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Pokémon Trading Card Game The forum for the Pokémon TCG and Pokemon TCG Online. Post your deck to get rated, rate other decks, ask questions, talk about strategy, etc.

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Old 6 Days Ago (12:33 AM).
solidsneek solidsneek is offline
Join Date: Feb 2016
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Hi Guys found you could get TCGO on android the other day (not on my phone though random?)
just wondering do you need money to spend on there I do buy Pokemon cards every now and again but would like to take it online and don't want to buy them again to be fair.
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Old 6 Days Ago (3:55 AM).
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Electricbluewolf Electricbluewolf is offline
Bᴇ pıɟɟǝɹǝuʇ
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You can buy tickets to compete in tournaments to win packs, but they're so easy to win in either reward ladders on versus or through the reward wheel.
You can buy the codes for redeeming packs online separately, so you're not buying a pack of cards just for the codes, as codes usually sell for 10/15c for a normal pack (more for theme decks, boxes, tin etc)

Otherwise you don't need to spend any money as you win pakcs

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Old 2 Hours Ago (6:09 AM).
Inkblots's Avatar
Inkblots Inkblots is offline
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Nope, it's actually pretty easy (now anyway) to obtain cards without spending any money at all. It used to be a lot more time-consuming, and if I played every day, it would take about a week to earn enough tokens for a booster pack, and about a month for a theme deck. But now between daily challenges, timed challenges, the Versus rewards, etc. it's not hard at all to build up a good collection, depending on how much you play. In the last few weeks since I started playing again (and discovered all the new freebies!) I've earned enough tokens to by 3 or 4 theme decks, and won a good dozen or so (at least) booster packs (and I only really play on the weekends, but sometimes I'll get totally sucked into it and end up playing like 5 or 6 hours spread out over the day trying to beat a challenge)

The only downside is that anything you purchase using tokens (rather than real money) or win for free (not including prizes from tournaments) aren't tradeable, so you will probably end up with a lot of cards that you don't really want and would rather trade, but can't do anything with, which can be a bit frustrating.
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