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Fifth Generation Are Pokémon slaves to humans? Team Plasma thinks so. Travel the Unova region and prove them wrong in Black & White, and then return two years later in Black2 & White2.

View Poll Results: Starter for B2W2
The smug Snivy 112 35.44%
The tough Tepig 70 22.15%
The O-Adorable Oshawott 134 42.41%
Voters: 316. You may not vote on this poll

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Old June 23rd, 2012 (5:03 PM).
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i was hoping we could choose from other generations but i ended up picking tepig in Black 2.
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Old June 24th, 2012 (9:59 AM).
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Snivy, out of the three starters, Snivy just seemed like the best pick for some reason. I guess it's because I like his design though, also Grass types ROCK!!!!!!
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Old June 28th, 2012 (4:05 AM).
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I'm going for Snivy this time around. Since I went with Oshawott for Pokemon White.

I have no intention of touching Tepig.
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Old June 28th, 2012 (8:43 AM).
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Well I did pick Oshawott in Pokemon Black so I might go with Snivy in B&W 2.
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Old June 28th, 2012 (8:55 AM).
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I restarted White last night and chose Tepig, for the first time. I've played through my White version so many times, and about 50/50 of the time, I chose Oshawott or Snivy. My mistake! Tepig is amazing early on in the game. I'm already level 30 and I haven't even made it to Nimbasa City yet. I'm definitely going to be choosing Tepig when I get my copy of Black 2... or White 2. If I decide to get both, I'll get them all!
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Old June 29th, 2012 (11:31 AM).
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I'm going to pick Oshawott since I wasn't able to use it in Black/White before.
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Old June 29th, 2012 (11:47 AM). Edited June 30th, 2012 by bwburke94.
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I didn't pick Oshawott, so it will be my W2 starter unless I change my mind. Can't decide on what my B2 starter will be.

EDIT: Changed my mind, Oshawott will be B2.
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Old June 29th, 2012 (2:37 PM).
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It doesn't matter who I'll pick, because I will replace it with something else. I like all their designs, but hate all their final evolutions and don't find them interesting or very strong honestly. I've used them all at least once, and while they're not terrible, they don't stand out at all and with over 600 Pokemon to use, I can easily find something to outclass all three of these starters. I might choose Oshawott though, just because it's my favorite. But as soon as I find a different starter, he'll probably go bye bye. ;(

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Old June 30th, 2012 (8:10 AM).
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gotta stay loyal to the Tough Tepig never failed me in white
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Old July 1st, 2012 (1:22 PM).
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I'm going with Tepig. I have the three starters on my White (through Nintendo Wi-Fi, no cheats) and I love Tepig.

Because he's epic, though this time I probably won't evolve him.. I may but I may not. I'll just transfer all my B/W Pokemon to B/W 2.. If I get it, that is.
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Old July 1st, 2012 (2:28 PM).
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I think I'll go with Tepig in one and Snivy in the other because, even though Oshawott is my favourite of the lot, there are too many other Water types to choose.
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Old July 1st, 2012 (2:40 PM).
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My heart is set on Oshawott. Though, I'm not fond of Water-Types. But how can you not take Oshawott? So cuddly!~
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Old July 1st, 2012 (8:30 PM).
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I guess I'll try something new and go with Tepig since it's the one starter I still haven't used yet. I've heard more bad than good things about Tepig but I'll give it a try anyway.
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Old July 2nd, 2012 (1:01 PM).
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May I first of all just say Tepig is useless in my opinion with Darmanitan and Lucario easily accessible in this game, that being said I picked Snivy as Azumarill is easy to get and huge power is awesome :-)
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Old July 3rd, 2012 (9:02 PM).
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I don't really like any of the Gen. V starters, so I just picked Tepig and boxed it once I got to Sangi Ranch and caught a Mareep and Psyduck.
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Old July 5th, 2012 (10:00 AM).
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I don't like any of the Gen V starters, since their final evolution isn't as transcending compared to past generations. It's not going to matter which one I will pick since I'm planning on storing it as soon as I get access to the Day Care.

Going to breed my favorite starter; Totodile.
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Old July 6th, 2012 (5:07 PM).
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Probably Oshawott, since in White there were barely any decent Water types.

If that's changed, then probably Snivy and dump it at first opportunity.
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Old July 7th, 2012 (7:26 PM).
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Snivy all the way. I think Snivy is cool, and Superior is so elegant.
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Old July 8th, 2012 (3:12 AM).
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I would choose oshawott for its cute appearence.

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Old July 11th, 2012 (1:52 AM).
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I'm going with Snivy just because he's awesome. :3

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Old July 11th, 2012 (7:11 AM).
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Last time I went with Oshawott, this time I'll probably choose Tepig, but it really makes no difference since I don't like them anyway and last time I'd traded the Oshawott for something else on the GTS.

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Old July 11th, 2012 (7:50 AM).
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I'm probably going to hack in Litwick as my starter again...I never really liked the Unova starters.

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Old July 11th, 2012 (11:23 AM).
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I prefer oshawott, mainly because of the evolutions, not cuteness.
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Old July 11th, 2012 (11:57 AM).
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Snivy all the way. To me, he was a very reliable pokemon all around and by the time he became a serperior, he was my second most powerful party member.

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Old July 11th, 2012 (3:02 PM).
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I loved Tepig on pokemon black so i am going to use it again :D
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