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What do you think about changing Pokemon types, states, ability's, etc I've changed around 60 pokemon in my game so far have bean changed in some way like Nintails being psychic type or Dunsparce being ground type or weirdo ones like alakazam being electric type. should I go all out and change alot of pokemon types and moves or just stick to the classics Pokemon?
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Overall, it's going to be your call. Some people might like the changes, some people might like the more classic attributes. Ultimately, you do what you think is best for your game.
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Idk about type changes or ability changes. They are kind of core elements that help identify a mon.

I personally think stat changes should be something developers consider if they intend on making the game playable between two players, but if not - I don't see why you would bother.

These kind of changes don't really matter much in single player because there is often a level of disparity between battlers in a single player game, such as the player simply grinding XP to out level an NPC making their Elekid stronger than the Gengar they are battling.

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As far as typing and abilities, a lot of people prefer to use single type Pokémon in competitive, why? Because more strengths = more weaknesses. Alakazam having /ELC gives him an extra ground weakness. And your added type only effects moves if you use it battle. A lot of Pokémon can learn Earthquake without being a ground type and with Alakazam's low DEF he would probably be OHKO.

As far as raising base stat totals, that's something you need to decide if it's worth it for your game. I went through and raised all the stat totals for weaker Pokémon to make them more viable and not just catch evolve and box. I just wouldn't recommend making the already strong Pokémon stronger.

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I don't think you should change any types unless you can give a solid reason for doing so. As Worldslayer said, types and abilities are some of the core components that define a 'mon. Why change that which doesn't need to be changed?

I'm also going to go one step further and say that I don't think you - or any other designer/developer - should change something "just because". Any changes you make in a Pokémon game's core components - types, abilities, base stats, et cetera - must be for the benefit of the game, not for the creator to prove something. (This applies to any form of game design & development, not just Pokémon.)

When thinking about making changes to the fundamentals, I think you should ask yourself these two questions:
• Will this change improve the audience's experience when playing?
• Will the average player understand why I made this change?

To use an example of yours, what will the average player gain from Alakazam being Electric-type? I don't believe it makes sense for Alakazam to be anything other than pure Psychic: it already has a decent move pool, good stats, and a Mega Evolution to boot, making it even more powerful in a well-built team. Plus, it isn't Electric-themed at all.

Short version: Don't fix what doesn't need to be fixed, and make sure you have a solid reason for everything you do.
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