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Old February 12th, 2016 (7:24 AM).
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This version has some sorting. This is one night of surfing the web and going through archives painfully, then combining it with my old archive on dropbox.

What this is, is a collection of documents, source code, and tools to get you started on gameboy/color homebrew development.

What's to be done:
  • Sort files to GBDK, RGBDS, ASM, and even further to src, tutorials, tools
  • Convert html and webpages to .txt friendly formats for consistency
  • Remove ROMs with no source code, remove all doubles to save space

Enjoy. There's way too many people on this list to credit, and I'll be honest I don't care to write names of people who most likely have taken new aliases or moved on to better things in life. If you have a file in here that's yours and you don't want it in, I'll take it out of the next release and put a link to where I found it.


Some other links I haven't included yet:

Broken links galore (some weren't archived ever either) but I have missed some things:

Download Link:

P.S I am writing a huge tutorial on how to do Gameboy Homebrew, completely separate from the pokered tutorial. This pack will be heavily featured so stay tuned. There are no illegal files in this pack, any source code is unlicensed except for maybe the Ultima 3 port and Flappy Bird ports, but those were done by homebrew devs so who knows. I'm currently using GBDK so the tutorial will focus using that. This pack is useful to GB/C rom hackers as well, there are assembly files and lots of references in the pack.
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