saizo
  • Destroyed Olympia's Gym with it
  • Defeated Lysandre x3 and ended Team Flare sidequest
  • Carrying on, went through Couriway Town to Route 19
  • Beat Rivals and got HM Waterfall, Shauna says "You don't even need the last Badge to use it!"
  • Immediately flew away to get Dark Pulse only to realize SHE LIED
  • Went back to Route 19 and made it to Snowbelle City proper
  • Fished Wulfric out of the Forest and defeated him
  • Taught TM Ice Beam to Kaze
  • Went back again to get Dark Pulse, Teaching it to Kagero
  • Everyone now has 2 signature moves learned via TM;
    Tsuno with Acrobatics and Dig
    Kagero with Attract and Dark Pulse
    Saizo with Rock Tomb and Grass Knot
    and Kaze with Ice Beam and Return
  • Going for the League, entered Victory Road
  • Slowly crawled my way out eventually, barely standing at this point
  • Bought tons of Medicine in preparation for the Elite Four
  • Elite Four attempt 1 Start!
  • Vs. Drasna: Used a few X Sp. Atks, won thanks to Kaze's Ice Beam
  • Vs. Malva Siebold? Accidentally entered his room instead without noticing, and got destroyed
  • Elite Four attempt 2 Start!
  • Vs. Malva: Got it right this time, won handily
  • Vs. Drasna: Didn't OHKO Druddigon this time, it proceeded to Revenge my team to oblivion
  • Elite Four attempt 3 Start!
  • Vs. Malva: Water wins again.
  • Vs. Drasna: No problems this time.
  • Vs. Wikstrom: Tried to set up X Sp Def. wall on his lead Klefki, but then got crit and wiped everyone else out with Moonblast.
  • Elite Four attempt 4 Start!
  • Vs. Malva: Yup.
  • Vs. Drasna: Mmhmm.
  • Vs. Wikstrom: Goes much better this time, without the crit. Aegislash's Sacred Sword almost OHKO's me, but Kagero hangs on and finishes the battle.
  • Vs. Siebold: Using a ton of X Sp. Atks, hoping it's enough to OHKO everything... It mostly did, except Gyarados, who hung on and KO'd Saizo. Kagero finished the job, however.
  • Vs. Diantha: X Sp. Atks on Kaze, Let's do this... Hawlucha's no problem, but I don't OHKO Goodra, who instead did the same to me. Defeated it and set Kaze back up on Aurorus, the rest of the fight is no problem.
  • Yay, I win!

  • Still gotta fight AZ, hold on... And... checkmate.

And this is what the final team looked like:

Tsuno Lv. 64
Acrobatics | Dig | Waterfall | Night Slash

Kagero Lv. 64
Attract | Dark Pulse | Surf | Extrasensory

Saizo Lv. 62
Rock Tomb | Grass Knot | Surf | Night Slash

Kaze Lv. 66
Ice Beam | Return | Surf | Extrasensory

Oh, forgot to mention I banned the use of EXP share this run, with that said, this was very difficult. The item Kaze's holding in the above shot is the Lucky Egg. Because I thought, If I'm losing so much, why not take advantage of the Exp I get from who I can beat?

Anyway, this is a fun challenge you got here, and I certainly enjoyed playing it! I think I might even come back sometime to play it again, Who knows? not with the kind of schedule I have, but we'll see
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Old August 12th, 2016 (3:03 PM).
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Hey all! Sorry I've not been all that responsive in the past week. Anyways...

Darkchibimon, you are signed up for the challenge!

SonicZ16, congratulations, you have beaten the challenge and are the first to do so! Hope you enjoyed it!

As far as I go... I left off in Chargestone Cave and progressed through the rest of the story fairly easily. There weren't too many more updates to my movesets, but the held items did change up a bit, with the Metronome actually being quite useful with Aerial Ace in the Elite Four. Anyways, my final team was (all Stoutland):

Lv. 65 @Rocky Helmet: Ice Fang, Crunch, Return, Superpower
Lv. 65 @ Leftovers: Rock Tomb, Fire Fang, Crunch, Strength
Lv. 64 @ Expert Belt: Rain Dance, Shadow Ball, Surf, Thunder
Lv. 67 @ Metronome: Aerial Ace, Retaliate, Crunch, Wild Charge

As you can see, except for Crunch, all of the moves differed between the Stoutlands, whether it was through tutor or TM. This wasn't too difficult of a challenge, as the only truly strong Fighting trainer in Unova Black 2 was Marshal in the Elite Four, and Intimidate helped work wonders on that. Definitely a fun concept to try out!
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Old September 12th, 2016 (5:03 PM).
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I'm taking Gengar in Red, because abusing Ghost-type's immunity to Normal/Fighting is too fun. Using GameShark code 0119D8CF to obtain Gastly and Universal Pokemon Randomizer to eliminate trade evolutions.

