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(This is version 2 of this thread, as version 1 was outdated.)


"The key lies in the past..." -Phoenix Wright, Gyakuten Saiban 4

It's been over a year since Capcom released Gyakuten Kenji 2 (known infamously as Ace Attorney Investigations 2) in Japan, yet they refuse to localize it in the United States. The fans of the "Gyakuten" series have been patiently showing our support over at Capcom-Unity, but we don't seem to be getting anywhere. Now, we've decided to up our game.

Information about Operation Objection!

"Information? Fine by me!" -Cody Hackins, Gyakuten Saiban

This group has been formed in an attempt to garner as much support as we can for AAI2's localization. Created by a user by the name of Anthony on Capcom-Unity, and modeled after Operation: Rainfall, hopefully Operation Objection! can get the much desired results that we Ace Attorney fans have been waiting for. It would mean a lot if you could join us and help spread the word. Even if you are not a fan, why don't you try out the series? Trust me, you won't regret it.

Where we currently stand

"We're stuck between a rock and a hard place." -Mia Fey, Gyakuten Saiban 2

This is a slightly processed copy/paste from Daniel's post at Capcom-Unity.

AAI2's localization was at first "no plans" back in March 2011 but then after a few months of pleading, Sven now says he is trying to make it happen by speaking to the strategy and R&D teams.

Main reason for not doing the localization was explained, "The costs of localization are higher than the forecasted return."

In May 2011, Sven said that there are some proposals that are being considered by project development and business people in Japan. Even if Capcom USA was in an agreement today, it would probably still be more than a year away. @ 09:00 (BTW I laughed at the playful choke Seth gives Sven here)

In July 2011 Sven has said that the localization process takes a long time to do so to set aside expectations, if it were to happen the earliest (not the latest) the announcements, not when the game would come out, would happen would be sometime next year.

In August 2011 @ San Diego ComicCon, Sven said they're still trying to figure out how AAI2 is going to get here and what platform/s it's going to be on.

Sven then states regarding the platforms that the DS has long been ruled out for the west.

In December 2011 Sven mentions that a digital downloadable AAI2 potentially exists and that conversations are ongoing internally about how to address the AA audience.

In January 2012 Sven said that he has not given up on trying to get AAI2 westward, tells the fans to not give up hope and he's "cautiously optimistic" that someday AAI2 will exist in the west in some form. @ 04:07

In March 2012 Sven is interviewed by Game Informer and is eventually asked about AAI2 coming to the U.S. Sven's reply is "It is still an open discussion point. I’ll never say never, but I also won’t say it’s going to happen. I haven’t let go of that bone, and I hope the fans are still patient with us."

In April 2012 Sven says that he would never rule out crowd sourcing but to let you know that it isn't as easy to do as it may seem. (click on video link below and start at 0:19:05) Sven also said that there is more complexity than would meet the eye in trying to localize AAI2 since it won't be for the DS. He also felt encouraged from his talks with Capcom of Japan and that he is still cautiously optimistic about the future for AAI2. He asks once again for your extended patience since there isn't going to be a solution in the near term that's coming anytime soon. @ 0:37:25

Our Bases

"One should always know one's place in life." -Lang Zi, Gyakuten Kenji

- -

N.B. : While Capcom-Unity may include a forum, it is an official website for interacting with Capcom USA.

Contact Us

"Do you want to hear it in her voice?" -Maya Fey, Gyakuten Saiban

You may contact the group on our GMAIL account [email protected] or a tweet, or a post on Capcom-Unity.
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