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Old August 6th, 2016 (7:33 AM).
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Hello to all. I haven't found a tutorial regarding this, so I thought I would make one myself.
Many of you already know that My Boy is the best gba emulator for android ( atleast according to me). But I'm here to introduce you all with a feature of this emulator that you might have heard of, but might not have used yet. You can trade between 2 games present on your android device via My Boy.
Now lets get going with the steps.
First of all launch My Boy emulator. Load a game that you want to trade with. Go to the pokemon center 1st floor (FR/LG) , and walk up to the link cable receptionist and talk to her. Select trade center. Your screen will tell you to wait or cancel using B button. you don't need to do either of these.
Just press the options button of the emulator( the button in between L and R buttons) , and select link located with the previous one. You can either select that game or choose the another game option. ON choosing another game, you'll see a list of game present in the folder. Select the one you want to trade with.
Follow the same steps and go to the link cable receptionist and talk to her. This time after that dialoge of wait and cancel,you'll be allowed to enter (if it doesn't happens, just keep on pressing A). Once your player from this game enters the room, you need to bring the second one too. For that, press the options button again. This time at the top, you'll see an option of switch game. Press that and you'll see both the games you have loaded under the load game screen. From here, select the other game that you have loaded before. Press A button and you'll get in. Inside there, take a seat and switch to the other game. Take a seat and select a pokemon to trade. Switch the game select one to trade from here too. Press A button from both the games , and Tadaaaa, it's done. You just traded pokemon between games.
This is my first major post on the forums, so please be good with me. Hope you find it helpful.
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