Username: Disturb Not The Harmony
Game(s): Red
Pokemon: Gengar x3

As for the actual run:

Grab Psyker the Gastly at Route 2 at L4. Immediately box Bulbasaur.

Viridian Forest is hilariously easy. I'm actually able to cope off of one PokeCenter use per town. Brock has no moves other than Normal-type in Gen 1- you do the math.

Mt. Moon is similarly easy, running from Zubats as needed. I pick up Thunderer the Gastly at L9. It's a bit of a struggle to get past the final Rocket, but I manage anyway.

Cerulean Rival is simple. Misty is surprisingly weak; I emerge from the fight with both at L22.

I skip most of S.S. Anne because I don't need the EXP. Rival is a cinch because Kadabra forgets to use Confusion. I grind to 25 afterwards to get dual evolutions.

I pick up Thunderbolt for Thunderer then and there.

Due to Psyker getting KOed unexpectedly by a Cubone in Rock Tunnel and my stupidly deleting Lick rather than Confuse Ray, I end up having to beat the final Trainer with Struggle. Not my most shining moment. On the bright side, this makes me remember that I can actually buy items, and I stock up at the Department Store. I give Thunderer Double Team, and swing by Saffron to give PsykerPsychic.

Rocket Hideout is easy, since I have Psychic. Pokemon Tower... is harder, because literally everything is super-effective against Haunters. I pick up Drainer, and it evolves to Haunter while I'm taking out Rockets. The route to picking up Mega Drain for Drainer slightly more annoying, on account of Wrap being able to stunlock even if it does no damage, but I manage.

Then I go to Koga. Psyker tears through him, after a much more difficult struggle with his half-Psychic Gym, and becomes a Gengar as a reward. Thunderer reaches the same level during a quick jaunt to Cinnabar. Blaine's Gym goes down surprisingly easily to the Ghost triad...

Drainer evolves and gets Dream Eater in Silph. Thunderer sets up on a sleeping Pidgeot with Double Team and sweeps my rival's entire lineup, though it does suffer two Confusions from Alakazam. It's L39 at the time. Drainer pulls the same against Giovanni at L38.

And then we get to the penultimate boss of the run. I don't mean Giovanni! I mean Sabrina. With her powerful Psychic-type moves, I --

Find out that Thunderer's intended strategy -- which is to say, Hypnosis, Double Team x5, and Night Shade+Thunderbolt sweep, works flawlessly. Er... well, there goes the hype. Next?

With Thunderer at 42, Drainer at 40, and Psyker at 40, I take on Giovanni's Gym. Er... well, it turns out there WAS a Gym here. It's gone now. The balance shifts to 43/43/41. Thunderer rapidly solos my rival's team, and we're off to Pokemon League.

Psyker is at L44, Thunderer is at L46, Drainer is at L47. Let's go.

Thunderer loses 40 HP versus Lorelei. That... that's kind of pathetic, Lorelei...
Drainer loses no HP to Bruno, though I suppose that's predictable.
Embarrassingly, Drainer IS KOed versus Agatha, because I forgot I'm not the only one who can use Dream Eater. Psyker cleaned up, losing only 55 HP. Super Potion, Revive, and two Full Restores are administered in preparation for Lance.
Thunderer and Drainer handled Lance. Thunderer lost a whopping 40 HP.
Psyker downs Pidgeot, Drainer handles Alakazam, Rhydon, and Exeggutor, and Thunderer bolts Gyarados. Brief concern with Charizard due to being out of Thunderbolt PP, but I win with Drainer anyway.

Psyker L45
| Confuse Ray | Hypnosis | Night Shade
Drainer L50
Hypnosis | Dream Eater | Mega Drain | Night Shade
Thunderer L49
Hypnosis | Double Team | Night Shade | Thunderbolt

Psyker's moveset was a bit of a screw-up, since it turned out that I'd probably have been better off with two Dream Eater users for damage output. Drainer worked horrifyingly well once Dream Eater came online - the enemy just couldn't cope, Lance included. Finally, Thunderer was monstrous, but was crippled in Elite Four by PP restrictions -- it could have swept Rival if I'd used an Ether.

Great challenge!
Completed Challenges: Zodiac Challenge (Red) | Time Warp Challenge (Blue: Jurassic Jam | Blue: Stone Age | Blue: Egyptian Era) | Solo Challenge (Blue: Blastoise | Red: Nidoking) | Body Type Challenge: Quadrupedal (Blue) | Anime Style Challenge (Gold) | Randomized Nuzlocke (Blue) | Mono-Pokemon Challenge (Red: Gengar x3) | No Move Left Behind Challenge (Red) | Gender Fairness Challenge (Gold)
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