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Old 1 Week Ago (02:48 PM).
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Drizzites' Limitedlocke Challenge

Wlecome to Limitedlocke. The point of this challenge is to perform a nuzlocke type challenge with a very limited amount of pokemon. I made this one with a co worker and we have already done it for Platinum and HG/SS, however it can be done in any game. Its alot of fun and really forces plan you out how to take it on. Anyway on with the Rules.

Basic Ruleset

  • As with all nuzlockes if a pokemon faints its dead
  • You can and must catch 1 new pokemon(can be any of your choosing) after each gym leader battle. For a total of 9 caught pokemon after 8th gym. For example when going to face the 3rd gym you should have 3 total caught pokemon (including starter)
  • HM Slaves count towards this total pokemon count
  • You have to earn the right to use a pokemon center in each new town by beating the next gym leader. For example you cant use the pokemon center in pewter until you beat brock.
  • Gym Leaders are merciful they each give you one revive after you beat them. A total of 7 revives as the first gym youll have only one pokemon anyway.
  • No Trades/gift pokemon
  • Due to difficulty of challenge each gym counts as a checkpoint.
  • You may use a dead HM slave for story progession but if cannot be used in battle until you revive it.

Advanced Clauses
These are to either make the challenge much easier or harder, your preference.

  1. No Items Clause: Relatively self explanatory
  2. No Revive Clause: Gym leaders are cruel, theyve taken your free revive after each gym
  3. No pokemon Center Clause: The gym leader have determined that youll never be worthy to use thier pokemon centers.
  4. Only berries Clause: youve gone organic.
  5. Gen 6 Wondertrade Gamble clause: you may after each caught pokemon wondertrade 3 times. The 3rd pokemon you are stuck with.
  6. Generous Gym Leader clause: Gym leader have a soft spot for you. After each odd numbered gym you are allowed a second pokemon and each even numbered gym you are given a second revive. For a total of 13 pokemon and 12 revives.
  7. independent pokecenter Clause: Gymleaders no longer iwn the pokemon centers. You can use them any time.
  8. Friendly NPCs Clause: the Nps have become more friendly. In-game trades and gifts are allowed.

Victory Conditions
Victory is achieved by earning the credrits seen scene in your game for the first time. With the exception of HG/SS/G/S/C where you must beat read to win

Sign-up Form

Name: Your in game name
Game: Your chosen game of course.
Extra Clauses: Just list the numbers.

My sign-up

Name: Drizzite
Game: Firered
Extra Clauses: 8


Drizzite, Firered, Extra Clauses: 8


P.S. On a side note if your have any suggestions to make the post or challenge better feel free to VM me.
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Old 1 Week Ago (10:01 PM).
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Drizzite Drizzite is offline
Join Date: Jan 2015
Location: Central valley, California
Gender: Male
Posts: 24
I hope to see others here soon too but time for an update.

Update #1
I started out my adventure like most would. I picked bulbasaur as my starting pokemon and named him Bently. Because hes a classy one. After beating my rival and doing errands for oak I made my way through Veridian Forest. I had no hiccups there and made it to pewter city. I went straight to the gym and flew right through it. Boulder badge down.

So on to cerulian. I was now able to catch a second pokemon as well. Luckily this kind salesman in the poke center right before mt moon had the deal of a lifetime. A super secret pokemon for only 500$. I of course took him up on this and got me a magikarp for it. I named her brawdo because shes got what plants crave. The way through mt moon was slow going. I had to train up Brawndo while fighting all the pokemon trainers with only Bently. In the end though I got through without any misshaps. A brief walk after that and I was in Cerulian city. The gym here was also a cakewalk with my good friend Bently at my side. Plus my friend Brawndo evolved while i was in there.

After cerulian i decided to visit bill at the lighthouse. But on my way there, suprise my rival. I wasnt ready for this I had to use nearly all my potions to get through this one. I did manage to beat him though with no deaths. Over at bills, I helped him out of a bind so he rewarded me with a ss anne ticket.

So I decided to go check this cruise out. On the way how however I stopped by route 11 to catch my third pokemon. I caught a spearow then traded to this nice little girl in vermillion for a farfecth'd. which she had named Ch'Ding. I can only assune the reason for is its the sound he makes when he smacks you.

On the cruise I had my first death. A cruel little sailor and his tentacool took out brawndo with some confusion/poison. A sad day. I pushed through still and got cut. time to take on the gym. In Vermillion gym Bently worked his magic. We stormed through it and got the thunderbadge. Then surge gave me an extra gift, a revive for brawndo. Yay hes back in fold.

Anyway i thought id end here for now

Pokemon: Bently the Ivysaur level 30, Brawndo the Gyarados level 22 , and Ch'Ding the Farfecth'd level 27.
Badges : 3
Deaths: 1
Revives: 1
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